Celebrity Sexfights Ch. 14 – Celebrities & Fan Fiction

(This series is pure fantasy. Please enjoy it as such.)

We turned to the music industry for our latest Celebrity Sexfight, with former punk princess Avril Lavigne taking on tongue wagging tease Miley Cyrus.

It’s no secret that the two trendy singers don’t like each other, which should make for an interesting battle. Avril was ripping on Miley, during a recent appearance on The Jimmy Kimmel Show, saying she was nothing but no-talent trailer trash, who only got where she was because of her daddy.

Miley was on the show a few days later, and when asked to respond, simply replied, “Who the fuck is Avril Lavigne to talk about talent? Does she even sing anymore?”

Of course, Jimmy wasn’t one to let it go, asking why she would say such a thing.

“Beats me. Maybe she’s insecure because she’s a talentless whore herself. Who knows?

The audience let out one big “oooh” at Miley’s answer, sensing an intense rivalry in the making.

Jimmy chimed in, trying to casually make light of the obvious dislike between the two singers, with some well-placed sarcasm.

“Well it’s a good thing we booked you on separate nights. God forbid we would have a catfight on this show.”

He even gave us some free publicity.

“Or maybe you and Avril could battle it out on Celebrity Sexfights. Have you seen that new show? WOW!”

“I’ve seen it and I think it’s awesome. I’d love a chance to take on Avril. I might even have to break out my strapon for that little bitch.”

It didn’t take much convincing on our part to get the two young singers to battle it out on our show. There was no way either one would back down.

It was a packed house as usual, and by far the rowdiest. Both singers have dedicated fans, and it showed. Drinkin’ and singin’ with a few raunchy cheers thrown in too. Several fights broke out, with dozens of misbehaving fans ejected before the stars even made an appearance.

Jimmy Kimmel served as emcee for the night’s match, which only seemed fair, since he basically set up the Sexfight on his talk show. He claimed to be neutral, but I think everyone is aware of his close relationship with Miley, having her as a guest on his show dozens of times. I’m sure it really didn’t matter as long as Avril was okay with it.

Jimmy took the microphone to introduce the two sexfighters.

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to another exciting night of Celebrity Sexfights!”

The crowd erupted in a loud roar and he hadn’t even mentioned anybody’s name. You can just imagine what this place was gonna be like when the combatants actually showed their faces. Or more importantly, their bodies in revealing bikinis.

“Our first sexy grappler is one of Canada’s most trendy singers since Anne Murray. She’s topped the charts with Complicated and Gilfriend, What the Hell, here’s Avril Lavigne!”

The little spitfire came out like a ball of fire, to a rousing ovation. Rocking a purple bikini, she had matching purple streaks in her shoulder length blonde hair, bringing back memories of the early 2000s. She pranced down the aisle, bopping to one of biggest hits, What the Hell. Avril was definitely not lacking in energy. She stormed into the ring, turning and flipping the bird to the crowd. She grabbed her crotch and started strumming her pussy, playing a sexy air guitar.

I thought we should declare her the winner on her wild entrance alone. Of course Miley might have something to say about that.

“Very nice, Avril. It looks like you’re ready to rock.”

“Taking on Avril tonight is one of the nation’s biggest stars, with hits like Wrecking Ball and Party in the U.S.A., please welcome Miley Cyrus!”

The uninhibited showoff came out to a thunderous applause, sporting a tiny blaze orange bikini. The wild singer had many different personas and appearances, and tonight was going with the short spiked platinum blonde hairstyle, similar to how she wore it in her Wrecking Ball video.

She looked absolutely delicious, licking her bright red lips and twerking her hot little body all over the place.

She’s come a long way since her days as Hannah Montana, and stepped into the ring ready to show more of her naughty side. Miley spun around, shaking her cute little tushy, making sure everyone in the arena got a decent view. of her tight ass.

Avril was waiting across the ring, with her hands on her hips, unimpressed. She didn’t bother to hide her distaste for Miley, and couldn’t wait to get her mitts on the little floozy.

When the bell sounded, signaling the start of the match, Avril didn’t waste any time taking the fight to the short-haired country girl from Tennessee. She roughly pushed her rival up against the ropes, reaching for Miley’s throat with her left hand, and tugging on her skimpy orange bikini top with the other. The purple princess of punk stretched out Miley’s top, exposing her tiny nips.

Miley responded by shoving her palm under Avril’s chin, pushing her away. The fight was getting dirty already, and we were barely underway.

Avril Lavigne kept pulling on her opponent’s orange top, stretching it out, as Miley’s small firm tits started to pop free. The crazed Canadian wasn’t going to stop until Miley was topless. She reached up, undoing the top string, and watched with a maniacal grin as the rest of the orange top came apart in her hand.

Avril’s momentum from pulling on the top knocked her back a few steps when Miley’s top became undone. She was holding it in her right hand, staring back at her topless opponent, who was leaning back against the ropes in her skimpy orange bikini bottom, with her tiny tits on display.

“Is that the way you wanna play, Bitch?”

Miley slowly walked back toward the little blonde psycho, with her firm bare breasts completely exposed.

Avril went after the short-haired country singer, reaching for her tits. She grabbed them and started twisting, as if she was tuning in a radio. With both of the erect nipples pinched between her thumb and finger, Avril was trying to dish out as much pain as possible.

Miley grimaced, hunching over, trying to block Avril with her forearm. She grabbed the attacker’s wrists, spinning her around and up against the ropes. Miley tried to dish out some punishment of her own, grabbing Avril’s top and tearing it away. She didn’t even bother with the strings, showing great strength, ripping it in two with both hands.

Both smokin’ hot singers were now facing off in just their bottoms. If you like small firm breasts and tight little tushies, this was the match for you. Avril’s dime-sized nipples seemed to stick out as she confidently walked up to her counterpart, unfazed by having her top ripped away.

Miley didn’t appear to mind being topless either, strutting toward Avril, with her chest sticking out, proud to display her small firm titties. She walked up to the petite Canadian, licking her lips, staring her down.

She wanted to let Avril know that she wasn’t afraid to get nasty.

This time around, both women were focused on the other’s bottoms. Avril tucked her thumbs inside the sides of Miley’s orange panties, pulling on the strings without any resistance.

Miley stood there smiling as her bottoms fell to the floor, leaving her completely naked in the middle of the ring, facing her topless blonde rival. She even reached down, gently touching herself, running her fingers through her neatly trimmed pussy. She didn’t care if she came across as a slut or not. She knew it was part of the game.

Miley bit her lower lip in anticipation of doing the same to Avril, slowly reaching for her purple bottoms. But the feisty blonde didn’t want to play that way. She grabbed Miley’s wrist with one hand, and through her other arm around the Wrecking Ball singer’s neck, putting her in a headlock.

Avril cranked on Miley’s neck, twisting her naked body until she flipped her onto the mat. The energetic blonde had a firm hold on Miley, leaning on her, squeezing the headlock as tight as she could. She had Miley’s face buried beneath her, turning beet red.

Miley Cyrus was being choked out, and started to fight like hell to get out of the tight wrestling hold. She forced her free arm in between her and Avril, prying the determined blonde away, allowing herself to breathe.

Avril rolled over, straddling Miley’s nude body. She wanted to keep the pressure on. Her bare breasts were brushing up against Miley’s face, while a hand wandered down between her legs, rubbing her pussy.

The feisty blonde was relentless, slipping her middle finger into Miley’s luscious slit. She continued to try smothering Miley with her small firm breasts, forcing the erect nipples up against her mouth, daring her rival to taste them. Avril was having a surprisingly easy go of it, with her opponent barely fighting back. It’s almost as if Miley was losing on purpose.

Miley took the bait, sucking on Avril’s pointy nipples. It had more of an effect on the punky blonde than you would have thought.

Avril’s body froze temporarily, with Miley’s lips firmly stuck to one of her nipples, while her right hand was pinching the other. A look of total ecstasy came across Avril’s face, bringing her successful attack to a screeching halt. Miley took advantage of Avril’s hesitation, flipping the smaller blonde onto her back.

Miley quickly reversed Lavigne, climbing on top of the stunned Canadian singer. She sat on Avril’s stomach, continuing to fondle her tits, squeezing and pinching the erect nipples with both hands. She rolled her thumb and index finger over each one, watching them grow to the size of gumdrops.

The tide had turned with Miley Cyrus assuming control. Her wide grin showed that she enjoyed her new position. She began grinding her wet pussy on Avril’s flat tummy, and the purple punker couldn’t do much to stop her.

Miley was close to getting herself off, and wanted more. She slid up, planting her cute little butt on her rival’s chest, with her furry snatch just inches from Avril’s face. The naughty country girl squeezed her smooth thighs around Avril’s ears, trapping her. To make matters worse, Miley reached back, sliding her hand inside of Avril’s purple panties.

The feisty blonde singer was squirming around trying to avoid the invasive fingering. Nothing seemed to help Avril as she quietly succumbed to Miley’s dominant position.

The object of Celebrity Sexfight is to see who can get the other to cum first. Tonight’s match was unique because both contestants seemed to orgasm at the same time.

Miley shuddered with an eye popping climax, wiggling her wet pussy all over Avril’s face.

Avril didn’t fare any better, caving in to Miley’s aggressive fingers. The purple punker lost all control of her senses, soaking Miley’s hand. Her lavender bikini bottom turned a dark purple as her creamy juices began to flow.

Miley was declared the winner as a result of her “Queening” position atop Avril.

Jimmy Kimmel was right there to make the announcement.


The smarmy late night host tapped Miley on the shoulder, tabbing her the victor. He was obviously enjoying the action, with an evident bulge in his gray dress pants. It was no secret that he had a thing for Miley. It had to be hard for him to keep his composure. (No pun intended)

“Your winner via an ‘Orgasm on the Mat’ is Miley Cyrus!”

The match may have been over, but Miley never budged. The horny Wrecking Ball singer wasn’t finished. She ran her sticky fingers over her juicy pussy, spreading her lips for Avril, with one final command for the loser.

“Mmmm! Lick my pussy, Bitch!” the wild singer sneered, rubbing her pink slit up against Avril’s mouth.

She began gyrating her cute little tushy, forcing her wet pussy on her defeated foe. A second quivering orgasm overtook the champion as she coated Avril’s face with a glaze of her sweet nectar.

You would think this would have been the grand finale, but the horny little sexpot wanted more.

She never gave up her perch, sitting on Avril Lavigne’s face. With Jimmy Kimmel right next to her, taking in the action like a perverted peeping tom, Miley went right for his trousers. She unbuckled his pants, dropping his gray slacks and white fruit of the looms around his ankles. The horny emcee was left standing with his hardon bobbing up and down.

Miley didn’t waste any time devouring Jimmy’s big fat cock. She used her active tongue to get it rock hard, glistening at a fully erect eight inches.

Miley backed away, licking her lips as she started jerking Jimmy off with her delicate fingers. She slithered down Avril’s body, hoping to get Kimmel to cum on the defeated chick’s face. Unfortunately Jimmy couldn’t wait and erupted with a quick explosion, shooting several ropes of thick white cum across Miley’s tits.

The horny singer looked up at her friend, flashing a gigantic grin, proud of the amazing load she just coaxed from the sleezy late night host. Jimmy had one more in him, twitching as he shot one final wad onto Miley’s cheek.

It was a cumshot that would have put Peter North or Ron Jeremy to shame. Thick globs of creamy white jiz that slowly ran down Miley’s chin and pert breasts. The pearl necklace was the perfect ending for the night’s intense sexfight.

I think we may have found ourselves a new host at Celebrity Sexfight!

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