Aunt Jane (Sex with Mom’s Sister)

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My mother’s sister lives just three houses away from us. Jane doesn’t have
any children so she sort of adopted me and I spent almost as much time at
her house as I did at mine while I was growing up. Jane’s husband makes a
good living and she doesn’t have a job outside the house. Mom does work, so
when I got out of school, I went to aunt Jane’s until mom got home. Also
Jane has a pool. In the summer I spend a lot of time in the pool.

Aunt Jane isn’t at all modest. She made no attempt while I was there to cover
her self while she was changing clothes or going to the bathroom. I had
often seen her breasts and her fine blond bush but I began to get curious
about her body by the time I was ten. I began to follow her to the bathroom
so I could watch her pee and get a good look at her bush. She never
objected or appeared embarrassed when I stared at her while she dabbed her
cunt with tissue after peeing. My penis used to get stiff every time.


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