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A man on the hunt for a babysitter arranges a few interviews to see if he can find the best candidate. The girls he interviews all have great credentials, but one goes the extra mile to get the job. When she offers her prospective employer some fun in return for the job he takes her up on it and she shows him just how far she is willing to go to land the job.


Carter sighed as he sat at his desk and wondered what to do. The three girls interviewed so far that day all seemed to be decent candidates for the job of babysitting his eight year old daughter and he was fast coming to the conclusion that making a decision wasn’t going to be all that easy. As he sat thinking the doorbell sounded and he read through the application of the last candidate of the day while he walked to let her in. The girl smiled as the door opened and Carter found himself immediately impressed by her appearance. The smartly tailored blouse and skirt flattered her full figure and the long brunette hair was tied up neatly. She was wearing enough makeup to bring out the beauty of her brown eyes, high cheekbones and full lips, but not so much that it was over the top.

“Come on in…,” Carter started and looked down at the application form to make sure he got the name right.

“…Shannon,” the girl filled in before he got the chance to say her name and then she reached out a hand towards him.

Carter shook the hand and repeated his invitation for the girl to come in. He led her along to his study and sat down. When he looked up he saw Shannon was still standing and motioned for her to take the seat on the opposite side of the desk.

“So…,” he started. “I see you have plenty of babysitting experience.”

“I’ve been working for an agency on and off since I was sixteen,” Shannon answered. “So that’s more than three years now. I have three younger sisters as well, so have pretty much spent my life babysitting.”

“You certainly seem to get good reviews from some of the people you have worked for,” Carter went on as he scanned through the form in front of him.

“Well I always try my best,” she replied. “I seem to get on well with kids and I like looking after them.”

“Would you be available every Thursday night?” he asked.

“Definitely,” Shannon answered. “I’m studying at a local college during the day, but finish around five. As long as you don’t need me before then I am pretty much available any night at the moment.”

“That’s fine,” said Carter. “I don’t normally get home from work until six so wouldn’t need you to arrive until that time. My mother picks my daughter up from school and looks after her until I get home. She is usually busy in the evenings though and can’t look after her, which is why I need a babysitter.”

“Well I just came from the college,” Shannon went on. “It only took me twenty minutes so getting here for six o’clock wouldn’t be problem.” Carter leaned back in his seat and sighed. “Is anything wrong?” the teen girl went on.

“Oh no, sorry,” Carter said as he moved forward again. “You’re the fourth girl I have seen today and all of you seem to have the perfect credentials for babysitting my daughter.”

“Will that make it tough to make a choice then?’ Shannon asked.

“Kind of,” he conceded and sat thinking.

“Maybe you need someone who will offer you more than just babysitting skills,” the teen girl said.

Carter saw the grin on her face as he looked up. His eyes opened wide as she unclipped her hair and let the brunette curls cascade down over her shoulders. She stood up and moved around the desk. “I’m not sure this is such…” he started but the finger on his lips silenced the words.

Shannon continued talking. “Maybe if you found a girl that was willing to go a little further to get the job it would help you make a decision.” She rolled the chair Carter was sitting on back a little and dropped in his lap. He was suddenly mesmerized as she shook her head to send the brunette hair flying. He enjoyed the touch of it whipping across his face and when the sensation stopped the teen girl leaned forward to a kiss. Her lips were passionate and he could feel her wriggling around in his lap as her hands went to the back of his head. Carter’s body responded to the attention and suddenly his erection was coming to life. Shannon kept kissing and wriggled around even more in his lap as the hardness pressed against her butt. “Are you coming to a decision yet?” she teased when she broke the kiss.

Carter grinned. “One candidate is definitely starting to lead the way,” he said.

“Well let’s make sure she stays there shall we,” Shannon replied. She slipped from his lap and sank to her knees on the floor. Carter remained sitting as the hand moved onto his lap and teased a touch on the growing bulge that was straining at the front of his pants. He shuddered as the fingers pressed firmly on him and his erection came fully to life. “Mmm…, that’s nice,” the teen girl said as her fingertips ran along the obvious outline of the cock. “Maybe I should have a closer look.” Her fingers gripped the slider of the zipper and slowly worked it lower. She looked up to catch the gaze of her prospective employer and grinned at him as her fingers slipped inside the gap. She worked the hand inside his underwear and gasped as her fingers closed around the thick length. The touch on the naked skin seemed to bring out her desire more than ever and she dragged the cock out of the pants. “Oh fuck yeah,” she murmured quietly under her breath. “This is going to be fun.”

Carter tensed as the finger began to slide up and down his cock. He closed his eyes to enjoy the sensation, but opened them again as the kiss landed on the tip of his cock. He looked down to see a mass on brunette curls and put his hand on the teen girl’s head. She ignored it and continued to caress a touch on the head of the cock. The tip of her tongue worked around the small opening as she played with the pre-cum oozing out and the taste of it seemed to be another thrill that built her desire. She slid her lips down the cock and Carter groaned as the warmth of the mouth engulfed him. Shannon pushed all the way to his balls with ease and he guessed it wasn’t the first time she had given a blowjob. She held the full length of the cock in her mouth for a few seconds before her head began to bob up and down. Her mouth clamped tightly around the erection as she worked so that her lips pressed against the bulging veins. Carter was suddenly breathing heavily as his body responded to the pleasure of the touch. Shannon slowly increased the tempo until she was flashing a touch along the erect length and letting it push all the way to the back of her throat. She brought her fingers to the balls and massaged them as her mouth continued to work along the shaft. The teen girl was gasping when she finally pulled back, but she was quick to drop some spit on the head of the erection and work it in with her hand. Her mouth came back to the cock, but Carter was suddenly in the mood for more and pulled her up.

Shannon didn’t protest as she was turned and pushed face down across the desk. Carter rolled the chair forward so that he was sitting right behind the cute ass and reached out to it. The teen girl moaned and squirmed as fingers caressed on her butt cheeks. Touching the rounded cheeks through the skirt was a turn on, but Carter’s excitement surged as he reached for the hem of the skirt to pull it up. Shannon rested on the desk compliantly and let her prospective employer have his fun. It was turning her on too and she gasped when her panties were exposed so that fingers could touch on them. Carter’s gaze fixed on what he was doing and he watched as he stroked his fingers on the soft material. The teen girl squirmed around again as he slid a touch along the outline of her pussy lips and he could feel how wet the material was getting. His fingers moved higher and Shannon moaned as they pressed through the material onto her asshole. The shock of the touch sent waves of pleasure rushing through her and she knew what was coning when Carter moved his hands to the waistband of the panties and peeled them down. He spread open the butt cheeks and the teen girl moaned louder as the tongue licked over her asshole.

“Do it harder,” she moaned and shuddered as the tongue rasped forcefully across her tight hole. Carter was suddenly lost in what he was doing. He pulled at the butt cheeks to try and open the asshole up so that he could get his tongue inside. He could hardly believe that the teen girl was letting him do it, but her moans of pleasure showed just how much she was enjoying the touch. As he worked to get his tongue inside he brought his fingers to the wet pussy entrance. He teased a touch on the slick skin around it before pushing forward firmly and driving his stiff fingers all the way into the wet hole. Shannon cried out at the thrill of being penetrated and wriggled around on the desk. She squealed as the finger fuck really got going and Carter finally pulled his mouth back from the asshole to concentrate his efforts on teen pussy. He quickened the tempo of his fingers as they stroked in and out, and the sound of the girl’s moans and squeals encouraged him to get rougher. His fingers flashed into the wet hole harder and faster as he pushed Shannon towards a climax. He stared at the puckered hole and suddenly wondered just how far the teenage girl would go to get the babysitting job. Slowing the pace of his fingers he pulled them out and traced a wet trail to her asshole.



“No…,” groaned Shannon, but her voice sounded excited and she made no real effort to get away from the touch. The pussy wetness on Carter’s finger worked as lubrication and as he pushed forward the asshole opened up. He felt the tightness grip around his finger as he pushed inside and his excitement surged. He worked the touch deeper and the teen girl thrashed around on the table as her ass cheeks clenched and unclenched. The sensation was incredible and as Carter pushed his finger almost knuckle deep she let out a loud cry. He held deep for only a couple of seconds then began to finger fuck the tight asshole and Shannon went wild as the thrill of the sensation overwhelmed her. She urged Carter on to a rougher touch and he worked his finger in and out all the harder until the teen girl was begging for the beautiful torture to end. He didn’t let up though and forced her to take the anal finger fuck until the thrill of doing it made him want more.

When he finally pulled back out Carter stood and pushed the chair away. He loosened his pants and pulled them, as well as his underwear, down and then moved forward to stroke his cock on the teen girl’s ass. Having her completely at his mercy was a turn on that he knew he would want more of. She seemed willing to let him do whatever he wanted and the thought of fucking her asshole came to mind. Plenty of time for that in future he thought as he came to a decision about who his new babysitter would be. He wanted Shannon around so that he could find out just how much of a slut she could be, but as his desire for pussy came on strong he decided that on this occasion he would satisfy himself with that. He slid the tip of his erection to the wet opening and teased it around to build the anticipation. Shannon groaned as she got herself ready to take cock and started to beg for it as the touch continued to tease around her pussy entrance. The sound of the pleading made Carter shudder and he held back from fucking his cock in to hear more, but the thrill of the moment finally made him thrust his hips at the teen girl. Her cry of pleasure sounded around the room as the cock slid deep. She pushed back and circled her hips as her excitement surged and Carter grabbed hold of her hips. He held on tightly as he began to rock his body and his forceful thrusts sent his cock slamming into wet teen pussy. His movements quickly sped up until he was fucking the teen girl in a frenzy of loud cries and moans. She pushed back to meet the thrusts and it gave her a little space to work a hand between her thighs. The craving for an orgasm filled her mind and she wanted to bring it on while the cock was fucking her.

Shannon worked her fingers into the folds of skin at the top of her pussy lips and sought out her clit. Her body convulsed as she touched on it and she was suddenly gasping for breath. The feel of her fingers stroking on her clit as well as the cock fucking roughly in her pussy drove her ever closer to a climax. She closed her eyes and rubbed at her clit until there was no holding the orgasm back and the sudden swell of desire took her breath away. Her body tensed on the brink of a climax and suddenly she couldn’t stop the shudders. She urged Carter to push deep and squealed at the sensation of her pussy tightening around the thick cock. Her muscles tensed again at the peak of her pleasure and her excitement stretched out as the orgasm refused to release its grip on her. As the cock began fucking in and out again it seemed to break the spell and she groaned as the afterglow of the climax relaxed her body and brought her back down from the high.

Carter was suddenly on a mission to bring on his own climax and the teen girl grimaced as the fingers tightened painfully on her hips. The cock stroked into her with increasing ferocity and the noise of the naked skin slapping together sounded loud around the room. Shannon pushed back to meet the forceful thrusts and started talking dirty, telling her prospective boss what else she would let him do to her if he gave her the job. The hunger built in Carter until it ran out of control and his cock was hammering teen pussy. The sensation of his erection sliding along the slick pussy walls and being engulfed by the softness finally became too much for him and suddenly the release was on him. He pushed in deep and let out a groan as he began shooting streams of thick white in teen pussy. He rocked back his head and let out even louder groans as the jerks of his cock pumped more and more cum into Shannon until her pussy was overflowing. When his balls finally emptied he continued to fuck his cock in and out of the cum-soaked hole until his erection lost power and slid back out. He looked down to see the white trickling down Shannon’s thighs and shuddered. The teen girl lay gasping on the desk as she tried to recover, but she finally pushed herself up and turned.

“So…,” she said with a grin. “Did that help you come to a decision about a babysitter?”

Carter slumped to his chair, but returned the teen girl’s grin. He held out his hand and when she shook it he spoke. “Congratulations on being hired.”

“But you haven’t even told me what I will be paid,” she teased.

“Whatever you want,” he answered, “as long as your job description is babysitter and slut.”

The teen girl laughed. “Definitely,” she said. “When your daughter is sleeping the fun will begin and you will find out just how much of a slut I can be.”



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