Bound By Lust: A Tale of Submission and Control

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As the sun began to set, a cool breeze swept through the open windows of the ancient castle. Summer had come and alongside it, a new era of darkness had befallen on the town. People whispered tales of the new lord who had come to rule the castle, his boundless power and unquenchable appetite for pleasure.

Amongst the whispers, a young woman named Lily had at all times been intrigued by the stories surrounding the castle. She was known to be adventurous and provocative. Having heard the tales of the powerful lord, she slowly became obsessed with the idea of being controlled and dominated by him.

One moonless night, Lily decided to take her fantasies to the next level. She dressed in her best clothing and made her way to the castle gates. Upon seeing her, the guard raised an eyebrow, enquiring about her intentions. She coyly replied that she was seeking the lord’s business, inviting him to lead her to his master.

The guard led her through winding corridors, dimly lit by flickering torches. As they reached the hall, the lord was seated at the head of the table. ‘’Who is this?”, he asked, his words laced with amusement. With a seductive innocence, Lily replied, “I am Lily, my lord, and I am here to serve only you’’.

The lord laughed, he could see that she was indeed bold. “Is that so? Well, then, why don’t you come closer?”, he said as he gestured for her to approach. She walked towards him, her eyes cast down, as they reached the table, he stood up, towering over her.

Before she knew it, he grabbed her tightly by the waist, pulling her in closer to his body, his musky scent enveloping her. “You will do as I say, little Lily,” he whispered in her ear, whilst running his fingers through her hair, “You belong to me now”.

Lily felt her heartbeat increasing, her body reacting to his touch, and her legs trembling under her. She could feel his warm breath on her neck and his strong arms dominating her body. She was his to do with as he pleased, just as she’d at all times dreamed.

Without warning, he lifted her up in his arms, carrying her towards the bedchamber. She could feel every inch of his muscles tightening as he walked, and she realized she’d never felt so safe yet vulnerable at the same time.

As they entered the room, Lily’s heart began to race. The room was adorned with rich, magisterial tapestries depicting leering faces and base desires. There was a large, elegant four-poster bed in the middle of the room, draped with luxurious linens. The lord set her down on the bed, laying her back gently.

She looked up at him, his form towering above her. His eyes were cold, steely, and commanding. Lily realized that if she was to be his companion, she had to be completely submissive and unafraid.

The lord commanded her to remove her clothes. She hesitated for a moment, looking at him with apprehension. However, the strength in his stare inclined her to do as he instructed. Lily slowly and slowly removed her top, sliding it over her head, revealing an enticing, lacy bra that barely contained her breasts. Her fingers fumbled as she unzipped her pants, revealing her wet panties, soaked through with lust.

The lord slowly walked around the bed, taking in every inch of her naked form. Lily could feel his eyes on her, examining every part of her skin as if it was his to take. She quivered under his gaze, waiting for him to decide what to do next.

Suddenly, he grabbed her by the arm, pulling her to her feet. Lily felt her heart race with anticipation and fear, she felt like a young girl being molested by a much older man, yet the feeling only heightened her pleasure.

“You need to obey me, Lily,” he declared softly, his voice filled with a dangerous edge, “I’m going to blindfold you, so you can experience everything I have planned for you fully”.

Without hesitation, she closed her eyes, allowing him to tie the silk scarf over them, plunging her into darkness. Lily was blind and vulnerable, relying solely on her senses to keep her balanced.

Suddenly, she heard the sound of a zipper. She could feel him taking off his clothes, the heat of his body radiates through the air. She stood still, eager him to take her, ready for whatever he had in store for her.

She could hear his breath by her ear as he whispered, “Lily, you are mine now, I will make you mine”. Suddenly, his hand wrapped tightly around her neck, pulling her head up, exposing it to his assault.

Lily moaned as he slid his hand down to cup her breast, slowly trailing his fingers over the fabric of her bra, teasing her before returning his grip to her neck. Slowly, he lowered his mouth to hers, his lips hot and demanding as he kissed her mercilessly.

His dominant kiss left her speechless, and she could only feel his strong arms pulling her into him, pressing her against his hard body. Then, he wrapped his fingers around her throat, applying just enough pressure to make her feel his power.

He let go of her when he was done, then he gently pushed her onto the bed. Her body trembled as he removed her blindfold and forced her to look at him. Lily gasped as she saw his gigantic erection, and she realizes that she was incapable of removing her gaze from it.

He gestured for her to come to him, and she did, taking the fleshy rod of his sex in her mouth. She sucked him, wanting only to please him and be accepted into his arms.

With fierce control, he held her hair firmly, directing her movements. Lily sensed his pleasure building within him, and she knew that soon he would relieve himself, his seed spilling into her mouth.

But, just as he was about to climax, he pulled away sharply, leaving her gasping on the bed beside him.

“Tonight is not about my pleasure,” he instructed, “but yours, lay back and relax, Lily, tonight, I’m going to make you forget about the world”.

With a single movement of his hand, he parted her legs, exposing her to him. She could feel the wetness between her legs and the pulsating desire that had taken over her body.

He began with soft, teasing strokes, moving ever closer to that place that would send her over the edge. Lily gasped as he found her sweet spot, his fingers working in revolving circles that increased the intensity of each touch.

It wasn’t long before she felt her climax building within her, her body shaking as it was wracked with ecstatic pleasure, which continued for what seemed like an eternity.

As the orgasm slowly passed, the lord leaned over her, his lips seeking hers, and they entwined in a gorgeous, feverish kiss that seemed to last a lifetime.

“Welcome to my world, Lily,” he said softly. “From this moment forth, you will be bound by lust and submission to me. ”

And with those words, she knew that she was his, committed to serve him in any way he desired. And in that moment, they both knew that theirs was a bond that would last long into the future, a forever love forged of pain, pleasure, and inexplicable desire.

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