Bending to Your Every Command

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As I stood before you, naked and vulnerable, I knew there was nothing I wouldn’t do to please you. You had a power over me that I couldn’t withstand, and every command you gave only made me want you more.

“Kneel,” you said, and I did without hesitation. “Touch yourself,” you commanded, and I began to explore my body with my hands, feeling myself grow wet with desire.

“Stop,” you said suddenly, and I froze in place. “Get on your hands and knees,” you continued, and I obediently complied.

You began to circle around me, taking in the sight of my curves and curves, pausing every now and then to reach out and touch me in just the right spot.

“Spread your legs wider,” you ordered, and I did as you said, feeling a rush of excitement as your fingers grazed my inner thighs.

“Touch yourself again,” you said, and I reached down between my legs, caressing my clit as you watched.

“Stop,” you said again, and I panted with need as you stood behind me. “Do you want me to take you?” you asked, and my answer was a gasping “yes.”

You entered me slowly, filling me completely as I moaned with pleasure. Your hands found my breasts, toying with my nipples as you began to move in and out of me with increasing speed.

“Look at me,” you said, and I turned my head to meet your gaze. Your eyes were full of raw desire, and I knew I was yours completely.

As we moved together in perfect rhythm, I felt my body start to create towards an orgasm. I was so close, but I knew I couldn’t come until you gave me permission.

“Come for me,” you finally said, and I exploded with pleasure, my body shaking as I cried out your name.

You kept moving, relentless in your pursuit of your own pleasure, until finally it was your turn to come, your body shuddering as you emptied yourself inside me.

As we lay there together, spent and sated, I knew that I would all the time bend to your every command, willingly and eagerly seeking your pleasure over my own.

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