Big Brother Meets Love Island Ch. 02 – Celebrities & Fan Fiction – Sex Story

Note- This is a work of fiction, inspired only by those in celebrity


How do I get myself into these situations? Thought Emma as she was surrounded by the other contestants for the ‘Celebrity Big Brother 2022.’ There was Taylor Swift, looking super hot in the buff. There also was her new friend Emma Raducanu, who appeared surprisingly relaxed in her naked form as she casually bounced a tennis ball. She seemed oblivious of a black skinned man beside her who sported rippling muscles and a dick that stood erect and was pointing to the ceiling.

“This is gonna be great! We’re all here!”

Emma was handed a glass of Chablis by a good looking beefcake of a guy with shoulder length hair. Acutely aware of her state of undress, she closed her thighs tight shut.


“Oh, yeah. Cheers.”

The invitation to attend the unique gathering had come as something of a surprise to Emma. She imagined the paying audience would prefer porn stars or Playboy models rather than herself and other less stacked celebrities.

Evidently, it had become apparent that she was the final one of the eight to be considered.

With only a week to go she finally gave in and agreed to participate.

“Hi, babe. Glad you could make it.”

Emma turned to her left to see the top heavy actress Haley Atwell.

“Thanks. I think.”

“It’s going to be wild!” Agreed the equally bubbly Amanda Holden. “Have you ever seen Love Island? These guys know their stuff, believe me.”

“So, who exactly is watching us?”

Emma looked around at the other female celebrities. There, between two six footer male hunks was Dua Lipa. Huddled together au naturel, and knocking back the wine was Cara Delevingne, Lashana Lynch, and Raducanu.

All the men she did not know nor recognise. Merely eye candy for the girls. All of them had small bums and sported erections of all different sizes and hues. Some of them looked almost threatening! Must all be on Viagra, wondered Emma. The big room was comfortable, but spartan. On all the walls were rounded television camera lenses. And she noticed four closed doors marked bathrooms.

“Nobody in Britain or the States. Just the rich Arabs. Oh, and Japan.” Said Taylor, fending off the amorous attentions of one horny stud behind her.

“Attention, housemates. Welcome to the Big Brother house. You are all now live on Channel X, and will continue to be under video surveillance every minute of the day. We are completely isolated from the outside world. None may enter, unless it is permitted by Big Brother. Here are some rules. You may leave at any time, but if you do, you forfeit your payment. Secondly, you must remain naked at all times, save for any footwear. All the bathrooms are camera free for your privacy. Sexual relations are permitted, and indeed encouraged. There are condoms available en-masse for those who choose to use them.”

Emma took a sip of wine as one guy gently fondled her firm buttocks. She blushed as she felt a tingle in her loins.

The female voice continued.

“There will be games and tasks to perform, and there will be generous bonuses. But don’t get too comfortable yet. Your first task in the house begins right now!

To start off, you will all be paired off. And the first task will be for all couples to have sex with each other before the night is over. There shall be no exchanging of partners on this first night. All of our models are fit and healthy and all are excellent lovers. Any celebrity who refuses will be asked to leave immediately.”

Bloody hell! Emma gulped and looked around at the male housemates who all lined up opposite the women.

“I hope I get that black guy,” cooed Amanda. “He’s hung like a horse!”

He certainly was.

Emma looked around at the daunting image of eight naked men. She could smell their musky scent and her muff moistened at the wondered of putting any and all of their stiff cocks in her mouth.

I can do this, Emma told herself as she felt her heat thump in her chest. I CAN do this. Sex on live camera? No issue.

“Cara?” Asked Big Brother.

Emma looked to her left and took in the supermodel form of Cara Delevingne. Her slender body was one that any man would love to worship. Or any woman for that matter.

“You are to be teamed up with Luke.”

A twenty-year old Luke stepped forward and took Cara by the hand.

Emma noted his decorated chest that had just enough tattoos to give him a bad boy look. He was lean but well-muscled, with washboard abs and strong thighs. Emma let her gaze travel down his body to his hairless groin. His erect penis was hugely impressive with purple veins that rippled along its length. They vanished to one corner and found the last bed in a row of eight.


The megastar whipped her head around to look at the men. The long locks of her strawberry-blonde hair bounced around her shoulders, and her bright blue eyes widened.

“Meet Charles.”

A fair haired male model type smiled as he approached Taylor. He was also lean looking with corded muscles across his shoulders and arms. His skin was smooth and pale. A perfect partner for the American performer. He had a spectacularly hard-on with skin that looked smooth and flawless along the entire length of his shaft.

Emma met Taylor’s eyes and she winked at the demure English actress before being dragged willingly off to a bed.

“Moving on. Dua.”

The voluptuous British pop singer sucked in a deep breath, her breasts rising and falling in her excitement. Not too small and not too large, her tits were just right for her figure.

“You’re with Danny.”

Dua clapped her hands as she eyed up the black skinned Londoner with the big smile.

Lucky bitch, wondered Emma as her eyes took in Danny’s tight ass and the way it flexed with his every step. With all those taut muscles, along with his tapered hips, he looked like he might very well be a sex machine.

“Yes! Come to mama!”

“Emma Raducanu?” Said the voice over the speakers.

Emma W wondered her friend had a nice body with subtle curves that were a work of art. Still only nineteen, the teen sensation had become an overnight success following her triumph in the US Open of 2021. With legs up to her neck, the shy teen wore white tennis socks and white sweat bands on her wrists. Odd accessories to her naked state, but hey.

It looked like she had visited the hairdresser as her hair was several shades lighter than her usual dark brown.

“We paired you up with Davide.”

A slightly older looking male came forwards and took her by the hand.

This man wasn’t ripped or shredded or whatever people liked to call it when a guy had bulging muscles. His physique seemed fit, but in a typical way.


“Gimme, gimme, gimme!”

The sex crazed actress/television personality jumped up when told she had been paired with Kenny. An African hottie who must have been over six feet tall and weighing in at 180 pounds. His face had a trim beard and he tilted his head up as he slowly stroked his stiff cock proudly. His ebony rod was long and thick, with a broad flaring head.

Her big tits bounced in her jig of joy as she raced with him to the nearest bed.

“Lashana. Meet Andrew.”

This was Lashana Lynch, the short-haired ebony goddess of the recent Bond movie. Her tits were a little on the small side, a 32A to be exact, but her nipples were stunning. At least a quarter inch long and a quarter inch in diameter, they stood out like two rosy bullets.

Her dark skin glistened in the heat of the lights as she sashayed her way to a bed.

Her high heels made her shapely legs look even more delectable and her calves were taut as she walked.

“Hayley? You’re with Jack.”

Hayley Atwell was highly pleased at her chosen lover. An obvious rugby footballer type with massive shoulders and barrel chest. He looked as if he could crush a person in one enormous fist.

“Wish me luck!”

“And lastly, Emma. Say hello to Liam.”

Emma smiled at the lone male stud left standing.

He was tall and muscular in an athletic way. His dark hair curled around his ears and rested on top of his shoulders. He ran a hand through his mussed locks, and his lips curved into a relaxed smile.

When he offered her his hand, his palm felt warm and soft. And when their eyes met, Emma’s belly did a little flip-flop.

“Hi,” she said with a dry throat.

“Hi,” he answered in a charming Irish burr.

The five feet five filly yelped as he brazenly scooped her up in his arms and carried her to the last remaining bed.

She placed her hands flat on his chest, and he replied by gripping the cheeks of her firm ass. Pulling her close to him, he jammed his rigid length up against her muff and kissed her.

Their lips crushed against each other, tongues entwined in a wet embrace, and in their impassioned urgency, their hands started to roam here and there.

The notion of their lovemaking being beamed back to Abu Dhabi was suitably ignored by the talented actress as she welcomed Liam’s hot mouth on her chest. He took one hard nipple between his hard teeth and nibbled on it ravenously.


He left the one for the other, sucking and biting on her erect button.

Emma’s hand found his cock and Liam touched her pussy for the first time. She moaned aloud as he probed her wetness within.

Willing to please, Emma wrapped around his hot shaft and she pumped it up and down. Their hips ground against each other as Liam fingered her wet quim. Emma let go of his cock and grabbed bunches of sheets in her tight fists as he thrust into her furiously.

She groaned and lifted up her hips as Liam’s fingers curled upward. Emma bucked, trying to draw him ever inward. Her vulva was slick with her juices and her clit throbbed maddingly.

“Liam!” She hissed into his broad chest as her chosen lover moved down until his face was in her snatch.

He met her wet pussy with his fluttering tongue as he opened her thighs wider. He thrust his tongue into her soaking wet passage and lapped at the succulent juices therein. His nose tickled her finely trimmed pubes as he beavered away at her minge. She was truly in sexual heaven as he licked up and down the length of her slit.

“Fuck! That feels so good.”

His head bobbed up and down between her legs for a further five minutes. Finally, they were ready to fuck.

“Condom or no?”

“Condom, please.”

He slipped on a Durex, settled on top of her and pushed up with a deep lunge. His thick dick found it’s own way to her entrance, and as he thrust up, desire got the better of Emma, who pushed up from the bed. She rejoiced in the sensation of having every inch of him inside her. She gripped his buttocks in both hands as he held himself inside her, fully embedded in her cunt.

“Fuck me!” She commanded her lover. “Fuck me hard.”

Unbelievable! She had only been in the Big Brother house thirty minutes and here she was with a virile man between her legs.

“You got it.”

Responding obediently. Liam started bucking away on top of her, slamming into the brown haired beauty again and again. Juices trickled from her pussy and soaked his balls. Her heels dragged into the mattress as he drove up into her repeatedly, making the bed creak and shift beneath them.

Emma made a throaty squeak as his divine cock buried itself deep inside her cunt over and over. He was perspiring from his efforts as he really started to hump into her, stretching her pussy out with every powerful thrust of his hips.

Behind his back, Emma blinked in the harsh light that hung from the ceiling. Who on earth WAS watching all of us being screwed by well hung studs.

“Give it to me,” she said and gasped.

They locked mouths as his boner pulsed and throbbed inside her. Emma locked her ankles behind his back and drew him closer. She moaned into their kiss as he plunged even deeper. As Liam went balls deep, Emma clung to him with arms and legs. She hissed as he hoisted her up a couple inches off the bed and dropped her onto her back again.

“Do that again.”

With his hands under the backs of her thighs he raised her butt off the bed and got to his knees. As he lunged up into the whimpering filly, he hit her G-spot over and over. Emma put her hands under her head and went along for the ride, watching how her midriff undulated bare inches above the mattress.

Emma came with a shudder and a scream and her climax wracked her slender body. Liam did not cease pounding his big cock into her, ensuring that her orgasm went on and on.

As she writhed around beneath him, her body slick with sweat, Liam grunted and shot his load inside the rubber. He came and came

until his body was exhausted, then he dropped into her arms as the last wave of her orgasm faded also.


They kissed lightly for a while, relaxing in the wonderful afterglow, and made small talk. He was from Cork apparently and was an eighteen year old student who did some male escorting on the side.

Emma excused herself and made for one of the bathrooms.

As she padded bare foot across the carpet, she felt decidedly self-conscious about her nudity before the cameras and other housemates.

“How was it?” Asked Cara from her bed as her partner continued to fuck her doggy style. Her heavily tattooed partner smashed into her squishy cunt with a wanton abandon.

“Oh. Er, yes. It was good.”

“Did you cum, babe?”

Taylor Swift waved merrily as she bumped up and down astride Charles. The lewd slapping of her cute ass on his lap resonated in the room. The blonde American, the only non-Brit of the group, gasped and moaned loudly for the cameras. Then her lover pulled out of her and splattered the creamy flesh of her ass cheeks with his cum. She got up giggling and shook her rear end into a camera lens as she headed to the bathroom.

“Come on. Tell me all.”

Both celebrities showered and generally tidied up.

“What time is it, do you think?”

“One? I know it’s late.”

“What do you think we have to look forward to in the morning?”

“Sex, sex, and more sex.”


“For a cool twenty million each, I figure it’s all worth it. Plus, there’ll be extras. Come on. Let’s get some rest. We’re gonna need it.”


At seven in the morning, the main door opened and several caterers brought in trolleys of food.

“Ah, breakfast.” Said a famished Amanda Holden.

One by one, the female celebs got out of bed and helped themselves to coffee, juice, toast, cereal, and yoghurt.

“Well, that was a warm welcome,” observed Lashana Lynch. “My guy got me off twice!”

“Nice.” Dua Lipa nodded as she chewed on a mouthful of buttered toast. “My guy came in buckets! Damn well saturated the sheets!”

“Where have they all gone?”

The women noticed a distinct lack of nude males in the room as they ate.

“I think we should expect our first game any minute.”

As soon as Haley spoke, so did the disembodied voice of Big Brother.

“Attention, all female housemates. Let the fun commence. And don’t forget, you are live on Channel X. For this task, four of you will compete against each other. The names of those four contestants will be drawn at random.”

The bevy of naked celebrities bristled in their seats.

“The four chosen for today’s game are. Emma, Taylor, Lashana, and Amanda. Can those four please make their way to the garden.”

“There’s a garden?”

Slightly bemused, the chosen four made their way to the back of the room.

Outside was an area with artificial grass, tables and chairs, and a bathroom.

Usually open to the sky, there was now in place a roof. Opaque and corrugated to let light in, but keep lecherous onlookers from looking in.

“What’s that?” Asked Emma as she pointed to a flat partition that went from the ground up by a height of fifteen feet.

Four holes had been drilled onto it at about groin level.

“I know what this is! grinned Taylor. There’re glory holes!”

“Ah, then it’s to be a blowjob contest!”

Lashana pursed her lips and feigned sucking on a dick.

At that, Emma yelped as four stiff cocks poked out of the circular holes on the partition. Nothing else of the men was visible to the women who gawped and giggled at the sigh of the wagging members.

“Step forwards, ladies. And choose a cock.”

Emma stood hesitantly in front of the partition and cupped her bared mons. The other three all dropped to their knees in front of a cock that poked out at face level.

The actress with the demure demeanour stared at the last remaining erection, and then wrapped her hand around it.

“This is the task. You must fellate your chosen organ to full orgasm, making sure to swallow up all the ejaculate. The fist housemate to do this will receive a bonus of 100,000 pounds sterling. The runner-up will get 50,000.”

“Lovely jubbly!” Cried Amanda.

Emma gulped as she moistened her lips and waited for the signal.

“Commence sucking!”

As soon as she heard the word, she wrapped her soft, wet lips around the jaunty dick taking half of the salty tool into her mouth. She was surprised by the thickness of the hot shaft as she started to stroke it while she used her tongue to lick around the flared helmet. Emma bobbed up and down his length at a quickened pace, remembering that she was in a contest. No stranger to fellatio, the charismatic beauty began to take in the entire length into the back of her throat. At a fair rate, she used her tongue and luscious lips to the best of her ability.

“Um, yum, hum!”

To her left, the leggy black actress, Lashana Lynch was baring her fulsome and plump lips to gobble up her stud’s cock, jamming him down her throat until her nose pushed firmly against the partition. She held him there, pressing her tongue firmly against the roof of her mouth. His bulging cock throbbed and expanded in her throat, much to her delight.

She paused for a moment and let the slick cock out with an audible slurping sound.

Next to her was Taylor who was methodically nodding her head up and down with a concerted effort.


Her stunt cock thrust his hips upward in an attempt to fuck her mouth more quickly.

She felt her eyes water as she gagged and glugged as his knob bumped the back of her throat.

“I give up!”

Amanda Holden stood up and spread her hands. Her chosen cock, one of the enormous black monsters, had proven too much for her jaw to handle.

Oblivious to this, Emma placed the palms of her hands against the wobbling partition as she could feel the hard dick swell in her mouth. From the other side came a strangulated groan as the hidden male flooded her mouth with hot cum. With a gulp and a giggle, she swallowed it all instantly. When he had ceased his spasms, Emma rose to her feet and opened her mouth to camera to show that it was full of cum. She then swallowed it all with one big gulp. She wound her index finger around one persistent string of cum and pulled it out until it broke.

“Attention. Attention. We have a winner.”

Taylor saw Lashana labouring on her man out of the corner of her eye and sensed she may have a chance to get second place.

She continued to suck on her prick until her man too exploded and a powerful blast of cum erupted from his cock into her mouth. She moaned in appreciation, and continued sucking as several more spurts emptied into her hungry mouth.

The angelic face of the towering blonde was dripping with goo as she attempted to swallow all of the cum. She continued sucking and slurping until she was satisfied that he had been drained of every last drop.

“Mmm,” she moaned. “That was fun.”

Lashana, knowing she had been beaten gamely carried on, slamming her mouth over his shaft again and again, using her fat lips and tongue until his sticky cum filled her mouth. She swallowed it all eagerly, and then stood up.

“Well done, to all contestants.” Announced the female voice over speaker. Would everybody else join us in the garden?”

As Emma and the others used mouthwash to cleanse their palate, Emma R, Cara, Haley, and Dua all filed out. From another door emerged the other four studs. Andrew, Charles, Luke, and Kenny.

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