Anne and Mike – Anal

It was only a week since Adrian had moved in with Anne and Phil, and they had been learning a lot about each other (mostly in bed!).

Mike and Linda hadn’t been totally inactive either, the foursome with Anne and Phil still fresh in their minds.

Nor had Mike forgotten Anne’s whispered suggestion to him, the last time he and Phil had formed a threesome with her. She wanted anal sex, but just with Mike.

Mike was not sure whether Phil had heard her, but decided to follow it up anyway.

The four of them had decided to go out for dinner on Saturday night. Adrian had completed the first week of his course, and decided to go home for the weekend.

Over dinner Anne couldn’t help telling Linda and Mike about Adrian, and how they had been enjoying each other in bed for the last week.

Anne said she was sorry they hadn’t had time to introduce Adrian to them yet, but she would, next week. Linda seemed particularly excited by the idea. “Maybe we could recreate your party for him?” she said.

“Maybe,” said Anne, “it does have a certain appeal!”

Mike joined in, “I’m sure it does, for Linda as well! Adrian is a good looking man. By the way, I was giving some thought to our next time together, and wondered whether perhaps it would be fun for the wives to take the other husbands, as it were, for a night.

I wouldn’t want to call it ‘wife swapping’, which normally implies a session with strangers, but, since we are already friends and lovers, I think it would be nice.”

Anne picked up on the suggestion and eagerly agreed, with a laugh, “Well I’m not sure who gets the best deal, but I’m happy!”

Linda replied, “I think Phil and I can keep each other pretty warm!”

All four were now well aroused,so there was unanimous agreement that it should happen that night, with the possibility of it stretching into Sunday morning!

They went back to Mike’s place first, then in the early evening, Mike and Anne walked up to Anne’s front door, taking great care to avoid the neighbours’ stare, but giving a sneaky wave to Linda and Phil, across the road at Linda’s.

Up til now the four lovers had interacted with each other with a certain bravado, clearly not wishing to let the others down. Now, however, their true characters were at the fore, and Mike, at least, was conscious that he wanted to treat Anne with the respect that such a lovely woman was due.

As they came together and kissed, in the hallway, Mike held Anne tenderly. “Anne,” he said quietly, “You remember you said that you wanted to have anal with me?”

“Yes, Mike,” said Anne, wondering what he was gonna say, “Why do you ask, don’t you want to?”

“Yes of course I do, but only if you really want to. I know we had all had quite a bit to drink at the time, not to mention being totally aroused.”

“Mike, I really, really want you”

“That’s great,” said Mike, “and we will. But I’d like to start with you more like we were on a date, if you know what I mean.”

“Yes I do Mike, you’re really so sweet, and I’d love that”

Anne went to the kitchen and came back with two glasses of champagne. “Here’s to us then Mike!” She laid her glass down and pulled him onto her on the sofa.

The two kissed like young lovers, and Anne pushed him back, rolling on to him and encouraging him to explore her breasts and between her legs.

“God,” said Mike, “I know what I said a minute ago, but I can’t stop myself with you. You’re soo sexy!”

“It takes two Mike,” she whispered, undoing his fly and releasing his erection. “I want you so much,” she said, “taking his whole cock down her throat.”

Mike let her suck him for a few minutes, gently pushing her down, but he wanted to play for a lot longer, so raised her up and suggested the bedroom, with the champagne. She nodded, kissed him lovingly again, and skipped upstairs ahead of him.

Anne slipped into bed wearing only a pink silk camisole, edged with

lace, and matching panties. Mike lay on top of her pushing his hand under her panties and collecting her hot juices. He kissed her deeply, then went backwards between her legs and started to eat her panties.

Pulling her panties to one side he kissed her fully around her vagina, and started tonguing her ravenously.

Anne was by now getting into a very aroused and active state. She moved onto him, on the bed, offering her pussy onto his mouth. Mike began licking and sucking her, while he ran his hands up her crack, getting closer to her arsehole.

Anne moaned softly, pushing her arse back on to his finger which was now inside her and moving gently with a circular motion. “Mike,” she whispered, “Now I want you to fuck my hole with your cock! There’s gel on the bedside table”

Mike grabbed the gel and knelt up behind her on the bed. He put plenty gel on and pushed his forefinger into her, moving it in and out a few times.

Then he was up and holding his cock at the entry to her anus, pushing it gently. She put her hand behind her, grabbing his cock and guiding it slowly.

“Mmmh Mike,” she gasped, “fuck me harder, I want to feel your whole cock in me.”

Mike pushed harder and his cock burst into her, allowing him to push further in without the fear of hurting her.

“You feel so good, Anne. You’re tight around my cock – I feel like coming but want to stay with you so just hold me there for a minute without moving.”

Needless to say it didn’t happen. Anne began to move slowly in and out, and then, as Mike tried to control himself, she was pushing her hole fast over his cock, until he had to cum into her.

“Thank you darling, Mike,” she said. “You were so very gentle with me.”

Mike pulled her beside him on the bed and drew the sheet over them. Both of them slept in each other’s arms for an hour, then woke together and immediately kissed and kissed again, and again.

“Anne, this is so nice, I could lie here forever.”

“Mike,” Anne whispered, “its only 11 o’clock – what are we going to do now!?”

“Well, let me see,” said Mike, “how about I refill your champagne and then we have a dance? I’ll put some music on.”

“Ok Mike, I’m just going to the loo and I’ll be right back. In a few minutes Anne returned wearing a deep red negligee and handed an old black happy coat to Mike. Phil had picked it up in Hong Kong years ago.

“Its Phil’s,” she said “but I’m sure he won’t mind – after all you two are lovers as well!” Anne gave a mischievous smile, and fell once more into Mike’s arms.

They danced slowly and sensually, kissing deeply. Mike murmured, “Your hard cunt is turning me on again, you beast,” and groped her excitedly.

They put their drinks down and went back to the bedroom. This time Anne put the lights off and they lay on the bed kissing and groping. Anne whispered softly, “Mike I want you to smack me – hard please.”

“Mmmh, OK yeah,” murmured Mike.

Anne turned over and crouched on her knees. Mike smacked her softly but Anne begged for more and he started really smacking her. He was unsure whether he should enjoy this so much, but he did. He smacked her as hard as he could. His cock was rock hard and he ran his hand up and down her delicious crack.

It was then he realised that Anne had already filled her hole with gel.

“Fuck me Mike, please fuck my arse again.”

This time Mike did not hold back. He found her hole easily with his cock and pushed it steadily, but with force, right into her. “She gasped, “Yes Mike yes. Fuck me hard. Harder!”

Both of them were fucking like wild dogs for several minutes, shouting to each other for more while they gasped and panted to a clinax. “Oh God Anne,” said Mike, “that was amazing. I didn’t know you liked sex that rough!”

“I really do Mike. I can never get Phil to do it properly for me, but I love it, and I think I love you.”

Both of them were silent in the dark for a while, then Anne spoke again “Mike are you ok – maybe I shouldn’t have said…..”

Mike interrupted her, “Anne, I’ve been thinking it, but not saying it. I love you too, and I feel so close. I didn’t want to hurt you during sex, but if you really did enjoy it, that’s amazing. I was totally aroused doing it.”

“Mmmmmh Mike, we’re going to have so much fun. But we’re going to have to think this through!”

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