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Call Girl Maria

Julianne Hough was paying for yet another new pair of shoes, this time she’d chosen strappy, sexy platform sandals which would show off her pretty feet and define the muscles of her shapely legs she’d worked so hard to achieve. Of course, being a professional dancer helped, too. As she took the black American Express card out of her clutch (belonging to Maria Menounos) and handed it to the cashier, her phone signaled that she was receiving a text.

Once outside, the sexy blonde leaned against the convertible she was driving (also registered to Maria) and wrestled the device from her tiny (and expensive) purse. The message read simply ‘All finished. Come get your whore’. She smiled.

After placing the box containing her new $800 shoes on the passenger side floor, Julianne fired up the high-performance engine and headed out into traffic. Van Nuys wasn’t that far, although she didn’t travel there very often. It had the reputation of being the unofficial center of the porn industry, which now seemed fitting to her. Thinking about the $15,000 deposited into her bank profile earlier that morning made her pussy tingle.

Twenty minutes later the DWTS alum was pulling into the entrance of The Starlight Inn. She’d chosen it because it was close, clean and cheap. Once parked, Julianne found the room she’d booked and let herself in with the duplicate key card that had been issued. She was immediately assaulted by the strong, bleachy smell of semen, followed by notes of ass and cunt.

Although it was afternoon and bright and sunny, once Julianne closed the door the room became dark, illuminated only by the two night table lamps on either side of the queen size bed. There was one large window on the same wall as the door which faced the parking lot. The shade was pulled all the way down and the utilitarian curtains drawn tight.

Maria Menounos was lying naked on the bed in the fetal position. All the sheets and blankets were in disarray bunched underneath her and scattered around the floor. Beer cans and empty liquor bottles decorated the tops of the furniture along with unopened packets of condoms. Julianne reached down and gently tapped the 44-year-old on her hip, being careful not to touch any of the spent man goo that was flowing thickly from both of her overused holes. “Maria?” the blue-eyed dancer whispered. “It’s time to go home.”

The former red-carpet correspondent slowly (and painfully) rolled onto her back and tried to look up at the pretty blonde but could only manage to partially open one eye. Her gorgeous face had been spackled several times with ejaculate that was now drying into a crusty glaze. Her wavy brown hair was also matted and clumped, hanging in spidery tentacles about her neck. She did manage a partial smile, her tongue and lips still slippery with the jizz she’d been forced to swallow. “Did I do okay?” she managed to mumble.

“You got 5 stars from each” encouraged Julianne. There had been three of them.

Maria’s legs were open now as she slid back and tried to sit up. Every part of her nude, shapely body ached as if she’d run a marathon, and her pubic hair was crusty with sperm. Both her pussy and ass were leaking rivulets of syrupy fluid. “That’s great” the Greek beauty coughed, bringing up a mixture of phlegm and sperm that oozed from her mouth down and over her quivering 32C breasts. “Right?”

“It is” answered the blue-eyed cutie. “Definitely not bad for your first time out as a celebrity call girl.” Being cautious as she navigated the cluttered floor, Julianne tentatively pushed the bathroom door open. It was surprisingly clean, all things considered. “Go on in and shower. Get yourself cleaned up before we head home. I’m going out to the car for a minute.”

The former E! News reporter struggled to stand, her knees weak and head light. “You won’t leave me Jules, will you? You’re coming back?” Maria’s tone was hopeful like that of lost child.

Julianne smiled. With everything she’d just been through, hours of fucking in every hole from three strangers at the 34-year-olds insistence, Maria still only wanted Julianne’s approval and affection. “Of course,” she called back over her shoulder.

Stashed in the backseat of the convertible was a small satchel that the DWTS pro was calling her “go” bag. She’d reckoned that there would be clean-up involved afterwards, so planned ahead by bringing a few items that Maria (and she) might need.

Back inside, Julianne heard the shower and Maria’s movements as she lathered herself. “Hm” she wondered, feeling a sudden need dampen her panties. Slipping out of her sundress and undies (which she carefully hung in the unused closet) and stepping out of her strappy heels, the curvy blonde padded on bare feet into the bathroom and pulled the shower curtain apart. Maria’s eyes went wide. “Let me help” cooed Julianne.

As Julianne smoothed her hands over all of Maria’s soapy curves, the 44-year-old brunette closed her eyes and leaned into the fire building in her overused cunt. This is what made all the rest of it worthwhile. Standing behind the former TV host, Julianne kneaded her plump breast flesh, twisting and pinching her stiffening nipples as she did so. The Greek beauty’s knees buckled as the younger woman’s slim fingers found their way down over her belly, around her curvaceous hips and finally massaging the soft mounds of her ass. Shuddering, Maria orgasmed hard for the first time that day.

While the hot water continued an attempt to wash away the events of the morning, Julianne took Maria by the shoulders and guided her to turn around. Then with a knowing grin and gentle pressure began to urge her down onto her knees. Maria knew what her lover wanted and was happy to oblige. Eagerly, she leaned in and affixed her mouth to Julianne’s moist, clean-shaven pussy and began to lick. To her, this was the elixir of life. With practiced skill and devotion her tongue quickly found the athletic blondes trigger and drove her to madness.

Turning off the shower, Julianne grabbed a towel (which she deemed suspect, at best) and slowly rubbed and patted it over all of Maria’s stunning, naked body. “Where are your clothes?” she asked taking a quick inventory of the trashed motel room. “You were in a mini-dress and stiletto’s when I dropped you off this morning.”

Maria sat on the toilet to pee while adoringly watching the younger dance pro towel off her own spectacular, perfectly toned body. “I guess they must have taken them. As a souvenir or something.”

Julianne was now slipping back into her dress and platforms. “I think I may have a spare bikini in the trunk I use when I go tanning. I’ll be right back.”

Less than five minutes later Julianne returned with a very small, bright green two piece. “Well, your boobs and ass are bigger than mine, but this’ll have to do.”

Maria wriggled into the bottoms the best she could, but the top two inches of her ass crack was still visible, as was an inch or so of her pubic hair. The bra top fit a little bit better, with only the slightest amount of underboob showing. Julianne carried no spare shoes or flip flops, so Maria had to go barefoot.

Not wanting to burn any bridges with the management, Julianne left a generous tip for the maid along with the key cards and exited the depressing room, locking the door behind her. Maria was already in the passengers’ seat of the small sports car she had once called her own. Tossing her “go” bag into the trunk, the 34-year-old slid into the cockpit and started the engine. “Put your feet in my lap, Maria.”

The former E! News host turned sideways, leaning against the car door and placed her bare, size 10 feet onto Julianne’s bared, bronzed thighs. Steering one handed, she used the other to caress and fondle Maria’s soft soles, heels and unpainted toes. The Greek beauty’s freshly washed hair was dancing in the rushing wind as they made their way to the PCH onramp. She closed her eyes and felt her pussy dampen once again.

Even though neither woman heard it, Julianne’s phone pinged with a new notification. Someone wanted to book Maria for a weekend. Two someone’s, in fact. Cheryl Burke and Sharna Burgess. Both DWTS professionals and eager to pay extra.

The End

(to be continued, of course)

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