Bound and Begging for Pleasure: A Submissive’s Tale

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As I knelt in front of my dominant, my heart raced with anticipation. My wrists were tightly bound with silk ropes, rendering me helpless and at her mercy. The soft fabric contrasted with the roughness of the bindings, creating a delicious sense of tension in my body.

I trembled as I looked up at her stern gaze, completely at her mercy. I begged for permission to touch her, to kiss her, to taste her, but she merely smiled down at me with sadistic pleasure.

“Now, now, my little submissive. You need to earn your reward,” she purred.

I whimpered, craving her touch more than anything in the world. I was begging for pleasure, for release from this sweet torture. She knew exactly what buttons to push, how to tease me until I was begging for mercy.

She walked around me slowly, her high heels clicking on the polished floor. I shuddered as her fingers trailed down my spine, sending a jolt of electricity through my body. I was hers, completely and utterly.

She lifted my face with a single finger, forcing me to look up at her. The glint in her eyes was all the permission I needed to beg for release once again.

“Please, Mistress. I need you,” I panted.

She smirked, enjoying my desperation. Then, with one swift motion, she pulled me to my feet and pushed me onto the bed. My body bounced against the soft mattress as she loomed over me, her eyes dark and hungry.

“Your wish is my command, little one,” she growled, before diving between my legs.

I cried out as she lapped at my folds, her tongue teasing and tantalizing me. I bucked against her, straining against my restraints, begging for more. She foxed me to the brink over and over again, denying me release until I was on the brink of insanity.

But finally, she relented, and I came undone beneath her touch. She rode me hard, taking me higher and higher until I was lost in a sea of pleasure.

As she collapsed beside me, her breathing ragged, I knew that I was hers. Completely, and utterly.