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Boss’s New Wife

By Sabrina G. Langton


‘Author’s note. I was reading a story by a wonderful author leeanna19, called ‘SEVEN YEARS AS A Wife‘ I got inspired and wrote something similar in a couple of days. Go read hers instead it’s nice and linear and has no complicated timeline, like mine. Thanks for reading I hope YOU like it…’


It was Wednesday night, I would be going home. I looked at the time blazing on the cable box, the room dark. 11:40PM, I am not allowed to leave before midnight.

An hour ago he was inside me, now he is breathing soundly. He didn’t make that much noise and he slept quite well, I never woke him up when I left. I never woke him up ever, thank God the Shower was quiet and the garage door was on the other side of the house, a whole huge floor away.

I was sore, my bottom was always sore on Wednesday night. Two days, exactly thirty-nine hours, that was the deal he made me take. He made it six weeks ago. He said it was the perfect amount of time but now he was thinking he wanted to add one more day, another twenty-four hours.

I didn’t know how I was going to explain the new hours to my Wife.


I have been working at Drexiom Industries, a small company with six employees, for four years and six weeks. Four years as an engineer. I started here three months after Lois and I had gotten married. The two of us finally had jobs that paid well.

I have been working as Mr. Sander’s Assistant for the last six weeks. I got a hundred percent raise, I got my own office and I made all of the other workers disgruntled. All my friends. How could I tell them I didn’t want the extra money, the office, or even the much easier job. I had a college degree, I used to draw up plans for machinery and computer designs, now I get coffee, or dry cleaning or go shopping. I also have new hours. Mr. Sanders gave me off on Mondays.

It was Thursday, he called me into his office, I had a much smaller one right next door to his. I sat across from him, I gave him back his Wife‘s phone.

“I want to send flowers to Sabrina.”

He smirked at me as he stood up next to the desk. He was a couple of inches taller than six feet. I had to look way up at him while in the chair. He had dark hair, a slight beard and he smelled like expensive aftershave. His large shoulders and body were made for a suit. He had over a dozen of them, nicely pressed and always dry cleaned. I knew his size, I knew his shoe and T-shirt size too. I had a list of things I had to know, but now I knew them all by heart.

“Okay.” I put it on my IPad.

“Let’s wait and send them to the house on Tuesday, this way they will be fresh.” He smiled at me, he made me nervous. “You know what I’m thinking, maybe one day I will have her come into the office and meet everyone here.” He sat back in his chair, putting his feet on the desk. I was quiet.

“Is that a good idea, sir?” I was getting more nervous, he loved to tease me, he loved to make me uncomfortable.

‘It is, I talk about her all the time. I think people need to see how beautiful she is, how young and smart… and you know, how happy she is. Put a face to a name. You don’t agree?”

I had to agree, “I do.” I didn’t have to be happy about it.

“Good, together we will come up with a plan, haha. Okay get out of here, do whatever it is you do.”

I left, I called the florist, I ordered a small bouquet for next week. She liked flowers simple and white and pink. She didn’t like anything too big, extravagant, or gaudy.

She was me…


Monday I had off, I did the shopping for my Wife in the morning. She didn’t like that I was gone for so long, but loved that I liked to help, I liked to do things for her. When she got home everything was done, the cleaning, the shopping. I had gotten so much more organized and domesticated. I even left her dinners I made and froze that she could have later.

Afterward, I had to go to my Esthetician, Tanya. I went through our back door and grabbed my bags. She was in the process of removing the hair on my body. It was taking a long time, my chest was now completely smooth, my face was making progress. She also did a lot of waxing, tweezing, and threading.

Then I went to the gym. I do cardio, I tone up, I do so many squats. I have a cycle class. I have a trainer, he says I am at my perfect weight. I am one hundred and thirty-five pounds, I have lost thirty pounds in three months. I have been crossdressing since I was young, I was always overweight, but now I was perfect. I used to have slight man-breasts, I could fill an underwire B-cup. I would wear a corset for a nicer shape, I never knew what size I wore and nothing ever fit correctly. Now I looked perfect in all my new clothes and outfits. Every crossdresser should have help. Mr. Sanders wants me perfect. I was 5’8″ with blonde hair and soft features, that’s what he liked. He liked his women blonde, he liked them tall, he liked them with great toned legs and large breasts.

Three months ago he caught me at work, late at night on my computer.

I told my Wife I stopped wearing women’s clothes. She knew I did it before we were married, she found pictures, she found panties. I promised her I would never do it again, it was just a silly hobby, she said it made her embarrassed. I never explained why I had a locked suitcase on the bottom of our closet, then two and now three. One just filled with heels and pocketbooks. I had been dressing since I was young. I had gotten so good at it. I loved heels and stockings, that was what I lived for, unfortunately, I never had enough time at home. I took some clothes to the office, everyone was done early or was working from their own houses. Even the parking lot was empty. It was late, I would put on one of my new short dresses and pantyhose and high heels. Prance around the office for a while, clicking down the aisles. Sometimes I would do my makeup, lashes, mascara, lipstick everything. This night was one of those nights, I took so many pictures in the semi-darkness of the office. I wanted to see and share my new outfits with everyone, I loved when I got compliments. I was putting pictures of myself up on social media. I did this on quiet Tuesday nights, I told my Wife I worked late, I came home after midnight she was used to it. I usually shared a cubicle with four other people, now I was alone and relaxed, I was enjoying my time in heels. I looked up, Mr. Sanders walked in after a night drinking with his clients and friends. He was picking up his briefcase and waiting for a cab. I was at my computer in a long blonde wig.

A month later he gave me my own office.


I hated waking up on Tuesday morning. I had to be at work at nine AM. I had to have my weekly update meeting with Scott. He briefed me on the rest of the week. I was always tense and my mouth was always dry before the meeting. I was always embarrassed during it.

I walked in and closed the door, nobody else was in the office yet. I sat, he handed me his Wife‘s phone, my phone, with a huge smile. He made sure he touched me, held my hand, brushed my shoulder. He always left work early on Tuesday afternoons, he couldn’t wait to get home. Everyone in the office knew why he was leaving early. He missed his new Wife, his beautiful, sexy, young, and blonde Wife. Eleven years younger than his thirty-nine years. They were still in the honeymoon phase of their relationship, there was a blurry picture on his desk. He told all his employees they were trying so hard to have a baby.

“Hi,” He smiled, “I missed you.”

He was behind watching me from above, looking down. “I updated the calendar. We have to start working on that other work day, I want to see more of you. We also might be a little busy this week.” He was in front of me, he winked. “We might do something different,” He smiled, he told me to stand. He took me in his arms and we kissed. He put me against the door, I told him I should leave before anyone saw or heard us. He kept on kissing and playing with my breasts. “I can’t wait to see you later. You are teasing me with this outfit, it’s so short, I can’t wait to see what you put on when I get home.” He gave me one last kiss and fondle and then he ushered me out. He told me he was always too excited seeing me, smelling my perfume. I ran down the two flights of stairs I didn’t want to get caught by someone else, someone I knew. I didn’t like that he made me do this every Tuesday morning.

Tanya didn’t understand why I was always so nervous about this little meeting. She told me I was completely passable. This was the one main thing that kept me up most of the week dreading. I didn’t want anyone to recognize me. If someone did come into the office, Mr. Sanders would distract them so I could sneak out, I was surprised when sometimes he was nice to me.

Soon I was in my dark blue car heading to the Sanders home. A large house with a beautiful garden and three-car garage in a nice neighborhood just outside LA. The flowers were on the bench next to the front door. I opened the garage from my car and parked next to Mr. Sander’s Wife‘s car, my car. A pink Ford Mustang, he had it detailed and painted special. It stood out on the corners and in the parking lots, everyone knew whose car it was. It had a specialty license plate with my name on it.

I was back, back for two days. I clicked up the stairs. I went into the bedroom. It was our bedroom, it had another door which led to my dressing room. It had closets filled with clothes and mirrors, and shelves filled with heels. Tanya and I decorated it together. It had beautiful artwork on the walls, music coming from speakers in the ceiling, and pictures of myself and Scott. Pictures of us over the last six weeks. Pictures of a beautiful woman and a handsome man. He told everyone we got married quick, Love at first sight. He told everyone, even his parents, even his ex-Wife. A wedding picture hung downstairs in the foyer, it was the first thing you saw when you entered the house.

I checked the calendar on the phone. I always held the phone so girlie with my long nails, I now had to use my fingers instead of finger tips. My iPhone with the leopard case matched a couple of my pocketbooks and a top or three. It also matched the cover of my iPad. He was coming home at two, I had three hours to get ready, again. The cleaning company were all here the day before, the house was spotless, the laundry was all done. Even my own outfits were clean and ready to be worn again. They left me a note saying ‘Have a nice day. Mrs. S.’ The cleaning people loved me, I remembered their names, I made them cookies, I bought them lunch, I gave them presents, I always said hello.

According to the calendar he wanted me to wear the new yellow dress I ordered, it must have come during the week. I fished it out of the walk-in closet, I couldn’t wait to try it on. Once I was in this room I couldn’t wait to become a woman, but I didn’t really want to become Mrs. Sabrina Sanders. I could never wait to slip on pantyhose. I just wished he wasn’t so controlling, or that he gave me so many orders, gave me too much direction, he made me do things that made me uncomfortable. I was going to be uncomfortable today greeting him at the door.

I got undressed. I was mostly prepared, Tanya always got me ready on Tuesday mornings, but he wanted me to change. He wanted me a little more dramatic and sexy after our morning meeting.

I stood in front of my mirror, I was surrounded by them. I told Tanya that I loved watching myself dress, slipping on stockings, or stepping into my heels. I was your average crossdresser, I loved what we all loved. I put on sheer to the waist nude pantyhose, making sure I was tucked in. I couldn’t be showing, I wouldn’t allow it, but Scott liked to check to see how excited I was, how hard he was making me. I then slipped on my new breast forms. They were double D and slid over my head. They looked and felt feminine and real. They matched my skin tone perfectly, I’m sure they cost a fortune. I always went from a C to a double D, I became a different woman when I walked into this house.

Scott bought me anything I wanted, anything he thought I should have, anything at all. I sat at my vanity and checked my hair and makeup. I had six wigs in my closet, all on foam heads, just waiting to make an appearance. All were the same color, some were long, down to the top of my breasts. Some were longer, down to my Ass. All were the same blonde with slight red streaks in them. The one I had on now was my favorite, this is the one I always took to Tanya’s. It reached the top of my breasts and had a slight curl, it was very feminine and suited me perfectly

Once my hair was brushed I changed from clear to color on my long press-on nails. My toes were always painted, Tanya made them white the day before, perfect for my new dress, I did my fingernails the same. I have gotten so good at doing my makeup. Tanya introduced me to a beautician to learn. For the last couple of months I met with her at the salon, she showed me how to do my eyes so many different ways, she sent me online tutorials, she made me buy beautiful expensive makeup and an airbrush kit. My vanity overflowed with bottles, tubes, and brushes.

I brushed, shaped, and darkened my eyebrows. I put on my long eyelashes and put on eyeliner. My brushes glided over my female face. I was so much more glamorous than this morning. My lips were a soft mauve, matching my eye shadow. I looked incredible, I looked sexy and feminine, my husband was going to be very happy when he walked through the door… and I crawled to him.

I pulled on my little yellow dress, with tiny thin straps and backless. The front shows the tops of my breasts, the back starting at the top of my Ass. The frilly hem coming just below my ‘Pussy.’ I slipped into six-inch Pleasers, they were nude with a two-inch platform. A beautiful strap securing them to my ankle. I posed, I smiled, the anticipation got to me again, he would be here soon. I took a couple of pictures on both of my phones. I sent two of them to Tanya.

I put three gold bracelets around my right wrist, slipped in my big gold hoops into my pierced ears, and then sat back down at my vanity. I turned my head around, I loved how my hoops bounced against my cheeks, they were so sexy. I pursed my lips and kissed my femme image in the mirror. I hated telling the Wife I wanted pierced ears. We argued for two weeks. I told her I always wanted them, I always did, it had nothing to do with my crossdressing, I was over that. I lied. She didn’t like them. He made me get them, I couldn’t even have a conversation about it with him. I usually wore little silver studs, I couldn’t wait to change them when I was in front of my mirror.

I put a couple of drops of my Coco Chanel perfume, fluffed up my hair, and then opened my jewelry box. It was full of more expensive bracelets and necklaces. I didn’t like expensive, it made me tense, I was always losing things. I put a big chunky yellow and black stoned necklace on, it was heavy. I wanted to make noise when I minced on my heels, I wanted to cover the top of my breast forms.

I then made the phone call. I always had to call Scott when I was ready to put on my ring. That was the moment I truly became his Wife. He wanted to hear my soft voice, he wanted me to tell him I loved him.

“Hi, darling,” I said into the phone looking into my mirror, I knew what he wanted to hear. My voice was high and clear.

“Baby, hi, you are all dressed and waiting for me already?”

“I am.” I have gotten so much better at this, I take so much less time over the last six weeks.

“Are you holding the ring?”

“Mmm mmm,” I said in a cute little sing-song lilt, “I have it in my hand, my beautiful diamond. My nails are extra long today too and they are white, you are going to Love them.”

“Heh, heh, am I? Okay slip on the ring baby, let me hear you ooh and ahh.” He chuckled again, he imagined that the ring turned me into a female, changed my whole body chemistry, my sexual orientation. Turned me into his loving Wife.

I slid it on, “Mmm, I Love how it feels baby. I Love how it looks with my new dress.” My voice was even higher and clearer. A slight wanting and feminine sigh.

“God, I can’t wait to get home, maybe fifteen, twenty minutes. I want you waiting.”

“Okay, I, I Love you.”

“I Love you too.” He then hung up, I still had my phone to my ear, he always terminated the call too soon. I wish he meant it, it would make the next 39 hours easier.


I felt so small and thin in my new yellow dress, I was sitting on the floor in the living room. I spied my heels next to me, they looked so sexy. I was rubbing my smooth, nyloned legs. Scott was lucky to have met a Hot woman like me, so soon after his divorce. He was lucky to have found me dressed up in the office. It was only my twelfth time doing that in four years, dressing up at work, what was I thinking? I always dressed when Lois went to her mother’s, I always dressed when I had time. I never had enough time, I was loving it more. Now I had these two full days. I loved being able to dress, gliding in this big home, clicking in my heels on the stairs, the wood floors, the concrete on the huge patio. Never looking over my shoulder. I just wish I didn’t have to be forced to do it by Mr. Sanders. By Scott.

I was nervous, he made me so nervous. I heard the garage, I heard his car, I straightened up, he would be walking out the garage and into the front door. I checked my hair in the strategically placed mirror. I tried to smile at my reflection. I wanted her to have fun.

He always kept the door open when he walked in, he wanted the neighbors to hear and see if they were even listening or looking. The door opened, Scott was carrying the flowers. I left them on the bench, he wasn’t going to be happy about that, I was going to make him forget about them. I started to crawl, I started to make my way over to him. He put the flowers on the table and smelled them, he was making me believe he couldn’t see me. He wanted to be surprised.

I got closer, I caught his eye. He looked down at my breasts almost falling out of this dress, swaying. I stopped in front of him, inches from him while on my knees, I leaned and kissed his crotch. “Good afternoon honey.” I smiled up at him and blew him a kiss, he ran his hands in my hair. I started massaging his crotch with my face, my chin, my lips. he pulled my head into him he was so hard, he let out a soft moan.

“Nobody knows how beautiful and Horny my Wife is.” He laughed, he liked to think that I needed him for Sex constantly. He liked thinking he married a sexual, wanton woman. He wanted to seduce me, he wanted me willing and ready for him at all times. I was on my knees waiting for him to show me his cock. “I think my Wife is ready for me.” He opened his zipper, he pulled his manhood out, already so hard and pointing at me. I bet his cock was hard most of the drive home, especially after the phone call. He told me he loved my voice, he loved how feminine and slutty I sounded.

I took him into my mouth, one slow movement from the tip of his dick to the hair below his hard stomach. I had to prove I could take him, no coughing, no gagging. I was the perfect whore. I sucked on his manhood and then looked up to make sure he was enjoying himself.

He looked at me and smiled, he loved Tuesdays. “Mmm you look fantastic on my cock, you want to be my baby girl don’t you?” I pulled off and sexily shook my head and body. I knew how to be a perfect slut. I went back to his cock. I tried to suck some more but he bent down, took my chin, and kissed me, his tongue went inside me, he kissed my lips, cheek and then the top of my head. “I know what you want.” I went back onto his dick and sucked harder, he was getting ready to cum, as I played with his balls.

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