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Jamie and his sergeant pulled up to a ritzy townhouse in Manhattan. They were responding to a woman, who’s house was being ransacked. Sergeant Renzulli didn’t believe her, thinking she just wanted the attention.

Jamie had a different take of it. He was following his gut, and also the woman was easy on the eyes and after his break-up with Sydney, he was looking for a little something he had missing from his life, a woman.

Sarge was trying to tell Jamie she was a real nut bag, “Her name is Melissa Samuals (Heather Lind). Poor little rich girl. In the last year or so we’ve responded to a number of jobs at this location. I mean, she’s a nice enough kid, but a little, you know, cuckoo.”

They entered the townhouse and she looked amazing to Jamie. She turned to him, “I’m sure somebody has been in here.”

Jamie looked around, “No sign of forced entry? Nothing stolen? Anything amiss?”

She turned back to Jamie. Her long dark hair floated about her petite slender body, ending at her pert, tight ass, “My books…. I always arrange them alphabetically by title. Now look…. they’re all out of whack. My silverware, I always lay the knives north to south, the spoons the opposite.”

Jamie couldn’t tear his eyes away from her perfect, flawless complexion. He cleared his throat, “Uh, huh, Besides the books and the spoons being move, what makes you think someone else has been in here?”

She licked her lips, “When I walk in the door, I get this feeling. The best way I can describe it is, it’s like…. everything is dirty. Even if you can’t see it.”

He looked up, “I see you have a security camera. Has it picked up anything?”

She shook her head, “No, my brother told me I needed to install it. It seems to help for a couple of months, but then, one day, I came home, and my stereo was playing Rachmaninoff.”

Jamie took notes, “Does anyone else have a key to the apartment besides you?”

She shook her head, “No, I’m alone. Except my housekeeper comes twice a week, but she is very protective of me.”

Sergeant looked to her, “Actually, we have to be getting back on patrol, so… “

She looked from Sarge to Jamie, “You don’t believe me, do you?”

“I have no reason not to believe you, miss.

She looked to Jamie, “He doesn’t believe me.”

Jamie looked to a photo on the wall, “Um, this is Widener Library, right? You went to Harvard, right?”

She nodded, “The sixth generation of Samuels to matriculate.”

He chuckled,” I’m the first generation of my family to go.”

“And now you’re a cop?”

He nodded, “Yeah,”

She finally smiled, “That’s pretty cool, Noble, actually.”

Sarge looked, “I’ll be outside.”

Jamie looked around at the photos on the wall, “Did you take these?”

“Yes. That’s what I do. I have a studio on 28th Street.”

He walked up the stairs, “They’re gorgeous/”

She stared at him, “Uh, thank you.”

He pulled a card out of his pocket, “I’m gonna give you, uh, my number. If you have a issue, you can call me… anytime. Okay?

She stared at him and felt something. She watched him leave and she wanted him to stay.

The next day there were called there again, Renzulli looked to Jamie, “We’re not in the business of making the bogeyman go away. You can’t tell me that you don’t thing she’s nuts too.”

She was in the doorway, “I’m not imagining things.” She entered the house and Jamie followed, “Look, every piece of furniture has been moved. Look, there, someone turned all of my work upside down.” She walked into the kitchen and Jamie followed her, “What else had to happen for you to believe me?”

“Please, miss, please.” He stopped at the counter when he saw a couple bottles of medication, “I hate to ask this, but you’re on medication?”

She let out a deep breath, “You’re gonna be like all the rest. There’s nothing wrong with being anxious if you came home to this.”

Jamie tried to help, “Melissa, the precinct is two blocks from here. I drive past your house to and from work. I’ll keep an eye out for you, okay?”

She grabbed a set of keys off the counter, “I need you to have these.”

“So, please, that’s not what we do.”

She put them in his hand, “No, I’m going to Chicago for a week just to get away. If you see anything while I’m gone.”

He took them, “Have a nice trip.” He left her there.

The following day, Jamie went to see Erin at work, “Thanks for looking into Melissa Samuals.”

“Yeah, happy to help my kid brother out.”

He sat down beside Erin, “I think there’s more to the story. I’d like to help out if I can.”

Erin chuckled, “And Melissa looking hot didn’t come into play, huh? Well, it turns out, Melissa Samuals’ parents were killed in a plane crash. Melissa and the pilot were the only survivors.”

He looked at her, “Enough to explain her being a bit fragile.”

“Well, it was also enough for her family to have her committed to Fairwick, a mental health facility favored by the well-off. She was there for eight months and she was released with a diagnosis of acute anxiety.”

“Renzulli says if she keeps calling, we might have to EDP her, send her down to Bellevue.”

She sat back, “Well, it might be hard. She’s not in danger of hurting herself or others, so… You know Jamie, you have a really big heart, and that will never be a bad thing, no matter what Danny says. Sooner or later, these things usually come to a head, so just trust your gut, and if you think she’s legit, keep an eye on her.”

Later Jamie was just walking into the gym a few blocks from Melissa’s apartment and he got a text from her. He checked his phone and it said, “Someone is in my apartment now!!” He left the gym and pulled Melissa’s house key from his pocket. He ran up the stairs and unlocked the door and rushed in. He called out, “Melissa.” Just then he saw a man running across the room. He yelled, “Hey!” and he tackled him in the living room. The guy threw a punch hitting Jamie in the face.

Melissa came running down the stairs to confront the burglar. She put her hand up to her mouth as Jamie returned two punches, subduing the burglar. He rolled him onto his stomach and handcuffed him.

Melissa came up beside them and Jamie looked up at her, “It’s okay, it’s okay, everything is okay.”

She stood there in a panic, still unable to see the man and she looked to Jamie, “I knew you believed me.”

He tightened the handcuffs, “I got him.” He rolled him over and Melissa cried out, “Oh, my God! It’s my brother…..My own brother?”

Jamie stared up at her, “What?” He stood up and stopped her from attacking him, “No, no., no, it’s alright. I got him, you’re okay. I got him. He can’t hurt you.”

Melissa rested her head on Jamie’s shoulder as he hugged her closer. Even though she was traumatized, he felt her large heavy breasts pressing against his arm. He fought off the urge to hold her tighter and kiss her.

Renzulli found him later that day, “I guess this is the part where I say I’m sorry. That I was wrong.” Jamie looked at him, confused, “You were right.”

Jamie shrugged, “Just some weird hunch I had that she was on the level.”

“Tony nodded, “Lucky for Melissa you stayed with it. Because I was no help to the girl. So why did the brother do it?”

“The family cut him out of the will, so all the money was gonna her. If she was declared incompetent, he’s next of kin. All the money goes to him.”

Tony rolled his eyes, “The root of all evil. I’m glad I was born good-looking instead of rich. Still, nice work. I should have known better. You got something special. A different sort of instinct. You remind me of your brother Joe.”

“Thanks, Sarge.”

“You’re welcome. So what next?”

Jamie shrugged, “Well with the case closed, Melissa contacted me. She wants me to come over tonight for dinner. She says she wants to thank me personally.”

Tony chuckled, “I guess you do come out the winner. Just watch yourself, women like that can eat you alive.”

Jamie chuckled, “I’m a Reagan, don’t worry about me Sarge.”

That evening he arrived at her apartment dressed in a pair of dress pants, dress shirt opened at the collar and a sports jacket.

When he knocked on the door, he was greeted by Melissa. She had her hair down and curled and the waves brushed the tops of her large, firm breasts. She was wearing a summer dress. It was white with flowers throughout It hugged her upper body tightly, but at the hips, the skirt flared out and floated about her finely chiseled legs. The bodice was a little low and it showed her large breasts as they threatened to burst free.

Jamie noticed before that on her slender figure, her breasts were a lot larger than it they were on a larger woman. She turned to allow him in, but he stopped and handed her the extra keys to her doors, “I don’t think I’m gonna be needing these any longer.

She took them and smiled at him, “I felt a lot safer knowing you did. I can say, I wished you would have kept them and used them, but knowing you, you are not one of those kind of guys, thankfully. Come on in, I have the table set and our meal just arrived a few minutes ago. I was going to cook for you, but didn’t want you leaving because of food poisoning. I like to cook, but things never seemed to come out the way I wished they would.”

They entered the dining room and there were two large plates with silver covers on them. She went to sit at the opposite end of the table, but he stopped her, “How about you come and sit next to me. I would hate to have to scream to talk to you.”

She giggled, “Sounds wonderful.” He helped her move her plate and utensils on the corner beside him and she smiled when he held out the chair for her, “Wow, such a gallant gentleman.”

Over the next hour, they talked and laughed and finished off a good bottle of wine. She stood to clear the plates, but Jamie stopped her, “You know, Melissa, I was only privy to seeing your living room, kitchen, dining room and all of your photos on the stairs. I would really like to see the rest of the apartment, that is, if you don’t mind.”

She grinned from ear to ear, “I’d really like to show it to you. I’m rather proud of the decorations and how I furnished the rest of it. Come on, I’ll show you.”

She led him down the hall and showed him her study and her dark room. She even had a large outdoor patio behind the apartment. It was screened off and had a large area for her plants. After that, she led him up the stairs and showed him the two guest bedrooms and the recently remodeled guest bathroom. She turned and led him down the other end of the hall to a large double door, she swung it open and it showed a gigantic bedroom. It was tastefully decorated.

Jamie was expecting a frilly bedroom but it was ultra modern with a fine feminine touch. In the center was a gigantic king-sized bed with a four poster headboards.

She turned towards him a little too quickly and found herself inches from him. She licked her lips and stared up at him, “This is my pride and joy. Many of my relatives ask why I have such a large bed for such a tiny person, but I always brush it off. In reality, I love a huge bed, especially when I’m entertaining a man who I am very, very attracted to. She slowly looked up into his eyes with those dark, sultry eyes. Do you know what I mean?”

He knew exactly what she meant. He took the short step to her and sweeping his hands alongside her flawless face he lowered his lips to hers. They were already parted, waiting for the kiss that came and she let out a tiny moan. She raised her hands and ran them through his hair as she returned the kiss with a lot more urgency.

Jamie’s hands were on her hips and he slowly lowered them to her fine, firm ass and he pulled her tightly to his erection.

She moaned louder and whispered to him, “How would you like to undress a woman who wants to show just how appreciative she is for all you have done for her?”

He kissed her forehead and shook his head, “I’d love to undress a gorgeous woman who wants to get to know me better and see where this goes?”

She smiled from ear to ear, and she nodded, “I like that a lot better. So what are you waiting for, undress me, Jamie.”

He swept her hair from her shoulder and leaning in, he planted several wet kisses on her cheek, chin, and then down her slender neck. His hands swept around her slender figure and finding the zipper on her dress, he slowly drew it downward until it reached the end of the tract, just above her dainty panties. He ran his hands up her tapered back and at the same time he was there, he flicked his fingers, unhooking her overstuffed bra. He took a half step back and drew the dress and bra off her upper body at the same time. He stared down at her and she blushed and tried covering her beautiful breasts.

He shook his head, “Never cover them up, Melissa. You have the most gorgeous breasts I’ve ever seen.” He licked his lips as he stared at the teardrop nipples that capped two large, firm high standing tits. The quarter sized aeroules were a dark pink and in the center were two stiff, red nipples, pointing upward. He lowered his head and closed around one.

Melissa shivered and her knees were weak and she clung to his shoulders as her breathing began ragged. She guided him to the other one and he gave it the same treatment.

Jamie could have spent hours worshiping her chest, but he had other things to undress. He slowly sank to his knees and taking hold of the lower portion of her dress that clung to her hips, he tugged at it and it floated to her ankles. He took hold of one foot, removed her heel and allowed her to step out of the dress. He did the same to the other one and straightened up, he stared at her camel-toed pussy. He was amazed how puffy it was as it pressed hotly against fine, nearly see-though panties. He reached up and slowly drew it down her trembling legs and she stepped out of them.

Jamie was nearly behind her and he rose up and taking hold of her long, chocolate brown hair and pulled it apart. He kissed her on the back of her neck and she shivered against his gentle touch.

Jamie put his arms around her waist and pulled her against him, “You are absolutely beautiful Melissa. You will never have a reason to cover up. There’s not a man in the whole city of New York that wouldn’t want to be exactly where I am right now.”

She stifled a giggle, “No reason to butter me up, Jamie, I’m yours tonight.”

He scoffed, “Don’t do that Melissa, Don’t put yourself down.” He turned her towards the large mirror she had on the closet door, “Put your hands down and look at yourself, you are gorgeous and I can’t wait to partake in each and every square inch of you.”

She blushed and looked down, but he stopped her and placing his hand gently under her chin, made her look and her eyes sparkled as she looked at herself. She licked her lips and bit her bottom lip She let out a gasp when he leaned in and kissed her behind her ear, “You are a work of art, Melissa, just like your photos.” He slid his hands along her flat belly and cupping her beautiful breasts, he squeezed her nipples between his fingers.

She leaned her head back on his shoulder and closed her eyes. She pressed her bare ass against the lump in his pants. He kissed her neck and caused another shiver to course through her beautiful body.

She turned in his embrace and she let out a gasp when he reached down and ran his fingers through her puffy pussy lips. She pushed his hands away, “Why is it I’m naked and you’re standing here with all of your clothes on?”

He shrugged, “I guess you’ll have to do something about that, don’t you think?”

She giggled and it made his cock even stiffer. She reached up and began unbuttoning his shirt. She raked her nails across his chest as she exposed it. Melissa unfastened the last button and pushed the shirt and jacket off his shoulders. She leaned in and gave him the same treatment, kissing each nipple and used her tongue to tease them to stiffness, “Mmmm Jamie, I think your body is very, very delectable too.”

She giggled and let out a gasp when Jamie pulled her back to him and her firm, hard nippled tits crushed against his chest. He slid his hands down her back and grabbed hold of her tight ass. Jamie planted a panty dropping kiss on her lips, but they were already missing. Melissa raked her fingers through his hair and rested on the back of his neck as she intensified the kiss they were working on. She sucked his lower lips into her mouth, then teased it with her tongue.

Melissa was ready for more and her hand drifted down his hard, firm body. She stroked his cock through his pants, then unfastened his pants and she giggled when they fell away. She placed her hand inside his boxers and smiled, “Oh my God Jamie, I guess I’m in for a treat, tonight, am I not?”

He laughed out loud, “Oh you have no idea, Melissa. He’s really been looking forward to show you the time of your life.” Before he could finish, she knelt before him and reaching up, she tugged his boxers down and slid her plush, lips over his cock.

Jamie let out a groan and fisted her thick, dark locks. He struggled, and she stopped sucking just long enough to remove his shoes, socks, pants and boxers.

She resumed sucking his cock immediately after getting his clothes off. She was slurping and making obscene sounds with her mouth and humming causing his cock to stiffen even more.

Jamie placed his finger under her chin and slowed her progress, “Come on up here, Melissa, tonight is about showing you just what a luscious female you are, let me prove it to you.”

He scooped her up and laid her in the middle of her gigantic bed. It was already turned down and the cool sheets felt cold on their bodies, but not for long. He rested on his knees between her luscious legs. He slowly ran his hands from her ankles, along her calves. He excited her flesh as he moved up her full thighs to her puffy, camel toed pussy. It looked like an untapped clam shell and he was bound and determined to open it up and claim her pearl. He saw her arch her back and draw in a deep breath when he ran his thumb through her slick folds. He wormed two fingers inward and sliding it up, he came to her red pearl. He looked up at her and he couldn’t tear his eyes from those two dark eyes that bore into his. He slipped a finger into her juicy hole and Melissa’s eyes fluttered and closed. She rocked her hips, wanting more contact.

She groaned when she felt him shift his weight and he settled down between her legs. He was flat on his belly and he used his thumbs to part her clam shell. He lowered his head and swept his tongue from the base of her pussy to her clit. He flicked it back and forth before sliding down and stiffening his tongue, he shoved his tongue deep into her juicy hole.

Melissa growled out, “Oh my God, what are you doing to me?” She clamped her legs around his head and humped his face.

Jamie used his free hands to slide up her trembling body and he tugged and twisted one of her sensitive nipples. He pushed his tongue as deep as he could. Again she arched her ass off the bed, fucking his tongue as she did so. Knowing how much she loved his oral attack, he picked up the pace, sucking, licking and fingering her pussy till she exploded, send a stream of her cunt juices for him to savor and lap up.

Melissa came harder than she ever did before, but Jamie continued until he felt the last wave of her tremors slow. She opened her mouth and drew in as much air as she could. Her legs released him and he slid up her body and as they kissed, she licked and sucked her own juices from his lips and tongue.

She was too weak for much at the moment and he worked over her upper body. He rained kisses in her forehead, and playfully kissed the tip of her nose. He moved to her neck and she let out a gasp as he sucked and nipped at her flesh. She arched her head back, giving him greater access to her sensitive flesh and she giggled and gasped as he moved to her tits once again.

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