Bound to Love and Passion – Celebrities & Fan Fiction

Chapter 1: Jacqui x Cassie x Sonya: Part:1


It had been over an hour since General Sonya Blade was training her, Cassie and the rest of their squad. Jacqui was actually getting kinda worried about them, so she went looking for the other two women. She had an idea of where they might be and that’s where she headed off to; a locker room for the higher ranked Special Forces members. The three women took benefit of it every so often to change without having to deal with other people if they could help it.

The closer she got to the room, the more noises she heard. She quirked a brow as she silently opened the door, her eyes widened and jaw dropped when she saw what was going on in the room; Cassie and Sonya were completely nude with Cassie laying down on one of the benches with both of her hands on her mom’s hips as Sonya rode her dick, the two women moaning constantly.

Jacqui felt herself beginning to get wet due to what was happening right in front of her. It was honestly one of the hottest fucking things she had ever seen in her entire life. It’s better than any sort of porn she’s ever watched before. She went over in her mind the methods that Cassie and Sonya acted around each other over the years. That’s when everything started to make sense. She should have known it sooner. But she was happy for Cassie and her aunt because they were happy together.

She wanted to see more, she gently pushed the door further and she accidentally tripped on something by her, however she did manage to catch herself by throwing her hands out towards the floor, stopping from landing face first. Jacqui leaned back up to her full height, finally noticing that the two very naked mom and daughter pair were staring at her with wide eyes, which were full surprise and slight traces of fear that made her feel a little bit guilty for spoiling their fun, also finding out about their secret incestuous relationship.

“Jacqui, can you lock the door for us? We need to talk about this.” Sonya said as she raised off of Cassie’s dick, leaving behind her cum and spit from the blowjob she gave her daughter before taking her inside her wet pussy. She sat next to Cassie, who gave her a worried look that nearly broke her heart, pulling her into a side hug. Sonya knew that being her and Jacqui is what Cassie wanted and so did she.

That’s exactly what Jacqui did, she then sat down on the other bench opposite from where Sonya and Cassie were sitting on. She really hoped she wouldn’t get into any kind of trouble for walking in on two women having sex. She didn’t know how long she waited until Cassie began to talk.

“Me and mom have been together for five fucking amazing months now. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you. We were going to eventually. Actually, I was planning on asking if you wanted to date us. The thing is, I’m in love with you and mom. I have been for years and just a few months ago, I got up the nerve to ask her out. We’re finally a couple. I couldn’t be happier, but now, we want you to be with us too.” Cassie explained, smiling softly as she snuggled even more into Sonya’s side, causing her to smile as well. She loved that she was able to be with her mom the way she was.

“She’s right. We love each other and we love you too. Is that something you would want?” Sonya asked, hope laced with lust in her voice. She had been waiting for this very moment for a while now. She knew Cassie was too. She was both nervous and excited at the exact same time.

“I honestly don’t know what to say except for yes, I’ll love to. I’ve had a huge crush on both of you since I was a kid. I just kept it to myself since I had no idea how to tell you the truth about how I felt., but I do now.” Jacqui replied with a grin, she strutted over to them, leaning down and bringing Sonya into a kiss for a few minutes, their tongues slipping in and out of each other’s mouths, then she broke that kiss to do the same with Cassie before she straddled the younger blonde’s lap, making her gasp sharply into their kiss because Jacqui’s ass was pressing against her, achingly hard cock.

“Mother of fuck, Jaqcui! I know that I’m not even inside you yet, but you still feel so good. Wait. Do you want me to use a condom?” Cassie said, hoping she would say no. She didn’t hate condoms, she just wasn’t a fan of how they felt on her skin. That’s why she never used whenever she and Sonya had sex, made love or fucked each other’s brains out.

“Nah, Cass. It’s cool. We’re all clean, so it’s more than fine. I do want to try something first before we do anything else.” Jacqui replied, getting down on her knees between Cassie’s legs, wrapping hand around her dick, stroking up and down, she leaned forward, began to lick and suck at her balls, causing Cassie to moan out her name in pleasure. She never imagined she would actually be having sex with Cassie, Sonya or even the two of the them at the same time. It was literally a dream come true for her.

“I’m not trying to rush you or anything like that, but can you please suck my dick? I honestly don’t know how much more I can take before I cum again.” Cassie gasped, moaning so loud that she was afraid the entire building heard her when Jacqui took the head of her dick into her mouth and started to suck. It just felt so fucking good. She had dreamed of this very moment so many times, it wasn’t even funny. Cassie was somewhat distracted from the blowjob she was currently getting from her bestfriend when Sonya suddenly pulled her into a kiss and started to play with her tits again. She absolutely loved it.

“Damn, Jacqui. I’ve never told you this, but I have always found you incredibly attractive. I know that I shouldn’t since you’re my best friend’s kid and my goddaughter, I don’t care what other people think about this anyway. It’s not like we’re going to tell anyone. Not to mention, it’s not their business what we do in our bedrooms. Or locker rooms either for that matter.” Sonya purred, using the hand that wasn’t on her daughter’s boobs to rub at her own clit. She was practically dripping wet at that point. She had never been so wet before, except for the first she and Cassie made love. Sonya stopped the kiss in order to lick and suck at her titties instead, loving the way she moaned both her name and Jacqui’s.

Jacqui loved the taste of Cassie’s cock. She could also taste what was left of Sonya’s cum. She tasted really good too. She couldn’t wait to eat Sonya out either. Jacqui soon had Cassie’s entire dick inside of her mouth, her nose touching her stomach and she held herself there, gagging on what was in her throat. She did that a few more times; lifting up until only the head was in her mouth before taking the entire length again and again. Jacqui knew that Cassie was close because of the way she was trembling, bucking against her face. She felt her pulse and throb, that’s when she moved back up, so that just the head of Cassie’s dick was in her mouth as she exploded into her, nearly screaming out her name as she came. Jacqui tried to swallow all of it, but some dribbled out and down her chin onto the floor below her.

Jacqui took Cassie’s cock out of her mouth, crawling back onto her lap, pulling her into a wet and sloppy kiss to let her taste her own cum. She broke the kiss so that she could softly nibble and bite at her neck, leaving a few hickeys here and there. She’s never been with anyone she loved more than Cassie. And she couldn’t wait to be with Sonya either.


Chapter 2: Jacqui x Cassie x Sonya: Part: 2


Jacqui rested her hands on Cassie’s shoulders while the younger blonde put her hands on her hips. With her friend’s help, Jacqui raised herself up over Cassie’s dick, waiting for a few seconds, then she lowered herself down onto it. Both women were moaning and grunting, the sounds coming from deep within their throats. Jacqui never had anything as big as Cassie’s cock inside of her before.

“Damn, Cassie. You just feel so fucking good. Fuck me. Please, just fuck me like you’ve always wanted to.” Jacqui husked out, trying not to make too much noise if she could help it. Jacqui began to move her hips, rolling and twisting them as she and Cassie fucked. She felt Cassie buck her hips up into her, hitting deeper spots in her soaked cunt than she wondered existed and she couldn’t get enough of it or Cassie herself.

“Jacqui, you’re so fucking wet and tight. I want to try something. Let’s lay down.” Cassie purred, she moved so that she was laying down on the bench with Jacqui still attached to her dick. She signaled for her mom to join them, who sat on her face and Cassie started licking and sucking at Sonya’s pussy, causing her to moan out her name.

“Oh, Cassie, fuck baby. Yes, keep doing that thing with your tongue!” Sonya nearly screamed out, she gyrated her hips as her daughter ate her out. Nobody was nowhere as good at it as Cassie was. It felt like electricity was dancing along her spine. She never quite felt anything else close to what she was feeling right then until she and Cassie started making love.

The way that Cassie’s dick stretched her was something that Jacqui felt amazing. In fact, she’s never had a dick that big inside of her before either. It was absolutely magnificent. Jacqui was so close, she placed one hand on the back of Sonya’s head to pull her into a dazzling kiss while she furiously rubbed her clit in rough circles with her other hand. It certainly didn’t take her or the other two women long to cum either.

Sonya, Cassie and Jacqui were all breathing heavily, trying to catch their breath. After several long minutes, they did. Sonya had gotten off of Cassie’s face, sitting next to her daughter. Jacqui laid down on top of Cassie, tucking her face into the younger blonde’s neck. She was still blushing, her face red from both the sex and the heat of the room. She’s pretty sweaty, she’s sure that Cassie and Sonya were too.

“I have an idea. Care to join us in our bedroom instead of just staying here? I mean, it would be way more fucking comfortable to do this in a bed than on a locker room bench.” Cassie said, smirking as she sat up, helping Jacqui off of her and back onto the bench, her cock slowly slipping out of the other woman. She really wanted for the three of them to fuck on a bed for so long. It would be romantic and sexy as hell.

“Sure. That sounds great. This isn’t the most comfy of places to have sex anyway. But let’s take a shower together first.” Jacqui replied, getting up and making her way into the actual shower area. She made sure to add some extra sway to her hips and ass. She knew that her two new girlfriends/lovers were staring at her naked ass and she fucking loved every single of it.

The two blondes followed right behind her after they shared a look. They all soaped up and washed one another. Once they had finished their shared shower, they all changed into some clean clothes, walking to Cassie and Sonya’s bedroom. Cassie wore a t-shirt and jeans, Sonya was wearing a sports bra and Jacqui put on a t-shirt and leggings.


Less than twenty minutes later, Jacqui was fucking Cassie’s ass with her own multicolored strap-on, thrusting hard into her, their hips slapping against each other’s, while Sonya fucked Jacqui, their movements were in perfect sync. The only sounds that could be heard in the bedroom were moans and soft grunts which echoed around them.


Chapter 3: Jacqui x Cassie x Sonya: Part: 3


Cassie couldn’t keep the moans that were spilling forth from her lips as she was fucked in her ass by her best friend. She was being very loud and she really didn’t give a fuck if anyone else other than the two women she’s currently having sex with heard them either. The way that Jacqui was fucking her, the fake cock thrusting in and out of her tight ass was reaching places she had no idea could actually be reached. It felt absolutely amazing.

Sonya pulled her strap-on out of Jacqui, taking it off, and laying it down on a towel nearby to clean it later, she got down on her knees and started to eat Jacqui out from behind, causing her to moan both of her lover’s names. It was one of the most erotic things she had ever been a part of in her life. And it was also her first ever threesome too. When she sensed that the younger woman was close, she crawled up the bed to get to her daughter and she tangled one hand in her blonde hair to pull her into a passionate kiss while she wrapped her other hand around Cassie’s dick.

“Holy shit. Seeing you two together like this is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. You two are so fucking sexy.” Sonya loved the way her daughter’s cock felt in her hand, both soft and hard at the same time. Hell, she all the time loved that feeling. Especially when that thick dick was inside her mouth, pussy or ass.

Cassie reached over and pulled Sonya into a sweet kiss, which quickly turned dirty as nipped at each other’s lips and sucked one another’s tongues. They eventually had to break the kiss for air, that’s when Jacqui kissed Cassie too, then Sonya, the three of them were soon kissing at the same time.

The three-way kiss was soon broken, with Jacqui pulling the strap-on out of Cassie’s tight ass after the younger blonde came hard. She tossed the sex toy onto the floor, laying herself down on the bed next to Cassie, cuddling her while Sonya was now on her daughter’s other side, facing her.


xxx-Ten Minutes Later-xxx


After some maneuvering, Jacqui was on her back with Cassie on top of her while Sonya was riding her face. Jacqui gripped Sonya’s hips to help keep her steady. She moaned into the older woman’s cunt as she ate her out. She couldn’t stop her moans, even if she wanted to. Cassie was just too damn good at fucking.

Cassie grunted, her fingers leaving marks on her best friend’s thighs as she thrusted her dick into Jacqui, going gentle at first before her hips were moving at a faster pace. Cassie felt Jacqui’s hot and wet inner walls grip at her like a vice. It was quite fantastic.

“Fuck, I’m so close. I’m going to cum.” Cassie growled out as she started to pound into the woman beneath her, the wet noise of skin slapping against skin bouncing off of the walls. If she knew that Jacqui had a crush on her, she would have come onto her years ago. She heard Sonya whimpering out Jacqui’s when she came, then noticed she had rolled off of her face, to lay flat on her back next to her.

“Oh! Cassie, yes! Fuck me! Please fuck me harder!” Jacqui squealed, bucking her hips to stay in sync with her. Cassie was a goddess in and out of bed. She really, really wanted to have sex with her and Sonya again someday. She clenched around Cassie’s cock and that was it and Jacqui felt the younger blonde coming inside of her. Jacqui squirted on Cassie’s dick, both women moaning uncontrollably in pleasure.

Cassie withdrew from her, she gently grabbed Sonya’s hips, pulling her closer and slipping her cock inside her cunt. She grinned when she saw that Jacqui was laying on her side, groping her own tits while she was lazily rubbing her clit as she watched her fuck Sonya. Cassie leaned down to bring Sonya into a sweet, loving kiss that quickly became hot and filthy in just seconds. When she broke the kiss, there was a string of spit connecting their lips together until it snapped in half.


xxx-Four Hours Later-xxx


The three women continued to make love in numerous positions for two more hours before they were truly exhausted. Cassie woke up pretty late to clean up the sex toys before getting her mom and Jacqui into the shower with you.

They didn’t bother changing the bed sheets. Neither of them actually felt like doing anything besides cuddling each other in bed for several hours and getting up when they absolutely had to. Like for work or whatever.




It wasn’t until six months later that Cassie, Sonya and Jacqui were able to hook up again, this time they went on a very romantic date first to make up for the fact that they didn’t when Jacqui joined them, then went back to Cassie and Sonya’s place to spend the rest of the night fucking.

Cassie made sure that no one found out about her relationships with both Sonya and Jacqui. It’s not that she was ashamed or anything like that. It’s just that it was nobody else’s company. They were all happy together, regardless of what other people might have wondered.

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