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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction. The events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, promotions, wrestlers, events etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. All characters depicted in this fiction are over 18 years of age. I do not own Stardom or any other wrestling promotion, or any current or former wrestlers/characters.

Starring: Momo Watanabe, Saki Kashima, Starlight Kid (all Stardom)

Bang(Bus)ing The Indies — Odeo Tai

An erotic pro wrestling fan-fiction story.

Written by DaxG2001

Codes: Cons, MF, MFF, MFFF, FF, FFF, oral, inter.

* * *

“OK OK! Let’s get this show rolling!” The familiar voice of The Dirty One said from behind the camera as the video started up, but this time showing a quite unusual sight than usual for the Bang Bus.

Instead of a porn star being in the back seats, there was not one, but three stunning female Japanese wrestlers. All from the Stardom promotion and part of the villainous Odeo Tai faction, as further proven by each of the trio wearing matching purple shorts and zipped up purple hooded tops, branded by the Odeo Tai logo. On the left side, the slim and stunning fair haired Saki Kashima with a shade of thick red across her lips. In the middle, the pint sized beauty Starlight Kid, wearing one of her trademark tiger-like masks of black with silver design that covered her face but just left her mouth (along with a different shade of lipstick), chin and eyes exposed. And on the right, the more curvaceous of the trio in Momo Watanabe as her long hair was half swept over the side of her face as she lounged back. Just a travel bag down by the side of the van acting as belongings.

“Oi! About time!” Starlight Kid yelled, showing a perhaps unexpected grasp of the English language which was rather handy for this production. “You don’t keep the three of us waiting, understand? We’re Odeo Tai! The best that Stardom has to offer!” She said, while Momo just nodded in agreement.

“Easy now, girls! We’ll find you some fun to have!” Dirty One said with a chuckle. “So let’s cut to it! Why do you three fine ladies want to go cruising to find some good American dick to have?”

“We want to experience some foreign guys here while we’re over here…” Saki said with a seductive tone in her voice as she stared at the camera with a matching look. “They say things are bigger over here, right? Well, we want to be the judges of that… Since it takes a lot for any man to handle just one of us, as you can clearly tell…” She added to brag as she brushed her hair back.

“Well damn! As good a fucking reason as any!” The cameraman said. “OK then! Let’s just be on the look out and maybe we’ll spy a guy or two for you three to test out?” He said with a tone that gave a hint that there might be something more planned than what the women wondered they’d agreed to.

Momo, seemingly being in the mindset of letting actions speak instead of words, got up from her seat as she moved across the van as the other women watched her. Momo using a hand to smack the back of the driver’s seat to get him to pull over and before the vehicle had even come to a full stop, she’d easily hauled the door open and jumped out. Startling a man walking back in shorts and a loose shirt who was wearing glasses, making him nearly drop what seemed like a bag of groceries.

“Oh yeah, he’ll do!” Saki smirked as she leaned out. “Hey… Wanna fuck, handsome?” She purred even as the man clearly was a bit below average.

“Wait, what? Me??” The unknown guy said, as Momo rather forcefully shoved him towards the van where he was hauled in by Kid and Saki. Momo showing little care for the bag as she dropped it down with a thud being heard as she closed the door up. Allowing the Bang Bus to begin driving off with this new victim obtained.

“So… Big American? Got a big cock, huh?” Kid and Saki left the stunned man staring as they shoved his shorts down, and Momo leaned in from Saki’s side too to keep his shoulders pressed to the seats. “OI! What the fuck?? Call this a fucking cock??” Kid narrowed her eyes, glancing down to him and his lacking shaft which didn’t seem to be more than four inches.

“H-Hey! You were the ones inviting me in here!” The still unknown man protested before he groaned. Saki and Kid reaching down to grip his cock as it easily hardened.

“Let’s see what he can handle, shall we?” Saki kept up her seductress act as she began to pump.

“Oh shit! They aren’t even asking who this fucking guy is and they’re jerking him off!” Dirty One said as the man’s dick was barely seen as Saki’s hand moved up and down. Making him squirm and moan as he got a handjob from the slim and sex Japanese beauty at an already brisk pace. This small size perhaps being something she was very used to back at home so it was no problem for her to pump away and make him groan out. Momo’s eyes narrowed to keep him pressed back as she didn’t seem to impressed.

“If we wanted a small cock like this? We would have stayed home!” Kid snapped, folding her arms and not even bothering to take part. Leaving Saki to dominate proceedings with her smooth strokes as she teased the lucky (or is that unlucky?) guy by leaning on her side. Gazing over him with a well practised, fake look of seduction that alone made the below average man almost drool from the mouth. Moaning out at her firm strokes worked over the whole size and made a smack ring out as her hand hit his crotch. “Oi! This guy’s already sweating! We wanted action, not some… Whatever this is!” Kid openly insulted to contrast the fake act Kashima was putting on as she used the firm pace. Making him gasp once in a while as she tightened the grip and gave the odd twist around before going back to the firm pumps up and down.

“Oh fuck! Fuck that’s good…” The still nameless guy was having sweat go down his forehead as his hips bucked already. Saki rasing an eyebrow as she continued to stroke him off, feeling his member begin to pulse in her grasp as she switched to just quick, brief strokes with a few fingers to show off that dick starting to throb. “UHHHHH!! FUCK!!” He basically whined as he couldn’t even handle a blowjob from this Japanese beauty. And perhaps fitting a pathetic few spurts of jizz shooting up and out, catching more back onto his crotch than anywhere else. Saki recoiling when a little hit her hand and she didn’t even finish him off as he sat back as his dick dripped with cum.

“Fucking pathetic…” Saki showed her true colours with a disgusted sneer at his lack of ability, as she used his shirt to wipe off the jizz from her hand.

“Yeah! Get the fuck out of here! Idiot!!” Kid yelled as hearing the commotion, the Driver pulled the van over. Just as well as Momo hauled the door open as the three women rudely shoved the dazed man out with his shorts still around his ankles. Humiliating him further as Momo tossed the bag of shopping out as well, slamming into his face and making him tumble over backwards before she closed the door shut.

“Well shit! Guess we won’t be getting that guy to sign off on the disclosure agreement!” Dirty One said with a laugh as the Bang Bus ruthlessly started taking off without a second look back at the first victim. “Well, guess that first one was a bust, right? But we can still… H-Hey! Easy! Watch the fucking camera!”

In classic Odeo Tai style, Kid grabbed the camera out of Dirty One’s hands, turning the video into a self-shot style one as she grinned from behind her mask and looked up. Filming herself, Momo and Saki as the other two gave cocky smirks. “Oi oi oi! This is Stardom’s Starlight Kid! Odeo Tai’s Sky Tiger, live from America! Alongside the Black Peach Momo Watanabe, and our friend Saki-Chan!” She said as the other two flashed double peace signs, being a lot more fun than the evil wrestlers they usually are. “Today we’re gonna find some good fucking dick! We wanna fuck! And see what these big Americans have! Real big porn cocks! Not the blurred out, tiny ones we get back home!” Kid grinned as she held the camera, while the Dirty One could be heard in the background complaining “This is my fucking show, ladies!!”.

“So let’s go find some good dick! I wanna suck some big American cock!” Kid shamelessly announced as she moved to the door of the van, but opening up the window as she rather fearlessly leaned out along with the camera. Much to Dirty One’s outrage as he yelled about watching the camera. “Hey! Hey! You!” She yelled out, seeing the first guy on the sidewalk as they rounded a new block. “Want your dick fucking sucked??” She boldly said, and that instantly got the attention of the man in jeans and a sports jersey with a matching snapback hat.

“Yo, say what? You offering?” The man looked around as the van slowed down to pull up. “What, this fucking Halloween or some shit? What’s with the mask?” He questioned as Kid pulled back in to allow Momo to open the door up.

“Oi! If you want your dick fucking sucked? Get the fuck in here!” Kid snapped, fired up after one disappointment already.

“Shit… I’m not gonna turn down some free fucking head.” The man wisely (or perhaps foolishly in this case) agreed, climbing in so Momo could close up the door. The vehicle pulling off again as he sat down this time between Watanabe and Kashima. “Yo, shit… This looks… Nah, this fucking looks like the damn Bang Bus…” He remarked as SLK passed the camera over to Saki to hold.

This left Saki to smile as she held the camera up to take the shot selfie-style. Showing Kid reaching up to loosen this also unknown man’s belt as he grinned, quickly getting with the programme. Even if when Starlight pulled down his pants she narrowed her eyes at what looked to be only an inch longer than the first cock they’d seen, and already hardening quickly. Saki raising an eyebrow too, watching the action while Momo stared with another unimpressed look as Kid, already down and kneeling, just went with it. Parting her thickly coated lips to guide his cock in right off the bat and instantly make him moan.

“Oh fuck! Damn! Yeah, suck that dick!” The random guy said as he moaned loudly as Kid’s mouth easily slid down to the base. No issue handling this below average size as her mouth smoothly worked up and down. Not even a groan escaping her as she stared up. All too happy to suck dick while still wearing her signature wrestling mask as if this was a mere fetish for her. The slurping noise as her mouth worked up and down clearly heard as she went to work with a brisk pace. Her lips not even having to stretch much either with the lack of true thickness this cock had. Even having the time to brush her hair back over her shoulders since this wasn’t testing her too much.

“Oh shit! This chick is good! Mmmmm fuck!” He continued to moan as he stared down, and to his credit at least wasn’t freaked out by a petite beauty blowing him while he couldn’t see all of her face. Perhaps the offer of getting some free head, something it seems he hasn’t gotten in quite a while, was more on his mind than knowing this was a talented pro wrestler sucking him off. Making him groan out as he was easily held in place to sit on the seats. Never mind that this was all being filmed as Saki moved the camera in, making it more of a Point of View-style shot so Kid could at least put on a show for the camera. Staring into the lens with a sinful look while dragging her soft lips up and down smoothly and slowly. Knowing just how to tease and not looking bothered herself about giving a blowjob and being recorded while doing so.

“Shhhrrrllpp… Shhhlllkkk… Shhhhrrrlllkkk…” The former Future of Stardom champion wasn’t even moaning around this slim and small dick as she worked over him hands free, and not even faking like this was a challenge with her own hands just on her hips. Working her mask-covered head up and down as the lower gap was just perfect for her mouth to be full exposed. Allowing her chin to touch his balls when she pressed down and took all of that prick inside to suck on. Not coming close to touching the back of her mouth as she repeated the motion to slide up to the crown and then push back in. Easily leaving a light layer of saliva from her oral talents even with his basic pace. Perhaps knowing there was no point going all out if this was all she had to work with.

A good call, all things considered as the man let out a deep grunt. Kid’s eyes going wide not in surprise but more anger as his cock pulsed before unloading a couple shots of spunk up into her mouth. Making her pull off as she didn’t even fully milk him, leaving the rest of his jizz to fire out and land over his crotch and the bottom of his jersey. But more humiliation to come as disgusted by him not being able to take a simple blowjob, Starlight didn’t swallow. Spitting back out his cum onto that softening dick before she rose to her feet along with the rest of Odeo Tai.

The van once again pulling over to stop just in time as Momo handled door duty so that Kid could toss the man out by the shirt. Sending him head over heels, landing with a thud on his back onto the sidewalk as he groaned out. “Fucking idiot!!” Kid yelled, even stomping on the man’s hat and kicking it out before the door closed and the Bang Bus moved off once again leaving the unknown guy downed with his jeans around the ankles.

“Can’t handle my fucking mouth?? What at the men in this country good for??” Kid ranted as Saki shoved the camera back into the hands of the actual cameraman for this production.

“Like I was trying to say before you girls cut me off…” Dirty One said as he filmed the three sitting in the back seats. “There’s plenty of fish out there to reel in, if you know what I mean.” He claimed as the trio looked unimpressed. “But hey, maybe you’ve just got bad luck? You’re new to this country, right? Beginner’s bad luck and all that. Right, my man?” The cameraman panned to the backseat before lifting a hand up, snapping his fingers. The Driver responding by lifting a hand to tap the side window as he drove. Something that was a clear, pre-planned sign between them to proceed onward with a plan that none of the women were aware of.

“So, how about this…” Dirty One kept their attention while the Driver made a turn, heading towards a different era in town. “You babes picked out two guys who ended up being a bust… Now I get to select out a guy who I think will give you gals what you’re looking for. How does that sound?” He asked. Saki and Kid looking unimpressed while Momo just raised an eyebrow and not one that screamed “I’m listening…” either. “Hey, don’t give me those looks! I’ve just been in this business a long damn time! I know when a guy walks in the door whether he’s got what I takes to please the ladies! And I don’t even need to do research and see his films either. Come on, ladies! What have you got to lose here?” He said, feeding them plenty of carefully wondered out lines to lure them in to thinking they’re still in control of this all.

“You’d better not be wasting our time here…” Kid warned, glaring behind her mask.

“Or else, we might have to kick your ass out as well…” Saki added, while Momo just nodded to agree with her allies.

“I’ll take that as a yes then!” Dirty One’s smile behind the camera was obvious in his voice. “Let me just, uh, scope out the scene and see who me and my main man driving think will be the right co-star for you all…” He said, looking to out of the window but as the Bang Bus headed down the next road, both he and the man up front already knew not just the destination they were gonna, but who they were picking up.

In true ‘reverse Bang Bus’ fashion they weren’t actually looking for another random guy off the street. Instead, the vehicle slowing down and coming to a stop as a face familiar to those who have seen plenty of porno videos moved from off a wall, putting away his phone as he approached the van. None other than J-Mac, a seasoned veteran of skin flicks but looking like a passer-by with a baggy T-shirt and shorts on. But a face that none of the women in the van could have possibly known was no stranger to fucking on film.

“Oh, hey buddy! Listen, quick uh, question for ya…” Dirty One faked like he’d never met this man before in his life. “Have you got some spare time for me to like, ask you some questions and stuff? I’m like, doing a documentary here about the…” He was about to say more lies before he let out a yelp. Now filming the top of the van after Momo had hauled him back without a word. Managing to sit up as she opened the door and hopped out to side up J-Mac as he, playing his part to act like a nobody, held his hands up like he meant no harm. Looking over him, Momo nodded to her friends before grabbing him by the shirt and pulling him in. Sending him to sit between Kid and Saki as she closed the door up.

“Can I help you ladies, or…?” J-Mac just sat back, completely eager here and knowing he was here to give them a proper fucking. Rewarded for going along with this as Saki and Kid started lifting up his shirt, their eyes locking down with approval at the muscular body he had.

“Oh yeah, you can help us alright…” Saki purred after removing his top, using her hand to stroke over his muscles as she leaned in to his side.

“We want to fuck some big… American… Dick!” Kid said as she went further, moving down to her knees and getting between his legs. “You got any problem with that?” She said, without even asking for Dirty One’s permission to get some of this guy.

“Damn… Guess not!” J-Mac said, smiling as he let Kid reach for his waistline while Momo moved up to keep him seated at the other side.

This time when this piece of lower clothing was hauled down, all three members of Odeo Tai’s eyes went wide in surprise but a lot more pleasant that disgusted. This white cock being thick and long, far surpassing not just the dicks they’d easily sent packing but those they were more used to seeing back home. Kid even unable to help herself from gripping him, and seeing that he wasn’t just popping an instant boner at the idea of getting some pussy. While Saki licked her lips with approval as Momo’s eyes gazed with silent approval at that big shaft.

“See, ladies? Can I fucking pick them or what?” Dirty One bragged, hiding the fact that this was no ‘random’ selection on his part.

“Nice and fucking big! Just what we are here for!” Kid agreed as her hand pumped up and down his rod to bring him to life.

“This looks a lot better… But can handle it?” Saki questioned with a deliberately seductive tone while Momo kept him sitting back with a hand. Not that he planned on moving away. “Better yet, can he handle all of us?” She challenged, looking at him.

“Not to brag, whoever you girls are…” Even J-Mac acted like he wasn’t in on this or had been briefed he was signing up to fuck three stunning Joshis. “But I think I can handle myself pretty damn well with the ladies…” He said as he lightly groaned from the round of strokes his thick shaft had gotten to bring up to being nice and hard while the Dirty One moved in to begin filming from the side to get not just capture Starlight giving a handjob (already going past the time the first guy could last with them) but the women on the back seats as well.

“Well… Let’s see what big American can handle…” Kid licked her lips wickedly as she stared up, before leaning in to run her tongue up the underside of that fat cock. A swirl around the head for good measure delivered before she parted her thickly coated lips. Letting out a groan of her own at her lips having to finally stretch now from this size as she sunk down. Narrowing her eyes slightly, like she was a little surprised this ma didn’t blow a load right away as she took some inches in. Getting to actually bob now as she moved up to the crown and then pushed back down. The first proper taste of foreign dick and the chance to enjoy the feeling of it as she pushed up and down, getting moans out of him as he in turn felt that soothing if not wicked Asian mouth all around his thickness.

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