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It was either very late or very early. Tilting her head towards the window, Maria Menounos could see very faint pinks and purples on the horizon just above the hills of the valley. No birds were singing. No coyotes were howling. Everything was quiet and still. Well, almost everything.

The Greek beauty was lying naked in a king size bed. On her right lay Julianne Hough, also naked and sleeping contentedly. Having returned home from touring the night before, the 33-year-old professional dancer and singer was quick to text her lesbian lover and invite her over for an evening of “catching up”. Maria told her husband simply that something came up and she had to go. She didn’t know for how long or when she might return.

Derek Hough, Julianne’s brother, was also a part of the larger troupe that had just finished a multi city tour. Since the hour was late when they’d gotten in, it just made sense that he would stay the night at his Sister‘s house.

Turning her attention back to what was happening now, Maria looked up at Derek’s handsome face hovering above hers. “Feels so nice,” she whispered. His 8-inch penis was buried all the way inside the 42-year-old’s tight, wet Pussy. He was being careful to pump slowly, not wanting to cum too quickly. Maria had her legs in the air and wrapped around his tight buttocks, her feet rocking in rhythm with his every thrust. Her firm breasts jiggled slightly as she held onto his hips, encouraging him to fuck her harder.

Julianne drew a deep inhale then shifted her position slightly. The cute, toned blonde had climaxed many times thanks to the entertainment hosts expert tongue, and was now sleeping deep and satisfied. She wouldn’t wake for several hours.

“Come on, Derek,” purred Maria invitingly, “Fuck me. Come inside me. Make me cum, please.”

“God, Maria. You are so fucking Hot. I can’t hold back anymore. Are you sure it’s okay to cum inside you?” The blonde athlete was pumping furiously now, his brow furrowing.

Sinking her fingernails into his hips and interlocking her ankles around his waist, the brown-haired goddess drew him into her hard until his pelvic bone was pressing against hers. Seeing him close his eyes Maria knew he was about to cum. The sensation of his Hot spunk shooting deep inside and into her cervix, combined with the friction on her clit made Maria Orgasm at the same time. With flushed cheeks and her erect nipples rubbing against his well-defined chest, the celebrity host let out a deep, guttural moan then collapsed under Derek’s weight, his softening penis still inside her.

It didn’t take long for Maria to drift off to sleep. Derek had rolled off soon after and was now slumbering to her left. Julianna was still on her right, but now had her face buried in the crown of the older woman’s hair which covered her entire pillow. She could feel Derek’s sperm oozing out of her Pussy and trickling down her thigh. It made her smile.

The next morning (rather, afternoon) Maria was awakened by an unexpected but pleasant sensation. Looking down, she saw the impish blue eyes of Julianna looking up at her from over her Vagina. The 33-year-old was flourishing her tongue up and down the Greek beauty’s labia and clitoris. “G’mornin” she managed to say in between slurps.

“Good morning, beautiful. That feels fantastic, but I think you might be eating some of your brothers cum. He came in me last night.” Maria was up on her elbows now, an embarrassed look on her face as she felt Julianna draw her cunt lips apart with her thumbs.

“No worries,” she sang cheerfully. “Wouldn’t be the first time, won’t be the last.”

Sinking back into her pillow, Maria opened her soft, tanned thighs wide to allow the beautiful dancer the easiest possible access to her dripping Pussy. She could hear Derek in the Shower so closed herself off to anything other than how wonderful Julianna was making her cunt feel. So much better than her husband ever did. Or any man, for that matter.

“Oh my God. I’m going to need to rehydrate,” Maria chuckled. “You two have had me constantly wet for, like, the last 12 hours. Not to mention the past few months.” Julianna was paying particular attention to the 42- year-old’s clit now. It was swollen and bright pink and making her salivate. Maria’s juices (along with Derek’s cum) were gushing now, and Julianna knew that her lover’s climax was close.

“Cum for me, baby,” the blonde mumbled into Maria’s sopping, wet hole. “Cum for me.”

So, the television personality did just that. She came so intensely, holding Julianna’s face so tight against her spasming opening that the younger woman struggled to breathe. Even still, she continued lapping until she felt Maria’s naked body calm and relax into the wet sheets.

Derek stepped out of the ensuite followed by sinewy wisps of steam. Seeing Maria with her legs spread and his nude Sister tucked in between them made is dick stiffen with want. He dropped the towel he’d been using and beckoned the Greek beauty to the edge of the bed.

“My turn for the Shower,” announced Julianne as she bounded up off the bed like an exuberant child. “You two have fun.”

As the muscled siblings crossed paths, they gave each other playful slap on the Ass. Maria had moved to the side of the bed and was sitting on the edge, her bare feet flat on the floor. Her hair was tousled, and she very much looked like she’d been having Sex for the last 24 hours. Her smile, though. As electric and inviting as it ever was, she cast it and her dark brown eyes up at Derek’s boyish face. “What shall I do, with…. this?” she teased, cupping his balls while wrapping the other hand around his long, thick cock. Her wedding rings sparkled in the afternoon sun as she ran her manicured nails up and down his shaft, making it jump and twitch.

“I want you to suck it. I want you to suck it and swallow all my cum. Please.”

“Mmm. That’s what I want, too,” she answered as if picking out a decadent dessert. Leaning forward, Maria parted her lips and took his bulbous head into her waiting mouth. As her tongue slid under his pre-cum, she felt her salivary glands activate and soon his full 8 inches were pistoning in and down her throat with ease. The entertainment host met every thrust of his engorged man meat hungerly. While her head bobbed her 32C breasts swayed and jiggled, catching small rivulets of her slimy spit. With her hand still on the younger man’s testicles, she could feel his muscled Ass tighten and knew he was about to cum.

“Arrrrggghhhhh,” was all he managed to speak as squirt after squirt of his Hot load splattered against the back of Maria Menounos’ throat. Breathing through her nose, the brown-eyed stunner managed to gulp down most of it before letting his withering penis slip lazily out from between her luscious lips.

“Hey! Nice and clean over here,” Julianne sang musically. Fresh out of the Shower, the toned 34-24-34 blonde was naked and wriggled into a dressing chair by the window. Spreading her legs, she draped them over each upholstered arm providing full and easy access to both of her private openings. “Time for second breakfast, Maria,” she taunted. The shapely 33-year-old was already excited, her labia parted and glistening, her Pussy freshly shaven as were her beautiful legs.

Using her fingers to wipe the corners of her mouth, Maria gave Derek’s dick a final kiss then fell to her knees in front of Julianna’s offering. “My absolute favorite,” giggled the TV host, leaning in and touching the tip of her tongue to the blonde dancer’s moist fuck hole. It was warm and gooey, and Maria began to lap it as she might do to an ice cream cone. Derek was now laying back on the bed, arms crossed and enjoying the show. He had the perfect view of Maria’s rounded Ass.

“Ooh, that’s so good. Nnn. I hated being on the road away from you, away from this.” Julianna had her head back now, eyes closed, and a firm hold on the back of the older woman’s head. She pressed her face into her slippery gash hard as if trying to swallow her up inside. Maria was relentless in her licking and slurping, sucking on Julianna’s swollen clit while flicking her tongue over it at the same time. “I’m gonna cum, Maria. OH-ooh don’t stop. You’re making me CUM!” screamed Derek’s Sister, her cunt wet and juicy as she spasmed in wave after wave of climax. When it was over, she lifted Maria up and kissed her deeply, kneading the Greek beauty’s tit flesh and pinching her stiff nipples.

Julianna’s brother had now moved behind Maria and was pressing his hardening cock in between her soft Ass cheeks. She smiled to herself.

“Sorry, guys. But I really think I should go home for a while. I have no idea what I’ll say to Kevin (her husband). Hopefully, I’ll come up with something in the car on the way.” Maria was standing now, her delicious body looking gloriously well fucked as she searched the expansive room for her clothes.

“Uh, Maria?” asked Julianne as she slipped her arm around her brother’s slim, bare waist. “Don’t you think maybe you should Shower first?”

The brown- eyed entertainment host suddenly became aware of how crusty her face and breasts were. Not to mention all the sticky fluids between her thighs and Ass. She might even have some of Derek’s jizz in her hair from the night before.

“You know, I think that’s a fine idea,” Maria answered, then she laughed her signature laugh.

The End

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