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Author’s Note: This story is completely fictional and did not happen. All names of characters are fictional and were made up. Please do not copy and plagiarize my work.


Los Angeles, California

“Big, big booty! What you got? A big booty!”

Thumping bass beats echoed from the speakers in a fast tempo. Two familiar voices mixed together in a chorus while repeating the intro line of the song. The beats continued to play, with drum beats entering the mix. Another voice began to speak from the left speaker.

“Work. Shake that! Go to work. Ain’t that a freak!” 

The main riff of the song began to play, re-recorded in distorted guitars. That catchy riff was all too familiar to anyone who heard the song when it originally dropped nine years ago. Several remixes were made based around that single riff that continued to play throughout the song. This was a true twerk anthem, with no title necessary beyond the word ‘Booty’. A theme song for Jennifer Lopez. Nine years after the release, she was still a reigning queen known for her thick ass. No one in the music industry was expecting her to drop a new remix of one of her signature tracks nearly nine years to the date of the original release. Much had changed in her life since 2014. Now that she was remarried, some journalists and tabloid writers expected Jennifer to slow down. Anyone who had paid attention to her throughout the years would have known that J-Lo never slowed down. Age was only a level of experience for her.

Iggy Azalea was the guest star of the original remixed track. Life had changed for the blonde Australian rapper too, with the years moving by. At thirty-two years of age now, she had the money and fame she was once craving back when the original music video for Booty was filmed. The nickname of ‘The New Classic’ was certified by this point in time. Iggy became a mother a few years ago and considered retiring from her music career. Her last album was appropriately titled ‘The End of an Era’. Two years after the release, she was already considering a comeback. It all began when he decided to join FansOnly and quickly cash in with erotic photography. Iggy was never shy about embracing her own beauty. It was her desire over a decade ago to become known as a sex symbol in the music industry. The Booty music video had given her just what she wanted, regardless of the fact that it was Jennifer’s song.

It was Iggy who became aware of a new remix of the song making waves online. A DJ from Germany was doing his best to make a mark with audiences online by remixing the song into a true club banger. DJ Jörg E II hailed from Frankfurt. Before he made his presence known online, he had developed a reputation in the German club scene. Many of his performances were in his hometown of Frankfurt before he ventured off to Berlin. Online, he had the help of a close friend who managed his many social media accounts for promotion. The two men joked about sliding into Iggy Azalea’s DMs when they saw she had joined FansOnly. Jörg waited to see the sort of content she was creating. After Iggy uploaded a few videos twerking her enormous ass, he finally took the chance to send her the remix of Booty. The last thing he expected was to receive a response from the rapper herself. Iggy found his remix to be a worthwhile update to the older song. She immediately wanted to write a new set of lyrics to update her own verses.

A week later, after that interaction, Iggy contacted Jennifer and began a discussion between their agents. When Jennifer heard the remix, she wondered of buying it outright from the DJ for an official release. Jörg requested producer credit for the song. That was his only demand during a meeting with a representative from Capitol Records. True to Jennifer’s word, the agents offered him a large sum of money for the remixed song. Jörg sold the rights by signing his name on a contract. Jennifer knew it would be the most money he would see in earnings for a single song as a DJ. With the song secured, it was now sent to a different studio in Los Angeles for alternate mixing. The remix quickly became a redux-style variant after Jennifer entered the studio and made demands to her own producers. The distorted guitar riffs were expanded with the addition of Latin horns playing the catchy riff. Iggy had the original remix Jörg produced and was willing to use it for her FansOnly videos. Jennifer, on the other hand, had bigger ideas about what to do with this newly acquired rendition of her popular song.

Jennifer wanted a new music video. She was willing to pull strings and get in contact with the director of the original video. Hype Williams knew how to set the scene for her and Iggy to deliver the first time around. Jennifer felt it was only right for him to be the one directing the new cinematography. A rumor began to spread through tabloid newspapers that J-Lo and Iggy had a new project together. This internet gossip gave Iggy several laughs. She liked to stay up at night scrolling through her Twitter profile when she was bored. Her DMs on FansOnly were all the time filled with horny fans desperate for more content. It was funny to her, knowing that she had a real trick up her sleeve with Jennifer’s new project. A new Booty music video was sure to drive more people to her FansOnly account and make an epic splash on the internet. All through the month, Iggy kept in contact with Jennifer. It took three weeks to arrange everything, including a new redux version of the song and the future music video.

When she wasn’t talking to Jennifer on the phone, Iggy was talking to someone else. She reached out to Britney Spears last year. The two girls sat around in the afternoons, chit-chatting over the phone and discussing life. Iggy liked to tease Britney that she should open a FansOnly profile. The censored nudes Britney had posted all over social media caused a major uproar last year. Iggy reminded her friend every chance she had that she would ‘break the internet’ as a FansOnly model. As rumors began to spread within the music industry about a new collaboration project, Iggy kept her lips sealed to most people. Britney was the only person she told about her upcoming music video with Jennifer. She wanted to hear the reaction from the voice of the pop princess on the phone. Iggy was not disappointed when she heard that deep southern accent come from Britney. ‘Oh my god, really? I’ll be looking forward to watching you pop that booty with J-Lo!’

Between Jennifer and Iggy, they shared laughs talking about Britney. Jennifer hinted to Iggy that she once had past events with Britney. She left her friend to use her own imagination to consider what wild things occurred between the two singers. There were many stories Jennifer could have shared with Iggy about other popular names she had spent time with. Rather than spilling her secrets, Jennifer was more interested in creating their own memories together. This was their second collaboration together, and Jennifer wanted this experience to go beyond company. They did not get the chance to have any fun the first time around. Despite the years that passed, Jennifer saw this as a perfect opportunity for them to have an adventure for themselves. It did not matter if she was a married woman or not. Iggy was well aware of the men Jennifer kept around to please her needs when she desired special business.

Tales of her many men were whispered by selective people in Hollywood social circles. Had Iggy brushed shoulders with the likes of Kim Kardashian or Beyoncé, maybe she would have heard something about Jennifer’s guys. It was no secret that she was a woman of power. When her husband was not around, Jennifer had other men to keep her business when she desired. She had once bragged to Iggy almost a decade ago that she had a man in New York and another in Miami. Jennifer had famously joked that most men were useless before they turned thirty. Iggy made sure to ask her about that more than once. The last time came when the ladies were enjoying a quiet limousine ride together. Jennifer waited until the music video sessions were booked for filming. Within two months of acquiring the remix, Jennifer and Iggy were on set with Hype Williams to film the music video. The director believed they could wrap up the entire shoot in only a matter of four days.

Arrangements were made ahead of time with a budget that was mostly spent on outfits. Jennifer employed her own makeup artists, as did Iggy. Instead of scheduling a shoot for four days, Jennifer extended the studio rental for an entire week. Seven days gave her and Iggy plenty of time to build their own choreography together. That was the official reason given to her manager and the director. Jennifer had other plans that she shared only with Iggy. The time had finally come for them to indulge themselves in a day of lustful fun. Iggy teased Jennifer about her ‘tired husband’ who had become a meme to begin the year. The older woman laughed at that remark. Ben would not be arriving at the studio to see them. He was currently busy with a film project of his own. Throughout the past week, Jennifer had introduced Iggy to a few men who worked under her security team. One particular man had caught the rapper’s eye when she noticed him checking her out only a few days ago.

Today would be a true test for Jeremy Klem. The thirty-year-old man had just gotten out of the shower when Jennifer sent the text messages to his phone. His brown eyes glared at his own reflection in the mirror. No fog covered the glass surfaces of the bathroom due to the heavy amount of cold water he used during his shower. His left hand caressed his own face, feeling the tiny black hairs that made a five o’clock shadow. He shaved every other day of the week. That was a choice from Jennifer, as she preferred the look on him. Jeremy first met the singer last year when she spotted him modeling at a studio in L.A. The past seven years of his life had been spent trying his hardest to make it as a male model in Hollywood. No lucky break ever came in sight until he met her. Jennifer made it clear from that first day they met that she liked a strong man. All the years spent at the gym building up his muscles had at least caught someone’s eye, besides the many photography agents he went through.

Born in Texas, Jeremy was living a life far from home. He traveled to Los Angeles with dreams of stardom after he finished college. The next ten years of his life were spent hustling to pay rent while chasing fame. His modeling career was mostly a failure, with the exception of a few payouts for advertisements for an underwear line. Throughout the years, he spent his free time in dance studios and strip clubs. From time to time, when he needed an extra source of income, there was all the time one male strip club hiring part time. All of that was in the past now, after he met Jennifer Lopez. Due to his muscular create, she moved him to her security team. That was only a diversion, since his real purpose had little to do with the day-to-day activities of her bodyguards. Jennifer saw potential in Jeremy to be ‘trained’ as she told him. Little did he know upon that first meeting that she would want to train him for her own personal pleasure.

Everything came with a price, and from working with Jennifer, Jeremy finally had the luxury he wanted. No longer did he have to worry about paying rent. His residence changed several times of the year, depending on where he was going with her. Jennifer had many men in her inner circle she could call upon when she wanted intimate business. Jeremy never dreamed that he would discover himself at the beck and call of an older, powerful woman. Even better was that his boss was a legendary goddess with the greatest ass the world had ever seen. Jennifer took her time teaching him what she called the art of booty worship. Fresh on his mind were the many days he spent chained in the basement of her Los Angeles mansion. It was a privilege to serve a goddess like her on his hands and knees. Sometimes there were other men alongside him in those dark rooms. Their presence only made Jeremy work harder to please Jennifer when she played the role of mistress for him.

As he stepped away from the mirror, Jeremy let out a sigh. The room was illuminated by rays of sunlight glaring through the uncovered windows of his hotel room. His clothes were spread across the blue sheets of the bed. Before he was ready to slip on his pair of white underwear, Jeremy stretched his arms out. His brown hair was recently trimmed short. Across his right arm was a tattoo of dice rolling. The black ink art displayed the numbers six on both dice. It was a reminder to Jeremy that his life was spent rolling dice and taking chances. He planned to have additional tattoos added to his right arm to make a sleeve. His entire body was shaved, with no hair in sight. That was another preference from Jennifer. He took every suggestion she had to change his physical appearance and fashion choices. Everything came down to pleasing her and proving himself worthy as a side lover. After slipping on his underwear, Jeremy heard his phone start ringing on the bed. He reached down and grabbed it when he saw the name ‘Goddess JLo’ across the screen.


“Jeremy, there you are.”

“Yes, Jen? Do you need anything from me?”

“I texted you fifteen minutes ago; why didn’t you answer?”

“I’m sorry, I was in the shower. I didn’t even hear the phone.”

Giggling was heard in the background of the phone call. Jeremy could easily guess who the voice belonged to, but he did not ask.

“So you were taking a shower for me, huh?”

Jennifer’s voice changed slightly as she teased him. Jeremy blushed, smiling wide as he replied.

“Yes, I was.”

“Mmmmm, good. All cleaned up and ready to play. Now listen up. Remember what we talked about the other night about a big test for you?”

“Yeah, I remember.”

“Well, today’s the day. I’m going to text you the address of where I’m at with Iggy. You better come prepared, cause I can tell you right now, she isn’t in the mood to wait around.”

The tone of Jennifer’s voice shifted in strength. When she gave an order, her voice became more stern and to the point.

“Yeah, you heard her right! Get your sexy fucking ass over here if you want some big, big booty!”

Before Jeremy had a chance to respond, Iggy had yelled into the phone. Her Australian accent came out in full force. The excitement became overwhelming for him. His heartbeat was racing as he quickly replied.

“Okay, that sounds great! What should I wear? And should I bring anything?”

“Wear something that is easy to take off. No need for the suit, honey. As for your other question, I think you already know the answer. You know what we want. Now, Jeremy, I’m gonna hang up and text you the location. Find something to put on and get ready to call a cab. You don’t want to keep me and Iggy waiting now, do you?”

“No, I won’t make you wait. I’m coming over A-S-A-P!” 

Iggy’s voice was heard in the background, laughing loudly. True to her word, Jennifer hung up the phone immediately. Thinking about what Jennifer had in store for him was enough to give Jeremy an erection. It poked forward in the front of his underwear as the phone vibrated in his hand seconds later. The address Jennifer texted him was the same studio where he had met with her the past two days. While he ran across the bedroom to discover his suitcase, the two women were still together in one empty room at the studio. Jennifer was sitting in her own personalized actor’s chair with her name printed on the back. Her muscular legs were crossed as she held the phone in her right hand, grinning at her own reflection. Iggy Azalea stood behind her, leaning over and blowing a big pink bubble of gum. After it popped, she smacked her lips a few times before speaking.

“So he’s that cute guy who was checking out my ass the other day?”

Jennifer nodded. 

“Yeah, that’s him. He’s been waiting for his big moment for a long time. Now that he’s thirty, he’s ready for a real test.”

“I guess you can say he’s ready since he’s coming over A-S-A-P!”

Iggy mimicked his voice so accurately that Jennifer giggled loudly. The drive to the studio from the hotel would take at least thirty minutes in time. That gave Jennifer and Iggy plenty of time to prepare their surprises for his arrival. There would be no disturbances interrupting them. Once he entered past the front door, Jennifer was gonna make sure none of them left this building until nightfall. She handed her phone to Iggy and quietly gestured for her to place it in her purse. They were hanging out in the security room, where Jennifer planned to watch for Jeremy’s arrival. Jennifer stood up from the chair. She planted her hands on her hips before speaking.

“Better get ready for showtime. I’m ready to put on my black heels.”

Across town, Jeremy dashed out the front doors of the hotel, clutching his phone in one hand and his wallet in the other. The one casual outfit he packed in his suitcase was a pair of purple leisure shorts and a pink T-shirt to go with them. He all the time kept a spare pair of blue flip-flops just in case he had the chance to walk along a beach. Cars drove past the sidewalk as he looked for a taxi cab. A yellow car was in the distance across the street. Jeremy ran into traffic as he hollered at the car.

“Hey! HEY TAXI!!” 

The blaring sound of a horn screeched loudly from a driver who had to slam on the breaks to avoid hitting him. Jeremy only cared about one thing right now. He was eager to run into traffic like a fool, all to hail this taxi to take him to Jennifer. Luckily for him, the cab driver spotted him. A heavy set bald man was behind the steering wheel. He stopped, giving Jeremy enough time to open the left-side back door and climb in.

“Damn, son, you must be in a hurry. Where can I take you?”

“Here, please!” 

He leaned forward and showed the screen of his phone to the driver with the address Jennifer had texted. The older man took a moment to look at the screen before nodding his head.

“Alright, I know where that’s at. It’s around some busy streets this time of the day.”

Jeremy sighed at his reply. As he leaned back in the seat with his phone, he opened his wallet and took out a few hundred-dollar bills. He folded them up for the man.

“I’ll give you a tip if you can get me there faster. You like hundred-dollar bills?”

“I can’t say no to a few hundreds. You’ll get there as fast as I can take you, son. Do you mind if I ask you what you’re in such a mad rush over?”

Sitting back in the seats, Jeremy’s eyes shot up at the rearview mirror. There was only one word he could say to this driver to answer his question.


Back at the studio, Jennifer and Iggy made their final preparations. They had a total of four outfits to choose from based on what was used in the new music video. Their old swimsuits used in the original video were there for a choice, but Jennifer wanted something better. She stayed true to the colors of that old outfit by grabbing something black to match her heels. To match the theme, Iggy dressed in white. Their heels clicked and clacked across the floors as they ventured back to the security room. Jennifer used a small mirror from her purse to check her makeup while Iggy sat in the chair watching the security monitors. When the taxi pulled up outside the gates, she smirked to herself.

“Hey, it looks like our man is finally here.”

Jennifer closed the makeup mirror with an audible click. Iggy glanced in her direction, ready to start. 

“Go ahead, turn on the music. It’s showtime.” 

Outside the sunlight blinded Jeremy as he felt the summer heat. He had shoved his wallet and phone into the pockets of his shorts. The studio was within walking distance. A small white building reserved with parking spaces and security guards outside. From their body language, Jeremy could see they had been waiting for him. He did not speak a word to the men walking around in black suits. They paid him no attention when he approached the glass doors to the entrance. As soon as Jeremy pulled one door open, he could hear the sound of booming bass beats in the distance. Cool air breezed across his body as he stepped beyond the door and let it quietly close behind him. He faced a narrow hallway that split at the end into two directions. The music became louder with each step he took. Jeremy went down the left hallway, following the sound of the loud bass beats.

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