Breeding Bull Ch. 07 – Fetish

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My mother was turning seventy. I had to get home, grab a shower and pick up the cake, so the family could celebrate her big day.

Just as I was getting ready to leave, I rolled my eyes when my sister called to remind me that I shouldn’t be late. They wanted mom to be surprised when she saw that all her family and friends had showed up.

Now, if I could just get my shop locked up, I could go and get the cake before the bakery closed. And if the traffic was cooperating, I might just make it on time.

Just my luck, as I was about to turn out the lights and punch in the code for the alarm system, a tow truck pulled into my lot with a shiny new canary yellow Porche 718 Cayman on his flat-bed, with some pretty serious back-end damage. Which meant the poor guy probably got whacked from behind.

Once he got it unloaded and I signed for it, I took a quick look around, hoping that that was it and that no one else showed up.

Resisting the urge to put the pedal to the metal, I made it to the bakery just as they were putting the closed sign on the front door. Thankfully, she let me in when I told her about the cake I’d ordered. After I’d paid and thanked the pretty blonde-haired lady for the nice job they’d done, I grabbed it and raced out to my car.

Pulling onto my old street, I could see the whole block was lined with cars. So, I imagined my mother would know that something was going on. Still, I was happy to see that everyone had showed up.

The minute I got in the back door, my sister Anna snatched the cake out of my hands and hissed, “Finally! Now get your ass in the living room, Damon, and be quiet!”

I did as I was told, because my younger sister could be a pretty scary bitch when she wanted to be. Though I didn’t make a sound, I still nodded hello to the rest of the family and all her friends as we waited.

A few minutes later, when the front door opened, and she walked in wide-eyed, and we all yelled, “Surprise,” of course my mother broke into tears.

Everyone was so busy bombarding her with hugs and kisses, they only stopped when they noticed that the food had been put out buffet style, on the dining room and kitchen tables.

And holy smokes, what a spread. Pasta, pizza, salads, casseroles, fried chicken, a big roast beef and a whole baked ham right beside it. You name it, it was on the table. There was just so much to eat, I didn’t know where to begin.

With a beer in one hand and a plate full of food in the other, I made way out of the kitchen and headed outside to the deck to look for somewhere to sit.

I noticed that my sister-in-law Rita was following right behind me. She even took the seat next to mine at the big table they’d set up outside on the patio, with little fairy lights strung along the top of the fence to light up the yard. Though, I realized that brother had stayed inside.

“Nice turn out,” I remarked as people started spilling out onto the deck. “And I thought mom looked pretty surprised, even with all the cars parked outside.”

“I guess she never expected so many people to show up to celebrate with her. But she’s so sweet, I think everyone wanted to come.”

“That she is,” I agreed, “Because everyone loves my mom.”

Reaching for her wine, Rita asked, “And what about you, Damon. Have you ever thought about settling down and having kids of your own, one day?”

Holy shit. That was enough to make me choke on my chicken. I had to reach for my beer to wash it down, so I could try and catch my breath.

Little did she know that by now, I probably had at least forty kids, with more on the way. But no way would I ever tell her that.

Once I’d finally stopped choking, Rita, rubbing my back, leaned in and whispered, “I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned that I work with Jody. And Jody is married to Manny, who works at your garage.”

Turning my head, I looked at her, and she was grinning. Fuck, she knew.

Jody must have told her about how I’d helped them out and got her pregnant, when they were having trouble conceiving.

Now I just hoped she could keep it to herself, because I didn’t think the rest of the family would want to know that I had a sideline that involved breeding women.

“Don’t worry, Damon, your secret’s safe with me,” she said with a little grin.

I just nodded and took a long pull on my beer, though I noticed that my hand was a little shaky, now that I knew my secret was out.

“The thing is, your brother and I have been trying to have a baby for almost four years, since we first got married, and we haven’t had any luck. And I was thinking, since you and Tony are brothers, at least we’d be keeping it in the family.”

Not too sure if I’d heard her right, I looked into her eyes and asked, “What do you mean, by keeping it in the family?”

So that no one could hear, she leaned in, put her lips against my ear and whispered, “I mean, if you were to help us out, the way you helped Jody and Manny, at least the baby would be carrying the same family genes.”

My eyebrows shot up to hairline, as I turned to face her, pointing back and forth between the two of us. “Rita, are you seriously suggesting that you and I should…”

She grinned. “Mate?”

Holy crap. Not that I was a prude or anything, but hooking up with my brother’s wife to get her pregnant, was a little too out there, even for a guy like me.

She leaned in again and quietly whispered, “I’m actually ovulating today. So, once you’ve finished your dinner, I was thinking we could go upstairs to your old room and…”

“Wait. Is my brother okay with this?”

She nodded, wrapped her hand around mine and explained, “Tony said, ‘Just do whatever you have to do.’ And he doesn’t want to know the details. But we’ve been trying for so long, and we really want a baby. So, if you could help us out, Damon, we’d be so grateful.”

I just nodded and put down my fork. I think I lost my appetite when she told me what she needed from me.

Some of my swimmers to mate with her eggs.

Not that I wasn’t interested, because she was a knockout. Really pretty, with long dark hair, big brown eyes, and a killer body. I could figure out how my brother fell for her, and asked her to marry him almost as soon as they met.

Still, never in my wildest dreams had I ever wondered of breeding with someone in my own family.

But she just looked so hopeful, that I just couldn’t discover it in me to say no.

Deciding I had no choice, I picked up both our plates and nodded at the house. “Rita, why don’t you go ahead and I’ll meet you upstairs.”

Obviously as relieved as she was thrilled, she flung her arms around my neck, and pressed a big, smacking kiss on my cheek. Her voice cracked as she whispered, “Thank you, Damon. You have no idea how much this means to us.”

I nodded, because I knew how happy the other ladies were, once I got them pregnant. “Actually, I think I’ve got a pretty good idea.”

Making sure the coast was clear, so that my brother wouldn’t have to see me going upstairs to impregnate his wife, I kept my head down as I made my way up the stairs.

When I opened the door to my old room, Rita was in bed, smiling, and obviously naked, since I could see her clothes were folded on the chair by the window.

“You want me to turn the lights out?” I wondered I should at least offer, so this wouldn’t feel too sexual, considering I’d basically be fucking my brother’s wife, hoping to put a baby in her.

Smirking, she shook her head. “No. I don’t want to miss a thing, considering this might be the night I actually get pregnant, providing this works.”


Deciding just to go for it, with her eyes glued to my every move, I unbuttoned my shirt, tugged it out of my pants and tossed it on the chair. And I noticed her eyes flared, just looking at my big, broad, hairy chest.

When I reached for my fly, I could see that her breasts were starting to heave and she was licking her lips as she watched me slide it down. As I let her see that I was already pretty hard, and nearly fully erect, from the way it was straining against the fabric of my boxers.

Not that I could help it. I think my dick knew when I was getting ready to mate, and he at all times arose to the occasion. And so far, he’d never let me down.

Once I got my pants and shoes off, I looked up and almost laughed at the way Rita’s mouth was hanging open when she got her first look at me naked. “Wow. You are a big boy, aren’t you?” she said, with her gaze locked on my pulsing erection.

Sliding it through my fist, I smiled. “Don’t worry, it’ll fit if we take our time.”

She grinned, making me laugh when she said, “I don’t think we have to rush.”

Glancing around, as I noticed my old baseball and soccer trophies, sitting on my dresser beside my old TV, this was something I never imagine doing, banging my sister-in-law in my bedroom, hoping to knock her up.

“So, how does this usually go?” she asked, anxiously eyeing my oozing dick.

Using my thumb to spread the fat, dollop of pre-cum oozing out of the slit around the head, I shrugged, not really sure how we should get this thing going.

Since normally, I started by warming them up with a kiss and a little foreplay. But considering the fact that she was my brother’s wife, I wasn’t sure if we should be doing anything too romantic.

I mean, impregnating her was one thing, but having the pleasure of making out with her first, felt like I might be stepping over the line.

“Is something wrong?” she asked, sitting up in bed, I guess sensing that I was a feeling a little conflicted.

Watching the sheet fall away from her big, luscious breasts, it was my turn to stand and stare at her dumbfounded. I knew she had a great body. But seeing her naked really drove home the fact that my brother’s wife was one smokin’ hot woman. With her long dark hair loose around her shoulders, her nipples fully erect and her breasts heaving, I don’t think I’d ever seen anything as sexy. And those lush full lips, seemed to be begging me to kiss her.

As I walked over to the bed, I told myself that a few kisses might help relax us, before we moved onto the main event. When I would spread her legs and ease my cock into her body so I that could pump her full of my seed.

Sinking down on the edge of the bed, with my eyes on hers, I brushed a few strands of hair behind her ear, and ran my thumb over full bottom lip.

“Normally, I start with a few kisses, just to help us relax.”

She smiled. “Then I guess you’d better kiss me, so I’m not too tense, and hopefully this will work.”

Though we’d kissed before, giving each other little pecks on the cheek, whenever we’d said hello. It felt so incredible to be sinking my tongue between her lips and gently exploring the heat of her mouth, as her tongue tangled mine.

When she reached out and started to stroke my cock, I cupped her breasts in my hands, and began kneading her soft, warm flesh. Gently twisting her nipples between my fingers, I knew she had to be getting nice and wet the longer we made out. Which would make it so much easier to slide my way inside her and get her bred.

Her breathing was a getting a little choppy, as she pulled back, and told me, “As much I would love to become a mom and have a baby, I’m doing this for your brother as much as I am for myself. He’s been so despondent this past year. He’s barely been sleeping, worrying that we’ll never be able to have a family together. And thinking it’s all his fault.”

“Well, you know I’m more than happy to help, especially with you guys being family.”

She smiled, stroking a hand along my jaw. “That’s what I told your brother, that if we kept this between us, no one would need to know that Tony wasn’t the father. Because you two look so much alike, the baby will look just like him. And who knows, maybe one day, if the stars align, your brother and I might be able to have a baby together of our own.”

“You never know. Sometimes things happen when you least expect it.”

Like I never expected to come for my mother’s birthday, and discover myself getting naked with my brother’s wife.

Easing her onto her back, I smiled into her eyes and explained, “I’ll need to get really deep inside you to make this work. So, I’d better get you nice and wet first.”

I could feel her hands sliding into my hair, as I pushed her legs aside, baring her little pink pussy.

She was so responsive. The moment my tongue slid over her heated flesh, she started moaning, and lifting her hips up off the bed, eagerly feeding herself to me.

Sliding a finger in, I licked around her clit and got her shivering as I sucked it between my lips, teasing her with my tongue.

“Oh wow, Damon,” she gasped. “No wonder Jody recommended you.”

Smiling against her quivering sex, I slid my tongue along her slit right to her tight little back hole and then back again to circle her swollen clit. Adding a second finger, I worked at getting her off, knowing that the harder she came, the more receptive her body would be to accepting my seed, so I could fill her womb with the baby they were desperate for.

The way her fingers were twisting in my hair, with her back arching off the bed, I knew she was almost there. Looking up, I smiled as I gave her a nice little finger fucking, seeing her mouth fall open when she started softly squealing as she climaxed. Her whole body was shivering as I happily drank every drop, she gave me.

Sliding my cock throbbing through my fist, watching the way her breasts were heaving, as she smiled into my eyes, I knew she was ready to be bred.

“Okay, now I need you up on your knees, so I can get in nice and deep.”

She was so shaky after coming that hard, I had to help her turn over onto her hands and knees.

Speading her legs open nice and wide, I licked her a little more, so I had her dripping by the time I started carefully nudging my thick cockhead into her opening.

“I’ll try and take it slow. And you let me know if I go too deep.”

She smiled at me over her shoulder. “As long as you put a baby in me, you can ride me as hard as you want.”

Fuck! As I carefully eased my way in a little deeper, I couldn’t believe how tight she was. When I picked up my pace and really started thrusting, the way she was clenching around me, sucking me in, I knew I wasn’t gonna last long.

Clenching my jaw, I started pumping, hard and fast, wishing with everything I had, as I plowed her tight little pussy, that I could give them the baby they were desperate for.

This time, more than ever, I really needed my seed to take. The moment I felt that indescribable rush racing through my veins, I flexed my hips, and thrust into her as I deep as I could go. Tossing my head back, digging my hands into her hips, I groaned feeling the explosive rush firing through me when I reached the peak and climaxed, painting her womb with what felt like a nice potent load of my seed. That I really hoped would be enough to do the trick and get her pregnant.

Every inch of her quivering, she was clenching around me so hard, letting me know that she’d come too, as we both struggled to catch our breath.

Even after I’d come, I kept on pumping, wanting to give her every drop I had. Until she finally collapsed in a heap on the bed, and I pulled out, dropping a kiss on her back.

“How was that? Not too rough, I hope.”

Brushing the hair out of her eyes, she looked back at me, and laughed. “Are you kidding? I’d say that was damn near perfect. And hopefully, with how deep you went, one of your swimmers will take and actually get me pregnant.”

“Let’s hope.”

Getting up and standing at the side of the bed, I took her legs and turned her around so she could rest her feet up on the head board to help keep my seed in place.

“You should stay like that for a few minutes, with your legs elevated, while I get dressed. And you can come down, whenever you’re ready.”

When I went to drop a kiss on her lips, she held onto my face and looked into my eyes, her voice raw with emotion. “Thank you so much for this, Damon.”

“I’m just glad I could help. Now, I guess I’d better get downstairs, before anyone starts wondering where we are.”

“I didn’t tell Tony that I was ovulating today. So, he doesn’t know we’re up here. He said that he didn’t want to know when it happened. So, you don’t have to worry about him acting strange around you.”

“That’s good to know.” I had thought how I was gonna face my brother, after I’d just mated with his wife. But since he didn’t know where we were, or what we’d been up to, I guess we could just pretend that nothing had happened that might change things between us.

And I was glad for that, since Tony and I had at all times been close.

When I got downstairs, and they’d already cleared off the dining room table, I offered to put the cake out, while Anna got the plates.

While all of us were singing, ‘Happy Birthday’ to my mother before she blew out the candles, I looked across the table and noticed that Tony had his arm around his wife, and they looked pretty happy.

I guess ignorance, really is bliss, especially in a case like this.

I chuckled when Rita winked at me as my mother blew out the candles, since no one would know what had just happened between us.

That we’d hopefully just started a life together, adding a very welcome little baby to the family.

I helped mom open her gifts, and as she each present, we all laughed as she waved her finger, giving everyone hell, over all the money they’d spent on her. Especially since we all knew that having the family around her on her big day, meant more to her than anything we could have bought her.

I could tell she really loved the necklace I picked out for her, when she let me put it on her, since she’d never owned anything too flashy.

“Oh, Damon, it’s absolutely beautiful,” she gushed, as I slipped it around her neck.

Once the gifts had all been opened and the cake had been passed around, we all raised our glasses as my brother Tony waved his arms, to get everyone to call out, “Happy Birthday, Mom!”

Since I stayed to help clean up, I was glad that Rita was acting like nothing had ever happened.

I didn’t want things to be weird between us, just because we’d spent some time upstairs trying to get her bred.

And since he had no idea, I was sort of hoping that Rita might decide not to tell my brother about what we’d done. So that if it took and she did get pregnant, hopefully he would think that he’d managed to get the job done and that the baby was his.

But of course, the choice would be hers, and I’d be fine with whatever she decided. As long as the two of them were happy.

I was carrying a couple of garbage bags out to the garage when my phone chimed.

When I saw who it was, I walked down the laneway before I answered, so that no one could overhear our conversation. Or know that I’d been helping a religious colony add some fresh seed to their clan.

“Hello, Damon? This is Chris, and I’m calling to share the good news. Thanks to you, all our girls are expecting their first babies in the spring. And the breeding was successful.”

“That is good news. Congratulate them for me.”

“Well, if you have the time to come out again, you can do that yourself. We’ve got two more girls that just turned eighteen, that are ready for breeding. And a few other ladies have decided that you might be able to help them out, since their husbands haven’t been able to get them bred.”

“Sure. No problem. When do you need me?”

“If you could come out next weekend on Friday night in time for dinner, that would be great. And if you could stay till Sunday, you could take care of all of them and get them all bred.”

“Okay. Then I’ll see you Friday night, Chris.”

I chuckled as I tucked my phone away, thinking what a perfect gig I had. Going wherever I was needed, breeding one woman after another.

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