Brittany Ch. 02: Exploration – Anal

Almost a decade later and under an updated author name but here it is. Might try to keep better track of my credentials/ log-in in the future. Check out part one under ‘Tommiefrazier’ for the beginning but I do try and make every submission “stand-alone” just in case. Besides, this ain’t Faulkner and it’s a school girl who loves getting fucked in the ass, seeking her first threesome. As all the time, any criticism good, bad or indifferent is encouraged.


“So, are you gonna find a guy or you want me to recruit someone?” Scott asked, “Promise you I could have someone here in about eleven seconds.”

Brittany snickered, “Eleven seconds, huh?”

“Said it before, have you seen yourself? If I text any of my buddies your picture, it might be less than that.”

The statuesque blonde rolled her eyes.

“Whatever,” she giggled again, “Thank you for even considering this, by the way. I’m pretty sure some guys might have had a problem with sharing.”

“Hey, I’ll do whatever you want to keep having sex with you. We ain’t married or nothing.”

“I didn’t mean relationship-wise, I’m talking about in bed; too many dicks in the room.”

“Well, whoever it is, I don’t plan on doing him and definitely not vice versa. Speaking of which, have you ever thought about another girl joining us?”

“I’m not enough for you?” Brittany said, puffing out her bottom lip in feigned offense.

“Whoa, hold on: who ain’t enough for who?” Scott replied, pointing at her accusingly.

“Touché. I was just kidding. To your question, no, I’ve never thought about it. I mean you know as well as anyone that I love dick and I’ve just never been attracted to another female…sexually. But who knows, if this works out I might not be totally against it. You have a girl in mind?”

“No, I don’t, it just popped into my head. Just me being greedy. So anyway, how are we getting a third wheel?”

Brittany looked off into space for a moment and then returned her focus to him with what he privately called the “laser” look. It appeared on her face when it was essential to her, something serious.

“I think someone you know might be best because if not, it’d have to be a completely random dude that I’d need to find. Now one of your friends would be random to me also and even though I trust you, I’d like to meet him first. Sound reasonable?”

“It’s your party, so hell yeah. When?” Scott asked eagerly.

“I don’t know, this weekend? I’m crazy horny right now but I’m in the mood for you giving me a tongue bath before you abuse every hole in my body. Like a warm up.”

“Hey, we’ve been warming up for awhile but I’ll never in a million years turn that request down. If you’re done, I’ll get the check and we can start dessert at my place.”


A few hours later the two were lying in bed, drenched in sweat after his latest penetration of her resilient behind.

“So what exactly are you looking for out of this weekend?” he asked, “This isn’t criticism but you want what you want, you’re kinda particular about what happens and when. Are you looking to get spit-roasted, tag teamed, do you wanna try a DP? All of the above? How do you see this playing out in your head?”

She looked at him quizzically.

“I hadn’t really broken it down yet but I definitely want the tag team. Just the thought of getting fucked and another guy taking over right away…wow! Lots of that, please. I’m cool with a spit-roast, too, the dynamics of two guys at once is appealing. One thing, though: what’s a DP?”

“You’re kidding right?” Scott asked wide-eyed.

“No. I’ve never heard of that, what is it?”

He sat up and looked down at her with genuine surprise.

“DP…double penetration. One of us in your pussy at the same time the other’s fucking you up the ass. I can not believe you didn’t know what that is, kinda thought that’s why you wanted a threesome in the first place.”

Her eyelids drooped visibly, pupils rolled slightly and she moaned from simply contemplating how that would feel.

For all of her sexual voracity, Brittany had lived a relatively sheltered life. To date she had never seen a pornographic video and rarely discussed sex with anyone she wasn’t currently fucking. As mainstream as the acronym “DP” was and had been, it made sense given her habits and lifestyle that she’d never ‘encountered’ the concept.

“Unless that tears me in half, yeah, we HAVE to try that. Ohmigod. Ohmigod! At the same time?!?! Ohmigod!!”

Despite having been getting simply pummeled in both of her sensational holes for the last few hours, Brittany was now not only rubbing her thighs together but squeezing her sopping cunt in lust.

“How do you even do that?” she blurted.

“Shit ton of positions,” he started, leisurely jerking his way to an erection knowing he was about to be called into service, “You can ride one of us, either direction and the other one will climb on. Lay down on your side and it would be a little front and back action…possibilities are endless.”

“Holy crap! How do you even come up with something like that? How many times have you done that?”

“Sweetheart, I didn’t come up with nothing. And this’ll be my first, believe me. To be honest, I didn’t think girls did DP’s in real life, I thought it was a straight porn thing. Which is how I know what it is, by the way, from watching porn.”

“I think I need to start watching it, sounds like I’m cheating myself,” she said huskily, pushing two fingers into her pussy while helping Scott stroke his dick with her free hand.

“Yeah, I can see it now,” he started, “You’ll see something and have me doing it to you the next day. You know what, I like the sound of that, I’ll give you some sites. Just outta curiosity, have you ever heard of a gangbang or pulling a train?”

“You need to focus on getting hard so you can fuck me but yes, I know what that is. Aren’t they the same thing?”

“Not exactly, at least in my opinion. A train is one at a time back to back which is also technically a gangbang but in my head and in video, gangbangs are usually more than one at a time. Lots of DP’s and air-tight.”

“Air-tight?” Brittany whispered, then an immediate smile and chuckle, “Oh! Three guys so every hole is taken, right?”

“Yep. There’s variations of DP, too, so you know. Self explanatory but double vag and double anal are pretty common.”

“Huh, that sounds painful, might need to work up to something like that,” she offered, now lubing his rock-hard dick with Vaseline. “We’re about to do some ‘single’ anal now if you don’t mind.”


Trevor sat down on the bench across from Brittany and Scott and smiled broadly while shaking hands with the blonde.

“I know you. Smoking hot volleyball player, heard you pretty much stick to yourself,” he stated, then glared at Scott. “You’re full of shit dude. There ain’t no way. Somebody like that one chubby cheerleader, I might believe you, but her? No way, not buying it at all. What’s the prank, man?”

Scott shrugged and held out his hands, then looking at Brittany, offered: “I guess he’s gotta hear it from you.”

“What don’t you believe?” she asked.

“This jackass told me he knew a girl that wanted a threesome and I guess you guys were, I don’t know, holding interviews or something. I don’t know what your part is in this but I apologize for my boy here.”

“Okay, next question,” she asked with great amusement, “I’m really curious to know why you don’t believe him?”

“Come on now,” Trevor replied, “With all due respect, I’m not an idiot. You’re beautiful and just seem…nice, clean. No way you’re convincing me this is real.”

Having made her mind up days before this meeting at the diner that whoever Scott brought was gonna be half of her first DP, Brittany was pleasantly surprised at his choice visually. Even bigger than her lover at 6’5″, 250 sculpted pounds, she hoped that his cock was proportional. There were some rare butterflies in her stomach as they talked but it was greatly overshadowed by her immediate and painful yearning.

“Thank you. I like to think that I’m nice, I try to be, anyway. And as far as hygiene, I’m definitely clean, so no worries there,” she smirked, leaning closer to him across the table, “But in every other way? I promise you, I’m the dirtiest girl you’ll ever meet. You’ll be convinced that this is most certainly ‘real’ when I’m sucking your dick, when you’re screwing my pussy and stuffing my asshole. When he’s done banging me in one way or the other and I’m screaming for you to fuck me before he’s even pulled out, you’ll know beyond a shadow of a doubt that, yes, this is ‘real’.”

“You’re going to fuck me until I tell you to stop and not a second before, okay? For real. Well, my panties are soaked, so the hell with lunch, the hell with talking about this anymore, are you in, because I need to come like an hour ago.”

Scott signaled to the waitress with the universal gesture for ‘Check, please.’


With Brittany retiring to the bathroom as soon as they got to the apartment (after dumping two boxes of rubbers and a jar of Vaseline on the coffee table), Scott and Trevor were talking in the kitchen.

“Dude, this is crazy,” Trevor gushed, “That chick is white flame hot! A volleyball player with those tits, that ass? Face like a supermodel? I know I gotta be dreaming, this is fucking crazy!”

Scott shrugged, a knowing smile on his face. Even after multiple, simply obscene trysts with Brittany, the excitement in his friend’s voice matched that in his head. He’d ‘had’ more than his share of women but in retrospect it had always been about the conquest, losing interest soon after. With the blonde in his bathroom, the more they hooked up, the more he wanted. It remained purely physical as she offered virtually nothing about “who” she was; the only thing they ever talked about was sex.

He was fine with that.

Popping a Viagra from the bottle on the counter, he held the container out to his friend.

Trevor laughed: “You’re kidding, right? I won’t be needing any help.”

“You think that,” Scott chuckled, “but I’m telling you, you’ve never been with anyone like that one. You’re not going to fuck her, man, she’s going to fuck you and she won’t stop. I’d say she’s like a rabid dog but it’s more like a pack of ’em.”

In the bathroom, normally even-keeled and pragmatic Brittany’s hands trembled and she took a deep breath while looking herself over in the full-length mirror. With her clothes folded neatly on the toilet, she was thankful for the years of hard work put in to get the body that reflected back to her. Clear and taut definition across every inch while not being muscular and most assuredly feminine. The stark lines from wearing a bikini in the tanning bed only enhanced the visual and she approved even as she giggled.

Her inner thighs were shining with juices leaking from her snatch almost down to her knees and she hadn’t even been touched. Her excitement so obviously palpable only made her uncharacteristic nervousness that much more confusing to her.

No, she’d never been with two men before but it was just sex. From losing her virginity up to the moment this was first discussed, she’d not once experienced butterflies. It had always been a snap decision in her mind that if it sounded good, she did it, if not, she didn’t.

‘Weird’ she thought to herself as she opened the door to join the two males.

Seeing her first, Scott’s eyes widened at the familiar, intoxicating image and licking his lips he nodded in her direction. Turning, Trevor’s knees twitched as he saw the stately beauty in all of her glory.

Tall at five foot nine with her dirty blonde hair swaying in seeming slow motion, her body was even more impressive than he’d imagined. Her grapefruit-sized tits had zero sag, the deep reddish nipples sticking out like pencil erasers. The faint outline of a six-pack completed her torso giving way to long robust and golden legs. He managed a brief glance at her impeccable and clean shaven labia before she turned slowly even as she kept approaching. Her simply ridiculous behind almost made him stumble in place. The hefty twin globes bounced, smooth as polished glass, no cellulite, milky white perfection framed by the light bronze above and below.

“Jesus!” Trevor muttered.

Stopping at the couch, Brittany stood and folded her arms across her chest.

“Okay, I don’t know if Scott told you but apparently I’m Burger King, gotta have it my way,” she said with an eye roll, “Which ain’t true. But I am the star of the show since without me, well, there’s just two guys hanging out or whatever. Anyway, this whole thing is kinda weird to me and it’s obviously new and I’m really not sure how we like…do it. So I just want to begin with what I know and I guess after that, it’ll be anything goes. Oh and as much as I wanna get DP’d,” her thighs visibly clenching at the thought, “I think it’d be best if we worked up to that, open me up a bit first. So, how ’bout you guys get naked and I can at least see what I’m working with. Then I’m going to give you both blowjobs before you even touch me because I’m going to need you to last. It’s going to be a long day.”

Her Cheshire grin brilliant, she watched intently as both men marched towards her shedding their clothes as they did. Her smile widened as Scott’s already stiff 9″ cock popped into view and then she swooned slightly as Trevor’s was exposed.

‘Shit, that’s not a dick, it’s a weapon!’ she wondered.

A full inch longer than her most recent lovers and even thicker, the heavy slab bounced like a railroad tie on a trampoline as he walked. Salivating now, her expectations were as easily exceeded as his had been.

The two guys sat on the couch per a wave of her hand and she dropped to her knees before them.

“Damn, honey,” a rare term of endearment aimed at Scott, “You’re huge but this, I…I didn’t know they came in this size. Wow!”

Scooting closer to and between them, she grasped the base of each shaft with a hand and stroked them with all of the appreciation in her fiber. Then leaning forward she opened her mouth to take Scott’s knob past her lips, lowering her head until it just squeezed under her uvula. Her cheeks visibly caved with the vacuum of her suction and tightly pursed as her lips were, drool still escaped at the corners as she started to bob smoothly up and down. Continuing to firmly handle Trevor the entire time, she hungrily gave head to Scott for about a minute. Lifting free then, her pussy squirted simply from the opportunity to suck another dick.

Brittany’s lips stretched wide to take him inside and he filled her mouth so fully with just the glans and an inch or so of shaft that she struggled to breathe.

‘This is going to be amazing inside me!’

Sucking as hard as she could, sliding as much of him in and out of her mouth as efficient, the luscious blonde went to work. In Scott’s experience with her she was very skilled in the art of the blowjob, performing two distinctly different versions. After a few orgasms, there was what he called the ‘pornstar’: licking, nibbling, lips sliding up and down the shaft mixed in with ferocious inhalation. What she was doing then he labeled the ‘cumshot’: straight sucking with admirable attempts at deepthroating for the purpose of getting him to come almost immediately. The former, a long, passionate act, the latter a frenzied necessity in order to get an erection to get fucked or create endurance through ejaculation.

Both were fantastic.

After blowing Trevor to the best of her ability for another full minute, Brittany switched again and returned to Scott. As a result of her painful desire, his cock slipped into her throat, nearly all of it disappearing from sight. She was rubbing her thighs together roughly to build friction for her yearning pussy now as she sucked one, jerked the other. Another swap and then seconds into his third breach of her lips, Trevor held the sides of her head in place and grunted. His bulbous glans impossibly swelling, thick wads of semen exploded against the roof of her mouth and splashed against her cheeks. Gulping instantly, Brittany swallowed each mass of slime as they were expelled in rapid succession. Continuing to suck, her tongue flicking around the glans long after the final drop, he finally pushed her off.

Immediately returning to Scott, she paused and hissed at Trevor: “Please, please fuck my pussy! It’s okay if you’re going soft, I’ll make it hard inside me. Please!”

Scott shrugged at his friend after getting an incredulous look, saying: “I tried to tell you,” his voice then trailing off. Brittany had abruptly taken the first seven inches of his cock into her mouth and he released a guttural snarl of pleasure. He could feel his balls give a hint of starting to tighten and just then the blonde pulled her mouth free and screeched.

As instructed, Trevor had gotten behind her, shaking his head at the closeup of her divine labia, the impeccable anus winking just above. He salivated at how soaked her pussy was, how drenched her thighs were and breathed deep at the sweet scent of her sex. Quickly rolling a condom down his partially erect cock, he then squeezed one silky firm ass cheek while guiding his staff with the other. Dragging the mushroom cap up and down the length of her slippery, yawning snatch caused her to undulate immediately and seconds into the contact, she climaxed.

It was here that Brittany stopped giving head and with her rocking and grinding back against him, Trevor began sinking into the warm, wet caress of her cunt. She arched her back as she was penetrated, still in the midst of orgasm and screamed again before blankly taking Scott’s dick back in her mouth.

Having two men inside of her at opposite ends for the first time was exhilarating and Brittany reached a new level of sexual passion. She gagged but still managed to take Scott’s entire length between her lips before yanking her head back and doing it again. Meanwhile Trevor’s quickly growing and hardening cock was stretching her pliant snatch as he bottomed out inside of her, the blonde bucking hungrily. As if she was spit-roasted daily, she instantly settled into a rhythm: ingesting cock in her mouth and then humping back to take the other in her snug, saturated pussy.

After a couple of minutes, Scott lifted his hips from the couch and grabbing his shaft with just the head in her mouth, she let his spunk squirt repeatedly down her throat. By then Trevor was fully erect, her sopping pussy widened and wrapped tightly around him as he took his time stroking back and forth to savor the exquisite channel. Having stopped moving while swallowing cum, Brittany initially just quivered as she adjusted to his girth, the depth he was reaching. In ecstasy at the utter stuffing of her cunt, she would gasp each time he was buried, her cervix tapped by his knob, something she’d never felt.

She simply took his leisurely thrusting for a couple minutes and then gradually started to hump back, almost gently at first. Then quickly feeling the stirrings of another orgasm, Brittany began to buck in reverse ever faster, soon pushing against the couch for leverage. In sync with her motions, Trevor started drilling her more forcefully, holding her hips for his own leverage. After around five minutes in, he was slamming into and against the tantalizing blonde, she returning the increased vigor. Soon screeching “Fuck me!” over and over, she came again, tears of joy running down her face while spasms racked her juicy snatch. She climaxed again just a few minutes after her second one faded and this time Trevor drove full hilt inside her and flooded his rubber.

They grinded against each other for a few minutes and then his semi-flaccid dick slid free of her saturated pussy and he sat back. Brittany, sweat on her brow and breathing heavily, smiled up at Scott ten seconds after his friend withdrew.

“You ready? Think I might need you in my ass…definitely need you in my ass.”

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