Bang(Bus)ing The Indies Ch. 07 – Celebrities & Fan Fiction

WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction. The events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, promotions, wrestlers, events etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. All characters depicted in this fiction are over 18 years of age. I do not own Stardom or any other wrestling promotion, or any current or former wrestlers/characters.

Starring: Giulia, Maika (both Stardom)

Bang(Bus)ing The Indies — Crazy Bloom

An erotic pro wrestling fan-fiction story.

A Commissioned story by [Anonymous].

Written by DaxG2001

Codes: Cons, MF, MFF, FF, oral, inter, anal.

* * *

Another day, and another road trip out on the infamous bus as the video footage started to play. Showing the interior of that vehicle already driving as we see on the back seats a rather trendy name in the skin flick world of British hunk Danny D, clad in a shirt and jeans.

“Pushing the boat out with this one! Got the world famous pussy slayer and hole stretcher Danny D in the house!” The Dirty One said as he spoke from behind the camera.

“Well, usually I don’t do stuff out of my contract with my company…” Danny admitted with a smile. “But I’m happy you guys struck a deal with my guys. Plus, I’ve been seeing this shagging wrestling babes stuff you’ve been doing lately so I’m interested to see who you’ve got lined up!”

“Oh, trust me! Nothing but the best for you, my man!” Dirty One said. “Because what’s better than one hot wrestling slut? But two of them at the same time!”

“Yeah, I knew this would be a good one!” Danny’s smile showed how much he liked the sounds of that.

Fuck yeah, man! Because like, this one is wild, and…” The cameraman was gonna say more, but he heard the Driver knocking on his side seat. “Oh shit, we’re already at the spot? Well damn, let’s get these chicks in!”

The van pulled over to the side of the road where there were two individually eye catching sights there standing, but together made up a tag team known as Crazy Bloom as part of the stable known as Donna Del Mondo. The leader in Giulia, the Italian-Japanese beauty with beautiful dark skin with her shoulder length hair light with dyed ends of shades of purple. Clad in a more street-wise attire of slacks-like pants and a short, sleeveless top. Next to her, the powerhouse known as Maika with her skin a more pale shade but her longer hair jet black. Looking like she was more dressed for a workout or a daily run in nicely fitting short and a baggy T-shirt. Both women with bags with them as well over their shoulders rather like visiting tourists.

“Hey! You guys are late! What took you so long!” Giulia went right up to the van even before it opened up, and didn’t even wait to be invited in once the side door was open as she barged right in. With Maika more calmly following afterwards before she showed off her strength as easily with one hand she closed up the door behind her. “The nerve. Making two of Stardom’s very best wait for so long, and especially making me wait!” She complained with an arrogant tone as she put her bag down at the side. Maika doing the same as the women too a seat either side of Danny who had been grinning as he eyes up both women with obvious approval, as would any man even those who don’t even follow pro wrestling.

“Well well! Looks like I’m gonna have some real fun with you two!” Danny stated the obvious as stretched out his arms. Drawing looks from both women as he put a hand on each of their far shoulders. “I’m assuming we all know what’s going on here, right?”

“We came here to get fucked.” Giulia both boldly and bluntly stated as she folded her own arms over her chest. “Well, getting paid to be fucked as well. And we’re gonna do it way better than any of those other losers you’ve had on here before have ever done.”

“Tough fucking talk from a bitch who is gonna be a slut for my man here in a few minutes!” Dirty One said. “So, spill it! Why? And why did you demand such a big time name, let alone dick size, like my man is packing here?”

“Why? We’re part of Donna Del Mondo. The best that Stardom has to offer.” Giulia easily took the chance to hog the spotlight and run her mouth, while Maika just sat calmly and didn’t even seem bothered by the man she’s only just met wrapping an arm around her. “And that means we can get what we want, when we want it. And that includes bagging any man we want either. But sadly, back home in Japan? Well, it’s a problem that not only can we not find too many men who can keep up with us? But we can’t find the ones who are packing the sort of lengths that we deserve.” She said without any shame, and with a cocky smile to match. “So we decided that instead of just being the ‘Women of the World’ for once, I took my friend Maika-Chan with me to go experience some ‘Men of the World’ for once. And if it gets me paid like I deserve to be? And gets the spotlight all on me? Then that’s great news for all the fans of Giulia around the world.”

“Well damn… You don’t mess around, huh?” Danny said as he moved his hands off from them. “Guess I’d better let you see what a bloke like me is packing, right?” He said, reaching down to undo his belt. “See if I’m up to this high, high standards you two have got… Well, one of you at least.” He said as he started pushing his pants down.

Giulia’s eyes went wide as she locked onto the enormous, thick and along shaft that he was packing and even with Maika’s cool and calm expression even she raised her head up a little in approval of his size. The two women able to gaze at his length as he kicked off his clothing and even took off his shirt for good measure since it was clear what everyone here was gonna be a part of.

“That… Yes, that is absolutely the right size for me!” Giulia decided as she reached down and made him stay smiling as she began to stroke off his cock in rather bold fashion.

“Damn! You sluts don’t waste time, huh?” Dirty One said with a chuckle as Giulia shot him a glare. “Hey you’re the one who just fucking grabbed his dick without asking!”

“I take what I want, when I want it!” Giulia snapped, even as she jerked off this stud she’s just laid eyes on. “Doesn’t matter if it’s titles or a cock like this!”

“And your friend here is OK with you just stealing the first feel?” Danny said, looking across at the other woman.

“Oh, me and her have a deal… I get the first shot, she gets something better soon after…” Giulia claimed with a smirk as she moved down off the seating and got between his legs. All as Maika, still with that calm expression, just back and watched the scene unfold without any objection.

“Keep talking! That sounds like a deal I want to know the details of!” Danny said as he turned to look down at Giulia as she now gripped his rock hard dick, showing off his massive size.

“I didn’t come here to talk…” Giulia had that quite arrogant smirk still on as she leaned her head in. Getting a low groan out of him as she ran her tongue all the way up the underside of that enormous dick. Keeping a grip of the base as she worked her tongue along the sides before circling around the tip. Just using her palm to hold him in place as she explored with her tongue and moaned a little herself at the flavour of such a massive dick. “I’ll show you why I’m the best Stardom has to offer!” She vowed before moving things along at her own pace. Parting her lips and pushing down further, getting a proper moan out of her co-star now as she sunk him into her warm and wet mouth. Her lips having to stretch around such a thickness as her eyes narrowed for focus. Pushing through as she began to bob her head along his length. Working over the upper part as she got into the motion and groaned around his thick member.

“Mmmmm… Feel free to show me…” Danny just sat back and watched that beautiful face lifting and lowering along his dick. The dyed hair of the mixed race beauty all the time starting to sway as she pumped her mouth along his length and make him moan. Working smoothly up and down to give a hint that this isn’t the first time she’s given some head before. But she was well aware this was all being captured on camera, and not just from how she was looking to the side at the lens close up at her. Her free hand being used to brush back her locks so there was a clear view of her features as she sucked some cock. Thrilled by the spotlight being on her from the lusty look in her eyes and her muffled groans around that slab of dick she was taking.

“Oh yeah, this bitch is a real freak! Look at her! Sucking dick like a fucking champ!” The cameraman provided the shameless commentary as he filmed the multi-time champion in Stardom bobbing away as she took more of Danny’s inches into that talented oral hole. The saliva starting to drip down that vast length as she kept pumping away to fill her mouth up. Not even fazed by the dirty talk or insults as she kept her motion nice and smooth. Clearly wanting the show to be all about her even with another stunning woman in the van with her. “Looks like they got hot, nasty bitches all across Japan! Not just in the one company!” He added with a laugh. The slurps easily heard along with the moans, clear or otherwise, as the London-born beauty got more and more familiar with that massive British dick. Even pausing at the top to grind her lips against his mushroom head as she twisted from side to side before going back to the sucking pace.

All the while, Maika sat watching with a calm expression right next to this blowjob being given with one leg crossed over the other. Acting like this wasn’t anything out of the typical to watch her Donna Del Mondo teammate blowing a man they’ve only just met. Let alone in the back of a moving van. Only raising an eyebrow a little when Danny, even as he was getting sucked off, glanced at her to check her out before they both watched Giulia showing off her supreme oral skills. Getting his dick nice and soaked with the repeated bobbing. Only a few fingers left around the base as she took in an impressive amount of his shaft for a woman who claimed to be tired of the far more smaller size of dicks found back across the Pacific.

Sensing her friend was gazing at her however, Giulia soon lifted up as she sat back. “Not bad… It’s nice to have a real man who can last in my mouth.” She bragged, implying quite clearly that she’s not just experienced in oral but has finished off many a man with her mouth. “Hey! What’s that look for, Maika-Chan? Jealous I got the first shot at him?” Giulia said, with a tone that sounded like she was trying to provoke the other woman.

“Giulia-Chan… Time to share, now?” Maika dodged the insult as she calmly replied. But caught her ally and the stud involved with this off guard as she reached down and pulled her top up and over her dark haired head. Showing off the nicely sized and rounded tits the powerhouse wrestler was packing much to his smiling approval.

“HEY! What the Hell?? Trying to show me up!” Giulia snapped with a glare as Maika lowered herself down to her knees and rather easily shoved her friend to the side to get between Danny’s legs. “I knew it! You are jealous of me getting him first!” She claimed. Not wanting to be shown up as she also quickly took her top off, showing off her own sexy chest.

“Oh, there’s plenty of me to go around, ladies!” Danny said as he watched Maika take a hold of his shaft. “Feel free to come and share!” He even added, as quite rightly he was shooting a shot to try to have his cake and eat it with two stunning Japanese women.

“I’ll deal with you later!” Giulia said as she instead invited herself to yank down the pants of her teammate. Showing off the nicely shaved snatch of the lighter skinned of the two before Giulia moved down and shifted herself under her friend. No resistance as Maika all too casually lifted her legs up so Giulia could slip under. Maika only giving a brief glance down, as if this was an all too familiar occurrence for her, before she turned her attention to the fat cock she was pumping. Not bothered one bit by either the saliva of another woman over his dick, or the face now between her legs of a fellow female. Leaving Giulia free to show exactly how close the two former Artist of Stardom Championship teammates are as brought her mouth to Maika’s folds and began to run her tongue up into that pussy.

“Mmmmm… Giulia-Chan is hungry…” Maika commented with a brief, sly smile as she looked down again and felt that tongue starting to lap at her pussy to get her aroused. “Mmmmm… Me too…” She said, before turning her attention to that big shaft and opening her mouth up. Getting to take her turn at sucking this porno legend off as she sunk her own set of soft lips down onto his thickness. Getting him moaning now as she began to work up and down, establishing a nicely smooth pace as she worked over the same dick that’s already taken a more than steamy blowjob from another just as beautiful wrestler before she got to guzzle him down. Letting out moans around his inches but not just from the flavour. The motion of her head fuelled in part by getting some oral satisfaction of her own as took a tongue lashing from her long time friend and stable-mate.

“MMMM… Was this part of the script?? MMMM…. Not that I’m complaining! MMMM FUCK…” Danny D remarked, seeing that the display of lesbian fun going on while he was getting his enormous dick sucked was a very pleasant surprise to put it mildly. Having a tough choice on what to look at (much like the camera recording this all had to switch and move back and forth) between the two equally red hot sights. A beautiful Asian face sliding along his thick white prick, or tilting his head to the side and get a bit of a look at the tongue worship the leader of Donna Del Mondo was performing on the long-time member of her team. “MMMM… Guess there’s a joke or two to make about… MMMMM… Tag teaming or something here…” He joked before groaning out. That perhaps surprisingly soothing and moist mouth of the former Future of Stardom Champion keeping him easily pleasured, and perhaps from his moans dishing a blowjob just as good as the one he’d been getting minutes before. More saliva added onto his length to drip down as she slurped away between her own groans.

On her back on the van floor, Giulia had a hold of Maika’s lovely, thick thighs and her head leaning up so she could press her lips against the dampening, lower ones of the other Joshi above her. Sliding her far from inexperienced tongue up and into that slot to make herself groan at a flavour she clearly wasn’t disgusted by. Juices starting to coat her lips as she lapped away and explored the familiar territory of the other woman’s pussy. Smirking as she heard the muffled moans being let out when she hit the sweet spots that she knew would thrill her long-time ally. Even able to make a show of things when she noticed the camera moving down to get a shot of her eating out another woman. Staring at the camera while trailing her tongue back and forth in a slow motion to make the most of the film time, and the spotlight, being all on her even with a fellow female involved in this.

“Mmmmmmphhh… MMMMM! MMMMMM…” Maika was focusing on dishing out some oral sex of her own but onto this hung stud. Filling up her mouth as she plunged down deeply, keeping just a few fingers around the base of him to keep that length straight so she could feast on him again and again. Lifting upward but even so keeping a few inches along with the crown still between her nicely plump lips. Then driving down with a nice amount of speed as the lewd sucking sound rang out as she let the crown connect with the back of her mouth. Making it look like if maybe a nickname of Size Queen should be awarded to her as she briskly fucked her own mouth with that meaty pole. All as she moaned from the pussy eating she was taking. Slightly rocking her hips a bit, grinding her snatch down onto that hungry mouth underneath her as she sexually multitasked between lovers of two genders.

“God damn! This shit is even better than that time we had those three Asian sluts on the Bus! This is some wild shit!” Dirty One raved as he captured the mini train of action going on with two doses of oral sex going on at the same time in this threesome. The moans from the women involved being muffled by the pussy eating and cock sucking being performed. Leaving the one hunk in this to show off his skill to handle a second round of a red hot blowjob that alone would have finished off a typical man, wrestling fan or otherwise, way before this point of the action. “Yeah! Fucking get it! Taking dick! Eating pussy! I love these kind of two-for-one specials!” He said rather back-handedly as he continued to film the action. Neither option here was a loser as either he filmed a stunning face pushing up and down on a enormous shaft, or down at another equally beautiful set of features getting a mouthful of juices as the frisky tongue work kept on lashing away.

“MMMMMPHHH! Mmmmmm! Mmmmmmphhh” Giulia had one hand still on Maika’s thigh to hold her. The other being busy now down between her own legs as she got off on eating out a fellow woman with the hand working up and down over her own wet pussy, with her bottoms just shoved down a bit for access. Not forgetting to munch away on her close friend’s carpet as Giulia’s mouth was coated in juices from her lips down to her chin as the fluids began to trickle down her neck. “MMMMM… MMMMPHH… Mmmmmm!” And even Giulia had to look up and watch Maika taking on that fat dick with such a skilled, smooth pace as the darker haired of the two beauties bobbed away up and down. Not for too long as she went back to work as that pussy she was dining on rubbed down into her mouth. Stuffing her tongue in and deep to explore around and drink down more delicious juices, and from how eagerly this oral fucking was being delivered this wasn’t the first time these two beauties have experienced one another’s sweet flavour either.

Eventually though, Giulia shifted herself out from underneath her friend. “You’re more wet than usual, Maika-Chan…” She claimed, using the back of her hand to wipe off some juices as she sat up. “This guy and his fat fucking dick got you worked up?”

Maika calmly lifted her head up and off from that meaty length. Turning her head to see the glare being given to her. “I could say the same… You were licking like you didn’t eat today…” She teased but her cool tone just made it sound like this wasn’t any kind of bother to her.

“I was just motivating you, like a good leader should!” Giulia claimed as she quickly shoved down her pants fully before she stood up. “Now let me show this hunk how the top of Donna Del Mondo handles a man like him!”

“Oh? We’ll see…” Maika smiled for a moment as she showed off her superior strength. Easily hauling Danny off from the seats and nearly making him stumble over into the cameraman as she cleared a space. Just so she could toss Giulia down onto the back seats, before moving onto them herself as she woman-handled her teammate into the position she wanted.

“Hey! I said I wanted… MMMMM!” Giulia tried to yell as she found herself on top of her friend in the classic 69 position, with Maika’s powerful legs keeping the other woman pressed down onto her body. Giulia’s words cut off when Maika invited herself in to return the favour from moments before. Running her tongue against Giulia’s wet snatch to explore around with a controlled, slow pace that was as much to savour the flavour as it was to dish out a little bit of teasing to the more arrogant of the two beauties. “I guess I can… MMMMM!! Forgive you this time, Maika-Chan!” Giulia claimed before she turned her own face down and went back to dining on Maika’s delicious twat. Shoving her face down before stuffing her tongue in to attack that familiar, and not just from today’s encounter, pussy of her friend. Giulia able to work herself back a bit as her darker skinned frame rubbed over the lighter tone of the beauty underneath her.

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