Camila’s Casting Couch Caper – Celebrities & Fan Fiction – Sex Story

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She took several deep breaths as she stared at the heavy, wooden door in front of her. It was a position many young, gorgeous women just like her had found themselves in before. Staring at this same door, they felt their hearts beating just as madly as she did now, knowing that the key to lives they’ve never even imagined was behind them, waiting for them to step in and consent to doing things they never dared to imagine having to do to achieve them.

The only difference was that she was nothing like them.

She was Camila Cabello, the international superstar, and she was there to enjoy doing what she loved doing, instead of anything she might’ve been reluctant to do at any level.

Unable to take the anticipation anymore, blood boiling in her veins, she stepped forward and slammed the door open.

After she did so, she was welcomed by the same sight that all of those other women were. A tall, very handsome man in his mid-30s was sitting behind an expensive wooden desk, barely registering the commotion that had just invited itself into the quiet space he was inhabiting.

The moment those women saw his rugged, attractive features and muscular body, their moods at all times changed. What they’ve feared immediately became something they were cautiously looking forward to.

Camila’s mood had likewise changed in a similar direction, though her starting point was much different. What she had been ecstatic about the possibility of, quickly became something she simply couldn’t wait to do.

“Aaah, Camila!” the man welcomed her, his deep voice and Scandinavian accent making her pussy moisten instantly, as he pointed at a large black sofa in the middle of the room. “Please, make yourself comfortable.”

“Oh, don’t worry Max, I will,” she replied coyly as she sat on the sofa, spreading her legs invitingly to him. “So, could you get me that part in the Cinderella movie?”

That was a rhetorical question.

Of course he could get her that part. He was Max Thorsson, the greatest, and most secretive, grey eminence of Hollywood. Just as Max Martin, his fellow Max, and fellow Swede, whom most people had never heard about but who was the person behind half of the world’s greatest pop music hits, this Max was the man behind a large number of the world’s greatest blockbusters. With close ties, which some people even claimed to be blood ones, to the royal families of both Sweden and Norway, as well additional, looser ties to dozens upon dozens of other huge estates and unimaginably wealthy clients, he was a man who could make or break A-class stars on the very sofa Camila was now sitting on, even though his name was unknown even to many lower players in show company.

That said, that wasn’t what he had expected to do today.

“Of course I can give you that,” he replied, sounding both slightly insulted and greatly amused. “I mean, you could’ve just texted me to get it. You aren’t some loser newbie. You didn’t have to come in here for this.”

“Well…” she replied, grinning mischievously as she did so, “maybe I have some, as a poet might say, ulterior motives.”

“Oh, that!” he said with feigned, exaggerated excitement. “I think I know what you mean. Tamara mentioned something about you not being able to wait until you’ll get to show me your ´fat Latina ass´ and ´bounce´ it on my ´giant-ass prick´.”

“She’s just the best assistant, isn’t she?” Camila mockingly asked in reply, chortling as she did so.

“The best assistant, and the most jealous bedwarmer,” he said sardonically. “I highly suspect that the fact that she had just finished sucking my cock to make an extra five grand before she had told me that had some effect on the timing of it. But, well, she has nothing to be afraid of. She should just enjoy her youth and opportunities to make so much money doing that before her looks fade away.”

“She’s not the first or last girl to know that, if the content of your balls ends up leaving this room with her, her life might just get a lot better,” she commented. “But I’m not one of them. Though, I might just be in here for the same.”

“Indeed,” he said, as he started taking off his T-shirt, enjoying the feeling of her gaze being glued to him as he did so. “So, if it’s just about sex, are you going to be just sitting there, or are you coming here to be my, as you would’ve said, ´little big-assed Cuban slut´, or are you just going to watch me?”

He had barely managed to finish the sentence before she leaped out of the sofa, charging at him like a hungry cougar about to pounce on her prey. In seconds, all he could see on the wall-sized mirror behind the sofa she had just left were her juicy, caramel buttocks jumping up and down as she rode his thick cock, lowering her hungry, moist pussy on the hard rod again and again.

“Uuuff, aaahh,” he moaned softly, hopelessly overwhelmed by pleasure as her wet, tight pussy swallowed his thick rod again and again. “Did you have your pussy tightened or something? I uh, I had a lot of bimbos in here, but this, fuck, aaah.”

“It’s great, isn’t it?” she angrily asked. “And yet, ah, for that jerk, it wasn’t enough. He just left me, like ah, all ah the others did before! I swear, all of them are the same, except, uh, uff, except guys like you Max. You don’t, uhhh, don’t string anyone along, yeah, don’t play with girls’ feelings. You openly say what you wa-ah-ant from the beginning, and, aaah, oh yeah, your co-ooohh, cock is sooo good.”

A bunch of powerful slaps hitting her round asscheeks was the first answer she had received.

“It might, thanks, but your ass,” he said before dealing her plump butt a few more appreciative slaps. “Fu-uuhck, that’s a work of art. Wanna, aahh, wanna replace Tamara? Could be fun for you to, ah, to take that position.”

Instead of replying straight away, she instead used her mouth to kiss him. Grabbing onto his bare shoulders tightly with her perfectly-manicured, red nails, she slowly, lustfully made out with him, their tongues dancing together while she kept on impaling herself on his cock again and again.

“Let’s just leave it like this so far, OK Max?” she cooed into his right ear, before sinking particularly low on his cock, forcing a gust of hot breath to leave his lungs and tickle her neck.

“Oh-kay,” the music mogul replied after finally managing to catch his breath for long enough to say anything, a nigh-impossible task with the super-hot, young popstar’s tight pussy hungrily swallowing his hard dick again and again.

More moans, grunts, and loud breathing followed as she repeatedly took him in. Their bodies spasmed and convulsed as they fucked like rabbits in heat. Loud, grateful squeals left her throat as her grip on his shoulders stiffened along with her entire body as her desired orgasm approached, though she wasn’t the only one who was about to be rewarded with an explosive climax.

“H-H-Hold it in, just, ah, yeah, baby, just a biiit!” she pleaded as her fat ass bounced up and down the length of his cock, while his body started stiffening.

“Oh yeah, yeah, yeah!” Max replied, trying to sound as reassuring as efficient, before loudly slapping her round, shaking, bouncing booty a couple of times.

He did his best to keep his barely-verbal promise, and with all of the sexual experience he had, as a perhaps inevitable result of his looks, status and money, it wasn’t hard to do. Only when her body started shaking and stiffening after a few more impalements on his steel-hard pole and he realized that he had successfully done what she had asked of him, did he allow his warm, sticky, thick seed to explode into her, seven voluminous shots of cum filling up her birth canal as the two of them loudly announced their orgasms to the entire world.

“Ooooh, yeaahh, Camilaa,” he breathed out, before grabbing her hips and pushing her down onto his deflating and ultra-sensitive cock. “Fuck yeah, so goood,” he added, the feeling of her tight, warm, wet pussy sucking in the sensitive organ sending his nerves on fire.

“Aaah, yeeaah, Max, put it in!” Camila moaned in response, her legs twitching from the pleasure as he moved her body down onto his prick a few more times. “Baby, keep doing this and I might just about fall for you,” she cheekily added, before planting a light kiss on his lips.

For a while, they just stared into each other’s eyes as their orgasms subsided before she finally got off of his lap.

The two of them remained completely silent as she picked up and put back on the clothes she had thrown off, though she let his cum freely flow down her shapely thighs, while he just lifted his jeans and underwear back up.

“Hope that she heard us,” Camila commented, as she started her stroll towards the beautifully crafted door leading out of this office that had already seen hundreds of other hot, young chicks entering and leaving with cum flowing down their thighs.

“Hope that you’ll stay for a bit longer,” Max replied. “At least the next time you’ll come.”

“Oooh, Max, honey,” the Latina flippantly replied as she opened the door. “I needed this. Can’t live without it. You know what my life is like now, everybody does. Until I get a suitable replacement, you’ll be having me here more than you’d want. Unless I just stick to hooking up with black or Slavic dudes, since those ones can always give me what I need. No hit or miss with them. Just their perfect equipment. But even compared to them, you’re in a class of your own,” and with that, and a kiss blown in his direction, the cock-hungry popstar left.

The powerful media mogul just smirked to himself at the feisty celebrity’s attitude. With a push of a button, he summoned his assistant back. This wasn’t the only “appointment” he had today, and only her bright mind could keep his schedule organized.

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