Brian Pumper’s Bi Release Party – Celebrities & Fan Fiction

Porn star Brian Pumper has been released from California’s prison where he languished for ages on bogus charges. A lot of Black men end up in the slammer because of bullshit and that was unfortunately Brian Pumper’s fate. Since the early 2000s, Brian Pumper has been in a lot of porn movies. The stocky, muscular African American stud has fucked everyone from big-booty Black porn stars like Cherokee D’Ass and Lola Lane to European beauties like Tiffany Minx and Barbara Summer. Whenever a brother is doing well, the haters target him. Fortunately, Brian Pumper has a lot of friends and they stick by him. The brother’s next bold move is guaranteed to stun them all.

After returning to the City of Los Angeles, Brian Pumper tried to get back into the mainstream adult film industry but found himself unwelcome. The big bosses of adult film companies apparently forgot about the quality work that Brian Pumper did for them. Undaunted, Brian Pumper reached out to his old pals TS Madison and newly out bisexual porn star Sean Michaels, who did hundreds of straight porn flicks before doing transgender porn. The three of them hashed things out and it was decided that Brian Pumper would henceforth star in bisexual films and transgender porn films. Nothing wrong with that. A paycheck is a paycheck at the end of the day.

“I brought you some fine entertainment,” Sean Michaels said to Brian Pumper as they chilled in his downtown Los Angeles loft. Brian Pumper shook hands with Sean Michaels and looked at the bevy of beauties whom he brought along. African American porn stars all over the adult film industry support Brian Pumper while a lot of the ‘others’ believed the bogus shit the media said about him. Those haters were not invited to the party. Sean Michaels invited Nyomi Banxxx, Lotus Lain, Mickey Mod and TS Madison. The cream of the crop as far as Black porn is concerned.

“Welcome back, Brian,” said Nyomi, sounding very excited. The tall, curvy and dark-skinned, deliciously big-bottomed African American MILF porn star winked at Brian Pumper while stroking his cock. Brian Pumper winked at Nyomi, who then took his dick into her mouth. Not one to be left out, TS Madison knelt beside Nyomi and started sucking on Brian Pumper’s big Black balls. A lot of transwomen don’t like sharing the dick with cisgender women but TS Madison knows that Brian Pumper likes pussy a lot so she has to accommodate the brother’s needs.

“Hot damn, you’re even thicker up close,” TS Madison said, and she sucked on Brian Pumper’s balls greedily. Brian Pumper leaned back on the couch as TS Madison and Nyomi joined forces to suck his cock and balls. Meanwhile, Sean Michaels had his hands full with Mickey Mod and Lotus Lain. Sean Michaels has fucked a thousand women as a straight porn star, ranging from Nina Hartley to Brittany Andrews, Lola Lane and many more. The brother stunned many when he crossed over to the other side by banging transgender women. Well, now Sean Michaels is taking the full bisexual plunge…

“Bisexual porn is fun, let us show you,” Lotus Lain said, and the curvy, light-skinned and frizzy-haired, big-bottomed African American porn starlet winked at her idol. Sean Michaels grinned and then kissed Lotus Lain. After kissing Sean Michaels back passionately, Sean Michaels relaxed as she stroked his cock before taking him into her mouth. Sean Michaels has watched a lot of Lotus Lain’s porn videos. In fact, the bisexual interracial porn video that Lotus Lain did with Wolf Hudson and John Johnson remains one of Sean Michaels absolute favorites.

“Lotus Lain is intense but she’ll do you right,” Mickey Mod said, and he winked at Sean Michaels while watching him with the sexy lady. A tall, slim and fit, light-skinned African American man, Mickey Mod looks more like an accountant or a businessman of sorts than a porn star. Sean Michaels smiled at Mickey Mod, who stroked his cock while admiring both Lotus Lain’s big brown ass and Sean Michaels stiff cock in her mouth. Mickey Mod has done a ton of straight porn, bisexual porn, transgender porn and gay porn. The brother is totally bi and damn proud of it. No shame in Mickey Mod’s game.

“Come here,” Sean Michaels said, grinning. Mickey Mod did as he was told, and happily joined his co-star and friend Lotus Lain in sucking Sean Michaels cock. This isn’t the first time that Mickey Mod and Lotus Lain have fucked the same man, or fucked each other. The two of them did a steamy bisexual threesome with their good pal John Johnson a while ago. Sean Michaels sighed happily as Mickey Mod sucked his balls while Lotus Lain sucked his big Black cock. For a bi Black gentleman like Sean Michaels, it doesn’t get any hotter than this…

“Sharing is caring,” Lotus Lain said to Mickey Mod as they sucked Sean Michaels cock and balls. Meanwhile, Brian Pumper was having the time of his life with TS Madison and Nyomi Bankxx. Nyomi was on all fours, face down and big ass up. TS Madison lubricated Nyomi’s butt hole and then guided Brian Pumper’s thick Black cock inside. Nyomi sighed happily as Brian Pumper’s big Black dick entered her booty hole. Nyomi has the biggest, baddest and most gorgeous Black ass in the Multiverse, and Brian Pumper looked forward to giving her the ass fucking she so richly deserves. Black on Black is where it’s at…

“I love that ass,” Brian Pumper said as he gripped Nyomi by the hips and pushed his dick into the depths of her asshole. Nyomi began grinding her big gorgeous Black ass against Brian Pumper’s groin, giving him a great visual to work with as he fucked her. Meanwhile, TS Madison stroked her big cock and caressed her big boobs while watching Brian Pumper fuck Nyomi. Not to be left out, TS Madison came up behind Brian Pumper and licked his ear.

“Got something for you, handsome,” TS Madison said, grinning. Brian Pumper smiled as TS Madison rubbed her big cock against his backdoor. As Brian Pumper filled Nyomi asshole with his stiff cock, TS Madison lubricated his ass and pushed her cock into him. Brian Pumper is the coolest type of bisexual man there is. He fucks a hot female asshole while receiving a thick cock up his own ass. Talk about being open-minded and down to some serious multitasking. This is why Brian Pumper is the best in the adult film company…

“Go for it,” Lotus Lain said as Sean Michaels buried his face between her thick thighs and ate her pussy. Meanwhile, Mickey Mod came up behind Sean Michaels and admired his ass. Without further ado, Mickey Mod lubricated Sean Michaels ass and then entered him with a swift thrust. Sean Michaels groaned as Mickey Mod gripped his hips and began fucking him. After a while, they switched things up. Mickey Mod pulled out of Sean Michaels surprisingly tight ass. Lotus Lain got on all fours and spread her thick brown ass cheeks for Sean Michaels. Grinning, Sean Michaels lubricated Lotus Lain’s asshole and then pushed his cock inside.

“That’s more like it,” Sean Michaels said, and he gripped Lotus Lain’s hips and pushed his dick into the depths of her asshole. Meanwhile, Mickey Mod got his dick sucked by a very willing Lotus Lain. Mickey Mod and Sean Michaels exchanged dap as they fucked Lotus Lain. Later, Lotus Lain experienced double penetration for the first time, courtesy of two very sexy and manly bisexual Black studs. Sean Michaels lay flat on the floor, and he sucked on Lotus Lain’s tits while thrusting his dick into her pussy. Meanwhile, Mickey Mod came up behind Lotus Lain, and after caressing her thick brown ass, he worked his stiff dick into her asshole. Let the good times roll.

“Oh yeah, fuck me,” Nyomi squealed as Brian Pumper rammed his big Black cock into her asshole. The big-booty Black MILF had the most amazing ass ever and he butt fucked her thoroughly. Meanwhile, TS Madison plunged her big Black cock into Brian Pumper’s asshole. The stocky, muscular Black stud moaned and groaned, both from the pressure of Nyomi’s tight asshole on his dick and TS Madison’s big Black cock up his ass. In this fashion, they fucked like there was no tomorrow. Afterwards, TS Madison jerked her big Black cock off and when she came, Brian Pumper and Nyomi eagerly drank her cum. Yeah, that’s just the way they get down.

Following the all-Black orgy, Brian Pumper officially launched Bi Noir Enterprises, a porn business dedicated to pumping out all-Black bisexual porn. Sean Michaels would be a producer, while TS Madison directed and Lotus Lain and Mickey Mod would recruit both female and male talent. After languishing in the shadows for ages, Brian Pumper is back with a vengeance. Is the world ready for an all-Black, pro-bisexual porn business pumping out great films featuring manly, well-endowed Black men and curvy, big-booty Black women? Brian Pumper is making it happen, like it or not. Peace.

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