Best of Last Man Standing Pt. 17 – Celebrities & Fan Fiction

Last Man Standing: Season 7 Episodes 9, 12 & 17

Everyone in this story is at least eighteen years of age when having sexual relations.

Once the transformation of the new Mandy has taken place and everyone is now used to her, the household returned to ordinary.

Christmas at the Baxter’s home. Mandy and Kyle were all set to go to the Nutcracker with Kristen and Ryan, but when Mandy began to decorate the tree, Kyle stepped in to help.

Vanessa was already three sheets to the wind, sipping on her wine all evening, she sat back and watched and drank some more.

Mandy was wearing a long sleeved silky blouse with a sexy black ribbon tie. Below she’s wearing a hounds tooth ultra short skirt that showed off her long legs. She was wearing black opaque tights, but as a surprise to Kyle, for later, it was crotch-less.

Her shoulder length blonde hair was pulled back in a low bun, exposing her long, graceful neck.’

She turned to Kyle, “With us decorating the tree, I’ll just call Kris and tell them to come here to pick us up. We can continue to decorate the tree until they arrive.”

They arrived and Vanessa offered them a cup of hot chocolate. Ryan wanted it a special way and when he came out of the kitchen he shrugged, “What the use, I can’t drink it, we have to go.”

Kristen looks to him, “DO we really have to go? We can have cocoa, decorate the tree and just kick-back and relax.”

They blow off gonna the Nutcracker and Boyd headed upstairs to play video games and he fell asleep.

The cocoa kept coming and with each cup, there was more rum and peppermint schnapps in the cup than cocoa,

Things got a little risque’ as Ryan snuck up behind Mandy to helped put the angel on and he found his hands up under her skirt.

Kyle and Kristen were on the sofa watching, Kristen was wearing a black and evergreen print dress that buttoned up the front and as Kyle kissed her, he deftly began to unbutton it from neckline to hem.

Vanessa and Mike looked on from an ottoman before the fire and he had his hands under her skirt looking for her already moist pussy. Just like Kristen, her dress is a button up, but Mike starts from the bottom up and when he gets it open, her bra and panties make a quick exit.

Things were going hot and heavy and the front door opened and Eve arrived with the star for the top of the tree. She knew the angel wasn’t very proper for this home and she was correct.

Before long, clothes were coming off and the heat in the room suddenly got a little steamy.

Eve quickly joined in, especially seeing she didn’t have a partner, she had the pleasure of moving from couple to couple and got the luxury of enjoying all of the couples.

Over by the tree Ryan now had Mandy’s tiny skirt pulled up about her waist. He clutched at her ass and she hopped up, wrapping her legs around his waist. He looked around and saw all the chairs were occupied. He raced from the room and deposited her long slender body on Mike’s leather sofa in his study.

Back in the living room, Kyle ran his hand up Kristen’s thigh and he was so happy that she spread them wide for easy access.

His touch sent shivers down Kristen’s lush body. She ran her hand across his chest and loved his muscles beneath his shirt. She worked on the buttons and soon had it off. She traced her fingers across his hair covered chest and tickled his nipples. She loved how they stiffened under her caresses. She felt her pussy tingling as she dropped her head and began nibbling at his neck. She let out a gasp when she felt his hand go higher on her thigh.

Kyle left her legs and moved up to her shoulders and gently slipped the festive dress from her womanly curves. He stared at her gigantic tits in the confines of her large bra. He unhooked it and dropped it to the sofa behind her

Kristen’s nipples stiffened from the cool air and it didn’t hurt that Kyle palmed them both in his hands. She bit her lip as she felt his rub the palms of his hands across the stiffening nipples. She stood and wiggled out of her black tights. she wasn’t wearing any panties and as she stepped out of them. Kyle placed his hand on her inner thigh just above her knee. He slowly slid his hand up towards her pussy, caressing her thigh as he did so.

Kristen’s knees became weak at the sensation. Her body tingled and she shivered when his hand closed on her fleshy cuntlips. He gently moved his hand back and forth, caressing both her upper thigh and her pussy at the same time.

Kyle guided her back to the sofa. He lifted one leg and began raining kisses up her leg from her toes to her her knee.

Kristen drew in a heavy breath. She wondered back to the time he did this at the Outdoor Man Grill and she shivered in anticipation of what he was gonna do next.

He placed her leg back on the sofa and began kissing her inner thighs. He started at her knee and moved towards her slippery cunt. By the time he reached her pussy, she was quivering in excitement of what he was doing.

He kissed her plump, fleshy cuntlips and inhaled her sweet smelling scent. His cock was nearly tearing a hole in his pants. He planted a kiss, directly on her pussy. He closed his entire mouth over her pussy and sucked hard.

Kristen released a loud squeal and a naked Eve came over to see if she could join in.

Eve dropped to her knees beside her oldest sister and leaning in, she kissed her on her bee-stung lips.

Kristen fisted Eve’s hair and pulled her tighter to her mouth. She forced her tongue deep into Eve’s mouth and she groaned loudly as Kyle now attacked her clit.

Eve pulled back and moved to her sister’s tits and drew one large nipple between her lips. She reached out and tweaked its twin.

Kyle’s face was covered in Kristen’s cunt juices and he flicked his tongue over the stiffened clit. He pulled back a little and stiffened his tongue and slipped it into her juicy hole. He tongue fucked her as Eve continued on her tits. He doubled his efforts and Kristen arched her ass off the sofa and came in a rush. She bathed his mouth and tongue with her creamy cum.

Kris lost all control of her body. She went into spasms as she felt Kyle sucking hard on her clit and he shoved a couple fingers deep into her spasming pussy.

Eve slipped away and worked on Kyle pants and she freed his cock. She sucked on it and found he was dripping pre-cum like crazy. She lapped at it all and she giggled when he kicked at his pants and shorts, trying hard to free himself of them. Eve now managed to get half of his fat, stiff cock into her mouth and she saw him tear her head from between Kristen’s legs.

Kyle was more than ready to fuck Kris. He pulled away from Eve and moved up Kristen’s prone body. He left a trail of kisses on her belly and tits. He reached her face and kissed her passionately, allowing her to taste her own cunt juices on his tongue and lips.

Kris loved how she tasted, especially when it coated a man’s mouth. She stared up at him, wanting him more than ever.

Kyle smiled at her, “Are you ready, Kris?”

She bit her lip and gasped out, “I want your cock. I want you to fuck me hard and fast. I need it so fucking bad. DO IT…. NOW!”

He grabbed hold of his cock and as he was poised over her, he found her overheated hole. Kyle slipped the thick knob in. She was so fucking wet, he slid in easily. He drove hard and sank balls deep into her.

Kris growled out and wrapped her arms around his neck. She sank her teeth into his shoulder, “OH FUCK YEAH! This is what I wanted for Christmas! Give it to me Kyle, give me all you have!”

He started off slow. she was so tight and he knew if he went fast, it would be over way to soon. He swept her unruly hair from her cheek and neck and he peppered her skin with hot, wet kisses. He began to go faster now. He slid in all the way and withdrew until just the head remained in her.

Kris raised her legs up in the air and wrapped them around his waist. The heels of her feet kicked at his ass, urging him on, harder and faster.

Kyle gave her what she wanted. He knew at this pace it wouldn’t last long and he knew she wanted this and he wasn’t about to slow up. He slammed into her as hard as he could. Sinking deep in her and pulling out and giving it back to her just as fast as the last thrust.

Kristen felt her cunt muscles began to ripple and she knew she was on the verge of an explosive orgasm. She raked her nails along his back and thrust upward, meeting every one of his thrusts with ones of her own. She pulled her lips to his and kissed him as he worked his cock rhythmically in and out of her pussy.

Kyle kissed her back, thrusting his tongue into her mouth and swirling it around. Kris savored her cunt juices as she sucked on his tongue.

Kyle knew he was on the verge of cumming and he wanted to make sure she came too. He plunged deep and he started to pump his cum into her. Over and over he sent hot spurts of cum into her welcoming pussy.

Kris felt his sperm spray into her cunt. A wave of euphoria settled in her body as she came. She knew Kyle was the one who got away. Even though she was happy with Ryan, she knew deep down inside, she fucked up when she broke up with this kind, gentle and yes, incredible lover.

Kyle felt a surge of excitement course through his body as he plunged and ejaculated again and again. He couldn’t remember the last time he came so hard and for so long. Waves of intense pleasure flowed through his and settled between this woman’s pussy he had just given his hot seed to.

They wrapped their arms and legs around one another as they settled down deep in the sofa.

While all of this was going on, across from them, on the ottoman, Mike had gotten Vanessa stripped of her clothes and she did the same to him. She was on her knees, she pushed him onto his back on the large ottoman.

She fisted his cock and she still had a few inches poking out of the top of her fist. Vanessa stared at it for a moment. She tried to decide how to attack it this time. She felt her pussy getting wet just thinking about riding the shaft in her fist.

She placed her lips to the end of his cock. Mike felt an immediate rush of pleasure from her warm, moist lips lightly pressing against the tip. She slowly moved forward, her lips enveloped the head as she drew his cock into her wet mouth. Vanessa ran her tongue over the entire mushroomed head. A drop of pre-cum oozed out of the tip and Vanessa caught it with her tongue. She swirled it around, coating her lips. She once again locked her lips over his shaft and slowly lowered her head, taking more and more of his cock into her mouth.

Mike propped himself up on his elbows and reached out and ran his fingers through her thick, blonde curls. He loved how silky her hair felt and how thick it was. The blonde curls were shiny and glowing. It tickled his thighs as she bobbed up and down faster.

Vanessa gagged slightly and drawing back, she drew in a deep breath and pushed forward. She wasn’t new to deep throating his cock and now she accomplished this task. She began to flex her throat muscles, milking his shaft with her talented oral abilities.

Vanessa wormed her tongue out and she flicked at his swollen nut sack as she had his cock buried in her throat.

Eve came over to her and ran her hands up and down her mother’s back. She leaned over and watched, “Wow Mom, you are without a doubt the world’s best cock sucker I’ve ever seen.”

Vanessa couched and pulled away from his cock. She laughed out loud, “Oh my God, Eve. Why would you say that in the middle of what I was doing. You made me laugh and I nearly choked on it.”

Eve turned her face towards her and she gripped her mother’s head. She kissed her and shoved her tongue into her mother’s mouth. She tasted her father’s cum on her tongue and she sucked harder. She drew back, “Mmm, that is one taste I’ll never forget.”

This gave Vanessa the opportunity to get back to what she was doing. She took Mike’s cock back into her mouth. She smiled around his shaft as she felt him brush her hair apart lovingly. She took this as a sign to continue and she picked up the pace, bobbing up and down at a furious pace. Saliva was shooting out of the corners of her mouth and suddenly she pulled off, gasping for air, “Wow, that was intense. You know Mike, even after all these years, I can never get enough of this gorgeous cock of yours.”

Before he could react, she drove forward, taking his entire cock into her mouth once again. Mike’s muscles tightened and flexed. The feeling of his cock sliding into her warm, wet mouth was almost too much to take.

Mike fell back to the ottoman and growled out, “Oh Fuck Vanessa, I can’t hold off any longer. I’m gonna cum!”

She pulled his cock out of her mouth, trying to stave off his orgasm, but she was too late. She let out a shriek as a hot, stinging blast hit her right on her lower lip. It shot upward, onto her cheek and luckily she closed her eyes just soon enough to keep it from painting her eyeball. It coated her eyelid an onto her forehead. Before she could react a second and third stinging blast hit her cheek and down her neck. She chuckled and opened her mouth, but his continued eruptions missed her mouth and coated her face.

Mike fell back to the ottoman, totally spent, but also disappointed. He wanted to join in the festivities of the Baxter Holiday Orgy.

Eve swooped in and cradled her mother’s face. She kissed and licked away as much of the cum her father deposited on her mother’s face. She turned her head and as their lips met, Eve opened her mouth and allowed a steady stream of his cum to flow into her mother’s mouth.

Vanessa swallowed all she could and clutching at Eve’s tousled locks, she kissed her roughly. They swapped his cum back and forth as their naked body were pressed tightly together. Vanessa held Eve tight to her body and slowly sank back into her back. She tugged at Eve, urging her upward and as she did so, Vanessa grabbed hold of Eve’s slender hips and guided her slick pussy to her mouth.

Eve let out a shriek as she suddenly found her mother’s tongue dancing up and down her fleshy cuntlips. She reached back and finding her mother’s identical pussy, she began to tease and rub at her mom’s clit. She was rewarded with her mother’s tongue uncovering her stiff button and she shivered and shook as Vanessa sucked Eve’s red pearl in between her lips.

Vanessa loved eating pussy and Eve’s was all the time one of her favorite ones. She had a sweet, yet tangy flavor. She was all the time so wet. She lapped up the juices that oozed out of her pussy and into her mouth.

Mike was blessed with a ring-side seat of his two favorite women. He found his cock was already stiff and raring to go. He slipped off the ottoman and spread her legs wide. He ran his hands up her trembling thighs and his thumbs spread aside her fleshy cuntlips. He wanted to get down there and lick her pussy, but his cock was throbbing and he wanted to bury his cock deep in her and give her the fucking of her life.

Vanessa was thrashing around, she knew what Mike was doing and she, just like him needed to be fucked and fucked hard. She doubled her efforts on Eve’s pussy and at that exact moment, she felt Mike entering her pussy.

Eve looked back and watched in awe as her father’s cock slowly sank into her mother’s pussy. She humped her mother’s face as she felt an orgasm quickly approaching. She twisted around a little and captured Vanessa’s stiff nipple. She tugged and twisted it as she continued to watch Mike fuck her mother.

Vanessa was flying high, she had her beautiful daughter’s pussy grinding in her face. She had her loving husband fucking her and they both played with her swollen tits. She licked harder, she wanted to have Eve burst her bubble and cum all over her face. She attacked her clit and as she felt Mike bottom out in her pussy, she lost it, she gasped against Eve’s pussy and started cumming.

Eve knew she was on the cusp of an explosive orgasm and when she felt her mother shaking, she knew she was cumming. She threw her head back and started cumming. She bathed Vanessa’s face with her creamy cum. She couldn’t stop shaking and twisting around, she clung to her father. She kissing him deeply and she felt his lose it at the same time.

Mike emptied his half full nuts into her yet again, but this time where he wanted to come in the first place. He clung to Eve and kissed her passionately as he sent whatever cum he had left into his loving wife.

While all of this was going on, in the study, Mandy and Ryan were locked in a torrid embrace.

Mandy’s skirt was pulled up around her waist and her black leather boots scraped against his bare legs as she rode his cock.

He pulled his mouth from hers, “Oh fuck Mandy. Do you know how fucking hot you look right now. You riding my cock, in those crotch-less tights and those incredibly sexy black boots?”

She giggled, “Yeah, I sorta do.” She groaned as she felt him scraping against her G-spot as she rode him. She loved being on top, it gave her the chance to shift her weight and in doing so, made his cock scrape against her G-spot over and over again. She combed her fingers through his hair, “So tell me Ryan, how do you like fucking the new and improved Mandy?”

He reached out and untied her sexy tie. He slowly began unbuttoning her silky white blouse. Once open, he dropped his head and rained hot kisses all over her neck and upper chest. He pulled back, “Well, I’ll tell you once I get you naked, but I have to say, I always loved the other Mandy. Not to say this one isn’t incredible too. It’s like comparing apples and oranges.” He kissed her and slipped the blouse off. He reached back and unhooked her bra. He let out a gasp and immediately closed his lips around one stiff nipple.

Mandy let out a shriek and pulled his head harder to her tit. She doubled her efforts, bouncing up and down on his raging hard-on harder and faster. she pulled him away, “So how about now?”

He growled out, “I’m sorta liking the new Mandy.” He reached up and pulled at her hair and it came undone. He fisted her shiny blonde curls and kissed her hard, “Mmm, I’m liking her more and more.”

Mandy took that as a affirmative and began riding him like a house-afire. She threw her head back and arched her back,” I’m cumming Ryan, cum with me, Put your hot, potent seed into my juicy, hot cunt.”

Just hearing her obscene words sent Ryan over the edge. He kissed her hard and released a gigantic volley of cum. Burst after hot, creamy burst filled her pussy and the two of them clung to one another for quite a while.

Ryan drew her away slightly and ran his fingers through her tousled locks. He kissed her lightly and smiled, “I think I’m really liking the new and improved Mandy. I think though, I’m gonna have to explore a lot more to make a real educated decision.”

She wiggled her ass and felt his cock stirring in her sloppy pussy. She giggled, “I think that can be arranged.”

They slowly disengaged and she ran to the bathroom to tidy up.

The entire Baxter clan met back in the living room and Vanessa walked naked into the kitchen and returned with a large kettle of hot chocolate in one hand and a bottle of peppermint schnapps in the other, “Who’s ready for seconds?”

They all did and they had one hell of a Baxter Holiday.

Eve returned to the Air Force Academy and even Kyle had a makeover. He finally got a grown-up haircut and even trimmed his beard.

Over the next several months things were running smoothly. Eve decided to make a unannounced return home for the weekend. It seems everything wasn’t a bed of roses at the Academy.

Eve came home because she felt so alone there. She was doing so good, she made a lot of the guys jealous and in doing so, turned them off to hanging out with her and dating too.

She was a little down and came into the living room to join Mandy, “Hey, what’s up?

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