Aunt Elsie Pt. 08 – Fetish

Elsie was sad to see her son head back to school especially after their very hot and steamy week together. But it was time to get back to reality.

Today Elsie needed to take her car into the shop for an oil change and yearly inspection. Elsie wore light gray, sheer to waist pantyhose, a light purple transparent button down blouse that her breasts were clearly visible through, purple mini skirt, with her purple closed toe, patent leather, 5 inch pencil thin heels. She wore her hair up in a tight bun. She at all times liked to dress nice for the mechanic, he was sweet on her and at all times gave her a nice discount.

The shop has two bays and the waiting area is at the end next to the last bay. There are two couches set up in an L shape with a TV on the wall in front of one of them while the other one faces a large window that you can see into the bays. Behind the one couch across from the TV is a table with coffee and donuts. Further back is the counter and behind that are two doors one labelled office the other toilet. There is also a door between the couch and counter that leads into the bays.

Elsie is seated on the couch facing the mechanics bays. She’s wearing her reading glasses as she reads her book.

Elsie looks up into the mechanics bays and is shocked to see Marvin working on one of the cars. She hadn’t seen him in a little over a year, since the day he fucked her brains out at the house. Last she had heard he had left for school. He had a football scholarship to a top 10 college on the west coast. What was he doing here?

Elsie felt a little nervous when she saw Marvin talking to Mike her mechanic. They kept looking at her as they spoke. Mike is big and muscular like Marvin. He’s in his early 50’s, bald, with a rough homely face. They both wore coveralls that were stained with oil, grease, and grime. Mike’s face had black streaks of oil and grease on it and his hands at all times looks dirty.

Marvin comes into the waiting room, “Hello Aunt Elsie.” He says “Hello Marvin, I thought you were away at college, why are you working here?” Elsie inquired. “I blew out my knee the last game of the season. It’s healed but I can’t play football anymore.”Marvin explained.

“Oh I’m so sorry to hear that honey.” Elsie said sympathetically.

“It’s ok I’ve come to terms with it and Mike was nice enough to give me a job here.” Marvin replied.

“You’re looking very sexy today Aunt Elsie.” Marvin said. “Elsie looked around hoping no one was around to hear him. Once she saw the coast was clear. “You shouldn’t say things like that to me, someone might hear you.” Elsie scolded, “But thank you for the compliment.” She added.

Marvin went behind the counter as Mike came in.

“Elsie, I’m afraid there is a issue with your exhaust system, I may have to replace the cat.” Mike explained.

” If you come with me I can show you what I’m talking about.” he continued.

Mike always liked to have her come into the bay and show her what he was doing with her car. Elsie thought it was just so he could get a closer look at her, she didn’t mind she liked the attention.

Elsie followed Mike into the bay as she did. Marvin went to the main door locked it and switch the open sign to closed.

The bays were not as clean as the waiting area. The floors were stained with oil and grease. On the back wall were large tool boxes and shelves with auto parts randomly arranged on them. There was a pick up truck backed into the first bay with the hood open. Between the bays there were two large oil drums and one of the dollies the mechanics use to lay on and roll under the cars. Then there was Elsie’s minivan up on the lift. On the far wall was a rack full of tires. The bay doors were closed. They had plexiglass windows that were in desperate need of cleaning. Elsie took careful steps as she followed Mike to her car she didn’t want to ruin her shoes. She heard the door open and close as Marvin came back into the shop. When the three of them were standing under Elsie’s minivan.

Mike started, “So Marvin says you’re quite the cum whore, Aunt Elsie.” Emphasizing the Aunt Elsie.

Elsie fluster and as she started to protest. Mike interrupted her, “Don’t try to deny it Marvin here told me everything.”

“What do you want?” Elsie asked nervously.

“Why you of course.” Mike said, “You’ve been coming here for years at all times dressing so sexy flirting and teasing me to get discounts. But now I understand that you’re a slut that fucks her sons friends. Hell I’ve never even gotten a kiss.”

“Is that what you want Mike a kiss?” Elsie her voice cracking she was terrified.

“I want much more than that Aunt Elsie.” He said as he eyed her up and down while he used a rag to clean his hands.

Tossing the rag away he grabbed Elsie’s waist pulling her to him. He kissed her hard on the lips.

Elsie pushing him away said “No, no way, this is not happening.”

Mike released her and as he turned to walk away. “Well suit yourself, either you give me what I want or the whole town is gonna understand what a massive slut you are.” Mike said matter of factly.

Elsie realizes she has no choice she has to give Mike what he wants.

Mike leads Elsie over to the bed of the pick up there is a dirty blanket covering the bed. Mike lifts Elsie up on the tailgate and slides his rough hands up and down her nylon covered legs. Marvin comes over and says, “Get on that side of her.” With Mike now on one side and Marvin on the other they each have one hand on one of her breasts and the other massaging her nylon covered legs.

Elsie can’t help herself and she moans her approval. “See I told you she can not withstand this.” Marvin said.

Elsie’s blouse is now open and her skirt pushed up around her waist. Both men now each licking and sucking her nipples. As Mike’s hand finds her now soaking wet pussy he roughly fingers her through her pantyhose. “You were right, the whore is already soaking wet.” Mike says.

Elsie can’t believe how her body is betraying her. But she can’t help it having a man on each of her tits at the same time is her weakness.

Marvin unzips his coveralls and drops them to the floor now naked except for his work boots and socks. He is now standing up in the bed of the pick up next to Elsie so she can suck his huge hard cock as Mike eats Elsie’s pussy through her pantyhose.

Elsie has lost control she forgot how much she liked Marvin’s big black cock as she eagerly licks and sucks it.

Mike was rough but his tongue had found her swollen clit and She screamed, “Oh fuck I’m cumming!” Her body spasmed with the orgasm.

Mike eagerly laps up her hot juices through her pantyhose. He then removes his coveralls and rubs his hard cock over the wet nylon covering her swollen pussy lips as his hands stroke her nylon clad thighs.

Mike can’t hold back any longer and he rips open Elsie’s pantyhose before ramming his huge cock into Elsie’s soaking wet pussy. He wasn’t as big as Rick but his cock was fatter. He was rough and although she was soaking wet it did hurt a little when he thrust into her tight pussy. “That’s it take my cock you dirty slut.” Mike said, “I’ve dreamt of fucking your little pussy for years. It’s so tight and wet, it feels so good on my cock.”

They moved Elsie to the floor beneath her car having her kneel on the dolly so she’s on all fours. Mike takes her from behind as she continues to suck Marvin’s cock. She’s deep throating it again not quite able to take it balls deep before gagging. Her saliva dripping down her chin. She’s now pushing back into Mike’s cock matching his thrusts.

Mike’s balls tighten and he announces, “I’m about to cum Aunt Elsie!” Elsie soon feels the rush of his hot load shooting all over her back. Marvin and Mike turn the dolly around and Elsie is now laying on her back. She sucks and licks Mike’s cock clean as Marvin enters her stretching her pussy. She forgot how good his big black cock felt inside her and she moans loudly, “Oh God your so fucking big Marvin.”

Marvin fucks her tight pussy his balls slapping against her ass. Elsie cums hard and yells, “Fuck yes Marvin tear up your slutty Aunt Elsie’s cunt with that massive cock!”

Marvin complies with Elsie’s demand and he fucks her harder. It doesn’t take long before Marvin’s cock explodes inside her quickly filling her little pussy. Pulling out Marvin shoots another stream of his hot load on Elsie covering her stomach and tits with his hot young seed. Elsie let’s out a very loud moan, “Oooooooooooh yes baby cover your Aunt Elsie with that hot young cream!”

Marvin has brought his cock up from her pussy and has it between Elsie’s tits using his cum as lube he fucks her tits as she sucks the remaining cum from the head of his cock.

Elsie is a mess, she is naked except for her light gray pantyhose and purple heels. her pantyhose which now have oil and grease stains from Marvin and Mike’s dirty hands on them. Her chest stomach and back have cum all over them.

Witnessing all this has gotten Mike hard again.

Once Elsie has milked every last drop of Marvin’s hot cum from his cock Mike replaces Marvin, Mike is now fucking Elsie’s cum covered tits. Marvin has removed Elsie’s heels and is stroking his cock back to life with her nylon covered feet.

Mike has her mount him cowgirl style so he can play with her tits as he fucks her. His hands are rough on her breasts and he pinches her sensitive nipples hard. Then they switch to doggy style and Mike continues to fondle Elsie’s tits while taking her from behind. Back in the missionary position Mike announces, “I want to fuck your slutty little asshole Aunt Elsie.” Elsie soon feels his thick cock stretching her tight asshole. Even with her juices and Marvin’s still hot cum on Mike’s cock as lube Mike’s roughness still makes her wince as he enters her tight asshole. But her pain is soon replaced with pleasure. Marvin has his cock in Elsie’s face and she hungrily takes him into her mouth. Elsie’s feels Mike’s rough thick fingers inside her pussy and she is soon orgasming all over them. Mike shouts, “Oh fuck Aunt Elsie your ass feels so good on my cock, I’m going to fill that slutty ass of yours!”. Elsie soon feels Mike’s hot cum flooding her ass. Unbelievably Elsie has managed to keep her glasses on this entire time and now on her knees with both men standing over her Marvin unloads on her face, glasses, and tits. She takes his now deflating cock into her hungry mouth to lick and suck every last drop of his hot young cum.

“Wow” Mike says, “you really are a dirty little cum slut whore.”

Elsie stubbles her way into the office gathering up her purse she makes her way into the bathroom. She’s a mess, covered in cum. It was everywhere in her hair, on her face and glasses, her chest, stomach, and back. She could feel it running down her nylon covered legs from her pussy and ass.

About twenty minutes later…

Elsie is in the bathroom at the service station looking into the mirror checking that she has completely cleaned herself up. Her hair is pretty much as it was earlier as is her makeup but her blouse is clinging to her back, stomach, and breasts that were covered in semen. Her nipples are sore from the way Mike pinched them so hard.

Luckily she always keeps an extra pair of hose in her pocket book in case she get a run in the one she’s wearing. But she can still feel the last of Marvin & Mike’s cum

dripping from her pussy & ass into her fresh pantyhose.

As she exits she looks just as she did when she entered the shop 2 hours earlier for the most part. But she is still a bit wobbly on her feet after taking that beast of a cock from Marvin.

Mike is at the counter and there are two customers seated in the waiting area.

“your all set Elsie.” He says a huge smile on his face. “Thank you Mike.” She replies as she takes her keys from him they’re behind the counter so Mike gives her ass a little squeeze as Elsie walks by him. As she passes by the window she sees Marvin looking up at her from under the hood of the pick up. She smiles and winks at him then walks out.

Once in the minivan she lets out a deep sigh and thinks, Well that wasn’t so bad, besides having to endure having sex with Mike, I got my car fixed for free and got to play with that Big Gorgeous Cock of Marvin’s again. That put a smile on her face.

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