April Fools Mistaken Identity – Fetish – Free Sex Story

Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of rough, reluctant, dubiously consensual, or non-consensual Sex or scenarios.


Renee walked in and threw her keys and purse on the table, draped her coat over the back of the dining chair and began stripping her clothes off, it’d been one hell of a long Monday, it was April 1st, and she hissed, there was no foolery that day. She tossed her clothing in the hamper and immediately felt a hand over her mouth. She began to panic and tried to fight back when she heard a soft deep voice behind her telling her to calm down, everything would be okay.

He’d tied her hands behind her back, placed a blindfold over her eyes and forced her to get on the bed, she felt her face smushed into the sheet on the mattress and knew the bed had been folded back in preparation. “You’ve been a bad girl, Merry. Now you get punished” the deep voice had said as he’d lifted her hips, placing her on her knees.

She tried to reply, but the gag in her mouth wouldn’t let her, and only guttural noises emitted from her mouth. “Next time you tell someone to “stick it in their Ass” Merry, be careful who you say it to” the voice said with a smirk, and she felt two gloved fingers shoved roughly into her cunt. The leather was rough, and her tender opening dragged on the material as he fucked her hard with them. She heard him murmur and then heard a soft female voice in response.

“Set that tray over here when I can reach it” the male voice said gruffly, and Renee heard feet softly approach and felt the weight of something beside her on the bed. She could hear something being unwrapped and the sound of a jar opening.

She heard rubber gloves snap into place and started to squirm, then felt a sharp slap on her plump behind, telling her to quit wiggling. She felt a greasy gloved finger slide easily into her puckered anus and she flinched at the feeling of the cool goop that was coating her opening. “Now relax, Merry” she heard his demeaning voice above her “This will only be uncomfortable for a minute or two” and she felt a large waxy object being inserted and knew it was some type of suppository.

She began to writhe madly as it burned her insides, and she realized he’d dipped it in something gingery. The cramps were almost immediate, and she began to rock on the bed as the urge to expel hit hard. She cried out when next she felt the crack of a wooden object against her bottom, three…four…Five..

It was unbearable and she was going to mess the bed! She was writhing and clenching her bottom when she felt him lean her back, so she was resting on her knees in a kneeling position, and she felt a hard metal object beneath her sore bottom. Her skin was covered in goose bumps, and she knew her nipples were hard, and they could see it.

“Go ahead Merry, but know, we aren’t done yet” he said with a sneer. She emptied her bowels in the metal bowl beneath her, she was so embarrassed, and couldn’t imagine who she’d offended, let alone why they were calling her Merry, unless…they were in the wrong apartment! She couldn’t ask with the gag in her mouth! She felt something being placed on her nipples and she squealed loudly as the objects clamped down tightly on them.

Once she was finished, she felt the pan being removed and a cold cloth washing her behind. The clamps on her nipples were dragging as he repositioned her, laying her on the bed on her side, and moving her hands up and tying them to the head of the bed and her feet to the foot, making her totally immobile. “Do you remember what you did now, Merry? To make you deserve such punishment?” he whispered in her ear, his breath Hot on her skin. She shook her head wildly in a no and heard him laugh from behind her.

The smell of soap was thick in the air, and she had no idea what they were doing to do next, and then she felt a large spade shaped object being shoved in her bum. She heard a strange click, and a loud gurgle and then she grimaced as the Hot soapy water hit her insides with a vengeance. She couldn’t push the object out, it was too large at the base. She cried out as the Hot liquid filled her, then heard the jingle of his belt buckle as he removed it from his pants.

The first strike of the belt made her grunt loudly and flinch as she lay there taking the Hot fluid up her behind. Each strike was harder than the last and her bottom was on fire. The tears were rolling down her face and her bowels were cramping so bad that she thought she’d explode, when she heard the gurgle from the bag and knew she’d taken every drop. This time they stood her and walked her to the bathroom. When she was over the toilet, she felt the object being roughly pulled from her anus and she was forced to sit.

After what seemed like hours, she was finally done. They’d walked her back to her bed, and she was pushed down on her back. Her legs were crudely pulled up and over her head and loosely tied to the headboard along with her hands. She heard him say “don’t move, or this could be really bad for you”

She felt small smooth hands on her pubis, and the smell of shaving cream filled the air. She felt the cold steel of a razor as it raked over her hairy muff. It was making her Horny. She’d always loved shaving, but had given it up, when life had gotten too busy. She’d always masturbated afterwards and found it to be most satisfying. She felt it as she was washed and patted dry.

Renee heard the male voice again telling the female to “get her ready” and a feeling of dread filled her gut, until she felt the soft lips of the female on the newly shaved skin. Small fingers spread her wet lips, then entered her, as a tongue lightly flickered over her swollen clit. The feeling was heavenly, and it wasn’t long before she felt an Orgasm approaching. The female must have known too, as she’d stuffed another finger in and began flicking her tongue faster until the Orgasm hit, and she’d squirted all over the bed.

Renee had never had an Orgasm like that with any of her past boyfriends and knew now, why female relationships were so prevalent. She was still spasming when she felt his weight now on the bed, and his cock at her wet opening. He pushed in with one hard thrust and she felt it all the way to her cervix. She’d never felt a cock so large inside her and knew he was hung. She was crampy and still spasming, such a weird feeling to be enjoying something so painful.

Suddenly she heard a vibrator, and then felt the coolness of the hard rubber against her clit as he assaulted her tight cunt. “God she’s tight” Renee heard him say to the female “I need to pull out or I won’t get to enjoy her Ass” and Renee’s heart was in her throat at the thought of his huge cock in her butt as she climaxed from the vibrator. He pulled out quickly and she heard the female laugh and his reply “she just clenched my cock, I almost lost it. Grab those pillows and get them under her back”

Renee felt her body being lifted as she hung from the headboard and felt the pillows in the small of her back, exposing her butt even further. “Keep that vibrator on her” he said as Renee felt his greasy cock pushing at her puckered anus “bear down and help if you want it to hurt less” he said to her as he gave one hard push, and his cock was buried in her Ass to the hilt.

Renee had had Anal Sex in the past, but nothing like this gigantic cock she was getting stuffed with now. She felt like she was on fire and could do nothing but moan as the man used her roughly. She felt the vibrator being shoved in her cunt and the man moaning in pleasure at the vibrations through the thin membrane. Renee was beyond words, as she’d orgasmed continuously since the female had gone down on her. She’d gotten used to the nipple clamps, and quite enjoyed the sensations created in her tender nipples.

She heard a phone ring, and she could hear the woman faintly as she spoke to someone on the phone “what’d you say? No way…that can’t be right…I’ll let him know immediately”. Renee heard the soft footsteps coming to the edge of the bed and she heard the woman whisper softly “This isn’t the right person, this isn’t her!” she said almost in a hiss “We got the wrong woman”

Renee felt the man stop moving, felt his cock instantly go soft in her rectum “What the fuck, is this a sick joke?” the male voice replied as he pulled away. “How could you lead us to the wrong apartment!” He growled at the female “And what the hell are we going to do now?!”

The female replied hastily “She gave us the wrong address! It wasn’t my fault damn it” she said with a tremble in her voice. “We need to get out of here fast!” She heard the male zipping his pants, and the female gathering up the items they’d brought with them. She was still blindfolded and gagged and tied to the bed.

Renee heard the male’s voice at her ear “hey, I’m sorry about the mix up, for what it’s worth, you’re the best fuck I’ve ever had. Too bad I’ll never know you in our public life. Don’t take that mask or gag off till you hear the door close” and she felt her hands and legs being untied. Her arms were sore from being tied for so long, and her legs felt like jelly as she ran toward the door as it closed behind them. She threw the bolt quickly, and she sat on the floor in a heap.

She ran a bath, and removed the nipple clamps from her sore nipples, and soaked for what seemed like an eternity. She couldn’t get the thought of him from her mind. She wondered if they were a couple and remembered the woman’s tongue teasing her to Orgasm. She got some tea and a sandwich, she’d not even had dinner yet, but she wasn’t hungry. She went into her room with a plan to watch some tv and glanced around to find the enema bag still hanging from the curtain hook beside her bed, the large nozzle still dripping water onto her dresser.

As Renee looked around the room, more slowly, she noticed his belt, coiled up beside the bed, a large buckle with the letter B engraved in the oval silver disc. As she moved the pillows, she found the vibrator and the jar of suppositories that had spilled forth. She brought the belt to her nose, it smelled like him. He wore a unique blend of patchouli and spice aftershave, something she would not soon forget, and would know the minute she smelled him again.

She tried to sleep but her mind kept replaying the whole scenario from start to finish and she picked up the vibrator and played some more, having another Orgasm as she thought about his cock in her Ass. Renee slept fitfully that night and slept in late the next day, thankful it was Saturday. She got up and made herself breakfast and went out on her balcony to finish her coffee, when she realized, that was how they must have gotten in. She never kept that locked, and realized now, that she might better.

Renee did her laundry and housework and ordered some pizza. She heard a knock at her door and looked through the peep hole, not seeing anyone there. It was too soon for the pizza guy, so she decided to wait until he came, to open it. Shortly after, her food was delivered, and when she opened the door, there sat a long box with a large pink ribbon attached. There was a card attached, and as she sat everything on the table, she opened the box, before reading the card. Inside there was 2 dozen long stemmed red roses, the scent so sweet and lovely in the air, it made her smile. She opened the card to find a phone number and two words…Call me…

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