Ass to Mouth: A Naughty Anal Delight

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As they walked through the door, the smell of sex and sweat filled the air. They had been looking forward to this moment all day, and now that they were here, their nerves were tingling with anticipation.

They undressed each other quickly, revealing their naked bodies to the room. Their eyes met, and they knew exactly what they wanted. He slid his hands down her body, running his fingers over her soft curves, before settling on her firm ass.

He planted a kiss on the small of her back, before spreading her cheeks aside. She moaned in pleasure as he ran his tongue around her tight asshole, teasing her with the anticipation of what was to come.

He positioned himself behind her, slowly working his thick cock inside her tight ass. The feeling of her warm walls hugging him tight was almost too much to bear as he began to move back and forth, pushing deeper with each thrust.

She gasped as he withdrew from her, pulling his cock out of her tight ass and bringing it to her waiting lips. She eagerly opened her mouth, taking his cock deep inside and savoring the taste of herself mixed with his salty flavor.

The feeling of his cock sliding back into her mouth, as she savored the delight of ass to mouth, was almost too much. She felt him grow harder and thicker as he fucked her mouth, his hands gripping her head as he took control.

As his cock swelled inside her mouth, she could feel the first spurts of cum hitting the back of her throat. She swallowed eagerly, taking in his hot load as her own body shuddered with pleasure.

As he withdrew from her mouth, their eyes met, and they shared a knowing smile. They had just experienced the ultimate in naughty anal delight, and they knew they would be coming back for more.