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Brewster Donovan was aware that he had a problem, but he was mistaken as to what the real problem was. He had worried for years about his relationships with his stepdaughters and their effect on his relationship with his wife. It never occurred to him to let Kendra know that if she wanted something from him, all she had to do was ask for it…

Brewster had been warned from the beginning. Raising someone else’s daughters was a losing proposition any way you looked at it. Aside from the expense of weddings down the road, there was puberty to dread. Young girls always tried out their sexual wings on someone close to them, and the lure of a step-father who was no blood relation to them and a perceived rival for the affections of their mother was tremendous.

Blind luck was the only thing that kept Brew on the straight and narrow; the two older girls had tempted him almost beyond the limits of mortal men. His wife Kendra had been a big help. She had been completely aware of her daughters’ flirtations and their ‘accidental’ full or partial nudity in front of him. Many times at night she would tease him because Clara (the oldest) or Donna (next to oldest), or both of them, had chosen to snuggle up next to him in panties and tee shirt to watch an old horror movie. Kendra seemed to get a big kick out of the sexual tension the girls provoked in Brew and she rarely failed to take advantage of it. Kendra was a hell of a package herself, and quite a handful in bed.

The last two years, however, since the older girls had gone on to college, had been hard on the three of them. Kendra had become distant, less sexual. Tiffany, approaching her own eighteenth birthday, had really ramped up her efforts to drive Brew crazy with her flirting and teasing. He had been in a constant state of arousal for months with no relief.

“You want to fuck her,” Kendra said viciously.

“What?” Brew said, sitting up in their bed. “Where the hell did that come from?”

“I’ve seen the way you look at her!”

Brew knew that whatever his response was, it would be wrong. He was on dangerous ground, and he knew it. So far he had dodged this bullet, but for some reason he was in it now, up to his neck and through no fault of his own.

“You were staring at Tiffany’s tits-and you had a hard on,” Kendra sobbed.

It was a nightmare that Brew had played over and over in his head, but all the calm collected answers he had prepared were nowhere to be found. “Kendra, the girl has been flashing me and teasing me for years. Why in the hell did you wait until now to bring it up?” Tiffany had been far worse than the two older girls about teasing him. She regularly came into the living room in full sight of her mother wearing a see through peignoir with nothing underneath to obstruct his view of her shapely body. Kendra had never called her on it. Countless times Tiffany had flaunted her body at him-at their pool, on family camping trips to the beach and even though it had been blatantly obvious what she was doing, his wife had never said a word.

Brew sat up, seething. He had been backed into a defensive corner and he felt trapped. Whatever he did would be wrong, and in that event, he’d just as well get something pleasant out of it before the shit hit the fan. He reached for his clothes and walked into the bathroom.

“Where are you going?” Kendra asked tearfully.

“Out.” He couldn’t think of any other response.

Brew wasn’t sure at all where he was going until the bright neon of the sign caught his attention. The Toy Box was a thriving business if the number of cars in the parking lot was an indicator. The sign reading LIVE…NUDE…GIRLS was definitely an attention getter, and Brew pulled into the parking lot. He paid the ten dollar cover charge and went inside.

The reason the club was so busy was obvious as soon as he stepped inside. The place was classy, paneled in dark wood. The bar was polished mahogany with highly polished brass accents and foot rail. Bouncers, dressed in tuxedos sans the coats, were large, pleasant, and numerous. The women were young, naked, and spectacular. One of the beautiful naked women attached herself to his arm and guided him to a table near the main stage, the achingly gorgeous slope of her breast brushing against his arm.

Brew was on his second double scotch when she came onstage. She was young looking, with a tanned slender body covered by a schoolgirl costume. Her breasts were full, slightly larger than one would expect on her slight frame. Her tawny hair hung to her waist, was gathered into a single ponytail and her amber eyes flashed in the stage lights as she started her routine. Brew’s heart seemed to stop as he watched the girl remove her top during the first song. His cock raged against his zipper as she slipped the top off, exposing her breasts and shaking them at a very appreciative spectator drinking beer from a mug at the edge of the stage. It couldn’t be-it wasn’t possible!

Brew didn’t know if he was disappointed or relieved when she turned to face his side of the stage. The only way he knew it wasn’t Tiffany was because of the mole on her left breast. He sighed. The very last thing he had needed tonight was a doppelganger of his stepdaughter. His cock went limp and he picked up his drink and drained it. He left.

The lights were on in his bedroom, but he had no place else to go. Resigned to a night of misery, he trudged up the stairs and into the light.

Kendra jumped from the bed and ran to him, sobbing. “I’m sorry-I’m so sorry.” She clung to him like plastic wrap, her lightly clad body pressing close to his, her tears soaking his shirt. “This is my fault Brew, it’s all my fault. I should have talked to you, I should have told you…”

Confused, Brew hugged Kendra to him stroking her hair and patting her back. “Told me what?”

“That she wants to watch while you fuck me daddy,” eighteen year old Tiffany said from the darkened corner of the bedroom where the upholstered chair Brew usually sat in to put on his socks and shoes. She reached up and flipped the lamp switch above her. Her tawny hair cascaded gloriously down in waves from her pretty head, and she had one knee tossed casually over the arm of the chair. She was wearing a thin tee shirt and nothing else. From where he was standing, he noticed with some surprise that Tiffany’s mound was shaved smooth.

He turned to face his wife. “You’ve been upset because I wouldn’t fuck your daughter?”

“I’ve been upset because I feel like such a depraved pervert,” Kendra sniffed. “Hell, I know it’s wrong but I can’t get it out of my head and it’s driving me crazy.”

Brew looked at his stepdaughter, who was playing with her nipple through her tee shirt. He could see that it was rigid, and he could see the lips of her sex glistening with moisture. “Don’t look at me,” she said, “I’ve been trying to seduce you for years.” The fingers of her free hand probed for her clit and massaged the hard little kernel of flesh.

“This is crazy!”

“I know Brew, but it’s a fantasy I can’t get out of my head,” Kendra said. Her voice changed and she took his hand, pulling it inside her robe to her sex. “Can’t you see what this is doing to me?” she pleaded. She was dripping wet. Kendra tugged him over to the bed, talking softly and explaining. All the while she was opening his pants, pulling his cock out and stroking it.

Brew felt pressure on the bed and saw that Tiffany had clambered onto the bed and was busy lifting the tee shirt over her head. When she was nude, Tiffany crawled across the comforter. “Come on daddy, don’t you want me to suck your cock? Don’t you want to know how it feels to have my mouth on you?”

“Oh god,” Kendra said, her hands busy beneath her robe and her breathing rapid and shallow. “I want to see it Brew-I want to watch her suck you!” Her eyes narrowed and her next words came out in a hiss. “I want to see your cum dripping out of her mouth, I want to see your cock in her ass-I want you to fuck my daughter!” Kendra lay back on the bed, her robe parted and her legs spread, and four fingers stuffed in her wet pussy.

The world had turned upside down, and Brew watched, bewildered, as Tiffany grabbed his thick cock in her small hands and lowered her mouth to the head. His moan was real. He had no idea how active sexually Tiffany might be, but he knew she was over eighteen and that was all he needed to know.

He tugged his shirt off, baring the abs he worked so hard to maintain. Tiffany lifted her eyes and he heard the greedy slurping of her mouth as she worked his cock over while staring at his hard belly.

“Does it feel good Brew?” Kendra asked breathlessly, her entire body quivering. “Does she suck it as well as I do?” Kendra’s face was very close to Tiffany’s, her lips parted as she focused on the soft lips slipping over the slick skin of Brew’s penis. The sensation of Kendra’s hot breath on the wet skin where Tiffany’s mouth had just been was too much for him. Brew exploded.

Tiffany’s mouth never left him. She gulped down as much of the thick white semen as she could as the overflow escaped the corners of her mouth. Kendra eagerly lapped up the excess, her pink tongue licking it from Tiffany’s cheeks and chin. Brew watched in total fascination as his wife and stepdaughter drained his balls. When they were done, he was still iron hard.

“That was good daddy,” Tiffany said, licking her lips. She lay back on the sheets and lifted her arms to him in invitation, her legs spread lewdly, leaving no doubt as to her intentions. Kendra was whimpering, her whole hand stuffed inside her pussy now, frantic desire on her face as she watched her husband and her daughter together naked. “Fuck her!” she barked hoarsely. “Stick your cock in her little pussy and make her cum!”



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