Auto Erotism – Anal –

After buying the supplies Ann told me I would need, for my first enema, at Walgreens. I hurried home with a mixture of excitement and fear at what was to come. I laid out the enema apparatus on the the bed, removing my cloths and putting on my bath robe.

I prepared the solution filling the enema bag as instructed. The anticipation was killing me, the taboo was titillating even alone, I remembered how Ann spoke of her wonderful experience, the sensations, the look of delight on her face as she relived how she administers an enema to herself.

I laid down on my king size bed debating whether or not to go through with it. Ann’s words ringing in my head of sensations and new pleasures leading to an erotic experience of self love and shattering anal orgasms.

I drew my legs up into a fetal position with my right leg slightly over my left. This is the classic position Ann had explained. I raised the bottom of the robe and I felt fully exposed starring at the hot little redhead in the mirror. I raised my right cheek and gently rubbing the slick lube on my anus. The visual combined with the sensations I felt was new and exciting strangely erotic.

When the nozzle tip first touched me, my tight little asshole puckered tightly shut. I rotated the nozzle back and forth as I pressed it forward and it slowly slipped in. I felt every millimeter going in, oddly there was no pain, just a new weird feeling. A little shiver swept through my entire body as I felt the nozzle slide in and lightly brush my colon. To my surprise, it felt very good and I took wonderful pleasure in this new sensation. I gently stroked the nozzle in and out while I rotated it back and forth. Just like Ann had instructed me to do, looking in the mirror was erotic to see my self like this, vulnerable, exposed.

I had never felt anything like this in my life, all those little nerves coming to life, sensory overload. I let out a soft moan or maybe a grunt at this pleasing new sensation, releasing the clip, there was a rush of warmth in my lower back and rectum filling my bowels. Ann had told me to relax and let the warmth spread through me as I continue the manipulation of the nozzle. As I relaxed more I found myself enjoying the administration of my first proper enema.

It only took a few minutes for the one quart solution to enter my body. I clipped off the tube, slowly removed the nozzle, laying still enjoying the strange erotic feeling. I rolled over to gently rub my stomach and lower abdomen. The massage from my soft hands and fingers felt wonderful and helped work the solution deeper into my intestines. Before long I could feel the pressure building, trying to breath and relax, holding as long as I could, before walking to the toilet, where I sit forward on the seat and lean back slightly. Ann had explained that was the best technique for expelling the enema solution just as essential as how I received it. I was to hold the solution until the pressure really built up and then just relax to let some out. Let the pressure create again and relax. Never force it out.

A moment later I couldn’t hold it any longer and, as instructed, I just relaxed and breathed deeply. Not forcing it, letting my bowels move naturally, a torrent of sudsy warm water and feces burst out of my anus. The feeling was absolutely exquisite and I let out a little moan of pleasure as my body shuddered and shook. I had no idea anything could feel like this or smell like this.

The solution Ann instructed me to use of warm water with non alkaline soap and lanolin. Alkaline soap will irritate the intestines and cause burning. When I had expelled the enema I sat there a minute feeling blissful before I cleaned up my asshole with the wipes I had bought.

I returned to lay on my king size bed naked softly rubbing my stomach. Starring at my naked body in the mirror I had a wonderfully warm feeling throughout my whole body. I watched myself in the mirror as I lubed my princess black butt plug.

Bringing the plug to my clean asshole pressing on the entrance. My tight asshole stretching to except the plug. My hungry tight little ass swallowing the plug, my pussy was dripping wet without being touch, I bent my legs up my sweet little toes pointing at the mirror.

I switched on the vibrating function and my body shook pleasure radiating through out my body. Panting like a wild animal my first anal orgasm crashed over me. A wild experience I plan on repeating.

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