Catering With a Twist – Celebrities & Fan Fiction – Free Sex Story

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Starting a new company is at all times stressful. Stan wasn’t nervous. He could cook blindfolded. This was a big opportunity He has been contracted to supply meals for the upcoming attraction at a local event center.

As the meal was being prepared, time was getting close. We had an hour to spare. The house smelled of the flavors of food that had cooked. Stan goes into the bathroom. Tina is wearing a towel, blow drying her hair. He watches from the room, seeing her curves. As she reaches up, her towel falls to the ground. Her luscious tits rising and falling as she dries her hair. Stan can feel his breathing get shallow, without even touching himself, he can feel his cock is growing. He reaches down and give it a squeeze. As he looks at her Hot body, he gets even harder. As he enters the room, she smiles at him. He knows that the smile is a sign. He stands behind her and run his hands over her Hot body.

Stan’s cock twitches as he puts his hands on her shoulders and bend her forward. She grabs the counter and spreads her legs. She knows what is coming. Stan grabs his cock and rubs it on the entrance of a now very wet Pussy. Slowly, he enters her until his cock is all the way in. He grabs her hips and begin thrusting his throbbing cock in and out. Tina starts to moan. She passionately screams “fuck my Hot Pussy“. The words make him speed up as he strokes his cock in that wet Hot Pussy. He can feel her juices running down his balls as the first Orgasm runs through her body.

After her Orgasm subsides, Stan takes her by the hand and leads her to the bed. He lays her on the edge and begin lightly flicking his tongue on her throbbing clit. Stan sucks on her Pussy. Tina’s Pussy starts to really flow with the wetness Stan so desires, lapping at that sweetness, he is addicted to. She screams, “I’m Cumming again.” The sensitivity of her Pussy, she pushes Stan away. He rolls on his back. Tina climbs on board his throbbing cock. She sinks down until it’s balls deep. He grabs her thighs and then begin pumping his Hot cock in and out. She spreads her legs further mashing her Pussy on him. Another Orgasm rocks her body, she is quivering now. Stan grabs her and starts fucking her harder, another Orgasm is building They both cum at the same time. She looks him in his eyes and Stan pledges his everlasting Love to her.

After a short drive, Stan and Tina arrive at the event center. The center has a “green room”. That is where they are gonna set up to feed the band. Through the side entrance they unload the food and supplies.

Stan starts setting up lunch for the band. You can hear them tuning up their instruments. The band comes in, Tina and Stan introduce themselves, as the lead singer shakes tina’s hand, she could feel the spark. Tony was a good looking man. Tina was a natural flirt. She took him by the hand and showed what her husband has prepared for their lunch. Everyone in the room could tell that Tony and Tina had a connection. Stan watched with excitement. He knew his cock was hard.

The band enjoyed the lunch that was provided. They really enjoyed the history lesson of the massive amount of talent that was from the area. One by one, they made their way back to the bus. They needed to relax before the evening show, they’ve been on the road for some time now. Tony stayed back and conversed with Tina. Stan was putting away lunch and cleaning the area.

As Tony spoke, Tina held on to every word. Tony asked her if she was worried that Stan would be jealous. Tina said, Can I speak to you in confidence?” Tony replied, “Yes”.

Tina commenced to tell Tony that she was a “Hotwife”, this meant that she has the say so to do what she wants, when she wants. The arrangement works for her and Stan.

Tony’s mind was racing. In his thoughts, he had already seduced Tina. Now, if he could be that lucky. The day was long, Tony excused himself, he too, needed to rest for the show.

Tina started helping Stan, pick up. She noticed that his cock was erect and sticking out. Tina grinned, “Did you like what your saw? Did you fantasize about me fucking a black man? Tina had to this point, never been with a black man. Not for any other reason, the opportunity never came up. Tina said, ” Would you like to see me fuck Tony?” No answer was needed.

Stan and Tina waiting for the evening meal. Things were falling into place. Stan rocked the meal, he knew it.

Meanwhile, A black SUV pulls into the parking lot, although his career has been one of the most successful careers in music history, Steven has talked his manager into pursuing a side career in country music. No one has the range that he brings to the table. So incognito, he has decided to find the roots of country music. He has come to Vidor to watch and learn from his longtime friend, Tony Jackson.

He and Tony met in Vegas when Steven was at his residency with Aerosmith. Late nights and long weekends, Tony and Steven have shared some memories that they kept a secret. One was a particular record label assistant that was assigned to Tony. Melissa was a mature professional woman with big tits and sexy legs. One night, Tony and Melissa were in the Office and sharing a drink. Things started getting flirty as the drinks flowed, Melissa unbuttoned her top 2 buttons. Tony looked at her lustily and his 10 inch cock started growing in his tight jeans. He walked up to her and kissed her hard, she dropped her hand and felt that monster of a cock and knew that she was his. She dropped to her knees and unbuttoned his pants. The zipper was next and when she hit the bottom of the zipper, the big black cock slapped her in the face. She tried to wrap her hands around it, it was too big. She opened her mouth, the head of the monster cock could barely fit. Seeing her pale white hand holding that hard black cock made her Pussy even wetter.

At the door, Steven was on time to meet Tony. When he came in the room, she was sucking on Tony’s mammoth cock. Steven’s cock started getting hard watching the scene in front of him unfold. He dropped his pants and walked behind her as she was servicing that thick juicy black cock, Steven rubbed his equally enormous white cock onto her sopping wet Pussy. She turned around and recognized Steven Tyler. She moaned on Tony’s cock and pushed her Ass back toward Steven. Tony seeing Steven fucking her from behind, hit the point of no return. His Hot cum boiling in his huge black balls started erupting down her throat, so much it started coming out the sides of her mouth. She tried to swallow as much as she could, It was just too much. She then started concentrating on the fucking she was receiving from Steven. As the Orgasm neared, she screamed his name. She woke up a few hours later, sore from the big cocks that she just devoured. Totally satisfied, she will never forget this magical moment

As Steven sat there, he reminisced of that night, there were others but that was a great night. The memory of Tony and him tag teaming started to make his 10 inch monster cock begin to grow. The leather pants that he had on was not meant to hide something of that size.

Tina and Stan were prepping the tables for the upcoming meal that was to be served in an hour and a half. Stan realized that his trendy sauce was still sitting on the counter. He had time. Tina and Stan talked, he was gonna run home and get the sauce. Tina was having naughty thoughts, Should I sneak on the bus? Tina laughed out loud. She decided to be a good girl. Tina checked herself in a mirror. Since she was the hostess for the meal, she wanted to look perfect Tina, dressed in a yellow low cut dress that showed that gorgeous set of tits. Her sexy wedges accented her luscious lips and bubbly personality. She was ready.

As Stan passed the black SUV, he wondered that may be someone crucial. He left in a hurry so he could return as soon as he could.

Steven, as his leather pants did nothing to hide his growing cock, slid easily into the back door to an almost empty room. As his sight came into focused he saw her…. Little did he know, Tina, on many occasions fantasizes about fucking her favorite singer. Some nights she lay in bed, thinking of him until her hand drifts down to what has become a sopping wet Pussy, she runs her fingers through the folds of her ultra sensitive Hot Pussy. Her husband tells her at all times, how unbelievable it is. He tries to devour her Pussy as often as he can and lets her know that no one man deserves that awesome Pussy. He explains to her, that is why she is his Hot Wife.

Steven cleared is throat, Tina turned around and saw him, within seconds she could feel the juices wetting her panties, then she looked down and saw that big cock formed in his leather pants. She could not pull her eyes from it. Her mouth agape, she was speechless. Steven just smiled and said “hello beautiful lady”. His voice snapped her out of her trance. She looked at him and with a smile a mile wide greeted him and welcomed him to Texas. He spread his arms wide, She approached him and hugged Him tight. So many nights as she orgasmed to the wondered of him, she was not gonna miss this moment. She knew Stan would figure out, he’ll even encourage her.

She melted in his arms and kissed him while at the same time she lowered her hand and felt the hardness of his big cock. She gasped as he kissed her. Steven wrapped his arms around her, feeling her Hot tits on his chest. He unzipped her dress and it fell to the ground. To his surprise, no bra or panties. Slowly she unbuttoned his pants pulling them down unleashing that monster cock that made her salivate. She couldn’t wait to get it in her mouth. She dropped to her knees grabbing it with both hands, sucking on the head. He put his hand on her head and slowly fucked her gorgeous mouth. She grabbed his Ass and pulled him closer never wanting to let go. Although she was madly in Love with her husband, she wanted Steven’s cock inside of her more than any cock she’s ever dreamed of. The talent of her mouth and tongue was like no other Steven has ever felt as she grabbed his Ass and pulled her deeper in her throat. Steven rolled his eyes back in his head. He warned her that we was about to cum and Tina squeezed his balls and looked at him in his eyes. He shot rope after rope down her throat. It was the best blow job he has ever had his whole life. When he finished Cumming, Tina cleaned him up and to her surprise, that big 10 inch cock was still as hard as when she first laid her hand on it. Steven lowered her on the carpet got between her gorgeous legs and started kissing that gorgeous Pussy. Many times, Tina said NO ONE eats her Pussy but her husband but no way will she deny Steven Tyler anything. He wrapped his arms around her thighs and tasted the greatest Pussy ever. He wondered, what were the odds? To come to little town Texas and be treated to one of the greatest Sex sessions of my life. Tina came as soon as his lips touched her clit, normally she would have been done but this was Steven “fuckin” Tyler. Whatever he wanted to do, he could. He was hers.

She may be married to the man she loves but this Pussy is now Steven Tyler’s. As he made her cum 2 more times, Steven couldn’t take it any longer. He had to feel that Pussy on his big cock. He crawled up her, kissing his way up. He reached them tits and started licking and sucking on her nipples. At that point Tina confirmed that Steven Tyler not only owned her Pussy, but he also owned her passion too. She ran her fingers though his long hair as he made Love to her ample tits. He worked his way his way up and started kissing her. As he did that, the cock she wanted so bad was about to enter her Pussy. It was so wet and Hot; it glides in as it was melted butter. This action literally took her breath away, she came again instantly. Losing her breath from one of the greatest fucks she’s ever experienced. Steven made her cum a few more times like this before he laid down on his back and Tina lowered herself on that big trendy cock. A dream come true. She could Dream on….Steven started fucking her slowly as she concentrated on the pure ecstasy that was inside of her.

Tony awoke from his nap, the night before was a long trip. His band was still fast asleep. He staggered out of his bus, shielding his eyes and made his way to the back door. When he walked in, he heard the voice of an angel. Soft moans of pleasure. He stood in the entrance and seen his old friend, Steven, on his back serving his 10 inch cock into this gorgeous woman riding that cock. He watched the erotic scene. His own big black cock stiffening with every moan. He knew Tina was Hot!!! Listening to her tell Steven to fuck her with his enormous cock, his hand dropped to his own cock and started rubbing it.

Tony wondered of the last time he seen Steven, Slowly dropped his pants stroking his cock until it was sticking straight out. He slowly walked behind the two. Steven saw him, grinned and winked at him. Tina turned and in front of her was this big black cock. Tony was looking at this gorgeous goddess and his big black cock was getting harder. Tina looked at him wantonly. She wondered to herself, I’ve never been with a black man. She reached out and grabbed that big black cock as she bounced up and down on Steven’s cock. She stroked that big back cock as she reached another Orgasm. She pulled him closer and stuck her tongue out and licked it. Tony positioned himself for easier access and she started sucking that thick cock. Tina’s wondered was this is the thickest cock I’ve ever had. When Steven seen her take Tony’s big black cock in her mouth, he came deep inside her.

Stan came through the front door with his sauce. It was quiet but he heard a faint sound that was forever familiar. He tiptoed to the door, peeked inside and there was his gorgeous bride, sitting on someone’s dick and sucking this monster of a big black dick in the middle of the room. Stan recognized the man feeding her this big cock as Tony, tonight’s entertainment. He figured that Tony and one of his band members seduced Tina. Stan knew when he left that Tina was Horny and that something could have possibly happened.

As he watched his own cock got hard. He pulled it out and started stroking it only to shoot a load in seconds. His cock was still hard. Tina dismounted the man on the floor and to his surprise was none other than Steven Tyler. He was in shock, he continued stroking his cock until he shot another load. Steven sat there and watched Tina, a blow job professional give Tony the greatest blow job he’s ever seen. They all seen Stan and invited him in. His cock still hard watching the woman he loves please other men. Little did they know, that was one of Stan’s pleasures. Watching his Wife get fucked. Tony was close to Cumming, Tony pulled Tina to her feet. He kissed her hard, his tongue exploring her mouth. Tina loves to kiss, right now she was loving kissing Tony. Tony picked Tina up, Tina wrapped her legs around him as his big black cock found it’s way into Tina’s well fucked Pussy. No sooner than she sank on his cock did Tony blow his load causing Tina to Orgasm one last time.

As they cleaned up and dressed Tony and Steven thanked Tina for one of the most special moments of their lives.

Once everyone was dressed and decent other members of the band showed up and was hungry

Stan and Tina served them the best meal they have eaten since before they were on the road. Steven and Tony with smiles on their faces, Stan and Tina knew it was more than the food that made them smile.

That night Tony put on the greatest show of his career with a special appearance by none other the great, Steven Tyler. After the show, the owners came in and said that to the performers said that was the best that they have been serviced in their whole careers. Tina looked at Stan and winked.

At the end of the night, Stan and Tina slept in each other’s arms. And even though they made Love most every night, Tina knows that it’s Steven who owns her Pussy. Deep down, Stan knew too. Tina couldn’t wait for their upcoming trip to Vegas, they have had it planned since the Covid postponed their last trip. The difference was, this time Steven knew she was coming.

6 months later, Stan and Tina lands in Vegas. As they grab their luggage, they see a sign Mr and Mrs Thomas. They get into the limousine, a bottle of champagne, roses and an envelope sit on the seat addressed to them. Tina opens the envelope and there are 2 backstage passes for tonight’s show for Aerosmith. And a simple note. “Cum early”.

She knew what it meant; she was about to have round two. She is the number one fan…….

Stan read the note beside her, his cock got hard….

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