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I met Krista on her first day, as she introduced herself to everyone, cubicle by cubicle. I thought nothing of her. I had already been with the company for almost a year and was honestly pretty sour toward life for multiple boring reasons. I hadn’t even considered her farts. (Dire times.)

She was young, and during her introduction, she mentioned she had just celebrated a birthday–her 21st. She had graduated from college early, and it turned out she had a loose connection to our company so she was a junior rep just like that. Krista was young, but also looked way younger. I wouldn’t have been surprised if she had told me she was a junior in high school. But she was 21 and I was kind of annoyed with her in general. At first.

Krista is 100% Italian, and probably 4 foot 11, 80 lbs. She has no shape at all. Each of her Ass cheeks could fit easily in my hand. Her long black hair went to her non-existent tits. As her first month came and went, I admit, I got a little interested.

Everything else in my life had dried up, so when she started paying attention to me, Flirting in the break room, asking me for help on things that were so easy, it was clear she knew how to do them, but wanted me close. It felt really good.

On a Friday, right as the weather started getting colder in the Fall, she organized a work happy hour at a bar around the corner from our building downtown. All 12 or so of my team went and we drank a bit which was fine, but I was now focused on Krista. She drank slowly and laughed at everyone’s jokes and kept catching my eye across the table. I checked my phone, because I am addicted to checking my phone, and she had texted me: “Can I stay over?”

What? I asked myself. I barely knew her and forgot I even had her number. While it was fun flirting and imagining what her Pussy would feel like suctioning my cock, I sort of thought this was just fun banter and office teasing.

I got up to go to the restroom without responding to her text, and when I came out, she was standing in the far corner near the women’s restroom and signaled for me to come over. I did, about to ask her what she had meant in her text and she raised herself up on her tippy toes and pulled my head in for a kiss. The kiss was quick but made an impact.

“Do you really want to stay over?” I asked, making sure she wanted to for real, and that this wasn’t a potential drunken mistake she’d regret.

“I live with my parents, you know, and don’t feel like dealing with them tonight. You live close right?” She asked, holding my hand.

“It’s a bit of a drive,” I said. Which it was but not terrible.

“OK great. Leave now and I’ll join you in the parking garage in 10 minutes.”

An easy enough plan. It worked and soon we were at my apartment on the border of the city and the suburbs.

Inside, we had another drink. And then she asked if she could borrow sweatpants and a hoodie. Seemed odd because she was so small and I am realistically a monster in comparison. But, I gave her what she asked for and she went to the bathroom to change.

When she came out, she actually, somehow, looked cuter. Actually she looked fucking Hot.

“Must be nice living alone,” she said.

“It can be. But out here, it isn’t all that exciting.”

Then suddenly, she started slowly and subtly dancing in place, with no music accompanying her, as I sat on my couch. If anyone had seen, it would have looked like the weirdest lap dance.

I finally pulled her to me by her hips and said, “Should we?”

She answered, smiling, “Should we what?” She laughed and kissed me and soon we were both naked on my floor, the lights on, and while the curtains were pulled closed, I am still not sure if people could have seen in.

She was remarkably quiet that first time. She took my hand and placed it on her Pussy and locked my eyes as I started rubbing her tiny clit. She didn’t say anything, but writhed on the floor, spreading her skinny legs wider, till her knees were almost behind her head. She was tan everywhere, which makes me think that she went to tanning salons and was naked for each session. Also Hot. I got to my knees and my cock was stunningly hard. She stroked it once or twice and smiled at me, still silent. She nodded as I said, “You want me inside now?” She kept nodding, giving me express consent.

Her Pussy was so tight, it took a few tries to get it in. Even with her being so wet, her hole was too little, and if I had to guess, probably not well used. When it finally slid in, she sucked in a sharp breath and I waited and she grimaced. I pulled out slowly and she said, “No, come on.” When I plunged back in, she squealed and I didn’t last long. I dumped my load on her flat, toned stomach and stood, embarrassed.

She got dressed and things were awkward for a bit. I knew that was likely not what she wanted, but we did our best to hang out, drink some more, then we went to bed.

That did not help my overall outlook on anything in my life, but the next morning, things got better.

We woke early, at around 7:30, and she seemed to have forgotten about last night. She said, “that felt so good last night.”

I didn’t believe her. Laying next to me, fully clothed, she was too cute for me. Too innocent seeming. “I highly doubt that.”

“I’m not that experienced, you know, sexually.”

“Well, I am,” I said. “I am sorry it didn’t work out as you had hoped.”

“Oh but it did. I came so hard as soon as you came on me. Didn’t you notice?”

I hadn’t. I was too worried about being a two-pump chump. “You did?”

“I know it sounds weird, but that is what gets me to cum,” she said. Then laughed, “well, kind of…” She went on to explain that she gets Horny, and has even cum in the past, by the sheer fact of knowing guys are Cumming with her or to her or on her. She mentioned that one time, she posted a bikini pic on Instagram and it got more than 200 likes and few DMs and she ended up Cumming just from touching her Pussy one time, imagining all the guys getting hard and Cumming for her.

“I know that is vapid, but I nearly passed out last night when you came. I was so flattered and so Horny.”

This gave me an idea. I said, still kind of drunk, “So. Wait, you will cum, just from making me cum? Is that right?”

“I think so. Again, I am still kind of new to all of this.”

“So let’s do an experiment…” I said, sitting up.

“Sure!” she said, meeting my pose.

“I know how you can make me cum hard. Harder than last night.”

Without hesitation, “Sure! Let’s do it!” She was so young and eager.

“But it might seem weird…” I said, straight up letting that sentiment trail off.

“Oh my god shut up! I am so….so Horny.” she said, feigning anger. “What do you want?”

“Well….” I said, “get naked and get on all fours.”

She did as I asked. Her butt cheeks were so tiny that she was automatically spread wide just from assuming that position. Her butthole was of course so tiny. And lighter in color. The tanning bed didn’t get to her tiny, perfect poop hole, I noticed.

“OK?” she asked.

“Yes.” I said, and leaned down to sniff her spread butthole.

“Oh…wait…” she said. And I pulled back. She had smelled amazing, but that was what she was worried about. “Um, you might not want to do that….”

“Why not?” I asked, now lightly stroking her small Pussy lips.

“I haven’t showered and it is likely gross!” she laughed, yet held her position. Her legs quivered slightly as I stroked her labia.

“Look though,” I said and she turned around to see my hard cock, almost shiny from rigidity.

“Are you hard…from smelling my butt?” she asked. Not the first time that question had been posed to me over the years.

“I need you to be honest, OK?” I asked.

“OK…” she said.

“Why is this hole so stinky?”

“For one, it’s a butthole,” she said.

“Yes?” I said, coyly, “and?”

“I pooped before we left for happy hour…” she laughed nervously. “is that what you want to know?”

“Hey,” I said, “I Love this. I will cum so hard if we keep this up. Don’t be embarrassed.”

“OK.” she said.

“Have you ever farted in the office?” I asked, then lightly licking her slimy anus.

“Um yes of course!” she said, looking over her shoulder. “I never farted near you though, I wanted you to like me. Now that I know… well, now I will, if you want.”

“I would Love that, Krista. I want you to cum.”

“I am really fucking Horny,” she said. “I can’t believe I am this fucking Horny…” she laughed some more, not nervously, but sort of in astonishment.

“Are you gassy now? We drank a lot last night…” I asked

“Um, kind of.. but are you serious?”

“I bet you have the best smelling farts…”

Then, in my face as I was about to plunge my tongue into her little hole, she let out the loudest fart I had ever heard from someone so small.

“Oh my god!” She said. “Sorry!”

Something about that moment made me cum, but not in a normal way. I jerked off and as I was unloading my balls, I said, “Holy fuck that was the best fart baby…. I am Cumming for your dirty asshole…” and as I kept shooting ropes, she turned over and rubbed her Pussy and started Cumming too. She squealed, “I’m Cumming now, smell my farts….” she farted again, loudly, and the smell filled my lungs perfectly as I kept Cumming. Maybe the longest Orgasm I’ve had up to that point. It probably lasted like 3 minutes.

We held each other afterward, naked and surrounded by her stench. She farted again and I laughed and said, “give me a few minutes!” We giggled and fell asleep for an hour or two and when I woke, she was whispering in my ear, “I have to poop now…” and smiled brightly.

She got up, fully naked still, and pranced to my bathroom, leaving the door open. “Does this turn you on, too?” she called. I was naked, too, but when she saw me in the doorway, she got shy and covered her little tits and pulled her knees together. “You cum to girls pooping too?”

“I might….” I said.

“Jerk it…” she said, and I heard two fat plops, she then opened her knees and used her right hand to rub her Pussy. I walked closer to her and as I came on her face, she came, too.

I watched her wipe and we showered together after. We fucked hard twice that afternoon and I came again way too fast. But so did she.

Krista and I dated, secretly for a few months before she put in her two weeks because she had gotten accepted to nursing school. We are still social media friends, and I am pretty sure she at least told a few of her friends because the ones I knew through Krista made a bunch of weird off-hand comments to me whenever we’d all hang out.

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