Blood Ties: A Brother-Sister Incestuous Love Story

As soon as they were alone in the house, she began to undress in front of him. It was something they had done a thousand times before, but this time it felt different. Their gazes lingered a little too long, and their touches were a little too lingering. She could feel the heat of his body as he stood so close to her, his hands hovering at her waist.

In the past, they had all the time just been siblings playing around, but now there was something different. A spark that she couldn’t ignore. She didn’t want to ignore it.

He pulled her in for a kiss, and she let him. His hands explored her, and she felt her body come to life. It was strange, but it felt so good. So right.

Their clothes came off quickly, and they both lay naked on the bed, tangled in each other’s limbs. She tasted him on her lips, and he tasted her. Their bodies were one, and it was amazing.

She rode him, hands in his hair as he watched her with love and lust in his eyes. They were forbidden, but it didn’t matter. What they had was real, and nothing could change that.

As they came together, she felt the familiar warmth of his release inside her. And she knew that this was just the beginning of their journey together. A journey of forbidden love that they would take together, all the time and forever.

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