Another Lazy Wasted Saturday Afternoon (mfF, incest)

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Waves of shimmering heat bounced up from the slate border
surrounding the swimming pool as Ariel sat up. Her skin,
already a deep bronze was glistening with sweat as she glanced
down at her watch. It was three-thirty on a hot, still Saturday
afternoon. It portended to be Another Lazy, Wasted Saturday
Afternoon as her boyfriend, Jack had already left for the day.

Oh, well, she wondered to herself, it’s time to go in and
have a toke. Maybe that’ll give me a little lift so I can make
it through the rest of the day.

Turning, she looked over at her son, Christian and his
girlfriend, Sara. They were ignoring her as usual as they
playfully picked and poked at each other.. She watched them for
a few moments noticing that her son, Christian, who was eighteen
now had turned into quite a good looking young man even if she
had to say so herself. Sara, his girlfriend was comparably
pretty, just beginning to blossom into a comely young lass.
Sara did a good job of filling out her swimsuit, Ariel wondered,
but the girl was not in the same league as Ariel.

Glancing down at her own body, comparing it with the girl’s
body, Ariel knew that she would win hands down in a beauty
contest. Ariel was proud of her forty year old body and how
well preserved it was. It was definitely time for a toke, she
mumbled, sitting up slowly, feeling her big, pendant breasts
wiggle and roll heavily under the tiny bikini top.

“I think that I’m going to call it a day and go inside,”
she remarked in the general direction of the cavorting teenagers.

“What, huh,” Christian laughed, turning toward his mother
as Sara tickled him, “what, uh, what did you say, Mom?”

“I said I going inside,” she repeated herself, swinging her
legs off the chaise lounge. Both of teenagers stopped teasing
each other for a moment and watched her get up. Christian
couldn’t help admiring her big, drooping breasts that were
barely covered by her skimpy bikini. He watched them
appreciatively as they wiggled and bobbed enticingly. Her
breasts were phenomenal, he wondered, wishing Sara had big, soft
breasts like his mothers. God it would be wonderful to bury his
face down between them and try to suffocate himself in their
warm softness. His mother was wearing a new bikini, and its
brevity gave him a new insight on just how gorgeous she really
was. The new suit barely covered anything and he could see that
she was tan and gorgeous all over. Too bad, she was his mom,
he wondered lewdly, ashamed that he had even wondered such a
wondered. Still, the tiny suit hid only some of her abundant
charms and her beauty was so captivating, it was working it
magic even on her son. Watching her rise, he saw that her whole
body was glistening seductively with a sheen of perspiration
that highlighted every fetching curve and cranny of her
gorgeous body.

Suddenly, Christian felt a perverse twinge of excitement
course through his hardening cock as he looked on with
fascination He vulgarly felt himself becoming aroused watching
his mother’s stroll across the patio. Cursing himself for even
thinking about her in a sexual way, he shamefully turned away
from her and focused his attention back on Sara.

“Hey, you wanta go upstairs and do it?” he whispered to
Sara, reaching over and squeezing her breast through the thin
material of her bathing suit.

“What about your Mom,” Sara asked him, smiling
mischievously as she watched over his shoulder as Ariel
disappear into the house. Sara had felt a pang of envy as she
had watched the older woman walk across the patio. God, I wish
I had an ass as pretty as hers, she had wondered to herself as
her eyes had followed Ariel across the patio.

“She’ll go to her room and have a toke,” he laughed softly
as he felt Sara’s hand steal down to his throbbing manhood.

“Wow, you are ready, aren’t you?” Sara snickered, tickling
his rock hardness through material of his bathing trunks.

“You’d better believe it,” he groaned, glancing over his
shoulder to make sure that his mother was gone so that he could
straighten out his growing difficulty.

“What made you so hard,” Sara grinned at him, wondering if
he had been turned on by his mother, but not having the courage
to ask him.

“You,” he lied, feeling her hand rubbing his bulging cock
through his bathing suit. Pulling Sara into his arms, Christian
rubbed his hard maleness against her groin as he kissed her long
and deep. They stood on the patio kissing for several moments,
their tongues exploring the other’s mouth wickedly until they
finally they had to break for air.

“Wow,” Sara panted, feeling her tiny nipples harden with
expectation, “you’re making me hot, too.”

“Good, let’s go,” Christian puffed, taking her hand and
roughly dragging her across the patio, “we’ll have a toke and
then, uh, uh, make love, okay?”

“What about your mom,” Sara asked him, trailing along
behind him, “won’t she smell the marijuana?”

“Probably not, because she’ll be smoking herself, but it
doesn’t matter anyway,” Christian bragged, stepping inside the
house, “she knows I smoke pot!”

“Really?” Sara exclaimed, disbelief written all over her
face, “your mom doesn’t mind that you smoke marijuana?”

“As long as I don’t do it anywhere but at home,” he said
softly as they crept across the room, “she says she doesn’t
mind. In fact, she said she would furnish it, if I only did it
at home. How could I turn that down?”

“Wow,” Sara giggled nervously, “that’s neat.”

“Mom is a neat lady,” Christian boasted as they tiptoed up
the stairs.

“She sounds like it,” Sara said reverently.

Reaching the top of the stairs, they were greeted with the
telltale odor of marijuana in the air.

“See, I told you,” Christian snickered, leading Sara down
the hallway to his bedroom. Slipping inside his room, Christian
quickly stole went across the room and opened the drawers to his
bedstand. Reaching inside, he pulled out two tokes.

“Uh, What time is it?” Sara asked nervously, seeming to be
losing her nerve, “My mother is gonna pick me up at
four-thirty and I don’t want to be soused when she gets here.”

“Uh-oh, it is already three-forty five,” Christian told
her, glancing down at his watch.

“Uh, maybe, uh, why don’t we just share one, then?” he
suggested, lighting one of the tokes.

“Uh, Okay, I’ll just have a couple of puffs.”

They sat on the bed for a few moments solemnly puffing on
the marijuana cigarette until it was burned down to the end.

“Nice,” Sara said, smiling inanely as she watched Christian
stubbing the toke out, “that was some nice and mellow stuff.
Now I feel nice and mellow too.”

“How do I feel,” Christian asked her, boldly pulling his
bathing trunks down to reveal his jutting manhood.

“Oh, My, Wow,” Sara blushed, reaching out and taking hold
of his throbbing maleness, “how come you’re so big?”

“You make me big,” he grinned sitting down beside her.
Wrapping both of her hands around Christian’s gigantic cock, Sara
found that still over half of his great peter still jutted up
above her clenched fists.

“God, it must be at least a foot long,” she said adoringly
as she ran her hands up and down the entire length of its rigid

“Almost, but I’m an inch short,” he gloated, slipping his
fingers under the waist band of her bikini bottom.

“Big deal, one little inch,” Sara snickered as she let him
skillfully skin the bottom of her bathing suit down her long,
shapely legs.

“Oh, you are horny, aren’t you?” she tittered excitedly as
he suddenly began forcing her down onto her back.

“I’ve been wanting to fuck you all afternoon,” he panted,
pushing her downonto the bed.

“I could tell,” she giggled, spreading her legs aside to
reveal her youthful, little fuzz covered womanhood. Looking down
at her youthful pussy, Christian saw that the soft, curls of
golden hair that covered her mons pubis seemed almost
nonexistent. Grinning expectantly, she continued to spread her
legs aside wider and wider. The opening of her puffy little
cunt was sticky with her wetness and the fleshy lips surrounding
it were stuck together hiding her inner sanctum. Then, as she
spread herself wider, the lips finally parted and her cunt gaped
open, wet and ready.

“God, you have a beautiful pussy,” Christian groaned,
clumsily scrambling to his hands and knees. Lying on her back
looking up at him, Sara stared at his enormous, thick cock, slashing
back and forth angrily as he crawled up between her outstretched
legs. It was like some evil, one-eyed serpent seeking prey.
Finding it, it stopped directly above her gaping little snatch.

“Every time we do it, I don’t think it will fit,” she
whispered fearfully, “but it always does.”

“I don’t know how it all fits in your tiny, little hole,”
Christian groaned, taking hold of his cock and slowly guiding it
down towards her wet, drooling slit. Tenderly, he placed the
great, purple head of his cock down in between the soft, wet
lips of her cunt and slowly began to push the throbbing monster
down into her hot, tightness.

“Oh, My, God,” Sara gasped as she felt his cock sliding
down into her waiting wetness, “you’re too big.”

Fuck you’re tight,” he groaned, straining to force his
entire eleven inches down into her hot sucking softness. “Oh,
Fuck, it feels so good.”

“God, yes,” Sara gasped as she felt his enormous, swollen
cockhead finally grind up against her cervix and his hairy belly
rub up against her belly.

“God, I love the way you fuck me,” Sara gurgled as
Christian began to slide his enormous, thick cock in and out of her
dripping little slit. Meanwhile, down in her room, Ariel had
finished her second toke and felt her melancholy slowly start to

Struggling up to a sitting position, she groggily lit her
third happy cigarette and took a long, deep breath, inhaling the
magic smoke deep into her lungs. After holding the smoke
trapped in her lungs for several seconds, she finally blew it

“I wonder what Christian and Sara are doing,” she said out

“It sure is quiet down in his room,” she muttered, laughing
drunkenly, “maybe they need a chaperone.” Sliding over to the
edge of the bed, she eased her feet to the floor and tipsily
tried to get to her feet. In her state of inebriation, it took
several tries but at last she was finally able to stagger to her
feet. Wavering back and forth, she stood by the bed for several
moments trying to regain control of her faculties.

“Whew, I tink I’m a little tispy,” she giggled euphoricly
as she stumbled over to the door.

Still puffing on her toke and holding onto the wall for
support, Ariel slowly made her way down the hallway toward her
son’s room. It seemed to her to take forever, but at last she
tottered up to his door. Blinking her eyes to clear them, she
saw that the door was ajar. Leaning closer, she heard strange
sounds coming from inside. Curiously, she peeked inside.

Even in her befuddled state, she was shocked almost beyond
belief. She could feel her heart actually stop beating. She
couldn’t believe her eyes as she reeled back in surprise. All
she could see was her son’s hairy, muscular ass rising and
falling and his enormous cock sliding in and out of Sara’s pussy.
Ariel couldn’t believe what she was seeing. How could this be
happening, she drunkenly asked herself. How could they be so
brazen to do it right in front of her face? Even as she felt
herself disgusted and sickened by the sight, she couldn’t take
her eyes off her son’s penis as it slashed in and out of the
girl’s tight, wet cunt. Unable to stop herself, she watched on
with perverse amazement as her son’s big, dangling balls slapped
against the girl’s upturned buttocks every time he drove his
cock into her. Appalled by what she was witnessing, she was
horrified to feel a sudden, searing flash of excitement run
through her own womanhood as she realized that her son’s penis
was enormous. She was astounded at the size of his cock. He was
gigantic. She had never seen a man hung so monstrously. Gaping
on in wonder and shock, she found herself becoming sexually
excited. Shamefully aware of her feelings, she couldn’t stop
her hand as it crept down to her burning womanhood. Then to her
own shock, she started rubbing herself through her bathing suit.

God, she was going crazy with shame and disgust while at
the same time she was wickedly excited by what she was watching.
Abruptly, she knew she had to leave, before they saw her or she
gave herself away.

Then just as she started to back away she heard her son
groan and slam himself down into Sara as hard as he possibly

rammed his cock into Sara as deep as he could.

“MEEEEETTTTOOOOOOOOOO,” Sara blathered out, wrapping her
long, tanned legs around Christian’s waist, pulling him down
even deeper into her wet, clutching cunt.

Stopping her retreat, Ariel stared down at their obscene
union. Her eyes were glued on the spot where their two bodies
became one. Then as she gawked on in disbelief, she was stunned
to see a flood of her son’s thick, white love-cream come oozing
around the thick, pink shaft of his cock. As he thrust himself
into the girl, the thick, pure essence of his manhood came
gushing out in waves every time his ass clenched and he shot
another load into the girl. More and more cum came spilling
out, down onto the bed where it formed a puddle below her firm,
round ass. Ariel couldn’t believe her eyes as she continued to
stare at their wet, leaking union. She was growing more and
more aroused as she watched more and more of her son’s thick,
viscid milk pour out of the girl.

All of a sudden, in the blink of an eye, her son was no
longer a boy. He was now a man in her eyes. Reeling in
fascination and excitement, she watched her son continue to hump
Sara again and again, emptying his potent charge of hot, thick
semen into the girl.

Then at last, Christian collapsed on top of Sara. Finally,
Ariel was able to stagger back away from the door. Turning, she
tottered down the hallway toward her room, her head spinning
with the memory of what she had seen. Appalled by what she had
seen, she was unable to make her legs function properly and
bumped into the wall several times as she careened down the
hallway. Finally, she reached the sanctuary of her bedroom and
bolting inside, quickly closed the door behind her. Her mind
was in such turmoil, she didn’t know what to do as she stood
leaning against the door, hoping that her son hadn’t heard her
reckless retreat back to her room.

Christian, still in the nether world of satisfaction
following his eruption lay on top of Sara with his cock slowly
retreating back down the drenched channel of her vagina. Then,
he wondered he heard something thumping on the wall outside in
the hallway.

“Wow, that………” Sara started only to be shushed by

“SHHhhhhhhhhh,” he shushed her, listening intently,
wondering if it had been his mother. God, had his mother had
seen them making love?

“I thought I heard someone out in the hallway,” Christian
whispered after several moments of silence.

Slowly, Christian pulled his half-hard cock back out of
Sara’s dripping cunt.

“Ow,” she complained as she felt his cock finally pop out
of her abused cunt.

Easing back out from between her legs, Christian stealthily
stepped down onto the floor. Creeping across his room, he
stopped at the door and slowly peered out into the hallway.
There was no one there, but he could smell the indistinct, but
unmistakable aroma of marijuana in the air. He knew that his
mother had been there only moments before. Wondering what to
do, he quickly decided not to tell Sara, hoping that she
wouldn’t know that he was hiding it from her.

“I guess that I was just hearing things,” he lied as he
walked back over to the bed, his big, drooping dick flopping
about heavily.

“Your cock is cute after you have cum,” Sara laughed
softly, “it just sort of bounces around all over the place.
It’s not hard and all.”

“Hey, you’d better get cleaned up,” he grinned at her,
looking down at his watch, “your mother will be here in five or
ten minutes.”

“Yeah, now that you’ve had your fill,” she pouted, “you’re
ready to get rid of me.”

Back in her room, Ariel was finally able to stagger over to
her bed. Flopping down on it, she rolled over on her back and
closed her eyes. As she did, the image of her son’s big,
gorgeous cock came flooding back into her mind. Her whole
consciousness was filled with the obscene image of it sliding in
and out of Sara’s tiny pussy. It was as if the image had been
indelibly stamped into her brain leaving behind scar tissue that
would never heal. It left her permanently scared. She would
all the time have the picture of her son’s great, glistening prick in
her mind.

Once again, she found herself rubbing her aching womanhood
through the thin material of her bathing suit as she replayed
the vision over and over again in her mind. How could she be
thinking of him like this she berated herself as she felt the
material of her bathing suit growing wet and sticky with her
excitement. God, was she going crazy? She had never in her
wildest imaginations wondered of Christian as anything other than
her gorgeous baby boy. Now, her mind was filled with his
overwhelming maleness.

She had to stop, she told herself. But as if to mock her
own conscience, she found herself slipping her bikini bottom
down her long, tanned legs anyway. She tried to stop thinking
about him, but she couldn’t. The next thing she knew, her
finger found her throbbing clitoris and began to tease it. Oh,
God, I’ve got to stop thinking about Christian, she groaned as
she spread her legs open and dipped one long finger down into
her hot, clutching cunt. Then, as she slowly eased her finger
in and out of her dripping cunt, she heard a car horn blaring
outside. She knew that Sara’s mother had come by to pick up

Slowly fucking herself with her finger, she listened and
heard Sara and Christian thump down the stairs and slam the door
as they left the house. After a few seconds, she heard the car
drive off. A few seconds later she heard the front door
closing. It was probably Christian coming back inside, she

Without warning, she felt an inexplicable excitement flash
through her body. She and Christian were now alone in the house.

Why would this arouse her so totally, she thought. They
had been alone in the house millions of times before and nothing
had happened. Not even after she had divorced Christian’s
father, seven years ago. Christian had come to her room several
times late at night and slept with her to get them over their
shock at being left alone. They had never done anything wrong
then. They had not even touched each other, even in a
nonsexual way. But, that was then, she wondered to herself, and
now was now. That was when Christian had been her little boy
and now he was a man. Mysteriously, it was somehow different
now. She couldn’t explain it, but it was definitely different.
It was as if a stranger had just entered the house. But at the
same time it was her son. It was as if he had separated into
two distinct and definable personalities in the matter of a few

Confused and mortified that she could think of Christian in
two totally different methods, she couldn’t stop herself from
fingering her burning clitoris.

Then, suddenly, the door to her room opened and Christian
stood in the doorway staring down at her vulnerable nakedness.

“Mom, I……………………” she heard him say as he
stopped and stood staring down at her exposed femininity.

She had to cover herself, she wondered frantically, but
found herself paralyzed, unable to move to cover herself.
Instead, she lay there staring up at him stupidly.

Neither of them moved for the longest time as time seemed
to stop. They stared into each other’s eyes, searching for
something. Neither of them could bring themselves to break the
spell. It was if they were under the spell of some malignant
sorcerer who had them under his control. Finally, after what
seemed like hours, Ariel was able to tear her eyes away from
his, but still she couldn’t bring herself to cover her
nakedness. As her eyes flitted about frantically, they dropped
down to his crotch.

As her eyes found the enormous bulge in his bathing trunks, she
couldn’t keep from gasping. It was very obvious that her son had
an erection.

Christian didn’t know what to do or say as he stared down
at his mother lying on the bed in front of him. When her eyes
had left his, his eyes immediately swept down to the wet,
glistening gash pink between her long, tanned legs. He had
never seen his mother’s womanhood before. It was so delicate,
so beautifully feminine, so exciting, he nearly died. This
couldn’t be happening, he wondered, as he stared down at the
weeping gash of pink flesh slowly drooling her juices down the
crack of her ass onto the bed. He couldn’t take his eyes off
the gaping wound as it peeked out from the forest of curly brown
hair covering her soft, rounded underbelly.

Why didn’t she cover herself up, he thought in amazement
as he continued to stare at her exposed vagina, feeling himself
growing harder by the second. Did she want him, could she want
him to make love to her he thought as time crept by and she
made no effort to hide her nakedness. What did she want him to
do? Then, almost in answer to his question, he saw her legs
spread just a tiny bit wider. What could she be thinking, he
thought as he looked back up to her face and saw that she was
staring down at where his throbbing cock was bulging out against
his bathing trunks.

This couldn’t be happening, he told himself. He was
transfixed as he stood before her. He was so confused, he
didn’t know what to do. His eyes flicked back from her face to
her wet, drooling womanhood several times. Her eyes, however,
never wavered from his crotch. She seemed to be waiting for him
to expose himself to her as she was presenting her exposed
femininity to him.

At last, after what seemed like ages had passed,
Christian’s passion overrode his fear of the consequences. He
decided to figure out if his mother wanted him as badly as he
wanted her. It was as if his body was being consumed by an
unholy fever that only she could quench. She must allow him to
drain off his festerous malignancy inside her soft, warm

Without taking his eyes away from his mother’s eyes, he
slowly hooked his thumbs under the waistband of his trunks.
Taking a deep breath, he began to ease his trunks down off his
hips, watching for the first sign of alarm in his mother’s
gorgeous eyes. Instead of fear and alarm, he saw her eyes
watching him with expectancy, almost eagerly awaiting for him to
reveal himself to her. He continued to ease his trunks down
farther and farther until at last, his giant, swollen cock
lurched and sprang out into the open.

As his cock flopped out into the open, he saw his mother’s
eyes flare open almost as if in disbelief as she stared at his
pulsating monster.

“Oh, My, God,” she whispered as she saw her son’s giant
penis slither out of his bathing trunks, jutting out at her in
all of its evil malevolence.

She had never seen any as gorgeous, or anything that held
such evil and destruction. It was gorgeous, but to feel it
inside her would seal their fate and change their lives in a
devastating way. She suddenly found it hard to breathe as she
stared at the enormous cylinder of hard, throbbing man-meat
jutting out from her son’s belly, obscenely pointing directly at
her waiting womanhood. She knew that if she didn’t do something
to stop the whirlpool of incestual desire that they were caught
up in, they would both soon be drowned in its horrific
repugnance. But even as she fought to speak, she felt drugged
and unable to move.

Neither of them moved for the longest time as they stared
into each other’s eyes. As if some ancient convention was being
tested, both of them were afraid to trust the other’s intention.
As they stared at each other, the air inside the room was
becoming more and more charged with their restrained passions.
There was so much erotic desire flowing between them, it was
heating the room.

Then Ariel’s eyes dropped back down to her son’s enormous,
bounding, throbbing manhood. She couldn’t believe this was
happening. How could it be? It was so wrong, yet, it seemed so
right, so sensible. She loved her son as she could never love
another man. She had all the time loved him so deeply. When he had
been hurt, she ached. When he had a scrape, she had bled. Now
would she make the supreme sacrifice for him? Would she be able
to give him the one thing that was forbidden between mother and
son? Could she give him her body, her soul, her sexual love?
If this was what he wanted, how could she refuse him?

At last, Christian was able to bring his legs to work.
Like a drunken zombie, he took a tiny, faltering step toward his
mother. His cock was so hard it ached as it bounded up and down
wildly. Then he took another step, and another until he was
standing at the foot of his mother’s bed staring down at her
pussy that lay open, glistening wetly with her excitement.

The only movement he had detected from his mother was her
eyes. She still had made no attempt to cover her nakedness. On
the other hand, she hadn’t indicated that she wanted him to make
love to her either. She had made no movement that would
indicate that she wanted him to bring their confrontation to an
end one way, or the other.

Standing at the foot of her bed, he was torn between desire
and fear. Should he take that last final step. Should he take
the step that would forever change their feeling for each other?
Although on separated by inches, that last step was miles wide.
It would take all the courage he could discover to take it. He
stood there quivering with want, but afraid to step over the
line that would plunge them both into the abyss of eternal

Then, he saw her hand move. Her finger, that had been
touching her clitoris slowly retreated back and then her hand
slowly began to move away from her womanhood, creeping up over
her stomach. Even though her hand withdrew from her exposed
femininity, she made no effort to close her legs or hide her

Christian watched her hand as it crept higher and higher
until it was joined by her other hand between her breasts. She
stopped for a moment, he hands clutching the tiny clasp that
held her bikini top secure. Then with one quick flick of her
fingers, she unfastened her bikini top and the material sprang
open revealing her big, gorgeous breasts.

As her top flew aside revealing her breasts, Christian felt
his cock lurch and jump with expectant excitement. It was the
sign he had been waiting for. Tossing caution to the wind, he
climbed onto the bed and scrambled up between his mother’s long,
tan outstretched legs. Staring down at the wet, oozing gash of
soft pink flesh that gaped open so invitingly, he stopped with
his great, bobbing cock pulsating above it threateningly.

He had never known such need or desire. It was as if his
very soul was on fire and the only way he could put of the
hellish fire was to immerse himself in his mother’s hot, wet
cunt. Then, to his utter delight and shock, he watched as his
mother slowly lift her hand. As she reached for him, it took
every last ounce of his control to keep from spewing out his
load of hot, heavy semen all over her hand when she finally
touched him.

“Oh, Mother,” he groaned as he watched her bend his thick,
unyielding cock down, pointing the swollen purple headed monster
down at her gaping woman-wound.

Trying to control the urge to drive his cock into her in
one brutal thrust, he waited as she fitted the great round
cockhead down into the steaming opening of her vagina.

“Now, Baby, NOW, put it in Mommy,” she told him, lifting
her pelvis up at him and urging him to enter her most sacred of
sacred places.

“Oh, Fuck,” he gasped as he slowly eased his gigantic penis
down into the scalding, sucking core of her cunt, “God, I Love

She was so hot and ready for him, his cock didn’t hesitate
on its journey down into the inviolate sanctum of her motherly

Barely able to keep from slamming his long, thick maleness
into her, Christian slowly eased it down until it was totally
immersed inside her hot, clutching cunt. He couldn’t believe
that his enormous cock was completely buried down inside of his
mother. It had only taken seconds for him to completely
transform their lives. Now instead of mother and son, they were
lovers. He had never experienced pleasure so deep and intense.
It threatened to short out his touch with reality.

Then rising up, he hunched into her, thrusting his cock
even deeper into the unprofaned depths of her hot, aching
motherhood. Holding his cock thrust down into her as hard as he
could, he leaned down and hungrily sucked a giant, swollen
nipple into his mouth.

“Ohhhhhhh, My, Babiiiiieeeeee,” Ariel moaned as she grabbed
hold her son’s ass and dug her long, pink fingernails deep into
the hard muscles of his ass.

Sucking on her swollen, bulbous nipple, he grabbed hold of
her breast and roughly massaged it as he continued to grind his
cock into her.

“Oh, Baby, Fuck Mommy,” Ariel groaned, thrusting herself up
at him.

“Oh, God, Mother,” Christian gasped, spitting out her
nipple and jerking his cock back down the drenched channel of
her cunt.

Without pausing, Christian began to hammer his cock into
her mother’s cunt as if his very life depended on it. In and
out, in and out like a madman, faster and faster until his hips
were a blur.

“Oh, Fuck, Oh, Fuck, Oh, Fuck,” he blathered out as he
drove himself into her brutally.

She took the entire length of his monstrous organ down into
the deep depths of her drenched cunt every time. As he drove
himself into her, he could feel her thrust herself up at him
hungrily. She wanted all he could give every time he slammed
his cock into her. Clenching his pistoning ass cheeks in her
hands, she dug her long nails into him urging him to fuck her
faster and faster.

As they wildly fucked, she obscenely lifted her lovely,
long legs up into the air and wrapped her thighs around his
waist. Squeezing him tightly between her strong, smooth thighs,
she dug her heels into his ass, coaxing him to drive his enormous
cock into her burning love-wound deeper and deeper.

Like two battling degenerate beasts, they tore at each
other. Their bodies clashed together again and again as if they
seemed bent on destroying each other. They hurled themselves
together time after time in incestual combat. Growls and animal
sounds escaped from them as they fucked and fucked.

Ariel couldn’t get enough of her son’s enormous cock. She
had never had a penis fill her so full and stretch her almost
beyond her capacity, but still she had to have more of him. She
had never dreamed that his cock was so long, so thick, so enormous.
He was almost to larger for her. Despite his size, she needed
all of him inside her burning, aching cunt as she grunted and
strained to pull him deeper and deeper into her with each savage
thrust. Never had she even dreamed of making love to her son
and now she couldn’t imagine not doing it. She couldn’t ever
remember being fucked so hard and passionately. Thrusting
herself up at him every time he slammed his cock into her
burning, aching cunt, she tried to absorb him through her
stinging pussy.

“Oh, Fuck, Baby, Oh, Fuck, Baby, I, Need, It, I Need, It,”
she blabbered out as Christian continued to ream her sopping,
scalding cunt with his giant prick.

Christian had never felt such power and control in his
whole life. He had never even fantasized about having sex with
his mother and now he was atop her fucking her brains out and
she was loving it. How could he be plunging his manthing down
into her most hallowed sanctity and have her wanting more? She
was giving him the only thing that a mother should never distribute
with her son, never ever, but she was willingly giving it up to
him. The feeling of complete dominance was such ecstasy, he
never wanted to stop. He wanted to fuck her forever and ever.

Suddenly, Christian abruptly stopped driving his cock into
his mother’s drenched cunt.

“Whatthhmmmmmpppfffffff,” she started to say before her
mouth was covered by Christian’s as he kissed her deep and wetly.

Driving his tongue deep into her mouth, he explored her
mouth before sucking her hot, probing tongue into his mouth.
Kissing and sucking on each other, they groveled in incestuous

Keeping his thick, hard cock shoved down into his mother’s
hot cunt, he could feel the pouting, meaty lips of her painfully
swollen cunt pulsing tightly around his hardness. As they
passionately devoured each other, she gently milked his swollen
manhood with her strong, flexible cunt muscles.

Finally, Christian had to break for air. Gasping for
breath, he tore his mouth from hers and dove down onto her enormous,
rolling breasts. Grabbing the soft, pliable flesh of her
breasts in his hands, he squeezed and kneaded both of her
gorgeous breasts while he sucked on first one nipple and then
the other great swollen nipple. He had never felt anything as
soft and warm and wonderful as her big, gorgeous breasts. He
wanted to rub his face in their wonderful softness forever and
never stop. But even after a few moments, he felt his mother’s
impatience as she began to move against him, urging him to make
love to her again.

Reluctantly releasing her great mammaries, he quickly began
to fuck her dripping, burning cunt again.

“Oh, Yes, Oh, Yes, Baby, Oh, Yes, My, Baby, Do It to
Mommy,” she gurgled, thrusting herself up against him once
again, taking him to the limit every time.

Like a madman, he slammed his slid his enormous maleness in
and out of her deep wetness so fast his hips became a blur. In
and out, his giant cock slashed, slinging her spewing juices
flying all over the bed. As he fucked her, he could smell her
musky, pungency as the room filled with the erotic odor of her

“Oh, God, Baby, Yes, Yes, Yes, Oh Fucckkkkkkkkkkk,” she
groaned as her whole body began to shake and quiver

“OHFUCKIMCUMMMMNNNNNNN,” she screamed out at him.

Christian couldn’t believe it. In his mind, he would
all the time be her little boy, yet now he could make his mother cum.
And cumming she was. The sudden feeling of omnipotence that
washed over him was too much and he felt his cock give a mighty
lurch inside her spasming pussy. Suddenly, a spout of his
boiling semen spurted out into her sucking, clenching socket.

“OHMYGOD,” Ariel screamed again, as she felt the white hot
geyser of his thick, scalding hot boy-cream spewing out onto the
bruised and raw lining of her cunt.

as he rammed his cock into her hot, absorbing womanhood and let
it spew out its lethal load inside of her.

“OhYesMyBabyFillMotherUpWithYourWonderfulCream,” she
blurted out as she felt his cock jerk again and squirt another
enormous gusher of cum into her.

“Oh, Fuck, Mommy,” Christian sobbed uncontrollably as he
felt his cock jerk and jerk, spewing out eruption after eruption
of his thick, gooey cum into his mother.

At last her cunt could hold no more and it came oozing out
around his cock just as it had done with Sara.

Again and again, his mighty weapon bucked and exploded
inside of her mother’s overflowing cunt.

Ariel couldn’t believe how much semen her son’s gargantuan
penis was spewing into her as she felt it start to leak out of
her cunt and trickle down the crack of her ass. God, she
wondered, she had never seen such virility in a man. Was it ever
gonna stop erupting inside of her?

“OH, God, Mother,” Christian cried out, afraid that he had
broken something inside of his cock because it wouldn’t stop

He had shot out so much of his thick, spunky cum, his balls
were beginning to hurt.

“It’s okay, Baby, fill Mommy full,” she cooed to him trying
to comfort him.

Then suddenly, with one last mighty heave, his cock
abruptly stopped ejaculating and with a groan, Christian
collapsed down on top of her.

She had never experienced such unbridled passion before.
It had left her exhausted, both mentally and physically.
Strangely, Christian seemed to weigh nothing and she hardly felt
him pressing down on her at all. This was discomforting because
she knew that he had to weigh at least one hundred and eighty
pounds. Then glancing over, she saw that most of his weight was
resting on his arms as he held them up against her body.

As they lay in each other’s arms, Christian snuggled his
face down into the crook of her neck and lovingly nuzzled her,
kissing her softly.

Neither of them spoke for the longest time as they lay
joined together in their incestual marriage. Then she realized
that his gigantic penis wasn’t shrinking. It remained hard and
thick, lodged inside of her aching cunt like a giant cork. Why
wasn’t he like other men, she thought. Why didn’t his cock
shrivel up and slip out of her cunt? Instead, it lay inside of
her, thick, swollen and throbbing with potency. How could this
be, she thought, knowing that he had also shot more cum into
her than any other man. Then she felt his cock twitch inside of
her. Not knowing what to expect, she was startled when
Christian slowly rose up onto his elbows and looked down at her.

Their eyes met and locked. She could see the love in his
eyes as it flowed between them. Then she felt him start to move
inside of her once again.

Bending down, Christian kissed her long and hard as he
slowly pulled his thick, bloated cock down the foamy channel of
her cunt. Then, giving her soft, pouting lips a tender nibble,
she slowly eased his enormous cock back into her again, sliding it
in until the thick, puffy cockhead nudged up against her cervix.

Then, he began to fuck her with long, slow strokes, filling
her completely, but lovingly. She had never been fucked so
tenderly, so gently. It was as if he was afraid her pussy was
made of delicate china and he would break it. Slowly, he pumped
his cock in and out of her bruised, aching cunt, churning their
juices into a thick, frothy lather that slowly dripped out of
her tight slit.

Then, stopping for a moment, keeping his colossal cock
thrust up inside of her, he reached over and picked up one of
her tokes up off the nightstand. Lighting it, he took a long
drag on the cigarette, filling his mouth and lungs with
marijuana smoke. Leaning down, he crushed his mouth down onto
hers and gently forced the smoke into her mouth. Taking his
cue, she took in a deep breath and filled her lungs with the
shared smoke. They both held their breath for several seconds
as they felt the intoxication once again start to spread through
their blood stream. Taking another long, deep drag, Christian
repeated the kiss and filled his mother’s lungs a second time,
and a third before the toke burned down to his fingers.

Stubbing out the weed, Christian slowly began to fuck his
mother again. It was as if they were in some dark, enchanted
fantasy land. Ariel could see the sun was going down and the
room was gradually growing darker and darker as they fucked and
fucked. Ever so slowly, Christian kept stroking her with long,
deep strokes, completely filling her hot, dripping cunt with his
cock. Then he would back out only to slide it back inside of
her over and over again.

Lying under him, feeling his magnificent penis impaling her
time after time, Ariel felt herself drifting away from reality
and floating on a enormous wave of hedonistic pleasure. Her
whole being was centered entirely on her aching cunt where her
son’s lovely penis was slowly sliding in and out of her. Her
cunt had grown extremely sensitive and she imagined that she
could even feel the thick, blue blood vessels that encircled his
cock. They were distended, filled with his, hot blood. They
bulged out arrogantly to keep the gigantic cylinder of meat
filled with blood. He was so big, every time he slipped his
cock back into her, it drug her clit down along the barrel,
driving her insane with pleasure.

Then without realizing it, she found herself climaxing as
tiny, little explosions of sensual joy filled her mind over and
over again. It was like watching a fourth of July fireworks
display, except it was going on in her head. Explosion after
explosion shook her body, immersing her in such pleasure, she
lost contact with reality and floated in the thick luxury of
pure sexual indulgence. On and on she floated, not having a
care in the world as her mind was being overloaded by the
sensual bombardment. At last, she could endure it no longer and
slipped off into unconsciousness.

Slowly, she opened her eyes. Her room was dimly lit by the
fading light. Lying in her bed, foggily trying to recollect the
events that had led up to this moment, she thought why her room
seemed to be growing lighter. Slowly, afraid that her head
would fall off if she moved to quickly, she turned and looked at
the clock on her nightstand. It read 7:00, so why was it
getting light outside. Had she gone insane? Maybe it had all
been a terrible nightmare, she wondered until she moved her legs
and felt a twinge of pain between them. Running her hand down
to her aching womanhood, she found that her inner thighs were
coated with a film of thick, creamy sap.

Then her mind crazily lurched back to her incestuous
violation by Christian.

God, had it really happened. She knew it had. What an
afternoon. But why was it getting light. Suddenly, she
realized that they must have fucked all night long and now it
was morning. She must have had too much marijuana, because she
couldn’t remember it all.

But, where was Christian? Why had he left? Was he
disgusted by what they had done?

Then, as if to answer to her question, she heard the
distant sound of water running through the pipes of the house.
Apparently Christian was taking a shower in his bathroom.

Sitting up, she suddenly felt she had to explain to him why
she had taken him into her bed. He must know the reason, but
chillingly, she realized that there was no reason other than her
sick lechery. She hadn’t planned it, but her perverse desire to
have him make love to her had overcome her. Somehow, she had to
explain it to him so that he wouldn’t take all the blame himself.

Swinging her long, tanned legs off the bed, she groggily
stood up and stumbled toward the door. Seeing herself in the
mirror, she quickly decided that a shower wouldn’t hurt her
either as her legs and stomach were coated with the evidence of
their unholy recklessness. Rushing into her bathroom, she
quickly showered. Stepping out her shower, she toweled herself
off and wrapped the towel around her waist. Reaching for her
robe, she stopped. Looking in the mirror, she decided to leave
her large, pendant breasts bare. Christian liked to look at her
breasts, so maybe this would show him how she felt toward him
now. Having regained the use of her legs again, she walked over
to the door and stepped out into the hallway.

As she started toward Christian’s room, she was taken by
surprise when he suddenly stepped out into the hallway.

Both of them stopped dead as they stared at each other.
His eyes quickly dropped to her great, drooping breasts. They
were bare and dangling down heavily. She could easily see
that he wasn’t feeling the remorse she wondered he might be as he
was stark naked. Even though the sun was barely up and she was
barely awake, her eyes quickly flitted down to his great,
half-hard cock dangling down between his muscular legs. How
could she be drawn to him so easily, she thought as she felt a
sudden twinge of perverse desire spring up inside her battered,
bruised pussy.

Tearing her eyes away from his manhood, she saw that he was
staring back at her with love and desire filling his eyes.

“Oh, Christian,” she moaned, quickly rushing down the
hallway into his waiting arms. “I Love you so much.”

“God, Mother, I Love you more than life itself,” he
groaned, taking into his strong, young arms and pulling her into

Crushing his mouth down onto hers, he kissed her long and
deep. She could feel his maleness slowly brush against her leg
as it began to harden and lift itself.

Abruptly, she had the overpowering urge to feel his giant
cock inside of her mouth before he became too big.

Falling to her knees before him, she lifted his dangling
penis up to her mouth and quickly sucked him into her mouth.

“Oh, My, God mother,” he wheezed as his cock quickly began
to grow harder and bigger.

Sucking him into her mouth, her warm, soft lips cupped the
bullet-hard, bursting head of his penis as she lovingly sucked
on it.

The unanticipated attack on his cock by his mother had
driven Christian almost instantly to the point of ejaculation.

“God, Mother, I’m going to cum,” he gasped, fighting to
hold it back, but rapidly loosing the battle, “Mother, Please, I
cannot stop it.”

Ignoring his pleas, she engulfed the smooth head of his
bulging prick in her mouth, gently swirling her tongue around it
twitching hardness again and again.

To Christian, her lips were like bands of fire, encircling
his cock in a ring of ecstasy sending pleasure running down his
cock with maddening excitement.

“I CAN’T STOP MOTHER,” he blurted out as his cock began to
jerk and pumped out a gusher of thick, foamy cream into his
mother’s hot, sucking mouth.

Ariel didn’t hesitate as she quickly nursed down his thick,
rich, sperm filled cream while he continued to empty the
contents of his swollen testicles into her mouth. Grabbing his
dangling, spasming gonads in her hands, she cupped them
lovingly, squeezing and pulling on them. Sinfully enjoying the
feel of his hot, potent semen spurting into her mouth, she tried
to coax more and more it into her mouth as she hungrily devoured
his offering.

“Oh, My, Fucking God,” he cried as he thrust his spurting,
jerking penis into his mother’s mouth, “God, Mother, it’s too

Suddenly, jerking his still spurting cock out of her mouth,
he fell to his knees.

“Oh, Baby, I’m sorry,” Ariel gushed, reaching down and
taking hold of his cock as it continued to buck and spew cum,
“keep on cumming, Baby, cum all you can.”

“Oh, Fuck,” he shuddered as his mother masturbated him and
he continued to erupt, spurting out thick strings of his foamy
cum all over her hands and stomach.

At last, his great cock stopped lurching in her hand.

“God, Mother, I’m so sorry,” he blathered, tears of pain,
humiliation and pleasure coursing down his face.

“For what?” she asked, leaning forward and tenderly kissing
the tears from his face, “It was wonderful. Anything we do
together is wonderful, don’t you think?”

“I’ve never felt this way, Mother,” he whimpered.

“I know baby, neither have I,” she smiled lovingly.

“If this is what love is,” he said softly, “I’ll never be
able to love another woman, Mother. I love you too deeply.”

“Our new love is wonderful,” she whispered, pulling him to
her and hugging him tightly, “and it will only grow stronger and
stronger with time.”

“God, Mother, I have to have you,” he growled, staggering
to his feet, his giant peter already hardening with growing

Bending down, he swept his mother up in his arms.
Straining under her beautifully compacted one-hundred and twenty
pounds, he lifted her.

“My goodness,” she gasped, amazed at his strength, “I
didn’t know you had such muscles.”

“Then, there are a lot of things I didn’t know about you,”
she smiled wickedly as he staggered down the hall toward his

As she spoke, her hand found her son’s growing manhood and
lovingly fondled it as he clomped down the hallway.

Straining under her weight, he finally made it to his room.
Staggering inside, he quickly stumbled over to his bed and
delicately deposited his mother down onto it.

Sensing her son’s immediate need, Ariel quickly spread her
long, bronzed legs aside and reaching down to her womanhood
spread herself open for him.

“Oh, God, Mother,” Christian gasped, crawling up between
her outstretched legs, “I love you so much.”

“I love you too, my son,” she cooed, reaching up and
guiding his jutting hardness down into the soft, waiting core of
her soul, “and I always will with all my heart and soul.”

Thrusting himself down into her, Christian buried himself
all the way to the hilt inside of her hot, meaty cunt with in
one swift thrust.

Holding himself buried deep inside of her salivating
vagina, Christian bent down and softly kissed her full, pouting

“Will you let me make love to you again, uh, I mean after
today?” he asked her slowly sliding his cock in and out of her
weeping slit. “I don’t want to ever quit making love to you.”

“I would never stop you from making love to me,” she cooed,
thrusting herself back up at him, sucking him back into her
aching cunt, “how could I after today?”

“Do you really mean it?” he asked incredulously, stopping
to give her another soft, loving kiss on the lips.

“Of, course, my silly little boy,” she laughed softly, “you
are my new lover.”

“What about Jack?” Christian asked her, jealousy creeping
into his voice.

“I suppose that would depend upon you and Sara,” Ariel
returned with a hint of possessiveness in her voice. “Would you
be able to give her up?”

“Uh, give up Sara,” Christian gulped, thinking about the
consequences of becoming his mother’s lover.

“I will give up Jack,” she said possessively, “if you give
up Sara.”

“Gosh, Mom,” he mumbled, feeling her tighten the satiny
sheath of her vagina around his cock, softly milking him with
her cunt muscles, “oh, Fuck, I’ll do anything to make love to

“Good,” she sighed, relaxing her hold on his cock, “I’ll
tell Jack that it is all over.”

“Does this mean that I get to sleep with you?” Christian
asked tentatively.

“Of, course, my love, every night,” she murmured as he
slowly started fucking her again, “and we’ll make love every
night, all night long.”

“Oh, God, Mother,” Christian groaned as he began to pound
his cock into her with a vengeance, “every night with my own
mother. I’ve died and gone to heaven.”

“So have I,” she laughed softly as she lifted her legs up
and wrapped them around her son’s waist, “so have I.”


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