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Sunny stepped out of the Uber and absentmindedly adjusted her short plaid skirt. She took a deep breath, texted her friend Julie the address and a quick “I’m here, standby for an SOS”, and walked up to the door. Sunny had never met the man inside, but with a hall pass from her husband she was finally gonna get to live out a fantasy that she had held for years.

With a mix of excitement and fear, she knocked on the door.

“Hi baby,” the man greeted her with a brief hug and took her overnight bag.

She wondered to herself, “well at least he looks like the guy in the pictures. Maybe a bit better. Nice smile. And that scratchy looking daddy beard…yum”

“Hi daddy,” she said, “you smell nice. Did you just get here from work? You haven’t even taken off your shoes.” His collared shirt was pressed, his jeans were clean, and his leather shoes clacked on the entry floor. She could see his computer bag hanging from a hook on the wall.

“I got here a little while ago and have been busy setting up things for us to do,” he replied. “I have a puzzle, a coloring book, and some books to read.” He pointed to a stack of children’s books. She could see favorites from her youth and some she didn’t recognize. “Did you bring your makeup to show me how you have been practicing on your dolls?”

“I did, Daddy,” she said, and she held up her bag. In it were bright turquoise eye shadows, light mascara, rouge, and other bright childish make up that little girls, and some boys, like to practice on. “I brought some so I can practice on you if you want.”

He laughed, “well, daddies don’t usually wear makeup unless their little girls want to put it on them – but we will have to wash it off after. Put your stuff down now baby. I made us some snacks.”

They walked to the small kitchenette table and on small plates there were slices of apple, carrots, celery, some ranch dip – Sunny’s favorite – and some goldfish crackers. Sunny smiled and dropped her bag in the middle of the floor and sat down.

“Baby, don’t just drop your bag in the middle of the floor. Let me take that,” daddy said as he picked it up and moved it to the living room”

“Yes daddy,” Sunny said as she sat down.

They ate in silence for a moment. Sunny could hear daddy’s jazz playing on the portable speaker.

“So, I was thinking you could tell me about your day while we put this puzzle together,” daddy said. He pulled out a 100 piece puzzle of a doll.

“Ok!” Sunny said. And she kicked off her small pumps.

“Sunny, let’s not leave our clothes all over. Let me take those and put them by the door.” He picked up the black shoes and walked over to the door, slipped off his loafers, and put the shoes next to the door. Sunny watched him and was happy to see how much bigger his shoes were than hers.

They worked on the puzzle and she told him silly stories from her day. Actually they were silly stories from over five years, collected and shared occasionally, but not terribly interesting. Daddy listened with his eyes.

Sunny could feel herself slipping more and more into her childlike self as daddy laughed at her tales and asked her questions. They completed the puzzle and daddy took her hand.

“Baby, I was thinking maybe we could read some books. How does that sound?”

“I would like that very much. Then can we watch a show?”

Daddy knew that was a little test.

“No, silly. We are not watching any shows. But I have books, there is still coloring, and of course just cuddling.”

Sunny reveled in the attention.

“Ok daddy”

They pulled out a coloring book. Thankfully it was not a simple child’s coloring book, but something a bit more interesting. Sunny watched Daddy with his pens out of the corner of her eye. He was not great at it. She giggled inside.

After finishing their pictures Sunny turned and said “now I want to color your face.”

“Ok baby, but you have to do yours first.”

“No!” She said emphatically. “I want to practice on yours then do mine”

Daddy relented. She pulled out her small juvenile make up kit and started drawing on his face. She did silly eyebrows and eyeshadow and lipstick. She sat close and could feel his breath. She could smell his cologne and laundry detergent. Her hands touched his face and she started giggling at the comical effect. He watched her.

“What’s funny?” he asked.

“Well Daddy, either I’m not good at makeup or you look terrible with it on”

“Ok. If you are done, then I will go wash it off and you can do yours. Show me how you have been practicing.”

He left and Sunny pulled out her kit. Doing garish, childish colors but expertly applied, she looked like a beauty pageant child – overdone and looking like someone trying to seem older than they were.

Daddy came back and watched her. He was barely breathing. Sunny was far more attractive than he had thought she would be. Sunny pushed the envelope of believability on the whole charade because she had a sexiness that men could sense in a glance. And the makeup made her look slutty and eager. He shook his head at himself “Remember she’s supposed to be just a little girl.”

Daddy had taken off his collared shirt to wash up and was wearing a clean tight fitting wife beater. A large tattoo was on his arm.

Daddy took Sunny’s hand and they walked into the living room.

“Here, sit in my lap and I will read you some books.”

They sat down. He pulled out Dr Seuss. Sunny could feel a slight firmness under her bum. She touched it.

“What’s in your pocket daddy?”

He ignored her and shifted her weight a little. He continued reading. Sunny was a bit more interested in the lump growing in daddy’s pants. She laid on the couch next to him and put her head in his lap. He stroked her hair as he read. Her finger traced the lines of his tattoo.

He finished up the book. It had been 3 hours together.

“Baby, I just realized you never had your nap after your day. Would you like to take one? Then we can have dinner and take a bath”

“Yes daddy. I feel a little sleepy I think”

“Are you wanting to sleep in those clothes?”

“No, I have some pajamas. I am gonna put them on in the other room.”

“Ok” he responded “daddies don’t wear pajamas, but I will keep my underwear on.”

Sunny went into the bathroom and pulled off her blouse, white bra, Catholic school girl skirt, and small blue panties. She looked at herself in the mirror. She saw the makeup and her pigtails. She smiled, pulled out her phone and sent a text to Julie *omg it’s going so well. Let mike know I am ok. Going to spend the night*

Sunny pulled out her pajamas. They were soft pink cotton shorts that came way up her thighs and exposed the bottom of her butt. The matching tank was loose fitting. Sunny decided to keep her makeup on.

She came back out and Daddy was already lying on the bed in his boxer briefs.

She hopped in the bed and curled up little spoon next to him.

Daddy touched her hair. Sunny sighed. Daddy caressed her ears. Slowly his hands tickled down her body, over the pajamas.

“I won’t touch the swimsuit areas,” he whispered. His breath tickled her ear.

Down her legs. Up her back. Across her stomach. Sunny felt excited and drowsy. A very odd combination. She could feel him through his underwear. But he made no moves.

They dozed for a moment.

Sunny felt Daddy get up and go to the bathroom.

He came back.

“I am gonna to make up a quick dinner. Just what you asked for, though it is a little strange for a little girl to want red wine. You just stay here and rest,” he smiled.

Twenty minutes later he called her in.

He had made a simple spaghetti with marinara, some garlic toast, some carrots, and on the table was an Oregon pinot.

Sunny sat down. As she ate, the red sauce got on her chin and Daddy wiped it off. They looked at each other, she drank water and sipped the wine. She asked him questions and he answered easily.

When they were done he collected the plates. “Thank you for dinner, Daddy. I want to do the dishes with you.”

He raised his eyebrows. “I wondered you said you were a little brat! I am here to take care of you.”

“Thank you daddy. I want to do them with you.”

They washed up and sunny stood closer to daddy than she needed to. He washed. She rinsed and dried. She put her hand on his waist. He slid behind her and put his arms around her.

“Here. Let’s get all the soap off.” He held her from behind, arms under hers, body to her back. He took the dishes with her and ran them under the water. He pressed gently against her.

“We should wash ourselves after the dishes” he said.

“Ok, Daddy”

He left to the bathroom. Sunny could hear the bath running.

Sunny came into the bathroom and saw daddy sitting on the edge of the tub.

“Feel the water baby. Is it the right temperature?”

She leaned in and nodded.

“Ok, let’s get you undressed”

Sunny looked at daddy. She pulled her tank off over her head. Then pulled down her shorts. Daddy stared at her. Not a hair on her body. Tan lines from a recent trip to Cancun showed the swimsuit she wore was not conservative.

She stepped into the tub and sat down.

He pulled out a washcloth and started lathering her. Starting at the neck, he made his way down. She still wore her turquoise eye shadow. Over her curves and joints and muscle and sinew. Relathering the cloth when it needed. She stood up and stood with her legs slightly apart.

“Yes, we will wash everything,” he said. He ran the soft soapy cloth through her crotch. Ensuring her creases were clean was as much a favor for himself as for her.

She sat down and he poured water on her body from a cup.

“Would you like me to do your hair?” He asked, “there is a hairdryer so you don’t have to go to bed with a wet head”

She looked at him.

“Yes daddy.. but will you use my shampoo and conditioner? It’s in my backpack.”

He went to the other room where her bag was. He opened it and inside found the products. He also saw some toys that were completely inappropriate for little girls to own. “I’m gonna have to talk with the naughty girl about that” he thought.

She laid back and he took out her pigtails and combed shampoo through her hair with his fingers. He rinsed it out and she felt the warm water run across her scalp. Then he repeated the process with conditioner.

She relaxed completely for a minute. Then sat up.

“Climb in with me daddy. I want to wash you now”

He slipped off his clothes and climbed into the small tub with her. She went over his body from head to toe, washing with a cloth and rinsing with the cup.

Daddy stood up and grabbed a towel. Quickly wiping himself, he turned to her. With one small towel he dried her hair and wound it up. With the large one he ran his hands over her body. He still hadn’t touched her swimsuit areas except through a towel or washcloth. Sunny could feel anticipation growing in her. They brushed their teeth. Daddy gave her unnecessary advice “thirty seconds per quadrant” he said through foam. Sunny admired Daddy’s traps and shoulders as he brushed. They spat and rinsed.

Daddy lead Sunny to the bedroom where he pulled back the covers.

Sunny slipped into the covers.

“Let’s name our body parts” daddy said.

“Let’s KISS our body parts,” sunny replied.

“Ok,” daddy said, ” I will begin with your ears”

Daddy made his way down Sunny’s body. Kissing skin, nibbling folds. When he got to her chest she guided his face to her areolas. “Bite them daddy” she said. He did. She gasped.

He continued his way down. His hands preparing the way for his lips. He got to her creases, she spread her legs. “Daddy, kiss me everywhere.”

“Everywhere everywhere?”

“EVERYwhere everywhere” she sighed.

He made his way down. Across the growing bump at the top. Down the warm wet slit. Tongue in. To her anus. A kiss on the clean starfish, a finger to punctuate the attention.

He kissed and put a finger in each tight opening. Sunny felt herself wet in the front and his saliva on the pinky working its way into her anus. She rolled into a climax. She squealed like a little girl then moaned like a woman in labor.

She pushed daddy’s head away.

“My turn, daddy”.

She began at his lips. Then cheeks. Neck. Nipples. Belly button. Her fingers ran through his pubic hair. She licked his hairy armpits. She saw his penis. It was very large. She hadn’t really explored it. Over nine inches. Too big for day to day use, but just right for a woman wanting to feel like a little girl.

She put into her mouth as far in as she could. She thought of lollipops. She thought of candy canes. She thought of circus sword swallowers. Deeper she pushed it. To the hilt. The head in her tight throat.

His hands were on his little girls head. He released.

“Sorry baby. That was. That was amazing.”

“Do me again daddy”

He did. Working his way through her clefts he brought baby to a double climax.

She pushed him back. “Take me for a ride daddy.”

She brought him back to life. She slid on him. She whispered about how naughty she felt and all the daddies she had wanted that week. She slid her hips up, pressed his tip to her vulva. She pressed back and down. Up and in he went.

Back and forth she rolled as she came again.

“Daddy,” she said gasping as Daddy fought for control of his second coming, “I want you in back now. It’s bigger than I have ever tried but I want to. But I think maybe I am too naughty?”

Daddy caught the hint.

“Do you need a spanking first? Have you been bad!?”

“Oh yes daddy. So bad.”

He rolled her onto her belly across his lap. He swatted her ass with his bare palm until her bottom was glowing pink. He worked a lubed finger into her butt until it slid easily in and out.

He pulled her to the edge of the bed, slid himself to her anus, and slowly started penetration. She moaned. He pressed deeper. She cried “slower daddy!”

He made it in and started a long, slow rhythm. In and out he fucked her ass as she furiously rubbed her man in the canoe. She crescendoed again. Finally he put a second stream of cream into her. He collapsed on her back. She laid on her belly. He tickled her back.

Daddy got out of bed. “I will be right back”.

Sunny heard the shower.

He climbed back in, “clean” she thought, and ready for a midnight blowjob.” Sunny curled up next to him.

“Good night daddy”.

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