Bound and Begging: A Tale of Dominance and Submission

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As soon as the door closed behind her, she knew that something was different. The dim lighting that usually welcomed her when she walked in was gone. Instead, there were candles flickering on every surface. The room was cast in a warm, golden glow that made her feel like she had stepped into a different world, a world where anything was efficient. She could feel the heat rising to her cheeks as she looked around, taking in the scene.

He was standing in the middle of the room, dressed in a dark suit that hugged his broad shoulders and trim waist. As soon as he saw her, he gestured towards the bed. She could see the ropes and manacles that had been meticulously tied to the bedposts. Her heart skipped a beat as she realized what was happening. It was gonna be one of those nights. The sort of night where they both gave in to their desires and let themselves be taken over by the power of submission and dominance.

With a slow, measured step, she walked towards him. His eyes followed her every move, taking in the curve of her hips and the bounce of her breasts as she moved. When she finally reached him, he took her in his arms, his lips devouring hers. She tasted him, letting the sweet shudder of heat that ran down her spine take her over. It was all the time like this in the beginning. The heat between them, the undeniable attraction, it was all-consuming.

But when they pulled away from each other, his expression changed. It became darker, more intense. He gestured towards the bed, and she knew what he wanted. She took off her blouse, then her bra and panties, leaving them in a pile on the floor. Within seconds, he had her wrists bound and suspended from the bedposts. She was at his mercy now, and she knew that he would do with her as he pleased.

The thrill of being completely helpless, of not being able to withstand him, was overwhelming. She tried to move, to struggle against the restraints, but he held her firmly in place. His hands were all over her body now, stroking her skin, caressing her breasts, and sliding down to her hips. She felt him take her in his arms, positioning her in such a way that her legs were spread wide and completely exposed to him. The sight of her open and vulnerable to him made her heart race, and she felt the first inklings of arousal stirring within her.

He began to tease her then, his fingers circling around her clit, over and over again. The pleasure was exquisite, and she could feel herself starting to come undone. But then, he stopped. Just like that. He pulled back, leaving her aching and desperate for release.

“Please,” she begged him, her voice raw with need. “Don’t stop!”

But he did. Again and again, he brought her to the brink of ecstasy, only to pull back at the last second. It was like a game to him, and she was the eager victim. She would endure anything to feel the release that was just out of reach.

She wanted to beg, to plead with him to just give her what she wanted, but she knew that was exactly what he wanted from her. He wanted her to be completely dependent on him, to need him in methods that went beyond the physical. It was a power exchange, and he had all of the power. But that, in itself, was what made it so thrilling for her.

He leaned down and whispered in her ear, “Who do you belong to, my darling?”

She knew the answer, but she also knew that he wouldn’t do anything until she said it.

“Y-you,” she stammered out, her voice shaking with desire.

“That’s right,” he said. “You’re mine, and I’m going to make you come until you can’t take it anymore.”

With that, he went back to work with his fingers, slipping them inside of her until she was panting and moaning with pleasure. But this time, when she finally orgasmed, it was like an explosion went off inside of her. She cried out, writhing and wriggling against the bonds, completely breathless. It was like all of the tension that had been building up inside of her had finally been released, and she felt more alive than ever before.

He let her come down from her high slowly, stroking her hair and whispering words of comfort in her ear. And when she finally opened her eyes, he was smiling down at her, a look of satisfaction on his face.

“We could do this forever,” he said.

And she knew that he was right. There was a power in submission that was intoxicating, and the more she gave herself over to him, the more she craved it. She was completely and utterly his, and she wouldn’t want it any other way.