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Jordan was a single father, 40 years old who shared custody of their toddler with his ex Wife. It was supposed to be her night with the kid. It was a Friday night, and she called at 4pm to say she was very ill. Fuck, he wondered.

Only because Jordan had remembered the concert he has tickets for at the Eugene Hult Center. He really wanted to go. He agreed it’s best she stay home.

Hmmm… I could call the emergency sitter, he wondered. His ex at all times bragged how good she was.

What was her name again?, he thought.. Amanda. That’s right. He called his ex back to get Amanda’s phone number.

He programmed her number in his phone, and called.

She was a mature 20 year old, his ex at all times commented about that. A very responsible school student.

She told Jordan she was definitely available, and could arrive by 6pm.

His concert started at 8pm, so that’s perfect. She can make dinner, and it would give him time to meet her, go over some rules.


Amanda arrived right on time; 6pm.

She set her jacket down, and Jordan couldn’t help but notice her tight leggings and cropped top.. Her breasts weren’t small, a D cup, he guessed. Nice Ass,too!

She immediately began cooking dinner for the 3 of them.

Jordan began explaining his house rules:

1. No boys

2. No drinking

3. No drugs or smoking in the home

She agreed.

He felt confident leaving to the concert, so he was out the door by 7:15pm.. He told her he’d probably be home no later than midnight. He pulled a blanket from the closet, in case she feel asleep on the sofa.


After the concert, he noticed his phone had died in the Center. He only assumed everything on Amanda’s end was good, and no emergencies.

He pulled into the driveway, and tried to be stealthy as he entered his house. He noticed it was fairly dark through the front window. She’s probably asleep, he wondered.

As he walked through the door, he saw the TV light on, but couldn’t hear any sounds. Jordan turned the corner and heard light moans from a female.. He looked up and saw on the big screen a woman, legs spread, getting fucked by an older man! She was watching Porn!!

Amanda was under the blanket, being the moaner he heard.

His cock got stiff… He interrupted;

“May I watch too?” He chuckled to her..

She sprung from the sofa, panic in her eyes.. Apologizing frantically.

“You’re a naughty young lady, Amanda!” He whispered aloud.

He then walked to her, and instructed her to sit on the chair behind her..

“Do you want to get paid for tonight, Or go home with your tail, or should I say, Hand, between your legs?”

She lowered her head, but raised her eyes to meet his glances..


He stood before her, undid his belt, unbuttoned his slacks, and pulled down his zipper. He grabbed his hard cock and took it out from his briefs.

“You’re a naughty slut, now open your mouth! “

He saw as she was sucking, her shirt was riding up, and her bra was removed. He reached down and began playing with her erect nipples as she had her lips wrapped right around his cock.

“Don’t suck too hard, I’ll cum too fast, SLUT!”

She nodded with a mouthful of head.

Within a few minutes, he pulled from her mouth.. he grabbed his belt from his pants, and instructed Amanda to be good and bend over.

“Naughty bitches get switches” Jordan told her.

At first he slapped the belt on her Ass while she was wearing her leggings.. but he wanted to see her Ass, so he yanked them down. He wanted to see her Ass red!

He was rather surprised and extremely aroused how consensual she’s being. She must have been fantasizing about him, or other dad’s when she was playing.

After her Ass was bright red, he took the head of his cock and pressed it between her Ass cheeks. It felt so Hot!!

He wanted her, and she was willingly bent over.. Like a good Daddy’s slut, he wondered. He grabbed her hips and lubed his head with her wet Pussy juice. And she was WET!!

He probed her Ass with just the tip.

He reached under and played with her clit.. She moaned, and whimpered, he entered her fully.. He could tell her Ass was a virgin.

He slapped her Ass cheeks over and over using his bare hand.

She reached and played with her nipples, while getting her Ass pounded.

“You want to cum, SLUT? Ask!!”

“May..I.. Please.. Cum??” She gasped.

He pounded her harder, faster, deeper!!

After he felt her squirting on his hand, he pulled out, turned her around, said;

“Open your mouth for Daddy”,

She opened wide, he came hard on her tongue, lips, chin.

He was spent!

Jordan handed her his handkerchief to wipe up, and laid $100 on the table for her sitting services.

She got dressed, grabbed the money and her car keys and left.

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