Carrie Gets A Raise… In The End – Celebrities & Fan Fiction – Free Sex Story

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Disclaimer : Totally Fake… Pure Sex Fantasy… Anal Sex Fiction

The Star :

Carrie Heffernan (Leah Remini/The King Of Queens)

A Few Quick Stats About Carrie :

She’s Gorgeous

She Got Long Brown Hair

She’s Got 34C Breasts

She’s Cool, But She’s Also A Boss Bitch

She’s Married To Doug Heffernan

They Live In Queens

She’s A Secretary For Mr Kaplan In Manhattan

She Desperately Wants A Raise… A Big One

Now… Let’s Get Started……


Carrie Heffernan’s car isn’t starting. She’s gonna be late to work. And… she’s smack dab in the middle of trying to get a big raise at the law firm that she works at in the city. So… bad timing for her.

Carrie pounds the steering wheel in disgusted anger, then lays her head on it, thinking of her next move. She tries to calm down, but the thought of being late for work right as she’s trying to get a raise is really eating away at her.


Another angry fit for the very lovely, middle aged secretary.

She gets out of the car in a huff, and slams the door shut, cussing at her car once more.

Carrie figures that she can’t get her husband to take her to work in his car. He’s out for the day with his buddy Deacon. They’re out of the city fishing on Long Island somewhere, so, even if he would come back to take her to work, she’d probably miss the whole day anyway. Oh well… looks like she’s gonna be taking the subway.

A little later… on the subway…

“Damn crowded car.” Carrie says to herself. She’s still very upset, and the subway car she’s on is packed beyond full. She’s standing, holding on to the hanging handle, trying not to get felt up by every Horny Ass pervert on the train. Oops.

“WHAT THE????!” Carrie feels a hand squeezing her nice plump booty through her tight, brown leather mini skirt. So much for the not getting felt up part. She quickly looks all around her. There’s so many people jammed into the subway car that it’s impossible to tell who did it.

Carrie reluctantly decides to lets it slide, even though she’s so pissed off already, she wants to use the pervert’s nut sack as her own personal punching, and kicking, bag.

She takes a deep breath, and calms herself. About twenty second later though… another squeeze. This one even harder and more intense than the first.

Before she can turn around, and very angrily spit in the pervert’s face though, the train lurches hard to a stop. The standing passengers get jostled around pretty rough.

Carrie gets thrown forward. She’s still holding the handle, so she doesn’t fall down. Then, she gets thrown back as well as the train starts back up… right back into a big, hard erection. A real big one. Her gorgeous Ass smacking it hard, as her body’s thrown back into it.

Carrie’s slightly dazed and confused from the quick, and rather violent, back and forth lurching. She gathers herself quickly though, then takes a deep breath… as the huge erection rubs on her smooth, brown leather mini skirt covered booty. Right in between her luscious booty cheeks.

Carrie starts to furiously yell at the asshole, but, she realizes that it actually feels pretty good. She does wonder if her plan to dress more sexy now to impress her boss, Mr Kaplan may have made her more susceptible to the perverted advances of random big dick subway riders though. And, in turn, if it’s come back to bite her in the… umm… Ass.

Carrie and her husband Doug haven’t been fucking very regularly lately. He’s been working late a lot, and Carrie’s been feeling left out, so, the beautiful boss bitch subdues her immense anger temporarily, and decides to literally, ride the situation at hand, out.

“Might as well get something out of this shitty day so far.” Carrie says under her breath. She lets the Horny perv rub his huge meat on her beautifully sexy rump.

The stranger grabs her hips, and starts fucking her mini skirt covered rump with his bulge. His super fat bulge rubbing in between those delectable butt cheeks nice and quick as the train starts moving again. They’re not far from her stop, so the stranger doesn’t have much time.

“Do it, bitch. Fuck my booty, bitch boy.” Carrie again, says to herself, under her breath. She’s never been fucked in the butt, despite how incredibly beautiful her booty is.

This is just a pants covered bulge fucking her mini skirt covered, public booty fuck, so Carrie can still maintain her Anal virginity… for now.

Carrie’s raging hard nipples throb mercilessly in her white cotton bra. She moans deep and dirty under her breath, more and more turned on by the kinky tryst she’s having on the very crowded train on her way to work. Her Pussy moistening more and more as the kinky fun continues.

Carrie’s heatedly heaving C cups pressing hard into her bra and tight white turtleneck top.

The strange bulge fucks her mini skirt covered booty faster and faster. The stranger’s hands gripping Carrie’s curvy hips nice and tight. She can sense that he’s close to Cumming. His bulge is throbbing real wild against her butt, lurching extra hard in his pants. The stranger’s hands gripping her hips tighter by the second.

Carrie wonders what it would be like to get fucked in her butt. Especially by a huge piece of dick meat like the one that’s hurriedly fucking her mini skirt. Could she actually take that massive thing is her very tight booty? Would it hurt really bad? How slutty would she feel afterwards?

All of those naughty thoughts race through Carrie’s mind as she’s being used by the immensely Horny pervert behind her.

Bang! The subway stops at Carrie’s stop, right as the Horny perv behind her starts Cumming in his pants. He growls and grunts as he shoots his load in his pants, gripping Carrie’s beautiful hips tight, thrusting hard against her brown leather miniskirt. Carrie moans blissfully to herself, her insanely hard nipples pulsating extra hard in her bra.

After he’s done Cumming, as the car clears out, Carrie gathers herself, breathing deep and straightening her clothes. She doesn’t say a word to the stranger that just faux fucked her. She walks off of the car like everyone else, not even bothering to see if she could find out who the pervy stranger actually was.

Later… at work…

“Hey, Carrie.”

“Hey, Sharon.”

“You’re watching Kaplan?”

“I’m watching that slut Mindy, actually. She’s gonna go on his office again and suck his dick. That fucking bitch. I want a raise, but Kaplan says he can’t right now because of budget concerns. Ha! Yeah, right! The budget isn’t too concerned about him taking Mindy’s Ass to Jamaica with him. I hate this damn place. I deserve a fucking raise. I work hard. I show up on time. I’m always nice to him. Hell… I’m even nice to his trophy Wife when she comes to work to check on him. I’ve covered for his sorry Ass God knows how many times when he was fucking Mindy, or somebody else here. I’m sick of it!”

Carrie’s rants to Sharon at the coffee machine about her boss and his buddy. Mindy’s a 19 year old blonde beauty that’s an intern at the law firm. Mr Kaplan’s taken a real liking to her, and it’s pissing Carrie off royally.

“I heard he got Mindy pregnant too. He’s gotten three other secretaries and clerks pregnant here. But…”

“Go on.”

Sharon leans into Carrie while they’re stirring their coffee.

“I heard from Brandy, the black temp, that Kaplan is all about butt Sex too. He LOVES fucking Ass. That’s what I’ve heard, at least.”


“Mmm Hmm. That’s why he started liking Mindy so much. He caught her getting butt fucked by her boyfriend in the supple closet one day. The next day… Kaplan was butt fucking her himself in his office, bent over his desk.” Sharon smirks. She drinks her coffee, looking at Carrie over the brim of her coffee mug.

Carrie thinks about that info. She remembers the stranger on the train earlier and all of those thoughts that raced through her mind while he was using her butt. She remembers how good and how taboo it felt being a naughty butt slut on the train. Could she actually entertain the idea of letting her 70 year old boss actually shove his wrinkled old dick up her virgin butt for her raise? Could she really? Would it work? And, how big of a raise could she actually get?

“And… I hear he’s got a really big schlong too. Nice and fat. I would’ve fucked him myself, especially for a raise, but he’s never come on to me. I think he’s scared of my husband.” Sharon smirks at Carrie.

Carrie snickers. “Really big, huh?”

“Oh yeah.”

Carrie thinks to herself. She loves big dicks. Doug’s only got six inches. But, could she take a huge duck up her butt? Not just fucking her skirt covered butt, but, actually up her sphincter. “This could be my way to get that damn raise.” Carrie thinks. She knows Kaplan is attracted to her. He checks her out all the time. He’s always gawking at her booty, especially since she’s been dressing sexier lately.

Carrie goes back to her desk. An hour later, she sees Mindy come out of Kaplan’s office, straightening her black mini dress. “The slut.” Carrie shakes her head from her desk.

Carrie means back in her chair, thinking back to what Sharon told her. She thinks it over. “Fuck it! I want that fucking raise!” Carrie gates up, and takes a deep breath, checking herself in the mirror on her desk. She licks her bright red lipstick covered lips, making sure to get them nice and wet. Then, she walks over to her boss’ door, and knocks.


Carrie takes another deep breath, then enters, shutting the door behind her. I guess we’ll see how much ‘ol Carrie really wants that raise.

A few minutes later…

“I told you, Carrie, we have budget concerns here at the firm this year. Business has been down. It’s a bad time for me to give you that raise you’ve even asking about. I’m sorry. You’re a fine worker. You really are. It’s just a bad time, that’s all.”

“Well, Mr Kaplan. If need the raise. I know I’m not 19, like your slutty fuck buddy Mindy. But, I deserve this damn raise. And… I’m gonna get it.”

“Just a minute, Carrie. There’s no need to insult sweet Mindy. She’s a hard worker too. I mean…”

“Yeah… I know what you mean. I see her coming into your office all during the day for an hour at a time. I hear all of the office gossip. I know your in here nailing her sweet, 19 year old butt cause you Love Ass sexy so damn much.” Carrie Gets up and leans over Kaplan’s desk, leering right at him. Her right eyebrow raised.

Kaplan clears his throat, trying to remain the sophisticated boss. “Where did you hear that? I mean, umm… where did you hear about my Love of Anal Sex?” He smirks back at Carrie, leaning back in his chair. Sophisticated or not, Kaplan sees a super Hot bitch leaning over his desk, talking about Anal Sex and desperately wanting a raise, so, his interest is peaked… greatly.

“So… it’s true?”

“Well… yes. Yes, it is. Very much so. And yes, you’re right. I’m in here every day butt fucking that blonde slut’s brains out. And, she loves it too.” Kaplan’s smirk gets extra die and extra proud of himself. “So… do you REALLY want that raise, Carrie?” Kaplan’s smirk is beaming with pervy delight.

“I sure as hell fucking do!” Carrie Gets right to the point, smirking right back at ol’ Kaplan. Her boss bitch side giving way to her money hungry, newly Anal Sex slut side.

“Good…” Kaplan unzips his pants and whips out his super fat cock, turning his chair to the side, making sure Carrie can check his dick out real clear. It’s really fat and veiny. About eight inches long too. Thick, throbbing veins running all down all around the shaft. Carrie licks her luscious, wet and creamy red lips, grinning wickedly at that mighty, 70 year old cock.

“This is gonna be fucking fun.” She whispers to herself, under her breath.

“… Now, get over here and earn that raise, bitch.” Kaplan laughs as he strokes his big meat.

Carrie wickedly smirks again and walks over behind her boss’, desk, leaning over and slapping his face to show that she’s still the boss. Kaplan laughs. Then, Carrie kneels down in front of him and smiles very happily at that huge jutting prick.

She licks at it, smirking boss bitch like at Kaplan as he leans back in his chair. She nibbles on the plump head, sucking out some precum, quickly swallowing it all. She sucks ravenously hard on the head, drinking down more and more precum as it pumps out.

Carrie tickles Kaplan’s huge old balls as she drinks his slightly salty precum, smiling extra happy, realizing she’s finally gonna get her big raise that she’s been craving. Carrie tells herself that she’s also gonna finally get fucked by a big dick again, finally. It’s been awhile for her.

She fucked the next door neighbor a few years ago while Doug was at work. His dick was even bigger than Kaplan’s. Longer, but not thicker. That one was ten inches long, but kinda slender. She’s loving those fat one. Carrie is wondering though is she can take it up her virgin butt. “Guess I’ll have to wait and see.” Carrie tells herself.

Kaplan pushes on the top of Carrie’s head, laughing obscenely, encouraging her to suck deeper on his obese dick. She obliges, taking down about four inches. The shaft so fucking fat, her mouth can barely fit it in. She wonders how Mindy sucks a dick so fucking fat.

Carrie bottoms out after about six inches of that enormous rod. She can’t take anymore in her mouth and throat. Her spit is racing down the mighty shaft. Those huge pumping veins completely covered in it. Carrie loves the veins, cooing joyfully as she slurps Kaplan’s dick. The huge veins feeling real nice on her lips and tongue.

Her head bobbing quick in Kaplan’s lap as he holds Carrie’s head, grunting and grinning pervertedly away.

Kaplan lifts Carrie up and tosses her over onto his desk, bent over it. She grins without letting him see it. Even though Carrie is a boss bitch of the highest order, she does have a very naughty submissive side too. She likes being thrown around and banged hard.

Kaplan slaps Carrie’s Ass… hard. She loans to herself, not wanting him to know how much she likes it. He knows though. His giant, pervy smirk is beaming bright with cocky delight. He’s a rich, successful pervert. Kaplan’s used to getting what.. And who… he wants. He’s now fucked every chick at the office, except for Sharon. He’s gonna move on to her after Carrie. He’s even fucked his partner’s wives…. Getting one of them pregnant. And, the partners don’t know shit about it.

Kaplan leans down, and licks at Carrie’s beautiful Pussy, sucking on her juice leaking slit. “Oh yeah. Eat that Pussy, bitch!” Carrie demands. Kaplan laughs as he sucks her slit some more, nice and hard, sucking it so hard Carrie’s knees buckle.

“I’d rather fuck you… bitch! Hahaha.” Kaplan laughs, and slaps Carrie’s Ass again, then stands up and rubs his rock hard cock up and down her pounding slut and clit. Carrie let’s out a big moan, not caring anymore if Kaplan knows how much she enjoys it.

“FUCK!!!!” Carrie lurches forward on the desk as Kaplan shoves his entire fucking cock up her surprised Pussy. Thankfully, Carrie’s nice and wet, so, it goes up there relatively painless. The shock entry has Carrie’s eyes rolling around in her head like two pinballs.

“You like it, baby??? Tell me. Tell your boss how much you like my Big dick fucking you’re sweet little Pussy. Yeahhh.” Kaplan’s grinning from ear to ear, slamming his enormous rod, balls deep, up Carrie’s thumping cunt. He’s pulling hard on her long brown hair as he very happily fucks his new bitch.

“I fucking I Love it, bitch! You better give me my fucking raise too! I want a big one! A real big one!” Carrie sneers back at him, her beautiful eyes blazing with intense, kinky lust.

“Oh… I will bitch. I’ll give you a REAL BIG ONE! HAHAHA!” Kaplan smirks deviously, and slams his huge, veiny meat even harder up Carrie’s fucked into submission Pussy. She squirts… violently. Carrie bangs on the desk with her fists as she squirts her milky discharge all over that enormous piece of 70 year old dick meat plowing her poor Pussy senseless.

“Now…” Kaplan pulls out, laughing real cocky behind Carrie. She knows what’s coming. She tried to prepare herself for it. “Better use some lube. Hmmm.” Kaplan quickly looks through his desk drawer, grabbing a tube of lube from it. “Cherry… my favorite. You Love the tweet too, Carrie. Mindy raves about it.”

“He’s expecting me to suck his fucking cock cater he’s shoves it up my butt?” Carrie asks herself, thinking about doing something else she’s never done before. “I don’t KNO…….” Carrie lurches forward again, hard. Kaplan has a bunch of lube on his super thick and veiny cock, so he pushes into her anus and pops through. No warmup or anything.

Carrie grips the edge of the desk with both hands, her bra and shirt covered titties smashes down into it. “FUCK!!!! DAMN!!!!! THAT’S SO FUCKING BIGGGGG!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!” Carrie’s grunting and growling real loud and boisterous. Gripping the edge of the desk so fucking hard, she feels like she could rip it off. Her pained taboo pleasure of losing her Anal virginity to such a big dick totally overtaking her.

“There you go, baby. You’re doing good. Real good. Hahaha! Take that big dick up your poop chute. When we’re done, you can thank me for fucking your Ass so good while you suck my cock clean. Then, I’ll think about how big of a raise I’m going to give you, my dear.” Kaplan slaps Carrie’s firm, but jiggly Ass again, then pulls on her hair again also. Nice and hard. Carrie submits, realizing that he’s actually the boss of this, not her. She now realizes that she’s nothing more than another Horny butt slut for her pervy old boss… and, it’s turning her the fuck on.

Carrie grins from ear to ear, loving the deep, rough Ass fucking she’s getting, Cumming hard again also. Her Pussy shaking violently as it shotgun blasts out her milky load. Kaplan keeps butt banging Carrie’s beautiful, super tight Ass for another thirty minutes.

Carrie sees her phone. It’s a message from Doug. He wants to talk to her. She quickly writes him back that she’s busy with her boss. If he only knew just how busy she really was. Ha.

“I’m gonna cum, Carrie. Oh God!” Kaplan squeezes Carrie’s hips as he starts Cumming up her butt. His chubby old body trembling from the intense sensations of Cumming in such a tight Ass.

Carrie’s eyes bounce around in her head as she feels the rush of all that Hot creamy seed pumping into her beautifully sore butt. It soothes the butt banging pain her formerly virgin bowels were feeling very nicely. Carrie smiles so contently, licking lustfully all around her wet, succulent lips. Her nipples so fucking hard. Throbbing so incredibly much in her bra. Her clit thumping non stop.

Kaplan pulls out, breathing deep. Carrie doesn’t need any further instructions. She wheels around quickly and drops to her knees, ravenously engulfing that huge, cum dripping prick, managing to get down just about all of it this time.

“OH CARRIE….” Kaplan holds Carrie’s head on my cock with both hands. His head leaning back. His eyes closed. He’s feeling so incredibly good as Carrie sucks him completely cumless. Her mouth and throat owning that veiny, old monster cock, slurping and sucking it better than anyone ever has… even Mindy.

“Carrie, I’m gonna triple your salary. God… just keep sucking ky cock. Don’t stop, baby. Please don’t stop.”

Carrie grins extra wide. Triple her salary? That’s even more than she wanted. She deepthroats that now half hard dick so fucking good. Kaplan can’t stop growling and groaning like a madman.

“This is gonna be one helluva fun job from now on.” Carrie tells herself.

“Thank you for fucking my Ass so good, baby. I’m gonna Love taking this big ol’ thing up there every damn day from now on. No need for Mindy anymore.” Carrie winks up at Kaplan. He laughs back, growling again as Carrie deepthroats him once more.

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