Asian Massage Addiction Ch. 05 – Fetish

Using Google, I was surprised to find that the Asian massage parlor I had been visiting, and getting sexual services from, wasn’t the only one in town. Actually, it wasn’t even the only one in my suburban neighborhood. There were dozens in the city I lived in, and eight that were within three miles of my home. As I searched the locations of the eight near me on Google Maps, I was shocked to find that they were all in, or near, suburban shopping centers I had been in. The grocery store I stopped in on my way home from a hike, the restaurant I had eaten in a month before. Another two doors down from a liquor store I had stopped in with my wife on our way to a party to buy a bottle of Fireball. I wondered to myself that I never took any notice of nail salons or hair salons either. The Asian massage parlors were cleverly hidden in plain sight.

I live in the Northwest suburbs of my city, and I discovered that there were eight Asian massage parlors in my section of the greater metropolitan area. I had been to Oasis Foot Spa and had experienced amazing sexual release while being massaged by both a younger woman, then by an older woman there. I was willing to find what might await at the seven other massage parlors in my area.

While I was aware of the costs of trying out all the different Asian massage parlors in my area, I decided to go for it. I had worked very hard over the years and invested in commercial real estate every chance I got. When I retired, I consolidated my holdings by selling off two properties and paying off the other three with the proceeds. My house was paid off, my Land Rover was paid off and the only debt we had was on my wife’s new Audi. So, I had monthly income from three properties, plus my 401K, and in another three years or so I would start collecting Social Security. Plus, my wife was still working so she paid all her own expenses, including her car. I had only taxes, insurance, utilities, food, gas, and my gym membership as monthly expenses. I could certainly afford to spend money on a great new hobby.

I began by scouting out all the locations one morning. I drove into the parking lot of each one, parked a few stores away, then casually strolled by, trying to see inside. All of them had the windows blocked out with pictures and advertisements. I began to realize that this was a common theme with Asian massage parlors. Each time, I would get aroused as I got nearer to the location. I would be excited and nervous as I slowed in front of each one. I could feel the pull from inside, beckoning me to enter and find the carnal delights that awaited within. By the time I had checked out all seven, I was beside myself with arousal and horniness. I was on fire.

I felt a hunger for release and decided that today would be the day I ventured into my first new experience. I drove home and showered, again taking special care to get my cock, balls, and ass especially clean. Just a little washing of my cock had me getting an erection, and I had to force myself not to just go ahead and get off by myself. I wanted to be super-aroused at the new parlor.

I did a little grooming around the groin area, put on clean underwear and clean workout clothes and took off in my car. While driving, I realized that during my location scouting I had begun to feel that excitement and nervousness of gonna a new place. I realized that I had lost that, going back to the Oasis multiple times. I would get aroused beforehand, but the queasy, nervous feeling of embarking on a new and uncharted adventure had been lacking. I was definitely feeling it in my cock and pelvis, where a distinct craving had been building up all day. The nervousness set in as soon as I left the house.

I stopped by the bank for two hundred in cash, not knowing the prices in a new place. I got back in my car and drove up the road towards the Happy Day Spa, which I had chosen for my first adventure. It was in a small shopping strip with only 4 or 5 other shops, set well off the road. My heart started pounding as soon as I pulled into the parking lot. My loins ached with desire. I realized that my hands were shaking slightly when I went to lock my car. I didn’t know if it was from the sexual excitement of the day or from nervousness, but I knew I had to get it under control before I walked into the shop. I breathed deeply as I walked across the parking lot from where I had parked, calming myself.

With my heart beating out of my chest, I opened the door and walked in. There was a very modern, very clean, and very sparse waiting room with a counter on the right. Behind the counter was an elderly Chinese man. He greeted me with a smile, a repeated nodding of the head, and a thickly accented hello. As I approached the counter, a pleasant looking woman who appeared to be Asian, but multiracial, appeared from the corridor and stood next to the man. She had dyed her hair so it had hints of red in it and she appeared to be in her mid-fifties, fit, and trim. She wore a uniform of sorts, matching white pants and a blouse with black trim that you might expect to see a massage therapist wearing.

The woman greeted me with better English and the man stepped back, letting her take the lead. I told her I wanted a massage, one hour, full body. Sure enough, she pointed to the menu on the counter to confirm my choice. We agreed on the 60-minute full-body massage for $60 and she asked in pretty good English whether I wanted to pay in cash or by credit card. Aha! The “Pay First” program. I told her cash and, trying to control the slight nervous quiver in my hands, flashed my bankroll and paid her the sixty bucks.

She gave the cash to the old man, then led me back to a room about midway down on the left. It was obvious that I was the only one there, as all the doors stood open. She led me into the room and the first thing I noticed was that there was not only a top sheet on the massage table, but a thin velour blanket as well, both turned down for easy entry.

She told me “Face down,” and left the room. While undressing, I felt my nervousness start to ebb. The old man out front, the uniform, the top sheet and blanket. I was beginning to wonder if this was a Rub and Tug or just a massage parlor. They were open until 9:30 though, so that was a good sign.

After I had undressed and climbed between the sheets face down she reentered and introduced herself as Sarah. I told her my name and she said in reasonably good English, “Nice to meet you.” She began my massage through the sheet and light blanket. My loins were still aching with desire, and I lay there hoping that the top sheet would soon be removed, and the fun would begin. Her massage expertise was excellent, even through the sheet, which was confirmed when she lowered the sheet off my back, my legs and butt still covered, and applied oil for a thorough back massage.

If the sheet began to slip down while she massaged, she made sure to pull it back up to cover my butt. She made a little small talk now and then, being sure to call me by name, which I know from experience is a marketing technique, designed to develop a relationship with your customer.

Finishing my back, she rubbed my butt briefly by uncovering one side at a time and with each stroke, I was longing for the grazing of the sack. But no such luck. Again, with my legs, she would stroke right up to my balls but stop just short each time. I was so aroused overall from my day of exploring new parlors that I think I may have even moved my hips up involuntarily each time she got close to the sack. I was longing for her touch. But again, no such luck.

She did the hot stones and the hot moist towels, then came time for the flip. It was the standard, hold up the sheet to shield her vision while I turned over. “Last chance,” I wondered to myself. “If anything is going to happen, its going to be soon.”

She did an incredible scalp and face massage, then each arm, then each leg. She never removed the sheet, but instead uncovered each arm and each leg individually. Each time she rubbed up my leg, I would try to will her hand up higher, up just a little higher to my cock. I wasn’t hard, but I was aroused enough generally that it was slightly swollen and enlarged.

Her last move was to massage my pelvis on either side of my cock, through the sheet on top. Again, I tried to will her hand to move just a little bit over to my cock, but all I got was a slapping of the legs and the single word, “finished”.

Sarah left the room, and I got up immediately and got dressed. All I could think about was how horny I was. She met me in the lobby with the old man standing next to her and handed me a bottle of water. I tipped her twenty, thanked her and walked out to my car. As I was walking out the door, she asked me to leave her a review on Google. Sure thing.

I immediately began the calculations in my head. I had spent eighty dollars and struck out. That left me with a hundred twenty in cash, the exact amount needed for the house fee and the tip at the Oasis Foot Spa. I got in my car and sped to the parking lot of the Oasis, parked my car and hurried to the front door.

The old woman smiled when I entered and before I even got to the counter I asked, “Is Judy available?”

She looked at her little book, then turned and looked at the clock behind her. “About ten minutes,” she answered. I pointed to the 60-minute full-body and put the sixty dollars on the counter. She pocketed the money, wrote in her little book, then said, “Follow me, wait in room.” She led me through the curtain to a room about midway down on the left. It was not as large as the room with the couch and the shower, but still bigger than the rooms on the right side. Knowing that I knew the drill she just repeated, “About ten minutes,” and left me alone in the room.

I undressed and took note of the time on the clock on the wall. I decided I’d just put the sixty dollar tip on the little table in the corner where she would see it when she came in. I did so, then laid face down on the table, not covering myself up. I left the small towel down between my calves. I was still on fire, desperately needing release. I went over the experience I had just had at Happy Day Spa and thought if it was a Rub and Tug, and perhaps since they didn’t know me, I just got the rub but not the tug. But it just didn’t have that vibe. The old man, the uniform, the top sheet, and blanket. Sarah was a very good masseuse and seemed very professional. Maybe I’ll give it another chance, I wondered, and glanced up at the clock. It had been five minutes.

The massage at Happy Day was a good massage, and it got me even more pent up, hoping for the magic touch but never getting it. I wondered about gorgeous Anna for a moment, and the incredible massage and hand jobs I had from her. I wondered about older Judy and thought what might happen if I did try to get to her tits or put my hand between her legs. I hadn’t been that interested up until now, but suddenly, I found myself wondering what Judy’s pussy would feel like. I thought if she shaved and decided she probably didn’t, being an older woman in her forties. I glanced up at the clock again. Eight minutes gone by. Soon Judy will be here. I began fantasizing about Judy climbing up on the table with my head between her legs while I was on my back and she was stroking my cock. She slowly lowered her shorts-clad pussy right down onto my face and started rubbing it up against my nose and chin. In my brief fantasy, she began rocking against my face, working herself up to an orgasm while I could smell the faint, sweet smell of her cunt through her shorts and panties.

Just as I was getting to the good part of my fantasy, the door opened. I got up on my elbows to see who it was and sure enough, it was Judy. Confirming this, I told her hello and resumed the position with my face in the hole. “Sorry you wait,” she said as she began rubbing my naked body from shoulders to feet.

“It’s okay,” I answered. “I really need this.” I realized after I said it she could take it either way. I really need a massage or I really need a hand job. I meant the latter, not the former. I had just had a good massage.

She got up on the table between my spread legs and began working the backs of my thighs, my butt, and my lower back. Every time she would get near my sack, she’d graze it lightly and giggle. This took me from the level-eight arousal I was at to about 9 and a half. She worked on my butt for a while, then tickled the back of my sack, giggling while she did.

She got up off the table and started to move towards my head. As she did, with no forethought, I flipped over on my own, exposing my hard cock. “Please,” was the only thing I could think of to say, gesturing towards my hard cock.

“You want now?” she asked.

“Please,” I repeated, feeling like I would beg for it if she made me. Without a word she picked up her bottle of oil, pouring a generous amount on her hands and rubbing them together. She set the bottle of oil on the table between my knees and as she turned back to take my cock in her hands, I reached for her breasts. She turned towards me with her oily hands in the air, giving me full access. Without asking I quickly pushed up her tank top and then pushed up her lacy bra, freeing her full, round, C-cup breasts. I wasn’t thinking, I was just acting out of animal instinct. I saw her breasts in front of me and sat up, pulling her towards me. I took her left breast in my mouth and began sucking on her nipple like a starving baby. As I did, she reached for my cock and began stroking me with her oily hands. I switched to her right breast and took her left one in my hand, squeezing her nipple between my fingers as I sucked greedily on the other one.

She removed her left hand from my cock, sliding her arm around me and took the back of my head in her hand. As I sucked and licked her nipples she continued to stroke my cock with her right hand and held my head to her breasts with her left. I was crazy with lust and passion as she held me and I suckled on her protruding nipples. The only things in my world at that moment was the feeling that I was getting from her hand rubbing up and down my cock, and my hunger for her breasts and nipples. Suddenly, the wondered flashed through my head that she understood my animal need for her at that moment, and she had responded perfectly. The next wondered that flashed through my mind was her pussy. I suddenly wanted it, knew I could have it, and then, Boom! I came hard and fast, crying out as the shock hit me from nowhere. Again and again, I shot my seed, cum flying everywhere.

I must have been moaning because she pulled me closer to her breasts and began whispering, “Shhh….shhhh. Too loud.” She held me there for a moment, her nipple still between my lips as I came down from one of the strongest orgasms I could remember. It took me longer than a minute to regain my senses as she held me to her breast.

I let her nipple slip from between my lips, kissing it before I released it completely. I pulled away and laid back on the massage table. “Holy shit!” was the only thing I could think of to say.

She pulled her bra and top back down to cover her breasts, then giggled and whispered, “You horny today.”

“Yes, June,” I whispered back. “Very, very horny today. Thank you, thank you, thank you. That was perfect.”

She wiped her hands on the small towel and left the room for a moment. She returned with a hot moist towel, and proceeded to clean up the prodigious amount of cum that had flown everywhere on me, on the table, and on her.

As she cleaned me up I apologized for my sexual aggression. “Judy, I’m sorry that I exposed you without permission, I’m sorry that I didn’t ask.” I pointed at her breasts. “Sorry,” I repeated. I saw the light go on when I pointed at her breasts and said the word ‘sorry’.

She smiled at me and took my hand, placing it on her breast. “It okay, more tip for Judy,” she said. Still holding my hand, she moved it down her body and pressed it against her pussy. “It okay.”

“Thank you, Judy,” I sighed, feeling relieved that I hadn’t overstepped her boundaries. She was an elegant, middle-aged woman, and I respected her. I guess I wanted her to respect me, too.

“Now massage,” she said and giggled again. The rest of the hour was great. I felt spent, relaxed, relieved of my sexual pressure, and a little closer to Judy than I had in the past. We had a new comfort level with each other. No hot stones or moist towels, just a tender, comforting massage.

When she finished, I stopped her from leaving the room right away. I got up from the table, my cock swinging as I stood, and looked towards the table where I had left the sixty dollars. It was gone. “Just a minute,” I said as I reached for my pants. I pulled out my wallet and, luckily, had another twenty dollar bill that I handed her. When she reached for it, I took her hand in mind. I looked her right in the eye and said, “Thank you, Judy. I really needed that.” Her eyes twinkled.

Then she stood up on her tiptoes, pulled her mask down, turned her head up, leaned into me and gave me a slow, sweet kiss right on the lips. When she pulled away, she said, “You nice man, nice guy.” Like the time Anna had laid her head on my shoulder, I was touched, and it endeared her to me.

She began taking the sheet off the table as I dressed. When she was finished, she took the linens and said, “I get you water,” as she exited the room. I finished dressing and headed for the lobby. When I got there, Judy and the old woman were standing side by side waiting for me. I could hear them speaking to each other in Chinese as I was walking down the corridor towards them, but they suddenly stopped talking as soon as I emerged from behind the curtain. Judy held out a bottle of water for me and giggled. The old woman had a broad smile on her face and stepped towards me, giving me a massive hug.

“You better now?” she said quietly into my ear. “You in hurry today.” She looked at Judy and they both tittered. Even though it was at my expense, I didn’t feel insulted or disrespected. I knew it was all in fun.

I just smiled back at the old lady, then looked at Judy and said, “I feel perfect now. Thank you both.” As they continued to giggle, I exited through the door into the bright sunlight feeling as near to perfect as a guy could feel. It had been a hell of a day. That was a lot of experience for two hundred and twenty bucks.

I got in my car and drove home, reliving all the events of the day. The scouting of all the massage parlors, which got me really worked up and feeling a need for sexual release. The great massage, but failed attempt at the Happy Day Spa, then rushing to the Oasis almost in a sexual emergency and getting such great service from Judy. And the wonderful way she finally allowed me to feel her breasts. I remembered sucking on her nipples, then her very clear message that it was okay for me to do that and the promise of more when she placed my hand on her covered pussy.

When I got home I went immediately to my computer to choose my next adventure. I entered ‘Asian massage near me’ again, and this time when the results came up, I didn’t just click on the map, I scrolled down a bit, wondering if the map might not hold all the results. As I scrolled down, a site where the subheading indicated erotic massage in my city caught my eye. Rubmaps. I clicked on it and entered the name of my city in the search element when the site came up. There were all the Asian massage parlors, this time with reviews. I clicked on Oasis Foot Spa, and a page came up dedicated to it, with hours, parking information, and reviews! It said there were 37 reviews of Oasis Foot Spa. When I clicked on the reviews, however, it offered me a premium membership for $25 per month, which would give me access to the reviews.

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