Bookshop Romance is Fur Filled – Fetish

Ian had a few days off work and as the weather wasn’t looking too great decided to wander into town and get a good novel to read. He headed into the coffee shop first and got himself a latte and a blueberry muffin while catching up with some of his e-mails.

Wandering down the road to the book shop he immediately noticed the young woman at the till. There was something very appealing about her. Fairly tall, slender and with long dark blonde hair cascading over her shoulders. To fit the bookish image she also had some horn-rimmed spectacles which gave her a somewhat intellectual air. There was also something a little alternative about her with her clothing and a small ring through one side of her nose.

Ian fancied her from the moment he set eyes on her. Distracting himself from this sudden infatuation he browsed through the historic novels to see which he’d select. After spending some ten minutes delving through the various titles he selected one which he wondered would interest him.

Taking his chosen novel to the counter he felt a warm flush as he approached the assistant. She smiled warmly at Ian, her brown eyes sparkling and her cheeks with a rosy hue. He could feel his knees weakening as she smiled.

As she put his book into a paper bag he admired her long, elegant fingers and also noticed a light covering of fine blonde hairs on her arms as her sleeves were folded back half way along her arms.

She was totally beautiful as far as Ian was concerned. It had been a few weeks since he had split from his previous lover, so was very much hoping for a new romance.

Once he got home he couldn’t stop fantasising about the shop assistant. After eating a quick snack he started to read his new book. Though he was enjoying it he felt so distracted by his earlier encounter. Having finished the first chapter his thoughts kept returning to his blonde fantasy woman.

Laying back in his comfy seat he took down his trousers and began to fantasize about what her body might look like. He could clearly see she wasn’t big in the boob department. Just thinking of her pretty face and glorious long mane of golden tresses he had a decent erection which he was beginning to work on, gently thrusting his chunky dick before building momentum and furiously wanking himself until his warm juices spewed over.

Ian didn’t know whether the object of his desires was available or not and even if she were single would she be interested in him? He was pretty average in the looks stakes; certainly not ugly but not exactly handsome either.

It was no good he needed another fix so the next day he returned to the book shop and started looking at he books again for another purchase.

Taking his latest choice to the till, the assistant recognised him from the previous day and with a warm smile said to him,

” You’re keen aren’t you? Didn’t you buy a book here yesterday? You must be a quick reader!”

Ian wasn’t sure what to say but meekly replied,

“Oh yes I’m a really keen reader. I’ve got a few days leave and with this grey, wet weather it’s good to curl up with a good book while listening to some music. “

Ian did notice this time from her badge her name was Jane. She said,

“Well great to see you in here again and hope you enjoy the book. Envy you having some time off.”

As Ian bade her farewell he so wanted to ask her out for a date but chickened out as he didn’t feel it was appropriate to ask her in the shop and he would have died of embarrassment if others overheard and she had declined him.

At the end of the afternoon Ian went to get some groceries and after purchasing these popped into the local bar for a drink. What Ian didn’t know, was that the book shop assistant was walking some distance behind him, having just shut up shop for the day.

She recognised Ian from earlier and decided to follow him in. Just as he had ordered his drink she came in and their eyes met, both smiling warmly at each other.

“Can I get you a drink?” Ian proffered.

“That’s really sweet of you. Yes I’d love a dry red wine please,” responded Jane.

Ian led them to a quite table near the back and introduced himself to Jane.

She said,

“Lovely to bump into you in here. I’m fairly new to town so don’t know many people here yet. I love my new job in the book shop but don’t get to meet many new people as there’s only three of us and the other two women are both married and settled down unlike me. Of course there’s the customers which tend to be nice but don’t really get to know them. Just pleasantries exchanged really.”

“”So you’re single then Jane? ” asked Ian hopefully.

“Yes, for some time now. After I split from my last man I felt the need to move town and begin anew which is why I’m here now. Lovely town which I’m getting to know. Some nice cafes and bars, an enchanting gallery plus a good variety of parks. Just need to meet some new friends and hopefully some romance too!”

The last sentence was music to Ian’s ears.

“Well I’d love to take you to a few places if you’re up for that?”

“Definitely!” smiled Jane. “I know you said you were off for a few days. Well I’m off tomorrow, so do you fancy connecting then? The weather’s looking a bit better. There’s a new exhibit in the gallery I’d like to see and it would be wonderful to have some business. We could have a bite and you could show me around one of the parks?”

With a grin, like a proverbial Cheshire cat, Ian enthusiastically agreed.

“Yes, I’d love that. It’s a date!”

The pair of them chatted enthusiastically over the next hour about books and their own lives. Jane then made her excuses as she had to get some groceries for herself and told Ian how she really looked forward to their day together tomorrow.

Ian needed to pinch himself! Was this for real? Not only was Jane gorgeous but seemed really nice, friendly and chatty. Once he got home he couldn’t help himself and masturbated enthusiastically about Jane, longing to run his hands over her lithe body and fuck her furiously. He just couldn’t wait for the morning where they’d agree to met for a coffee before going to the gallery to see the work of a local artist.

Arriving a few minutes early for their rendezvous, Ian was there about ten minutes before Jane arrived. She was wearing a top emblazoned with bumblebees and flowers combined with a short skirt over dark leggings with pumps. It was clear to anyone there that there was definitely a chemistry between them both and some pent up desire waiting to be fulfilled.

They chatted animatedly for about twenty minutes before ambling down the road to the new exhibit at the gallery. Much of the art was fairly abstract which Jane was really enthusiastic about. Probably not quite his bag, but Ian feigned some interest about it to Jane but longing to get out

He was quite relieved when they headed to the park and bought some snacks from the kiosk there. After eating they headed to the lake and their hands naturally seem to embrace each others. Jane being quite enthusiastic about nature told Ian what some of the birds were on the lake. Ian always enjoyed walking there but didn’t really know what they were beyond swans, ducks and geese.

They then headed towards the more naturalistic woodland where it was much quieter other than some muted bird song. Sitting on a bench they chatted as though they’d known each other for weeks. They slowly moved closer to each other, gazing lovelorn into each others eyes before their lips had their first embrace. As they felt more comfortable their tongues began to wander and flirt with the other one, gently entwining.

Ian began to caress Jane’s beautiful dark blonde hair which he had admired when he had first clapped eyes on her. In response Jane ran her hands over Ian’s face, enjoying the sensation of his trimmed beard and exclaiming,

“I love a guy with facial hair! Shaving is so over-rated. There’s something very sensual about running my fingers through hair!”

Giggling she continued, ” Hope you’ve got a hairy chest too!”

Ian was loving this and teased,

“You’ll have to wait and figure out!”

Jane responded,

“You are a tease! Well I hope I don’t have to wait too long to figure out?”

After the next hour as they slowly walked around, frequently stopping to snog and lots of flirty banter, Ian suggested they could go back to his flat and order a take-away.

It was pretty obvious from her comments Jane was definitely up for this, so her agreement was no surprise.

Half an hour later they were back at Ian’s flat where he put some music on and opened a bottle of wine and soon their lips were locked and eating each other out.

Emboldened by the wine and her telling how keen Ian was on her, she started to put her hands under his top.

Laughing loudly, Jane explained,

“I need to see if your chest is hairy! I’ll be disappointed if it’s not!”

Fortunately for Ian this wasn’t going to be an issue as both his belly and chest were endowed with a decent furry covering; something previous girlfriends had also appreciated. As Jane discovered what she had hoped for she sighed,

“Mmm, that’s really nice!” as her nimble fingers explored Ian’s hairy torso.

Ian was really enjoying the sensual touch of Jane as she stroked the hairs and played with them with her sensual fingers. The delicate touch was doing wonders for Ian. So much so he now had a massive erection which Jane hadn’t failed to notice!

“That looks promising,” laughed Jane.

“Good to see I haven’t lost my touch. Pretty impressive! I think we need to get better acquainted!” as she pulled down Ian’s zip and his needy cock sprung out as it was released from its refinement.

Ian couldn’t believe his luck at how uninhibited Jane was. So different to his last girlfriend. He was lapping it up as Jane handled his leaky cock, at first just gently squeezing and playing with it before bending over and started to hungrily lick it, blow gently on it and sucking enthusiastically. After tasting his juice she started to thrust vigorously until he came, sticky white semen erupting in her face which she revelled in.

Ian was now sighing and groaning as he was spent before holding her tight and kissing her hard on the lips.

Regaining his strength Ian started to lift Jane’s top up and was surprised but not put off by the fact her underarms contained moist and pleasantly aromatic wispy tufts of long silky hairs. Despite not being used to see such hirsute adornments in his lovers’ pits, he instantly liked them.

Laughing Ian said,

“You’re right- shaving’s over-rated!”

Both collapsed laughing as Jane said,

“I’m relieved they don’t turn you off!”

Ian responded positively by nuzzling her warm furry pits and licking them furiously, tasting the fresh sweat and the wonderfully erotic musty odours. He would then stroke the long silky strands of hair between his fingers, teasing the hairs out and seeing how long they were.

“They’re longer than mine!” he joked.

“I really like them, so incredibly sexy! Something so animalistic about it. Hot and hairy-not something I’m used to!”

Ian then removed Jane’s simple bra and delighted in kissing her small but beautifully formed breasts with her nipples already erect from excitement.

Jane was feeling pretty aroused by now with lots of pit and tit stimulation. She temporarily pushed Ian back and removed his top fully so she could lay against his warm, furry skin. Making life easier, Ian dropped his trousers while Jane feverishly removed his underwear leaving him just in socks. She certainly enjoyed the landscape!

Jane nestled against Ian’s chest and began gently caressing his fur and placing little kisses on him.

Ian, after a few minutes gently moved Jane’s head and said,

“Time for these to come off too!” as he looked at Jane’s skirt and leggings.

The skirt came off swiftly, but Ian started to slowly remove the leggings. He liked what he saw as initially he could see some silky pubic plumes sticking out above her underwear. Below it there was a much more vigorous growth of long dark blonde hairs escaping and running down her inner thighs.

“Wow!” exclaimed Ian. “You are a hairy girl and I love it!”

Jane already could see his appreciation as he had a full -on boner!

Ian continued slowly removing the leggings down her milky white thighs that had negligible fine hairs that were only visible at certain angles of the light. As her leggings continued down below the knees he started to notice more visible hair on her calves. Just below the knees the hair growth was quite light but further down the growth was much thicker and longer. The bottom half of her calves were decidedly hairy but the fur looked very soft and inviting. The hairs were long but also fine, seeming somewhat darker at the thickest part closer to her shapely ankles.

Petting her surprisingly hairy legs, Ian said,

” You were so right when you said shaving was over rated! I’ve never dated a woman with hairy legs before but yours are divine. So soft and so sexy. They feel sublime and love the way they look too. You’re a real hairy beast, but I love it!”

Jane was delighted with Ian’s keen endorsement. Though Ian was new to the full delights of a woman’s body hair, Jane was very aware of how excited some guys get when they see a woman in all her natural glory.

She started to caress Ian’s eager erect cock and urged him to lay back while she squat over him and started to bounce up and own on him, while he held onto and enjoyed her soft hairy legs.

It didn’t take too long before Ian exploded with a mess of sticky goo, some escaping her nicely tight hole and splattering her thick hairy bush.

“That was good!” exclaimed Jane as she ran her fingers over Ian’s now deflated dick and stroking his pubes.

“Now finish me off!” demanded Jane.

Ian was keen to please. He placed Jane’s delightful fuzzy calves over his shoulders while getting down between her gorgeous milky thighs, softly kissing and licking them and then stroking the long hairs on her inner thighs before burying his head deep into the bush. He then worked his tongue enthusiastically between her luscious lips and stimulating her swollen clitoris.

“More, more, more!” cried Jane as she moaned and started thrashing around.

Taking Ian by surprise she suddenly screamed so loudly as she came and then sighed breathlessly as she had the orgasm she so dearly desired. Throwing her arms around him she started kissing him passionately and stroking his hairy tummy and chest.

“That was awesome, darling!” panted Jane. “Just so good!”

Ian had never felt such passion in a lover before and he held Jane gently in his arms and caressed those fine fuzzy calves. Both were now pretty sated and slowly fell asleep in each others arms.

In the morning there was a bit of a panic as Jane needed to get ready quickly for work and took a quick shower before hugging and kissing him.

“Yesterday was a real joy and last night just so delightful. You know how to please me! Look forward to next time, ” Jane grinned.

They both agreed to meet up Saturday evening for a meal once Jane had finished work. But next time Ian could stay over at Jane’s flat.

Ian couldn’t wait for the next couple of days to pass by so he could get it together with Jane again. He loved her intelligence, her playfulness, her sexy slender hairy body and how she knew how to use it. He couldn’t stop thinking about Jane and wanked himself frequently in anticipation.

They decided on a curry house as they both joked that hot and spicy should sum up the evening. Jane looked totally elegant as she arrived. Her long tresses tied up and wearing a sleeveless top which revealed her delightful armpit tufts. She also had on a long, elegant skirt on which went down close to her ankles.

Ian, enamoured by Jane, gushed,

“You look simply amazing, so gorgeous. I couldn’t wait to see you again!”

“You’re not looking too bad yourself! I’ve been really looking forward to it too!” Jane retorted.

Looking radiant Jane cupped his bearded face in her hands and placed her lips against his. Both chatted and laughed constantly over the hot meal while knocking back a couple of cool beers to relax themselves.

In truth both were keen to get back to Jane’s flat as they wanted their hands to go all over each other and fulfil their desires. As soon as they were back in Jane’s comfy flat Ian was immediate in removing her top, licking her nipples and then nuzzling her moist hairy pits before kissing her passionately.

Likewise Jane responded by removing Ian’s top and releasing his trousers, teasing his hungry cock by fleetingly stroking it before enjoying herself in caressing his hairy body.

Standing up briefly Ian removed Jane’s long dress and underwear so he could admire and enjoy her sexy all natural body. Jane lay naked in Ian’s arms as he stroked her thick bush hairs and running his hands up and down her long legs, from the hairy calves, up her smooth thighs to the furry tops.

Speech was much reduced now as both instinctively knew what they wanted and each other too. Ian manipulated Jane’s body under him so he could penetrate her easily, loving the sensations of her thick hair against his shaft and began pumping away to Jane’s pleasured groans.

A couple hours of passion followed with calm periods of caressing and just enjoying each others bodies in between more frenetic love making. Jane was keen for some penetration from behind with Ian’s solid dick thrusting energetically between her hairy ass cheeks while she squealed mercilessly for him to go harder and harder until she was totally gone.

Following all the passionate activity they climbed into Jane’s double bed and cuddled up cosily before slowly falling asleep in each others arms.

In the morning Jane rose first and took her shower before preparing some breakfast. Ian could soon smell some food, jumped up to hug and kiss Jane before cleaning himself up in the shower.

Following a full cooked breakfast they both nestled on the sofa and had the TV on low. As they huddled on there, Jane placed her softly hairy legs over Ian’s lap which he enjoyed stroking.

Curious, Ian said,

“Have you ever shaved them? Your legs that is?”

Pausing briefly before answering Jane responded, somewhat mysteriously,

“Not exactly!”

Confused by Jane’s answer he said to her,

“Surely you either have or haven’t? That’s a weird response!”

Smiling, Jane said teasingly,

“Well no I haven’t shaved my legs. Ever! But.. They have been shaved! Once only”

Looking even more confused Ian said,

“So they were shaved by somebody else?”

Enjoying the tease, Jane said,

“Exactly! I was with this guy for a couple of months. He was good fun but a bit controlling. A couple of times he asked if I’d shave my calves for him, but I all the time said no as I didn’t want to shave and that I really liked my legs with their natural hairiness.

He seemed to reluctantly accept this but one day we’d both been drinking quite a bit and he was quite into bondage. Though it’s not a big thing for me I quite enjoyed it. Anyway he tied me up and put a gag over my mouth. He then started fucking me which was great. After he came, he started stroking my leg hairs which I liked and he then disappeared for a few minutes.

He returned with a basin of warm water, and a towel. I still didn’t click what was gonna happen. He then came back with some shaving gel and a razor. I couldn’t scream for him to stop and I was at his mercy. I was angry but had no options but to let him do it. So he wet my legs and started soaping them, rubbing the soap into my wet hairs.

Looking so pleased with himself he put the razor to my face before starting to shave from my ankles up to my knees and then putting the razor choked with thick hair for me to see. He then continued removing all the hair from one leg and then running his hands up and down them with an excited grin on his face. He then shaved the other leg.

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