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This will be a multi part story about our catheter adventures. Hope you enjoy reading them. As all the time please opinion, vote, and send a message if you would like.

It all started years ago, back in the eighties. My husband, Matt and I had been married for ten years when I enrolled in nursing college. After graduating I quickly found a job at the local hospital, where I worked part time, two or three days a week, so I had plenty of time at home with my family. I worked the 3 to 11:30 shift, while Matt worked his day job, so one of us was all the time home with our children.

A little about us, Matt was 31, about 5’7″, slim and good looking. I was 29, only 5’2″ with an hourglass figure, C-cup breasts and quite pretty according to Matt. Our life was a ordinary one, with 2 kids, 7 and 8 years old. We enjoyed a better than average Sex life and often did some exploring to keep things fresh and fun.

This adventure began one evening at the hospital, while I was assisting another nurse preparing a male patient for surgery the next morning. This was long before the practice of same day surgery that is common today. Back then all patients spent the night before surgery in the hospital, and they were prepared the evening before.

This particular patient was to have hernia surgery, so per Dr. orders we were to place a foley catheter through his urethra into his bladder. I had catheterized dozens of patients in the past, both men and women, and assisting another nurse was our ordinary procedure.

As the other nurse, Karen explained the catheter procedure to the patient, I readied the catheter kit. She had the patient lay on his back, legs spread and bent at the knees, and pulled his gown up to cover only the top part of his chest. He was in his early twenties and was rather embarrassed to have his genitals exposed to two young good looking female nurses, as his face was flushed and a bright pink. As Karen began to wash his penis with a warm cloth, the beginning of an erection became evident. She and I exchanged knowing glances as she finished the preliminary cleaning.

Next Karen applied a fenestrated sterile drape (with a hole in it) over his now semi erect penis. She next used Betadine to disinfect the head and shaft of his penis, while holding the growing shaft in her gloved left hand. By the time she was ready to insert the catheter the patient had a full blown erection.

Karen explained to him, as she lubricated the catheter with a sterile lube, that it may be somewhat uncomfortable, and may hurt a bit as it first went in. This was long before the use of lubricants that had a numbing ingredient to ease the patient’s pain, like what is in use today.

Still grasping his erect penis by the shaft with her left hand, and holding the catheter in her right hand, she asked him to try and relax and take a deep breath, exhale, and bear down as she began to insert the tip. The catheter was a fairly large one and as she pushed, it entered his urethra with a faint popping sound and drew a quiet moan from the patient. Karen slowly advanced the catheter as the moaning from him increased, and before it was half way in, he shuddered and had an Orgasm. His ejaculate escaped his urethra around the catheter and dribbled down the shaft onto Karen’s gloved left hand.

Karen immediately withdrew the catheter, and more ejaculate dribbled from his now fading erection. She said to him that she would have to try again later. We cleaned him up and quickly left the room and went to the employee lounge together, where we discussed in whispers what had just happened. She explained to me that she had had men get an erection while being catheterize, but never had one actually Orgasm. I told her that I had only had a few men get erect, of all the ones I had catheterized, and most of the erections quickly subsided from the pain of the catheter going in. This patient was unique, as the pain seemed to heighten his excitement.

Later we both returned to the same patient and catheterized him without any issues, or erections. This time Karen used a larger diameter catheter and I’m sure it was more painful for the patient, but it did keep him from getting erect.

On the drive home from work the patient that climaxed with the catheter was all I could think of. I must admit it turned me on thinking about it, and made me Horny and very wet. I hoped Matt would be awake when I got home from work because I wanted, almost needed Sex.

I have a dominant streak, and in the past I had gotten a little turned on when catheterizing a good looking, young male patient. Maybe from the control I had over them, and possibly their embarrassment of the position I had them assume for the procedure, then of course the procedure itself. Most men associate their penis with pleasure, not the pain and humiliation of having a female nurse do something to it that will cause them at least some pain.

Luckily Matt was still awake when I crawled into bed next to him and began kissing him and fondling his cock. He seemed surprised but he eagerly made Love to me, and I came almost immediately after he entered me. I came once more before Matt climaxed, and as we lay in bed catching our breath, he inquired about what had come over me. I lied and told him I was just Horny and wanted him to make Love to me. I don’t think he believed me but it was late and he was soon fast asleep. I did not fall asleep right away, I couldn’t get over the image of that patient coming with a catheter in his cock.

I had the night off the next evening and as we lay in bed Matt quizzed me about the night before. I told him it was nothing and before long we were making Love, with me again thinking of that patient, and coming like I hadn’t cum in a long time. Afterwards Matt held me in his arms and wanted to know the truth about why I was so turned on. I couldn’t lie to him, so I told him the whole story, and just verbalizing the story turned me on and made me more wet. I wondered he might get mad, but on the contrary, it seemed to turn him on also. His cock became erect, and he ravished me for the second time in less than an hour. That hadn’t happened in months.

As we lay in bed Matt quizzed me more about the patient coming with the catheter, and he asked if I would like to try the same thing with him. I didn’t have to think about it for more than a second, and I told him how Hot it would be for me to catheterize him. I had never wondered about doing that to Matt but just the wondered almost made my Pussy gush. I did let him know that most patients found the experience pretty uncomfortable, even somewhat painful, but I would Love to at least try, and if it was too painful we would just stop. Matt agreed so we decided that I would bring home a catheter and we would experiment with him as my patient.

Two days later at the hospital, I picked up a couple of size 20 fr. catheter from the storage room. I had decided that the 20 fr. would be a good size to use on Matt for the first time, as it was about the smallest size usually used on an Adult male. That size is only about a 1/4 inch in diameter and about sixteen inches long, so I should be able to insert it easily, without it being too painful for Matt. Just slipping those catheters into my tote bag, along with some sterile lubricant and sterile drapes, and thinking about what I planned to do with them made me wet. I couldn’t wait to get home and put one of them to use.

It was a Friday night and both Matt and I had the weekend off, so we wouldn’t have to get up early the next morning. I had decided to wear my white nursing uniform that I had worn to work that day, at least to begin our play time, and to make things more realistic. The uniform I had worn that day was a white top and a white skirt that came to three or four inches above my knees, and white pantyhose. Before calling my “patient” to the bedroom I discarded the pantyhose and my panties.

When Matt entered the bedroom I had him disrobe and lie on the bed with me next to him. I began to kiss him and tell him all about how I was gonna insert a catheter into his cock. Without me touching him, his cock started to grow and within a few minutes he was fully hard. Matt’s cock is probably pretty average, about six inches long, with average girth. I had been wet with just the wondered of what was to come, and now my Pussy was practically gushing.

I had Matt lay on his back with me kneeling on the bed next to his pelvis. I was still wearing my uniform and as I knelt the skirt rode more than half way up my thighs, giving him a good view, and with my knees aside, great access to my Pussy. Soon his hand was caressing my thigh and sliding under my skirt, until he found my bare Pussy and he began to caress it.

I had already gathered and positioned the things I would need next to me on the bed, so I was ready to start. I had Matt lift and bend his knees with his feet flat on the bed, spread his feet aside as far as he could, then open his knees. He looked so vulnerable with his legs spread like that, with his genitals exposed, just like my patients at work. I loved having him in that position. Before I started I had to stop him from rubbing my Pussy, it was too distracting.

I explained to him that I was gonna wash his penis, which I did with a damp cloth. When I finished washing and drying him, he was as hard as I could ever remember. I then put on the sterile gloves, put the fenestrated drape over his penis and used Betadine on a cotton ball to disinfect the head. I made a big show out of removing the catheter from its sterile package, and Matt’s eyes grew as he saw how thick and long it was. He asked if it was gonna go all the way into him and I assured him probably not all the way, but most of it, except for maybe an inch or two. I told him that this was a rather small catheter and would be more comfortable for him for the first time. I said the first time, as I hoped there would be more times in the future.

If Matt was starting to get cold feet from seeing the size of the catheter, his cock was betraying him, as it was still rock hard and pointing towards his chest at a forty-five degree angle. My Pussy was almost dripping as I looked forward to taking his virgin urethra. As I applied surgical lube to the catheter Matt looked on and laid his hand on my thigh for support.

With the lubricated catheter coiled in my gloved right hand, I used my gloved left hand to firmly grasp his penis shaft and moved it to an upright position. I asked him to try and relax, and to take a few deep breaths, before I began. I told him that it may be a little painful, but if he took deep breaths and tried to relax it would go easier for him. He was still rock hard, and I was still very wet.

I instructed him to take a deep breath and when he exhaled I would begin to insert the catheter. He did as told and I inserted the tip only about an inch and stopped. Matt moaned as the tip went in and I heard the familiar faint popping sound as the catheter stretched the sphincter muscle and entered his urethra. I allowed him a moment before advancing it another two inches, which produced another loud moan, again from stretching the muscle. The foley catheter has a pronounced bulge about an inch or so from the tip that is from the balloon that is inflated once it is in position in the bladder, hence the second stab of pain and the second moan.

Matt’s hand now had a firm grip on my thigh as I began to advance the catheter an inch or so at a time, while telling him I wondered he was doing great and asking how he wondered he was doing, to which he replied that it did hurt but I could keep going. I told him if he needed me to stop and take a break I would, but he answered no, he was ok and I should keep going. As I slowly advanced the catheter I watched his face to monitor how he was really doing, he looked as if he were enjoying it, even with the pain. When it was about half way in I stopped and as I held the catheter motionless I noted he was still very hard, so I began to stroke his cock. Feeling the bulge in his urethra from the catheter was turning me on and I stroked him harder while looking into his eyes.

Again I asked him how it felt, and he answered that it was painful but at the same time it was very erotic. He said that me stroking his cock, with the catheter inside him made it hurt but felt very good at the same time. I could feel the juices from my Pussy running down my thigh, and felt I could cum with very little effort. His cock was still rock hard as I stroked it.

All at once I felt his grip on my thigh tighten and his eyes close tightly. I knew he was ready to cum so I began withdrawing the catheter just as the first spasm hit him. I wasn’t quick enough and the first part oozed out between the catheter and his urethra, but the following ropes shot in the air as the catheter slipped from his penis. I had never heard Matt moan so loud when coming as he did just then, and a powerful Orgasm rolled through me at the same time.

As my own Orgasm receded I asked if he was ok, and he assured me he was. He said he had never come so forceful in his life. As we laid on the bed and talked he said that was the most powerful, intense Orgasm he ever had. We talked and he told me it was pretty painful when the catheter first went in, and even more so when the balloon part went in, but it was awesome overall. As I played with his cock he asked me to be gentle as the tip of his cock was very sore. I asked if he would let me do it again and after thinking for a minute he said yes probably, now that he knew what to expect.

I told him the next time I wanted to use the next bigger size catheter, and it might hurt a little more and he might be even more sore when I was finished, but he would get through it. I also told him the next time I wouldn’t stop after only putting it half way in, it would go all the way in, through his prostate and into his bladder. He asked if that part would be more painful and I was honest with him and said yes, going through his prostate wouldn’t be too bad, but going through his sphincter muscle into the bladder would be painful, just like going through the sphincter muscle at the tip of his penis. So I asked him again would he, even knowing that it would be more painful the next time, let me do it again, and he said yes.

After talking for a while and Matt catching his breath he told me he was gonna fuck me hard to repay me for the pain and pleasure I caused him, and he did, for over an hour. I don’t remember him ever coming three times in one night, but he did that night. Between his fingers, tongue and cock I came three more times myself. I think we have discovered some new foreplay. After Matt had gone to sleep I lay awake planning our next adventure. I fell asleep thinking of inserting a larger catheter all the way into his bladder.

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