Bound to Pleasure: A Dominant Submission Tale

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As the room filled with the smoky scent of sandalwood incense, the dominant man approached his submissively bound partner with a stern look in his eyes. She was lying on a silk-covered bed, her wrists and ankles restrained tightly with leather cuffs. Her eyes were closed, and her body was trembling with anticipation.

He traced his hand lightly along her skin, from her neck down to her collarbone, teasing her with his touch. Slowly, he removed her underwear, allowing her to feel exposed and vulnerable.

He whispered in her ear, telling her she was his to do with as he wished. He knew she craved the role of submissive, and he was more than eager to fulfill her desires.

The dominant man moved his hands towards her breasts, cupping them firmly in his hands. He played with her nipples, pulling and pinching them gently, causing her to moan with pleasure.

He slid his hand down her stomach and towards her sex, teasing her with his fingers as he went. He began to stroke her, slowly at first, but picking up pace as her moans grew louder.

Her body writhed with ecstasy as he took her to the brink of orgasm, stopping just before she reached the edge. He enjoyed the power he had over her, knowing he could make her feel absolute pleasure or deny her the release she craved.

He continued to touch her, exploring every inch of her body with his hands and mouth. She was completely at his mercy, and he reveled in his control over her.

As they reached the climax, he released her from her restraints, allowing her to writhe and buck against him. She was lost in a sea of pleasure, completely consumed by the lust he had ignited within her.

Finally, they both collapsed in a heap of sweat and pleasure, completely sated. The dominant man held her tightly, knowing that their next encounter would be just as intense as this one. They were bound to pleasure, and nothing could stop them.

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