Bound to Pleasure

The room was dimly lit, with soft candlelight flickering across the walls. She was naked, kneeling on the floor with her hands tied behind her back. Her breath came in short gasps as she waited for her Master to enter.

As he walked in, her heart raced. He was dressed in black leather, his eyes gleaming with an intense hunger. He walked towards her, his boots clicking on the hardwood floor. As he approached her, he took her chin in his hand, tilting her head up to look him in the eyes.

“You are mine, my pet,” he said, his voice low and commanding. “You exist only to serve me and to pleasure me.”

She nodded in agreement, feeling a thrill of excitement run through her. She had learned to embrace her submission, to surrender herself completely to his desires. She was his plaything, his toy to be used and enjoyed.

With a sudden move, he pulled her to her feet, pressing her body against his. His lips crashed down onto hers, his tongue delving deep into her mouth. She melted into his embrace, moaning softly as he explored her body with his hands.

He stepped back, his eyes scanning her body. “You have pleased me thus far, but there is much more for you to do. You will obey me without hesitation or question, and I will reward you for your obedience.”

With a quick movement, he stripped off his leather pants, revealing his hard, pulsing length. She drew in a sharp breath, her eyes fixed on the impressive size of his cock.

“Get on your knees,” he ordered, and she complied, her mouth watering with the anticipation of what was to come.

He pulled her head towards him, guiding his cock towards her mouth. She opened her lips, taking him eagerly into her mouth. He groaned in pleasure as she sucked him deep, her tongue lapping at his hardness.

As she sucked him, he pulled her hair, his fingers digging into her scalp. She felt a pang of pain, but it was quickly replaced by a surge of pleasure. She loved it when he was rough with her, when he treated her like a slut.

With a sudden move, he pulled her up, pressing her against the wall. He pushed her legs aside, positioning himself between her thighs. He thrust into her, his cock sliding deep into her wetness.

She cried out, lost in pleasure as he moved inside of her. He was strong and powerful, his thrusts driving her towards ecstasy. She could feel herself building towards orgasm, her body trembling with pleasure.

As she neared the edge, he slowed his pace, drawing out her pleasure. She whimpered, begging for release.

“Not yet, pet,” he said, his voice low and teasing. “You will wait until I tell you to come.”

She moaned, desperate for release. But she trusted him, knowing that he would take her to the heights of pleasure she craved.

With a sudden move, he pulled out of her, leaving her aching and empty. But before she could protest, he spun her around, pushing her face against the wall. He thrust back into her, driving her towards orgasm once more.

And then he gave her permission to come.

She cried out, her body convulsing in pleasure as she reached the heights of ecstasy. He followed soon after, his cock pulsing inside of her as he emptied himself into her.

They stood there for a moment, panting and sweating, lost in the aftermath of their carnal delight. As he pulled away from her, she felt a sense of loss, knowing that she craved his touch more than anything else.

But she also knew that he would return to her, that he would keep her bound to pleasure for as long as she wished to serve him. For she was his pet, his plaything, his devoted submissive. And she would do anything to please him.

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