Bred by the Hive Ch. 39 – Erotic Horror

Bred by the Hive Chapter 39

By Gary LM Martin

Hannah and her fiancé Carl are deeply in love and about to get married but first enter the cult known as “The Hive” to rescue Hannah’s sister Rebecca. But once they enter the Hive they discover the experience overwhelming. As their riders grow stronger in their bodies and their minds, Hannah is seduced by a handsome body builder named Eduardo and Carl is slowly turned towards homosexuality by Eduardo’s brother Ernesto.

Even as Hivelife grew deep in Hannah’s womb, Carl had his own responsibilities to attend to. He had to continue to donate his sperm to the Hive semen depository. Carl gasped as he worked his erect penis in and out of the solid mass of green flesh in front of him. It was hard to be aroused by such a thing, even with his rider’s urging.

But Ernesto helped. He stood to his side masturbating himself in front of Carl, encouraging him to go on.

“The Hive will take your sperm and decide how best to use it,” he whispered in his ear. “To have your sperm, changed, altered, and inseminated in dozens, possibly hundreds of women. To create a new breed of homosexual men, who will plunder asses as the Hive commands, serving only us. Does that excite you?”

“Yes,” Carl hissed, gritting his teeth as he tried to reach an orgasm.

“Then do it, lover, Let go. Let go now.” He gave Carl a canny look. “If you come just one more time, I’ll let you suck me off before dinner.”

Carl looked at Ernesto, at his hard erect penis, at his hairy chest and black beard and hair legs, as the long earring dangling from his right ear, at his firm, muscular ass cheeks, and found himself transitioning from one physiological state to…. “Ah!” he cried.

“That’s it, lover, let it all go,” said Ernesto, as he fisted his penis. “You fill it, and then I will fill you.”

“Ahhhh! Aaaaahhhhhh!” Carl pleasurably ejaculated into the green column. He felt so good serving the Hive. he saw a clear tube begin to fill up with a white fluid. His fluid. With each squirt, the tube grew fuller.

Ernesto saw it too. When Carl pulled out, he rubbed the tube with a finger, and then rubbed the head of his penis. He looked at him solemnly, and then embraced him, giving him a big, wet kiss.


That evening there was a demonstration of sorts. They were introduced to a new sort of Hive life.

Her name was Hailey. At first Hannah wondered she was a nude woman, like herself, but when she looked closer she saw that Hailey’s skin was wrapped or coated in some sort of substance. She stared at it for a moment before realizing that it looked exactly like the skin of a rider. Except… Hailey had it all over her skin, from head to toe. The only places where she didn’t have it were over her eyes, nostrils, mouth, and vagina and ass crack.

And those eyes. Hailey’s eyes were distant, and vacant.

“The Hive is always creating new and advanced forms of itself,” said Eduardo, speaking to the assembled Fourth Circlers. “This is Hailey, one of our greatest innovations. Hailey was a slave who gave herself willingly to the Hive, to be used by us to create new life. Tell us, Hailey, are you happy?”

Hailey blinked. “I am very happy,” she said, in a monotone.

“Hailey has a special ability. She can reproduce more of her kind without any outside help. The process is similar to a rider splitting in half, only… well, perhaps a demonstration might help. Do we have a volunteer?”

A young woman stepped up to the stage.

Carl whispered in Hannah’s ear. “Hannah… isn’t that your sister Rebecca?”

It was. Hannah’s dark haired sister was all smiles as she mounted the stage.

“You came here to rescue her,” said Carl.

“Shhh,” said Hannah.


Rebecca had come to her right before the event. She had hugged Hannah, pressing her smaller titties against her sister’s much larger ones.

Rebecca! Memory flooded back to Hannah. She hadn’t wondered about her sister in a while. Hannah had entered the Hive in order to… in order to… join it as Rebecca had.

“It’s so good to see you, sister!” said Rebecca, first looking at her sister’s body, and then turning around so she could see the triple banded rider on her back. “Oh, your rider looks so sexy on you!”

“Thanks, yours does too!” Hannah cried. She noticed Rebecca had a triple banded rider, the same as her. They hugged again.

“What’s this?” Rebecca asked, in a mocking tone, as she gently rubbed her hands over Hannah’s belly.

“It’s Hive Life,” Hannah said proudly, her eyes sparkling. “I’m incubating an egg that Eduardo fertilized, and I’m expanding the Hive.”

“You’re going to look so sexy when you give birth to Hive Life, I just know it!” said Rebecca, and they both hugged again. When she pulled back, she looked into her sister’s eyes. “But what about Carl?”

Hannah shrugged. “Carl is homosexual. Eduardo is my lover now.”

“You’re so lucky! He’s so handsome, isn’t he?” Rebecca giggled.

For a moment they were two sisters again, talking about boys and gossiping. “He’s delightful, Rebecca,” said Hannah. Something nagged at her. Something she had wanted to ask Rebecca to do. But Hannah couldn’t remember what it was. Finally Hannah said, “So how is Susan?”

“Susan is wonderful,” said Rebecca, her eyes shining. “She taught me what it’s truly like to make love to a vivacious, fully sexually aware woman. Oh, Sister, it’s a pity we don’t have time to make love together, not even once!”

“Why not?” Hannah asked.

Rebecca gave her sister a shit eating grin. “I’m about to be consumed.”

“Consumed?” Hannah’s face fell.

“Don’t worry, everything will be fine,” said Rebecca, as her triple banded rider rippled on her back. “You’ll see it all for yourself in just a few minutes.”


Eduardo was on stage introducing Rebecca. Susan Weatherly stood nearby, looking incredibly pleased with herself. “Hailey, Rebecca is one of our most promising recruits. She helped us bring in two of her girlfriends Uma and Janelle, her sister Hannah, and her sister’s boyfriend Carl, as well as his parents. And now it’s time for Rebecca to be given her reward. Rebecca, step forward please.”

Rebecca, completely nude, stepped forward, smiling with glassy eyes. Her body was similar to Hannah’s, except her breasts were smaller, and her areolas were browner.

“Susan, you did an incredible job on Rebecca,” said Eduardo. “When Rebecca came to us, she was a confused heterosexual. Susan helped turn Rebecca into a fully functioning lesbian, didn’t you, Susan?”

“I had good material to work with,” said Susan. Susan was an incredibly gorgeous blonde teenager, with heavy breasts and an infectious smile.

“It is time to say goodbye to your lover, Rebecca,” Eduardo said.

Rebecca turned and kissed Susan passionately, pressing her body firmly against the young blonde. As she did, her triple banded rider was facing Hannah, looking very large as it occupied most of the upper half of her back, covering her entire shoulder blades, from shoulder to shoulder.

“Goodbye, Susan,” said Rebecca. “Thank you for being my lover and turning me into a lesbian.”

“I loved every moment of your training,” said Susan, in a throaty whisper, as raw emotion seeped into her voice.

“And now it is time,” said Eduardo. “Rebecca, meet Hailey.”

“Hello, Hailey,” said Rebecca.

Hailey, the young woman with the weird yellow-brownish skin, said nothing.

“Why don’t you give her a hug, Rebecca?” said Eduardo. He said it lightly, but cast a quick glance at Susan. All of Rebecca’s training had been in anticipation of this very moment.

Rebecca took a deep breath, causing her titties to rise and fall. She felt an odd hesitation. But the triple banded rider, deeply entrenched on her back and in her mind, assured her it would be all right.

She stepped forward and gave Hailey a hug tentatively wrapping her arms around her. Hailey’s skin felt warm an pulsating.

The hug went on and on. Rebecca tried to pull free but couldn’t.

“What’s happening to me?” she cried.

They could see that the rider-like flesh on Hailey was expanding, and migrating to Rebecca. It started to cover her arms and legs and lower body.

Hannah watched emotionlessly. Her triple banded rider assured her that Rebecca was serving the Hive. She watched as the flesh like material covered Rebecca’s entire body. When it was done, Rebecca stood there as woodenly as Hailey, covered head to toe in rider flesh.

“Rebecca, how do you feel?” Eduardo asked.

“Momomomomomom,” said Rebecca.

“She’s been consumed by the Hive,” said Eduardo. “Everyone, let’s give a great round of applause for Rebecca!” Everyone started clapping. Even Hannah. Though something in the back of her mind troubled her. She wasn’t sure what.


“Ah… ah… aaaaah…..” Eduardo climaxed, filling Hannah’s vagina with his semen. Her belly was burgeoning now, but Eduardo still made love to her tenderly and skillfully.

Hannah loved it when Eduardo came inside of her. She loved being filled with his seed. It made her feel like his woman. She smiled as she felt Eduardo pull out, and then felt some of his sperm oozing out of her bloated vulva. It was another glorious moment in a life that kept getting better. But there was one small thing that vaguely troubled her. “Eduardo?”

“Yes, dear?” he said.

“What happened to Rebecca tonight… consumption… is that a good thing?”

Eduardo looked her in the eyes. “It is the very best thing. It is feeding the Hive.”

“But… don’t you die when you’re consumed?”

Eduardo smiled, playing with her teats. “The individual fails, but the Hive lives on.”

“The Hive lives on,” said Hannah uncertainly.

“Don’t worry, I promise it will be much clearer to you once you give birth,” said Eduardo.

Hannah smiled and snuggled up against him.


Hannah’s pregnancy progressed rapidly in a matter of days, her belly growing big and wide. She was never happier. She was carrying Hive Life.

Her pregnancy started to affect her in different methods. At times she felt something else entering her mind, and it wasn’t her rider. One time it happened while she was talking to Carl.

“What do you think, Carl?” she asked, showing off her large belly. “Would you like to touch it?”

“Sure,” said Carl. He reached out and touched her belly.

“Can you feel it moving inside of me? It’s alive, Carl. It’s the Hive’s baby,” said Hannah, looking pleased.

“I’m happy for you,” said Carl.

“You would be,” said Hannah. “You’re such a cuckold, you know that? We came in here together. You were my fiancée. We were going to get married. And then you sat back and let Eduardo steal me away from you. You sat back and smiled as he fucked me and seduced me and turned me against you. And then, the one time you objected, you let Eduardo fuck you in the ass like the bottom bitch you are.”

“Hannah, why are you saying these things?”

“This could have been your baby in me, Carl,” said Hannah, giving a wicked grin. “But because you’re such a wimp, such a weakling, all you can do is watch as another man, a stronger, more virile man, puts his genetic inheritance in me. Your kind, I’m convinced, will go extinct.”

“Why are you being like this?” Carl cried, looking incredibly hurt.

A shadow passed over Hannah’s face, and she blinked rapidly. “I… I don’t know what’s come over me, Carl. It must be…” she looked down at her belly. “The baby. It’s making me moody. I’m sorry.”

“Hannah… do you know what kind of baby you’re having?” Carl asked.

“It’s Hive Life,” said Hannah smugly, putting her hands over belly. “That’s all I need to know.”


Nearly every evening in the Sixth Circle there was some sort of show or demonstration about the Hive, such as the one where Rebecca had been consumed. One evening they had three top officials from nearby Lancaster Pennsylvania–a chief of police, a councilwoman, and an army reservist, who were all stripped nude and tied to poles. They all watched as the trio were given riders.

The three of them pleaded with the audience to help them, to free them or to save them. But their pleas fell on deaf ears. By now all the initiates wore riders; all double or triple banded; they were thoroughly conditioned to love the Hive and everything it did.

“You will love it when your rider takes you,” said one initiate.

“No, no, please, help me,” said the councilwoman.

But the initiates merely smiled and laughed as riders were brought out and put on their bare backs. And then each one stiffened and screamed, but that was expected too. And then, of course, they cheerfully joined the Hive just moments later.

“I am HiveFlesh,” said the police chief.

“My purpose is to grow the Hive,” said the army reservist.

“My eggs must be fertilized so I may expand the Hive,” said the councilwoman.

And then they were released, and everyone welcomed them.

Another evening, they saw something more dramatic. They saw three members of the Hive, two women and a man, standing in front of three giant green cocoons.

“What are these cocoons, Eduardo?” Hannah asked. Her belly was big and ripe by now. She would give birth any day now.

“It is the next generation of life,” said Eduardo. “Watch and see.”

They heard a cracking sound as the cocoons opened. Green liquid spurted out of the bottom. Out stepped three completely naked people… identical to the people standing in front of the cocoons!

The audience of initiates cheered. The three clones took their originals in their arms and started kissing them. The originals started to kiss them back. Before long they were on the ground. The two pairs of women were making love to each other. The original man was on his hands and knees, while the cloned man inserted himself into the original man’s ass.

“What are they doing?” Hannah asked, as she wrapped Eduardo’s arms around her.

“Beginning the transference,” said Eduardo. “They are taking the consciousness of the original HiveFlesh and transferring it to their new bodies.”

“Their minds are actually being moved to the new bodies?”

“Yes,” said Eduardo, wrapping his hands around Hannah’s belly. “It is a new form of evolution. They will love their new bodies much more than their old ones.”

“And what will happen to their old bodies? Hannah asked.

Eduardo shrugged. “Once the mind is transferred, they will be of no consequence.”

They watched for nearly an hour as the clones made love to their originals. But it seemed to be more than just lovemaking; the clones seemed to be drawing something from the brains of the originals. Their consciousness?

“They appear to be in pain,” said Hannah, looking at the pained expressions on the faces of the originals.

Eduardo smiled. “No, they’re loving every minute of it, trust me.”

And then, at the end of the process, over an hour later, the clones wrapped their arms around the originals, and their bodies glowed. The glow continued for a moment, and then when the clones stood up, the originals were dried husks.

The crowd cheered.

“The transference is complete!” said Eduardo.

“They’re not dead?” said Hannah, looking at the lifeless husks.

“No, they’re in their new bodies! Come and meet them!”

Eduardo took her over to the councilwoman, a pretty blonde. “Patty, I want you to meet Hannah. Patty, Hannah is a female I have fertilized and impregnated.”

“A beauty,” said the woman named Patty. “Hello, dear,” she said, giving Hannah a tender hug, careful of her bulging belly.

“So you… you transferred to this new body?” said Hannah, looking at the lifeless husk on the stage.

“Yes,” said Patty, smiling and looking pleased with herself. “Just a few minutes ago I was in the other body.”

“And why did you switch bodies?” Hannah asked.

“I can find out so much more now!” said Patty. “And my body is so much more physically fit. My lifespan has also been at least double, tripled!”

“Wow!” said Hannah. “That sounds great!”

“It is,” said Patty. “As you will soon be finding out for yourself.” She smiled and moved on.

“What did she mean, that I will understand for myself?” Hannah asked.

“You’re gonna give birth to a clone,” said Eduardo.

“I am? Of who?” said Hannah.

Eduardo smiled. “That’s a surprise. You’ll see when you give birth. But you should be honored to be creating the highest form of life the Hive has yet constructed.”

“I am,” said Hannah. She looked at Eduardo with lust in her eyes. “Creating life makes me feel so aroused.”

“I know a cure for that.” He led her off, arm in arm.

Carl was watching from a distance. He didn’t quite know what to make of this exhibition. From his perspective, it looked like the originals had died, rather than move on to new bodies.


The bigger her belly got, the weaker Hannah felt. She felt the baby inside of her was taking her more and more. She felt tired and weak and lay in bed the last few days of her pregnancy.

Eduardo assured her that it was perfectly normal, that her body was being used to create Hive Life, but that it would be over soon. He brought her meals but otherwise generally ignored her, saying that he had other duties, but would return when she gave birth. Hannah felt terribly hurt by this, but she said nothing.

On the tenth day of her pregnancy Hannah knew it was time.

Her belly had ballooned up so large, the skin so taut, that she felt like it was going to burst. When she got up in the morning she felt a rumbling in her belly, and called for Eduardo. It was time.


“Push, Hannah, push!” said Eduardo.

“I’m trying!” Hannah cried.

Eduardo seemed totally unsympathetic to her suffering.

“It’s too big, Eduardo, I cannot get it out of me!” Hannah cried.

“You can, Hannah. If you don’t, the Hive will have to cut you open and take it by force.”

“Eduardo, you wouldn’t let them do that, would you?”

“Push, Hannah!” Always his answer was the same.

For three hours Hannah bore down. It was incredibly painful. Finally she felt a hard mass slowly moving down her vagina. She bore down again and again, and finally a hard green shape started to come out of her vaginal lips.

“That’s right, keep pushing!” Eduardo cried.

Hannah screamed with pain, but Eduardo ignored her. With his hands, he kept pulling on the baby. Finally, he gave a hard yank, and it came out. Hannah cried out in pain. Eduardo ignored her as he fondled the baby.

“Let me… let me hold it,” Hannah cried.

But when Eduardo turned towards her, she frowned.

He was holding a green pod.

“What… what is it?” Hannah had asked.

“Hive Life,” said Eduardo, as he hugged and kissed her. “You have fulfilled your purpose. You have incubated an egg and expanded the Hive. Congratulations.”


Days passed. The pod started to grow. Soon, it became taller, like a cocoon, and a human figure could be seen forming inside of it.


There were more evening demonstrations in the Sixth Circle, but each one started to worry Carl more and more. He saw initiates volunteering to have insect parts attached to their arms and legs. He saw initiates volunteering to have spiders put into their brains. Carl literally saw people cheer as an initiate sat strapped down in a chair, while a spider somehow melted into his brain. When he stood up, the initiate’s pupils had turned black.

It repulsed him.

But worst of all were the sacrifices.

Carl watched as initiates volunteered to jump into a giant tube of worms to let them feed on them. Even as the volunteers screamed, even as their flesh was consumed, the initiates cheered.

“How can they cheer that? How can they?” Carl asked.

Ernesto looked at Carl’s double banded rider. He was not nearly close to triple banding; and as nothing more was required of him, he didn’t need to be. “They are serving the Hive.”

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