Black Babysitter Booty

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When a man needing a babysitter at short notice is sent a young African American girl he can’t keep his eyes from her impressive ass. When he comes home later and gives her a large bonus for helping out she offers him something in return by letting him use her booty for some frantic anal sex.



Jude sat staring at the phone and urged it to ring. A quick look at his watch showed that there was only an hour to go before he needed to leave for his meeting, but with his babysitter having called to say she was ill, it meant there was a danger he wouldn’t be able to do that. His last hope was the babysitting agency he normally used. From previous experience he knew there were always girls available, but whether they would be able to find one at such short notice was another matter all together. He’d stressed to the woman he talked to how important it was, but at the end of the day there wasn’t much he could do other than sit, wait and hope she found a girl that could make it in time. Jude lunged for the phone when it finally rang.

“Mr. Foster?” the voice on the other end of the line queried.

“Yes,’ he replied.

“I think I may have found you someone,” the woman from the agency went on.

“That’s great,” he said and felt the relief that he may be able to get to his meeting after all. “When will she get here?”

“I just finished talking to her,” the woman went on. “She said she would leave right away and she doesn’t live that far from you. If she isn’t there in twenty minutes, phone me back and I’ll check what’s happened.”

“Thank you so much,” Jude said.

“No problem,” the woman said pleasantly. “I’m glad we could help. The girl’s name is Angelique. It will cost you a little more because it is such short notice. Angelique has the details and will let you know when she gets there.”

“OK,” he replied and hung up the phone after the woman said goodbye. He looked at his watch and saw the time was approaching fifteen minutes after six. That meant the girl should arrive well before seven o’clock, which was the latest he could leave and still make his meeting on time. He walked up the stairs to talk to his daughter. “Your normal sitter is ill so I needed to arrange for someone else.”

“OK,” the young girl said. She didn’t seem that particularly bothered by the change and returned her attention to the TV show she was watching.

Jude made his way back down the stairs to wait and when the time got to fifteen minutes before seven he was about to call the agency again. The sound of the doorbell ringing stopped him picking up the phone and he quickly moved out of the lounge and along the hallway to let the babysitter in. The pretty face looking back at him when he opened the door took him by surprise. The dark brown skin was a beautiful color and when the young African American girl smiled it lit up her face. She was a little chubby, but the weight suited her and Jude couldn’t help admiring her full figure.

“Mr. Foster?” the girl asked.

“Yeah that’s me,” he replied. “You must be Angelique. Come on in.” He stepped aside to let the girl pass him and then closed the door. “Just go on ahead,” he went on. “The lounge is the door on the right.” The young woman turned to walk along the hallway and Jude’s eyes settled on the large bubble butt. Fucking hell, he thought as he watched the ass cheeks jiggle. The jeans she was wearing were tight enough to put her ass beautifully on show and Jude only pulled his eyes up when they stepped inside the lounge. Angelique turned to look at him. “Where’s your daughter?” she asked.

“Upstairs watching TV in her bedroom,” he answered. “Hold on I’ll call her.” Jude moved back to the hallway and shouted for his daughter to come back down. When he went back in the lounge Angelique was taking off her jacket and he stared at the impressive pair of breasts. They chatted as they waited for the little girl to come down and when she did Jude introduced her to her babysitter. She was gone as quickly as she arrived and went back to her room.

“The cost is a little extra tonight,” the babysitter said.

“Yeah, your agency told me,” Jude replied. “I will sort it out when I come back, but right now I really need to run.” Angelique turned to put her bag and jacket on the sofa and Jude stared at the bubble butt. The babysitter turned back quickly and he raised his gaze, but knew he’d been caught staring. “I should go,” he said before the babysitter spoke. “I’ll see you around ten o’clock. My daughter should be in bed by nine. Just give her a sandwich and some milk around eight. You can help yourself to a snack as well if you want.”

“Sure,” said Angelique. “Don’t worry. I’ll have everything under control here.”

Jude asked if there was anything else she needed to know, but she shook her head. He looked at his watch and saw it was nearly seven so said goodbye and left the house. The meeting went well and the evening seemed to pass quickly. He was in a good mood as he traveled home and it was just coming up to ten o’clock as he reached his front door. He let himself in and went to the lounge. Angelique was watching TV and smiled at him as he walked in the room.

“Did everything go OK?” he asked.

“Yup,” she said. “Your daughter is a cute girl. She’s fast asleep in bed.”

“Great,” said Jude and took out his wallet. “So what’s the damage?” he asked with a smile. Angelique handed him the slip of paper with the details and he paid. “I want you to have this as well,” he went on and pressed an extra fifty dollars in her hand.

The babysitter looked at the money and then went to hand it back. “You don’t need to do that,” she said.

“No really, I want to,” he insisted. “I really needed to get to my meeting tonight and without you I wouldn’t have been able to. It’s just to say thanks for being such a great help.”

Angelique still tried to hand the money back, but eventually gave up and kept it. “I need to do something to thank you for being so generous,” she said.

“Like what?” Jude asked.

“Well…, I did happen to notice that you couldn’t keep your eyes from something earlier in the evening,” she teased.



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