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Catwoman – An Erotic Fembot Novella (Chapter III of VI)


Moving into a tucked away side-room as she had been directed via Comms-Link, a surprised Selina picked up on the subtle but distinct audio cues associated with Bruce’s gait as he walked up from behind her. Her Logic & Reasoning (L&R) CPU core found it puzzling that he would have decided to attend tonight’s fundraiser without letting her know beforehand.

However, her digitized wondered was cut short as she soon sensed his warm breath on her neck as he leaned in and whispered into her ear, “Well fancy seeing you here, little cat.” The delicate sensory array woven into the ultra soft synth-skin of her pert right buttock lit up with activity as Bruce’s strong hand squeezed her through the thin fabric of her skintight obsidian mini dress.

“Oh Bruce…I..I..I..” Selina stuttered as her L&R CPU struggled to hold back repeated activation attempts from her Arousal Subroutines, “…I…I…I’m having difficulties subduing my sexual suite. Aren’t you worried this could compromise the mission if someone saw us together?”

In response, Bruce slipped his hand under the skirt of her dress, gently brushing a knowing finger over the taut crimson-red thong covering her artifical sex. He felt the sheer material contour nicely against her puffy lips.

Selina trembled as she stifled a wave of positive feedback algorithms that were trying to flood her circuits.

Bruce motioned towards his right eye, which Selina understood as actually a gesture to the high-tech contact lens he had recently installed within. Her pussy grew dewy with beads of lubricant as she remembered the handful of times he had direct-linked the lens to her system’s HUD to watch her Sexual Suite’s technical readouts in real-time as he thoroughly fucked her to the brink of shorting out her circuits.

“I have a motion tracker in the hallway outside. I’ll know if anyone gets close.” He removed his hand from under her skirt, and grabbing on to each of her luxuriously soft and full breasts from behind, he pulled himself tight against her spongy backside.

The existence of the motion tracker broke the computational stalemate between Selina’s L&R CPU Core and her Arousal Subroutines.

She had been designed, coded, & crafted to absolutely crave Bruce’s touch; thus she was ecstatic to allow her Arousal Subroutines to take the reigns. She sighed breathily, “Mhhmmhhmm yes that feels so good Bruce! I love it when you grab my boobs like that. Tell me how good they feel!?”

“They’re fucking perfect. They feel better than the real thing, Selina, you know that.”

“Unnghhh” She huffed out, “I know! I just love it when you say it out loud.” She span around and thrust herself into him, ensuring his hands again quickly latched onto her supple bosom. The malleable proprietary synth-gel packs of her breasts compressed perfectly in his grasp, her manufactured polymer nipples stiffening into his palms.

She looked up at him adoringly and quietly spoke out, “By the way, I’m ‘Rebecca’ tonight.”

Bruce chuckled, “Well then. Okay ‘Rebecca’, has anyone ever told you how simply stunning you look?”

Answering his question, Selina brought her full, soft lips up to meet Bruce and they engaged in a prolonged sensuous kiss. They passionately explored each other’s mouth, Selina occasionally slipping in a playful bite of Bruce’s lower lip. She loved doing this sporadically as each and every time she did her tactile sensors registered a discernible response from Bruce’s groin.

She felt Bruce’s hands wrap around her, his adept fingers finding the perfect roundness of her pert derriere. He squeezed each bountiful cheek hard, knowing the exact location of the delicate touch-sensor pads buried within.

Selina squealed, “Mhhmmhmm Bruce. You know just how to make a girl feel so good!”

“Well Selina…errr ‘Rebecca’, you make it very easy to do just that.” He gave her another lingering kiss, running an affectionate finger through her little blonde hairpiece, before taking a step backwards. “Now do a little spin for me; I want to see the outfit you picked out for tonight and how you customized your hair and facial template.

Selina flashed an exuberant smile and bounced up and down excitedly before responding, “Okay!” Bruce watched transfixed as her sporty breasts wobbled with each bounce. He knew she wasn’t wearing a bra, her perky pair were simply too buoyant to justify the need of a supportive garment.

Knowing how Bruce liked to be presented things like this, Selina first posed sexily with her hands on either hip.

Bruce took in the view, admiring the skimpy, yet still elegant, black obsidian cocktail dress that Selina had selected for tonight. The stretchy fabric of the dress contoured to the curves of her athletic hourglass figure magnificently. The skirt ended halfway down her thighs, putting her long, glossy legs on full display. They ended in a pair of high-laced black platform wedges that brought her height up to about 176 cm.

Taking in her full picture, Bruce identified the hairpiece, a strawberry blonde bob, that Selina had selected for this evening as one of the newest she had added to her repertoire. Her wispy bangs ended just beneath her two slender symmetrical brows, framing two icy blue eyes.

Eye color was another attribute that Bruce left up to Selina’s discretion and he admitted to himself that he was quite enamored with tonight’s selected combination. Other than her default shoulder length brunette hairpiece and hazel colored eyes that she typically fashioned, this may have been a new favorite for him.

Selina curtsied and did a little spin, letting Bruce drink her in from each and every angle.

The smile on Bruce’s face was wiped away as he noticed a small red dot appear in the periphery of his high-tech contact lens. He leaned in to whisper at Selina, “Someone’s coming. You go out ahead of me and distract him. Then we’ll begin with the plan.”

Rapidly processing meaning from Bruce’s words, Selina straightened her dress, and somewhat dissapointingly, killed the collection of sexual subroutines that she had only just activated from the touch of Bruce’s savvy fingers.

Wasting no time, she pivoted ninety degrees and strode out the room into the long hall. Her acoustic sensors had picked up on the approaching man’s steps just prior to her rounding the corner. She used this to her advantage; stumbling around the corner, she intentionally fell right into the man.

Spilling his drink to the side, the man caught Selina with his shoulder, wrapping his arms around her as he bore the majority of her weight. She made sure to press herself into his chest, briefly squeezing her pliant breasts up against his rib cage.

She exhaled breathily, with a hefty dosage of aphrodisiac pheromones, and pushed herself off the man. “Oh I’m so sorry! I just didn’t see you around that corner. Silly me!”

She craftily grabbed the man by his shoulders and spun him to face away from the doorway. “Oh and look I spilled your drink! How about I go buy your next one to make up for it?”

The man sighed, composing himself, “The drinks are free dear. It’s a fundraiser after all.”

Selina’s systems faltered for what felt like an eternal 2.3 seconds. Her distraction tactic was a pre-programmed routine and the inability to buy the man’s next drink, an unexpected low priority variable, surprisingly gave her improvisation subroutines fits. She stuttered through her next sentence before fully recovering. “How-How-How about a quick dance then?” She flashed a sparkling smile and extended her hand, “I’m Rebecca.”

Moving his head up and down, the well dressed man examined Selina closely before returning her hand shake. “Certainly. I’m Ted by the way.” He paused, quickly looking behind him. “But only one. My wife is supposed to show up at some point and God knows I don’t need her seeing me dancing with someone like you.”

Selina curiously cocked her head to the side as her processors furiously worked to interpret the implication from his statement. Determining with 72% probability that his words were meant as a somewhat backhanded compliment, her L&R CPU Core eventually settled on the reasoning that the wife would be jealous to see the well dressed man dancing with someone as pretty, and well endowed, as herself.

She blushed, and tugged on the man’s hand in the direction of the foyer where jazz-swing was being played. “Well, let’s make it a quick one in that case.”

Confirming their trajectory out the hallway with the aid of the motion tracker, Bruce peered around the corner just as Selina and Ted disappeared from view. He enabled his Comms-Link and spoke quietly, “Good job Selina. Once you finish up with that dance, pretend to be disinterested and just be done with him. Remember, our goal tonight is for you to get into Jake Ottlar’s computer. He’s Victor Frie’s lead development engineer; If we can gain access to his files I’m sure we can see how those railguns are built and how they’re being distributed.”

“Understood Bruce. I have several photos of Ottlar saved within my memory cache. It should just be a matter of identifying him and then seducing him…” She paused, her tone lightening, “…and I don’t foresee either of those being an problem for me.”

He knew that Selina wasn’t actually saying those words out loud, her chosen dialog combined with speech pattern and inflection metadata were sent directly from her Main CPU to him, where his Comms-Link receiver translated it to audio that emulated her digitized vocal synthesizer with ~ 98% accuracy. Bruce smiled to himself.

He continued to find Selina’s confidence in her physical framework and software packages a surprising turn-on that he hadn’t anticipated when designing her.

After waiting another minute or so, Bruce also made his way out of the hallway and into the noisy foyer. The white marble floor, hastily converted into a dance floor, was crowded with people. Yet, he was able to spot Selina almost immediately. She was dancing with Ted, their hands connected as they spun round one another.

He drank in her sight from afar, her stunning beauty still overwhelmed him to this day.

Sure, WayneTech had been putting out bots in public facing roles for several years now, but none of them would ever be mistaken for human from even 15 feet away. Market testing had all but confirmed this. Add on to that, the bots seeming artifice was even more apparent the instant you interacted with it.

Even the recently introduced line of semi-realistic Pleasure Bots couldn’t hold a candle to Selina.

She was completely out of their league, utterly unique, one of a kind, and perfectly lifelike.

Bruce had taken only the most foundational software packages and underlying chassis designs from the WayneTech R&D Team before privately dumping in hundreds of millions of dollars and thousands of hours of his own work just to create Selina. She was by far his greatest project.

The biggest hurdle had been the development of her personality core. Typically, the WayneTech bots were given a ‘personality’ chip with either randomized or user-chosen settings that allowed them to act and behave uniquely from each other, but it was by no means an actual ‘personality’.

Selina’s personality core was comprehensively different in both form and function. Bruce had paid some of the top neural-net developers in the world to, unbeknownst to them, create an incredibly low data-usage AI program that would constantly learn and iterate on itself.

At the same time, Bruce had a competing set of developers, completely independent from each other, put together a set of software tools for him to train, teach, and mold the AI into a truly unique intelligence that could operate the HEAVILY modified WayneTech Pleasure Bot chassis that would become Selina.

With the help of some old video recordings and countless bouts of trial and error, Bruce was able to get the AI to approximate the personality of…an old flame. He grimaced and pushed the thought of her out of his head, fixing his attention back to Selina.

Finally finishing up her dance with Ted, Bruce watched how gracefully she moved, how effortlessly she interfaced in social environments, and how remarkably human she appeared. He damn well knew too just how remarkably human she FELT, both inside and out.

He took one more lingering gaze at the magnificent beauty he had created and felt a sudden twinge of grief at just how much Selina reminded him of her; the old flame who had slipped away.

Again, he pushed the feeling aside, for he knew that for the first time since he had hung up his cape and cowl, he had an answer to Gotham’s crime and corruption.

For the first time in years, he had someone he truly cared about.

“Okay little cat, it’s time to turn your attention to finding Ottlar. I’ve got some networking to do. Something doesn’t add up with Freeze, he’s somehow getting information in and out of Arkham to coordinate the manufacture and distribution of these railguns. Luckily it is a fundraiser tonight, and I just cashed in a quarter of my WayneTech stock options. I’ll get someone to really talk tonight.”

After doing a few laps around the foyer, and cataloging the deluge of lingering glances directed her way, Selina found Jake Ottlar in line at one of the handful of bars temporarily set up for the night’s event.

She queued up directly behind him and quietly breathed out a small dosage of her aphrodisiac pheromone. Patiently waiting until he ordered his drink, only then did Selina step forward, smiling prettily, “I’ll actually have the same thing please!”

The bartender nodded in understanding and turned away. Simultaneously, Jake turned to face her. “Another mojito lover, eh?”

Selina beamed with a teasing smile, “Oh, they’re my favorite!” She brought a hand to her head and friskily rolled a finger through her strawberry blonde hair, “I think I just really like the fresh mint.”

Selina was lying. If she was capable of having opinions, then mojitos would certainly be near the bottom of the list of her favorite drinks she had consumed up to this point in her operation. She found the sugary rum drink extremely difficult to remove from the lining of her throat, a flexible plastic tube that led from the back of her mouth to the small pressurized storage vessel where she kept food and drinks until she could dispose of them, discreetly. With mojitos, she often would have to run two or three extra cleaning cycles just to remove all the stubborn residue.

Jake nodded his head, “Certainly, I think most would agree with that sentiment.”

Selina giggled and batted her eyelashes at Jake. The pre-programmed flirty action bought her social behavioral matrix a couple seconds to formulate the next several steps of her seduction plan. She moved her hand onto the countertop, inches away from Jake’s, “So, why are you here tonight?”

Jake rolled his eyes in exaggerated annoyance, “Well, I’ll just say that I’m…contractually obligated to be here. But, I’d much rather be chatting with you then socializing with those high-society types down there.” He lowered his gaze, looking Selina up and down with an approving nod. “What about you? What brings you to another Gotham fundraiser that won’t make a tangible difference to the people of our fair city?”

With a few hundred milliseconds of extra processing time, Selina’s Main CPU was finally able to churn through the entirety of Jake’s verbose comment. She brushed her hand up against his own, “Agreed. I’m not one for high society either. I just came to support a friend is all.”

The bartender returned with both of their drinks. Jake handed one to Selina with an inquisitive look on his face, “Was that your friend who you were dancing with just a little while ago? I saw you, you know?”

Blinking several times whilst processing her rebuttal, Selina took the mojito in her hands, “Oh, that’s Ted. No, he’s not my friend. He’s just…he’s just…he’s just…” Selina’s systems hiccuped as they compiled the final part of her faux explanation, “…he’s just someone who wanted a dance.”

Before Jake could inquire any further, Selina grabbed onto his wrist and breathed out another small dosage of pheromones, “So…you were looking at me while I was on the dance floor then huh?”

Jake blushed, and averting eye contact, took a quick sip of his drink. “I uhh…I uhh…I…yes I was.”

Selina knew she had him now; she loved being flirty with the people she was targeting for information. She looked at each interaction like a puzzle that her sophisticated Social Behavioral Subroutines had to navigate with programmed precision for her to be successful. Of course, having chemically formulated pheromones at the ready and the face and body of a bonafide supermodel tended to help.

Smiling ear to ear, she took a long drink from her glass and closed the distance between them. She gently pushed into him, ensuring he could feel her cushioned synth-skin curves pressing up against his body. “And what’d you think?”

Jake continued averting his eyes, “I uhh wondered…I wondered you looked rather remarkable.” He knocked back the remainder of his drink and locked eyes with the bartender. “And I think that we need another drink.”

Selina slammed the rest of her drink in solidarity, flashing the bartender a thumbs-up, before tracing a few fingers against Jake’s sternum. “Mhhmm that’s cute. I like that.” Her ultra-sensitive touch sensors could sense his heart beat rising. In addition, her thermal imaging suite confirmed his groin’s growing temperature.

Jake trembled under her touch, his eyes fluttering open and closed. “That uhh…feels really good.”

Selina began to feel Jake push himself into her, matching the pressure she had been applying. She stood up on her tip-toes, tens of thousands of calculations carried out by her Balance and Spatial Awareness subsystem allowing her to balance on the tips of her elegant platform edges, and whispered into Jake’s ear. “I’m Rebecca by the way. I don’t think I’ve actually introduced myself yet.”

Jake chuckled, “You know, you’re right. I was…uhh…a little distracted I guess. I’m Jake. It’s wonderful to meet you, Rebecca.” He shook her hand with a lustful smile.

Their second set of mojitos came and they both drank them quickly, each looking to the other with luring eyes.

Jake grabbed Selina by the waist, and pulling her close, elicited a tiny squeal. Her Positive Feedback Subroutines were racing, equally proud of her system’s seductive performance and equally excited about the pressure of Jake’s hand against the slew of haptic touch sensors embedded within the soft synth-skin of her toned stomach.

She looked up at him, “What do you say we get out of here?”

Cracking a smile, Jake replied, “Oh I would love nothing more….” He reached his hand down and gave her bubbly rear a playful squeeze, to which Selina coquettishly batted her long eyelashes, “…but we at least have to at least stay through the first sale of the auction. Like I said, I have an obligation.”

Selina repaid Jake with a squeeze of her own and waved down the bartender for a third set of drinks. “Okay, Mister Obligation! Well, how about I come with you and we get out of here afterwards.”

Quietly, Jake moved his hand over to Selina’s other athletic, round ass cheek. “Sounds perfect. Let’s get these mojitos and get moving.”

The first round of the auction came and went quickly. Selina was curious what his connection was with the event. The only item of notice was that he wrote down the winning number on a stray piece of paper, F23-W, just as soon as it was announced.

She made note of this within her memory cache, planning to follow up on the bit of information later.

Jake wrapped his arm around Selina’s feminine hips, “Okay my obligation here is done. Told you it would be quick! Should we take an AutoCab back to my place for a nightcap?”

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