Beholder’s Eye – SPE Love Blossoms Ch. 01 – Fetish – Free Sex Story

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“I’m very happy with our relationship.” I heard her say. I was incredulous to say the least. I had at all times done my best to please her, meeting her family, running errands for her, being there for her, even sometimes cleaning her apartment. In the back of my mind I knew what the real issue was. Sooner or later she would want real physical intimacy….and I would not be able to hide my shortcomings.

When we began our courtship, she had been surprised and delighted that unlike other men, I never once pressured her or tried to otherwise trick her into having Sex. At first this made the course of our dating life very refreshing. She wasn’t used to dating a gentleman who would at all times treat her like a princess, never once attempting to take your back home or to unhook her bra, and never attempting to treat her like a piece of meat. What’s more, I did her many favors and generally showed her my appreciation with little gifts. Our physical interaction was limited to kissing and holding and even snuggling. We would put on old movies or listen to old records and times were good.

Perhaps it was our mutually busy life style that allowed us to go 3 months without noticing that we hadn’t progressed to a new level of physical intimacy beyond what might lightly be termed “petting.”

For myself, I was content to that let that go on. Things came to a head though one evening when I came to her house for a “very special dinner” she had planned for me. She left the door open for me and had timed everything perfectly for me so as I walked through the door I would be greeted by the smell of food, an incredible steak dinner, already awaiting me at the dinner table. Then I heard her call out from the back, “I’ll be there in a second! You can start if you’re hungry!”

I sat down admiring the steak but soon I noticed the Caesar salad. I served myself from the salad bowl as she walked out from behind and I catched a whiff of her excellent perfume. I began to express my gratitude and amazement at the meal, but then before I could get the sentence out I looked up. I was greeted by the most heavenly sight. My girlfriend came out wearing an incredible looking and very tight dress that made my head spasm back in a double take. A lace of emerald green backless dress with exposed shoulders that went down just below the thighs. I was blown away.

“You like?” She said.

“Wow. You look beautiful,” I replied.

She gave me the go-ahead to feast as she had already eaten before I got there. She just wanted to watch me enjoy myself on her food. She quite enjoyed feeding me and this to her was an expression of Love and appreciation. I hungrily ate up her cuisine while occasionally looking up at her gorgeousness. As the meal drew to a close however I realized what I was getting myself into.

Without bothering to say a word, she grabbed me my my hand and led me to the bedroom. I was frightened out of my mind. She sat me on the edge of the bed and began kissing me… rubbing my shoulders and gonna unbutton my shirt. Enraptured, but alarmed too, I let her take my shirt off. Believe it or not this was the farthest I had gone with her. My mind began to wonder how is it that it took this long for us to get to this point?

As my breathing got harder, she kissed me just as hard. Her hand started to crawl up my leg. I of course had my hand in the customary position either on her back or on her curvy waist. Then I noticed that hers, rather than resting near my knee as usual, began to ride-up suddenly and went on the inside of my thigh and my breathing quickened even more. It was as if my heart was beating so loudly she should have been able to hear it… but she continued to ride it up. I grabbed it and squeezed it hoping that she would see this as a romantic gesture and not as an interruption of her advances. But I just couldn’t risk her being able to touch me between the legs. I had kept my terrible secret from her for so many months and I couldn’t bear for her to understand now.

But I knew based on the way she had presented all this, the dress, the meal, her perfume, that this was it. The moment of truth had arrived.

Alas, the squeezing of her hand didn’t work she broke to kiss after a couple of seconds and look squarely in the eye and said, “what’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” I tried to fake it.

But she knew that was a lie. Thus began a very strange conversation. “Do you remember how we met?”

I replied, “Yes. I met you at that birthday party…ummm, my cousins birthday party.”

“Yes…..Your cousin Samantha invited me there to meet you. I never told you this, but she was really the one who hooked us up. She knew about me and the problems I had with men….and she told me all about you. And she thought you’d be the perfect guy for me given my experiences with guys.”

“I didn’t know that….but what experiences with guys? Why would I be perfect.”

She continued, “When I said that she told me everything about you, I mean she told me EVERYTHING about you.”

I swallowed hard. My cousin knew my secret because not only did we go to the same high college…so she had heard the rumors about me…I also basically confirmed them when I had explained to her why I had only introduced her to one woman in the ten years since.

“Look. You know that I’ve only had 3 boyfriends since high school. Well, I know you’ve only been with one other lady yourself since you graduated. …….I know. I know about your…”

I squirmed.

“She told you?”

“Ssssh….hold on, darling. It wasn’t like that. You see….she only told me because of my problems with guys….that’s why she thought we’d be a perfect match.”

I didn’t find out, but she went on.

“You see, I have had bad experiences with my boyfriends. They were aggressive as I think you know but it went beyond that. I have very unique physical and psychological characteristics that make it difficult for me to be with just any guy. And I found that out the hard way and ….I just want to say this in the most sensitive way possible but… well let’s just say that… I’m just gonna have to come right out and say it but I was really unable to enjoy fucking those other guys.”

She paused. “Do you know why?”


Then she came real close…”Because….you may find this hard to believe. But most men can’t please me. What I need is a man with the right size cock.”

” But…” I began …

“Sshhhh” she said as she came in closer and kissed me.

“I like them your size.”

My eyes got really wide

“I know you like me….and I really really like you….but I haven’t seen a dick in 3 years, and its been like closer to 10 since I’ve had a little one. And I soooooo need a little one. I’m not built like other women…..please… I know you’ve been avoiding it, but I really really need to see it now. However it is, I’m sure I will like it ….please take your pants off.”

I lowered my pants and stepped out of my shoes awkwardly and she practically growled “yessss.”

I began to sit down in my boxers, but she suddenly stood up and grabbed me. Kissing me on the lips, she worked her way down, kissing my chest and abdomen, lulling me like women’s kisses do… then grabbed my underwear and yanked them down so fast it stunned me.

I made no attempt to hide my manhood, but neither did I face her. I felt her eyes on my body for a 5 second eternity, but still couldn’t bear to look….continuing to stare at the wall ahead of me.

“Oh wow” I heard her say.

“I know.”

“The cute little thing is hiding. Don’t be so bashful. You have nothing to be ashamed about. Just look at those incredible balls of yours. They really are magnificent!”

“Really?” I asked incredulously.

She grabbed my balls with one hand went for my dicklet with the other: “There it is. Oh my gosh, it’s so cute …like unfurling a little lipstick. Baby, it’s really lovely and oh… just look at the head. Oh it’s wonderful.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I started to wonder if this was the set up for an elaborate practical joke.

Then she did it. She put her mouth on my balls and sucked them and licked them in a flurry of warm wetness as if they held the secret to life itself. I was….paralyzed in pleasure at first. Then she hit the sweet spot and like a dog having its belly rubbed furiously I shook in place. It was the most amazing feeling and I didn’t even know it was feasible.

Until now.

I completely forgot about my inadequacies and just listened to the sounds of her kissing and slurping. Then she held out my member and said:

“Oooh YES. YESSSSSSS. THERE YOU ARE MY LITTLE SOLDIER. Hard and proud. Because dicks your size are the hardest. The absolute HARDEST…YESSS…Fucking rock hard …and beautiful ……My God, what a stunning little dick you have. Here, let me hold it at its base and lick the head….ooh, fucking A.”

She was loud, almost hysterical in glee. She then quickly explained with the exception of her first real boyfriend, all the other men in her life were abusive and well endowed Alpha apes…and I was perfect. “A perfect gentleman with a hard as a brick little dick, not those semi soft dongs attached to assholes,” she explained.

Then she used her two expert fingers to fluff me while her other hand reached for something off the table….”Oh my God? Is that measuring tape?”

“Relax baby. Do you know how long I’ve waited for this? I just absolutely have to know. Your cousin said you are miniscule. But I need to know exactly what I’m working with here… you look like a real winner.”

Then she brought the tape up and measured me which brought up all kinds of feelings of humiliation at the same time as a weird sense of enjoyment that I was being exhibited like this.

“Amazing. You’re 3 and 1 quarter inches when hard. ….hehe….And zero when nervous apparently. 3.24/5…very nearly a micropenis. …. Oh I’m going to have fuuuun with you.”

She stood up and turned me around with her arms forcefully…and I liked it. She put both her hands on my shoulders, came closer and whispered into my right ear: “From now on, when we’re alone together, this is how I want you….I’m not kidding. There’s a reason why I have a tall wooden fence. From now on when I call you & you come over you are to come up to my door and take all your clothes off and fold them on the wicker chair on the patio and knock politely on the door and wait for me….”

“Yes,” I nervously replied, frightened out of my mind.

“This is the lifestyle I want. When I am here by myself and you come I will be fully clothed and you will be completely and absolutely naked. Aaaand… will never ever see me naked.”

Before I could express disappointment, her left hand grabbed my balls.

“When we make Love, the lights will be off. And I will keep most of my clothes on.”

“But wh…” She squeezed my nuts like a vice. I understood this part of the deal and non-negotiable.

“Bend over….yes. Your Ass is amazing.”

She backed up, let me watch her, and slid her panties off.

“Get on the bed, fucktoy.”

As I laid down with my 3.25 inches sticking straight up, she turned the lights off. I then felt this warm wetness envelop my cock.


I felt her ride me like a meth-driven Valkyrie.

“Yes, yes, boy. Don’t worry about Mama, give me your cream,” she breathed out. She churned me even faster, sighing hard and muttering about “this little dick, this little motherfucking dick” over and over.

And then I had it. Only moments into it….For the first time in 5 years I came inside a woman. I felt my balls come together, the head of my penis swell as the whites of her eyes lit up in the darkness, and the center of gravity suddenly fell beneath us before snapping back into milky injections into her tiny little Pussy. I looked up to those eyes, now looking almost completely white as she pursed her lips….and froze. A second later I felt only one part of her move as her warm wet flower squeezed my still hard Love dart of every last drop of cream.

We panted. And panted. And panted. Then she said rolling off, “There’s a bottle of my favorite Malbec in the kitchen. Grab it and a couple of glasses and then get your tiny dick back here, I’m not done with it.”

“Yes, mam.”

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