Bang(Bus)ing The Indies Ch. 03 – Celebrities & Fan Fiction – Free Sex Story

WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction. The events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, promotions, wrestlers, events etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. All characters depicted in this fiction are over 18 years of age. I do not own TJPW or any other wrestling promotion, or any current or former wrestlers/characters.

Starring: Maki Itoh (TJPW)

Bang(Bus)ing The Indies — Maki Itoh

An erotic pro wrestling fan-fiction story.

Written by DaxG2001

Codes: Cons, MF, oral, inter, Anal.

* * *

The video started up, seeing a familiar sight not just to those who watch skin flicks in general but of this particular brand of banging in a bus type of film. Tyler Steel, the toned and hung Porn star, smiling as he sits in jeans and a shirt. Sitting on the back seats of the famous vehicle as it was already driving.

“Alright alright! Another fine day on the damn Bus with my man Tyler…” The Dirty One remarked from behind the camera, leaning over to deliver a fist bump to the stud. “And surprise fucking surprise… My man leapt at the chance to do another one of our trips when he heard I had another smoking Hot, tight Pussy Japanese wrestler chick lined up for him and his big fucking dick!” he bluntly explained.

“What can I say? You had me at Pussy.” Steel joked. “But yeah, the last time was fucking sweet. It was like, a Hot stacked exotic chick with huge titties and Ass? So I’m fucking interested in who you’ve got for me this time.”

“Damn fucking right!” The cameraman laughed. “So yeah, this chick was like doing some sort of tour with some American company and they like didn’t want to sign her, so she got like all pissed off or whatever. And she’s like wanting to be all world famous and shit, like any other slut in the world. So she got wind of us and our offers… And she’s ready to get down and dirty for some bucks! How that will make her a bigger star? I don’t fucking know! I’m just here to see some big dick in tight holes!”

“Well, she’s gonna get exposed for sure… But not in the way she fucking thinks!” Tyler said with a smile.

“Yeah, well… Wait, is that her?” Dirty One looked to the front as the van began to slow down and pulled up. Looking out to see a young, gorgeous Japanese woman with her flaming red hair styled with a big fringe over the forehead and tied into pigtails at both sides of her head. Clad in a fashionable jacket with a plaid red shirt and skirt combo underneath, along with a bag over the shoulder.

“HEY MOTHER FUCKERS!!” Maki Itoh yelled as soon as the door was opened. “You the assholes here to fuck or what??” She shamelessly said as the Driver, without even looking back, gave a thumbs up to confirm. “Let’s fucking go then, shit heads!” Maki said, inviting herself in and closing the door behind her. The van starting up once again and driving off as it headed off along a planned out route to circle around some familiar blocks to give plenty of uninterrupted time for the action to play out.

“Damn! This bitch for real?” Tyler said, stunned but grinning at how a woman looking so cute could have such a fowl mouth on her as Itoh dropped her bag down and took a seat next to him, slipping off her jacket.

“Real? Maki Itoh is real… Really fucking cute!” Maki smirked, looking to the camera. “The Cutest in the World!” She said, giving a signature middle finger gesture as well to the camera.

“Damn, this bitch ain’t fucking around!” Dirty One laughed. “Well Maki, this is my friend Tyler… And he’s gonna be the one who rocks your fucking world today, like we all agreed and paid you for.

“Him?” She looked over Steel. “He’s the mother fucker with the big fucking cock?”

“She’s read my CV, I see.” Tyler chuckled. “You know what? I think if this slut is down to fuck like she talks? I think we can skip over the bullshit intro…” He said, reaching down to unzip his pants.

Maki’s eyes widened with a mix of shock and approval when he pushed down his clothing, showing off a fat, long white cock to her that was made (and very experienced) in Porn. “That’s… Yeah, that’s fucking big!” She stated the obvious. “OK, mother fuckers! Let’s fucking go!!” She announced, pulling her top up and over her head and showing just how down to fuck she really was without even having a bra on. Her perky, modest chest on display but not stopping there. The skirt soon following to show off a rounded Ass and her completely shaved, tight looking Pussy.

“Oh yeah, that’s gonna be right up my man’s street.” Dirty One filmed that twat as Itoh didn’t even wait for him to fully take his shirt off as she moved down to between his legs. Gripping his length and starting to stroke with a confidence as a sign this isn’t the first time she’s taken on a cock. Just not one always of this vast size before. “Damn! Wish all the sluts we had on the Bus were as into it as she is!” He added as Steel, now naked himself, smiled down as his cock. “Shit, I’m down! Let’s just fucking roll with it.” He said, as Tyler just nodded with a smile. Not objecting one bit to a Hot babe jerking him off to get him rock hard in no time at all.

“You all fucking talk too much, mother fuckers…” Maki remarked with another confident smirk with her own crude brand of the English language as she leaned in. Sliding her tongue out across the fat crown of his cock, getting the first proper moan out of him as her hand twisted around the base. Showing a different set of skills to handle his ‘mic’ like she’s known from her singing work. Swirling around the head slowly and smoothly while staring up. Not bothered one bit by being filmed either as she teased his cock with the frisky tongue work. Groaning herself a bit as she enjoyed the taste of big fat American cock as her tongue lashed across the tip. A little bit of saliva applied from the already quite eager work.

Just as he was about to challenge her to go a little further, she moved things along herself as she controlled the pace. Parting her lips and sliding his meat inside as she groaned from her lips having to instantly stretch around his thickness. An early, sure sign that this size of a dick isn’t quite like anything she’s used to. Not letting that stop her as she began to rock her head up and down, passing him between her lips as she made him moan. Staring up with noticeable lust as she feasted on his big dick. Pushing along him to take just about half his size into her talented, in more ways than one, oral hole. Sending her flaming hair swaying back and forth in time with the motion as she showed she can use that head for more than just as a weapon in matches.

“Yeah! Look at this little slut go! Fucking foul mouth to go with using it for sucking dick!” Dirty One encouraged as he got the great shot of that cock of Steel’s sliding up into her mouth as she worked up and down. Her hand just holding the base with a couple of fingers as her experienced mouth did the job, making him moan out while she let out groans to vibrate off his prick. “Fuck yeah! Ya had to know a cute little singer like her puts that mouth to good use, sucking a mean dick!” He nastily complimented as he watched on as Itoh slurped up and down. Getting her saliva running down that Porn star cock as she kept her lips wrapped around him. The pace quickening now she’s more than used to such a vast length filling her up as that famously lewd and crude mouth was put to an even better use.

“Mmmmmhhh… Mmmmm!! Hmmmmmphh…” Maki continued to have her own groans of arousal muffled by all that man-meat deep between her lips. Her eyes widening when the fat head of his cock hit the back of her mouth to make her recoil slightly. Another indicator that this was far, far more inches than she was used to handling. Yet at the same time her repeated, smooth bobbing along his size making it look like she was used to taking on big dicks like this all the time. “Mmmmm! Hmmmmm… Mmmmmphhh!!” She only briefly glanced to the camera recording her, well aware this wicked act was being filmed as the gorgeous Japanese woman happily sucked on a thick white cock. Showing off some of her attitude as she played up to the camera and took her hand off the base of his rod, just to give a defiant middle finger to the camera. All for fun since she was willingly taking part in this oral Sex.

“Mmmmm… Fucking feisty little slut, huh? Mmmmm… Let’s see how much the bitch can take then!” Tyler announced with a grin. He’d already been moaning out his approval at her dick sucking ability but wanted plenty more to make the most of this Bang Bus adventure. Reaching down as he took a hold of both of her signature red pigtails. Firmly gripping them both to tug on her, forcing a groan that for once wasn’t purely of lust as Itoh was pulled sharply down onto his dick. A gag let out when his cock went beyond just that Hot, wet mouth. “Mmmmmm… Fuck yeah… That’s some good fucking shit…” He moaned as he enjoyed the feeling of her snug throat as he now took control of proceedings. Putting the Idol and wrestler through some firm, yet slow and steady face fucking to drive his prick deep between her lips. Bringing her face right down so his large balls hit off her chin and kept her gagging each time his cock invaded that oral passage.

“GAAAAAAAHHH!! HHHHHHRRRKKK… MMMMMPHHH!!” Itoh glared up, but never made a move to stop this new rough edge to the action. Letting her red haired head by yanked sharply up and down on that huge cock to impale her throat over and over. The spit drooling down as her lips fought and failed to stay pressed around him. Her chokes constant around him but just adding to his pressure as she took an oral pounding. Getting her throat stuffed full while her tongue brushed up against the underside as it passed in and out. “GAAAAAAAAAAH!! MMMMM… GAAAAAAAAHHH HHHHHLLLRRRR…” Impressively as she took the face fucking, her eyes never watered for a moment like she was hurt worse in a wrestling match than with this. The sort of pace that would leave a normal newcomer to Porn with an aching jaw if not worse from this stiff pumping. Her head being bobbed right along his size to make his balls connect with her chin for a sinful smack as the spit splashed about.

“Fuck yeah! Look at that Hot fucking cock sucker go!” The cameraman’s grin was clear in his voice as he watched the saliva drool down as the talented TJPW grappler choked again and again on the Porn star’s meaty rod. The hair being twisted and pulled like handlebars to bring that gorgeous face right down into the hunk’s crotch. Her fringe rubbing against his muscular waist as she got stuffed to the hilt but all the time gazing up with a look of part defiance, part desire like she was loving being abused by this. “Shit… Bitch putting that dirty mouth of hers to good fucking use! Yeah! Fucking Love that shit!” He remarked as he kept the shot steady. Filming away while the van they were all in continued to drive about while she not so much gave some back seat head but had her mouth firmly and deeply fucked.

“GAAAAAAAHHH… MMMMMMPHHH!! GAAAAAAAAH!!” Her eyes were half closed, putting on a show of her own as she let her hair be tugged on to keep her groaning as she was made to bob along that length. Both hands coming up to give the middle finger gesture while she slobbered away all over that man-meat to make the hunk pounding her lips moan out in delight. The hand sign just to add to the moment as at no point during this did she make any move to pull away, let alone make his hands release the grip of her red locks. “MMMPHHH… HHHHRRRK… GAAAAAAAAHH!” The chokes continued, sounding sinfully raspy with each new pull down into his crotch she took. The saliva drooling down her chin and neck as well as off those soaked balls and the shaft. Dripping onto her modest chest but a bit of mess far from her worries as she focused on taking this oral stuffing. A mouth more known for being foul and swearing, alongside Idol singing, showing off the perfect set of talents needed to make a killing in Porn. A dose of face fucking that a mere minute off would easily finish off most men.

“Mmmmmm! Shit… Took that fucking better than most… Nah, than any of the sluts we usually have on here…” Tyler remarked with a moan as he let go of her hair.

Allowing her to pull off with a gasp, taking in some long overdue air. “Fucking asshole!!” Maki snapped but with a sexy smirk. “You trying to kill me? Sucking on that fat fucking dick?”

“I didn’t hear you fucking complaining, babe!” Dirty One chipped in. “But I guess you did have your mouth full after all!” He added with a laugh.

“So, what? We gonna fuck now or what?” Itoh bluntly said as she reached over for her jacket. Pulling out a condom wrapper and starting to open it up.

“Oh, using a rubber? Whatever, I’m down.” Steel shrugged as he watched her come back over and slide the protection easily, like she’s done this before, over his fat inches.

“Eh, don’t worry. Guess it’s because she’s an idol or whatever.” The camera man said, shrugging as he made the camera shift for a moment.

“It’s all good. I’m usually down to go bareback but I’ll roll with this.” Steel said as Itoh moved up onto him.

“Bareback? Huh? What is bareback?” Maki questioned as she mounted his lap, allowing him to reach down and line himself up with her.

“Heh, maybe I’ll show you later…” Tyler chuckled before he pushed up into her to get the Bang Bus ride really doing.

“MMMMM!!” Taking the first thrust, that red haired head tilted back as she showed off the slightly messy state her pigtails have been left in from that face fucking moments before. Showing the pleasure from being filled up as the hunk she’s now mounted on took a hold of her slim waist as he began to pump upward. Getting a feel of her snug Asian twat himself as he fed his thick American cock in and out of her tight box. Her arousal not quite enough to ease the friction so he had to ease up with a slow, but firm pace as they both adjusted to the sensations. Still a smoking Hot sight regardless to watch some snug Pussy getting filled up with a big dick as the beautiful pro wrestler began to jolt and move on that rod.

“OH FUCK… Fucking big! MMMMM… Big, fucking cock!! MMMMM… Yes!!” Itoh moaned out as she looked back over her shoulder. Not so much at the camera behind her filming this all, but to watch her own body shifting along that pumping cock as he worked those inches deeper into her Love tunnel. Having gone from taking his member balls deep into her oral hole and looking like she’s fast approaching getting him stuffed into another as she rocks on his big prick. “AHHHHH! MMMMM… Going deep! MMMMM! Come on! Fucking asshole! MMMMM!! Fuck me! MMMM… Fuck me good… With that big fucking cock!!” She demanded as she licked her lips with a stare at the camera for a moment. A sign that she’s not just getting off on fucking a stranger, but doing so for a wicked porno as she acts in an extremely far from Idol-like manner, but completely on brand for her rebellious attitude and persona.

“Mmmmmm! My fucking pleasure, you fucking Hot little slut!” Tyler grinned, not needing to be told twice to take such an open invitation. Never mind the fact that he was already thrusting away up into her snatch to begin with, but her moans encouraging the motion as he kept her steady and straight on his lap. Allowing him to drill upward as more of his inches stuffed up into the former International Princess Champion. Making her pigtails swing back and forth as he made her bounce on his prick from the stiffness of his pumps up into her slot. “Ahhhhh! God, got to Love some… MMMMM! Hot, Asian Pussy! She’s tight… MMMMM!! Tight as all fuck!” He moaned out so the audience got a hint of what he was enjoying and feeling as he worked like a piston into her dampening Pussy. An experienced stud like him no stranger to trying to split open a tight hole from the far East, but clearly from his loud and shameless moans this piece of tail was ranking way high in his past conquests.

“MMMM!! Big dicked mother fucker!! AHHHHH!! Son of a fucking bitch!! MMMMM!! Fuck that Pussy! Yeah!! MMMMMM FUCK!! Fucking fuck the Pussy!! AHHHHH!!” She yelled out between her own groans as she shifted on his dick. Attempting to bounce on him but more being jolted upward from the more than stiff force of his motion. Filling her right up as his crotch hit off her skin, making the slap ring out around the enclosed confines of the moving vehicle they are fucking in. “AHHHHHH!! SHIT!! Mother fucker!! MMMMMM FUCK!! Fucking good! Yeah!! MMMMM!! Fucking good fucking shit!! AHHHHH!!” It was hardly poetic and certainly even more foul than her mouth usually is to begin with. Yet managing to sound even hotter and sweeter then any song the famously fired Idol has ever belted out. Moaning away as she rode his dick and took those pumps balls deep as the Porn hunk she was mounted on rather easily claimed another of her holes for his wicked pleasure.

“Yeah! Fuck yeah! Look at this slut go! Hot fucking bundle of energy this bitch is!” Dirty One kept the running commentary of the action he was recording going. Positioned just right behind them to capture her cutely rounded Ass slapping down into Steel’s legs as she got drilled from underneath. Not exactly showing any respect to the talented Joshi but rating her appropriately for the action she signed up for in the first place. “Yeah! Fucking railing her, man! Gonna break this bitch wide open with that huge dick! Deep in that fucking vice of a Pussy!” He added with a laugh as those trusts from Tyler kept coming to slide in deeply. Keeping his balls hitting off her wet lower lips as he thrust in and out. Using her hole like he would any other newbie babe riding this Bus, let alone to other far more experienced Porn starlets who would even struggle to keep up handling this kind of wild, pounding pace. Suitably getting their money’s worth out of the visitor from another country and this encounter is far from over yet.

That being proven when Steel eased her off his prick, making them both groan out already as he lifted her off his lap. “Oh man, that’s some good shit.” He said with a grin, moving to kneel as he had his co-star lay across the back seating of this infamous vehicle.

“You not fucking tired yet, huh asshole?” Itoh challenged, already spreading her legs wide expectantly for him.

“Oh, far from it, bitch!” Tyler replied, grinning as he was into the banter between the two as he moved back in and lined his cock, still covered with the condom, up with her wet snatch.

“Yeah! Putting this Hot, Asian baddie through the works!” Dirty One said with a chuckle. “That’s my man right there! Gonna make this slut fucking cream nice and hard!”

The action got right underway as that big white dick was pushed straight back into her snug, wet Asian Pussy. Able to slide right in to fill her up to the hilt and make them both moan out. Her arms reaching back to grip the couch as she stared across her gorgeous, tight body but not at the sweat starting to form across her skin. Her focus on between her legs as he held them apart at the thighs to watch that now very familiar dick starting to ram into her box. Making her shift on her back along the seating as she groaned out in delight. Clearly having more than an element of a Size Queen about her as the fired Idol turned pro wrestler showed off a set of skills more suited for a career in Porn than the squared circle.

“MMMMM!! MOTHER FUCKER!! COME ON! MMMMM!! Harder! DEEPER YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!! MMMMM!!” Her dirty talk snapped out her demands as even as she was getting drilled exactly like that, it wasn’t enough for her filthy urges. Her hair sprawled out, dragging along the back seats as her body shifted from those stiff pumps. That slap of skin hitting different toned skin ringing out to mix with both of their moans. Showing the hunk slamming her full was loving this just as much as the babe taking all that big cock deep into her snugness. “MMMMM SHIT!! MOTHER FUCKER!! BIG COCKED BASTARD! COME ON! OOOOOOOOOOH FUCK!!” She licked her lips again as she glanced to the camera filming her getting fucked, clearly thrilled by that as she shamelessly played up to it before turning her intense, sinful gaze back to the stud ramming her twat over and over. Well aware that being in such a skin flick like this could ruin her career back home, but perhaps open up a whole new line of work that required her laying on her back like this.

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