Andy Gets a New Mommy – Fetish

Andy stood on the curb in front of the student center of his university. He had just finished his last final. He was anxious to get home to Briarton, so he called Mistress Petra and asked her to pick him up. He would skip the graduation ceremony and have his diploma mailed to him.

He recalled his high college graduation. When the ceremony ended he was standing with his mother and her master. His mom was wearing her sun hat, sunglasses, her slave collar, a cream colored thong decorated with rust colored diamonds (the high college colors) and a pair of dark blue pumps. It was a nice June day so most of the slave moms (i.e. most of the moms) were similarly dressed. Her master, who Brad called Dad and assumed was his biological father, wore a polo shirt and khakis with dress shoes. His dad often leant his mom out to other people so any number of men could possibly be his biological father. In Briarton that makes no difference. A female slave’s owner is responsible for the care and upbringing of any children born to her as long as he owns her or when they become adults and are old enough to be or own slaves themselves.

A married uncollared couple, the Curtises, about Andy’s parents’ age, walked up to speak to the family. Petra Curtis, a lovely dark haired woman that Andy had a secret crush on, kissed his mother on the lips just a little too long to be a greeting between acquaintances. Andy guessed that they were a couple that his dad sent his mom to for “nights out.”

“George said that you have a special present for me.”

Brad felt his father give him a firm push on the back back towards Petra.

His mother embraced him, kissed his cheek and whispered, “Dear son, you’re starting a new life. Make us proud.”

He turned to Petra as she took a black collar out of her bag.

“Andy, do you want me to collar you and make you my complete slave?”

In Briarton, all slavery is voluntary. If he preferred to be free he merely had to say, “I don’t want to be collared.” Andy had all the time known that he was meant to serve an older woman and Mistress Petra fulfilled all his fantasies.

“Please, Mistress Petra, collar me and let me serve you,” he said knowing full well that once the collar went on there was no going back. In all likelihood he would be a slave for life, serving his owners’ every wish.

Mistress Petra put the collar around his neck and attached the clasps behind his head.

“Your safe word will be: ‘zweiback,'” she whispered and just like that he was Mistress Petra’s slave. All slaves are given a safe word when they get a new owner but that is just a precaution. The vast majority of Briarton slaves go their entire lives without using their safe word; they know what they’re getting into and pride themselves on their fortitude and the rules set forth by the Board of Masters and the Slave Welfare Board protected them from abusive and irresponsible owners. She took him by the sleeve of his gown and led him to their SUV to drive him to their home which was now his new home.

He heard his mom say,”Goodbye, Andy. I’ll miss you. I’ll visit you whenever I’m allowed. Always remember, I love you.”

The Curtises owned a successful hardware store in Briarton that in addition to the usual hardware sold “Briarton goods” like handcuffs, manacles, and chastity devices. George was a dom and Petra considered him her master but she was an uncollared switch so their power exchange was an all the time negotiable arrangement. Andy’s status was different; he had been given to Petra as a present from George. Her name was on his collar. He was by Briarton law her property to do with what she liked. As head of household in general matters George’s word was law but he had little interest in male slaves so Petra had a free hand in how she treated Andy. Andy surmised that George indulged in acts of domination, pain, and degradation on Petra but that was done in a suite in their large house where Andy was not allowed. Switches that own slaves do their acts of submission out of the sight and hearing of their slaves so as not to confuse and traumatize them.

While Andy was happy to be Mistress Petra’s slave, there was one aspect that he found frustratingly disappointing. George and Petra decided to send him away to an outsider school to take accounting and computer science in order to have more feasible record keeping at the store. So he could “concentrate on his studies” as Petra put it he would not be serving Petra sexually or bodily until he finished. Petra picked his courses for him and carefully watched his expenditures. He was allowed some freedom at school so he could “experience outsider life.”

On summers and vacations he worked in the store where George was a demanding but fair boss. At home his life was almost like an outsider boarding with a stern reticent man and his friendly, intrusive wife. Andy found himself agonizingly in love and lust for his mistress starting the first few weeks and the lack of release made his feelings grow maddingly stronger. Every night he was home he lay in his slave quarters and jerked-off at least once as he fantasized how he would serve her. Now, he had finished his studies and could take up the complete slave life he had all the time dreamed of.

His heart leapt when he saw Mistress Petra’s SUV. She parked right in front of him and got out holding his collar. She pressed her body against him as stood in front of him and deftly attached the collar clasps behind his neck.

“I bet it feels good to have it back on after going without it all semester.”

This was a moment he had been waiting for four years. He was really at a loss for words.

She handed him the car keys and opened the passenger door.”Since you’re my slave you may as well be my chauffeur. Put your bag in the back and drive us home.”

While they were driving in light traffic on the interstate, Andy felt Mistress Petra gently squeezing his dick through his shorts.

“I bet a handsome boy like you with an extra large package had lots of girls at college.”

“A few.” The question made him uncomfortable. As Mistress Petra’s slave he would have to truthfully answer any questions she asked him but he was hoping she wouldn’t press the matter so he didn’t have to relive his school relationships from their exciting, hopeful beginnings to their inevitable disappointing ends. He would meet a girl that had an assertive manner that he found attractive. The relationship would be wonderful for a few weeks until the girl began to suspect he wanted her to dominate him always. Outsider girls think relationships like that are “sick.” In Briarton where one third of the adult men are slaves it’s considered a ordinary relationship.

Mistress Petra gave his dick another affectionate squeeze. “Well, you can forget about those outsider girls. You belong to me and we’re going home. I’m so glad college is over. I’ve spent most of the last months thinking of what kind of proper slave training to give you. I think you’ll see I’ve got some surprises in store for you,”

His thoughts were such an anticipatory jumble that the rest of the ride home was a blur.

When they got home Andy got his bag out of the back of the SUV and followed Mistress Petra into their house.

“Just drop your bag here in the alcove. I’ll have you unpack it later. I’ve got a lot to show you. You don’t need those clothes here in the house. Put them with your bag and follow me. We renovated a room just for you.”

He stripped as quickly as he could and followed her to a room that had a sign that had “Andy’s Room” painted on it in blue. He felt his hard-on bobbling in front of him.

The room was good sized. Andy couldn’t remember what the room was used for before but Briartonians like to have extra rooms if they can. Inside the walls and ceiling were painted sky blue overlaid with wispy clouds and bright pictures of old fashioned airplanes. The shag carpet was bright yellow green. In the left back corner was a bed called in Briarton “service size:” forty-six inches wide, big enough to fit two people if they slept extremely close. It was made up with sheets, a fuzzy blanket and two pillows. At the foot of the bed was a chest painted white with black polka dots. Nearby was an armless, backless cushioned bench. Beside it was a hook on rollers similar to the kind used in hospitals to hang fluids. Next to that was a wooden armchair with a lid on the seat. Next to that was a piece of furniture that looked like a cross between a child’s crib and a cage. It was about four and a half feet long and raised off the ground, The near side had bars and was folded down. The top was also barred. Against the right wall was a large linen closet.

“I imagine after your long ride you have to take a shit,” Mistress Petra said bluntly.

“Yes, Mistress.”

She lifted the lid on the chair which turned out to be a potty for people who cannot use the toilet. “Sit down and do your business.”

He sat on the chair. Trying to take a shit while naked as a fully dressed woman stood over him watching made his sphincter shy so at first he had trouble starting.

“While you’re here what do you think of toilet slavery?”

He tried to think of an acceptable answer. He deeply wanted to serve Mistress Petra but he hoped he wouldn’t have to be her toilet.

Before he could speak Mistress Petra laughed, “The look on your face was precious! I’m not really planning to piss and shit in your mouth but of course I sometimes get in nasty moods and then there’s no telling what I’ll do.”

She took out her phone, brought up a video and thrust it inches from his face. The video was of him jerking off in his slave quarters. It must have been during one of his most frustrated moments. He didn’t look like a young man privately pleasuring himself; he looked like a crazed maniac trying to rip his dick off.

“I’m sure you aren’t surprised we had your quarters under video surveillance. I’ve watched hours of you jerking off. This clip is really my favorite. You’re really going to town there.”

The video ended with big squirts of jizz while he repeated louder than he meant, “Petra, Petra, Petra!”

“It looks like you satisfied yourself. I’m glad to see that you were thinking of me while you were doing it rather than your college girls.”

“Mistress, I desire to belong to only you.”

“If all goes well you will have a long time to show me how true that is.”

Mistress Petra reached down and touched the head of his cock as it poked up from his lap. “You have a big, handsome cock. Unfortunately that’s not what I need. Master George and his friends give me all the cock I need. Master George and I never had children but I have strong maternal instincts. I ache to have someone to be with me always and be totally dependent on me. I think you’ve guessed that your mom and I are playfriends. Sometimes we would talk. She loved to talk about what a sweet, obedient, eager-to-please boy you were. Sometimes I would get so envious that a slave like her had something I desperately wanted that came close to committing slave abuse on her. When you became old enough to be a slave she would have liked to keep you at home but your dad has no interest in male slaves and as a slave she can’t own you. One night she told me that she thought I’d be perfect for you and abjectly begged me to persuade Master George to arrange with your dad to make you mine. I want to be your Mommy. Call me Mommy from now on.”

“Yes, Mommy.”

“I’m going to be a loving but strict Mommy. I won’t use a lot of restraints and punishments. If I wanted the sort of slave that misbehaved so I could punish him I could get him from an agency. I chose you because your mother often boasted how you were always obedient because you wanted to show how much you loved her. I want you to love me like that.”

“I do love you, Mommy, and I’ll always try to please you.”

“I’m glad to hear it.”

She opened the chest and took out a purple wooden paddle with a long cord strung through the handle. She hung it around his neck so it covered his heart. “Mommy’s Brat” was painted on it in hot pink letters.

“I said I wouldn’t use a lot of punishments but you know receiving pain is a necessary part of being a slave. I will paddle your bare ass to chastise you or when I think you need it or just because I want to. It can be fun or brutal depending how you make me feel about you.”

He sensed the ambiguity of the statement; he could try to make her want to give him fun spanks but he had no control over her so he could not prevent being brutalized.

” Your collar is the symbol of your slavery; the paddle tells everyone you’re a slave that needs a mommy rather than an ordinary mistress.”

He realized that when he was wearing the paddle everyone, collared and uncollared, would know he was more helpless and dependent than other slaves. He hoped his slave friends wouldn’t treat him contemptuously.

“You will wear the paddle until I take it off. If I take it off I will put it someplace handy nearby. Before you leave the room you will put the paddle around your neck. Forgetting your paddle is an easy way to get several deserved hard smacks with it.”

The wondered of being paddled by his new Mommy excited him but he knew she wanted a conscientious, obedient slave rather than a careless or defiant one. He was gonna try his absolute best never to forget his paddle.

“Are you finished shitting?”

“Yes, Mommy.”

“Stand up and let me wipe you. A brat like you can’t be depended on to wipe his ass clean.”

She pulled a wet wipe from a container next to the potty and began to wipe the bits of shit from his asshole. Feeling Mommy finger the edges of his asshole even through the wet wipe sent a jolt through his already painfully hard dick.

She tossed the wipe into the potty and said, “You did a big, healthy, stinky one.”

Having Mommy looking at and smelling his shit and talking about it made his feeling of self consciousness even worse.

“I like that your body is mostly hairless. There is one part of you that is hairier than I like.” In case he didn’t know what she meant she brushed her hand beneath his balls. She went to the chest and got an electric trimmer. She carefully placed a paper towel between his feet and began to shave off his pubic hair.

. When she had finished she said, “Look down, honey, see how all that messy hair is off your body and on that towel. When it begins to grow back I’ll shave it again.”

He looked down and felt how a naked man can feel beyond naked.

While we’re looking at your dick, I’ll bet you jerked off this morning before I came to pick you up.”

“Yes, Mommy.”

“Did you enjoy it?”

“I guess so.” It had been a fairly ordinary wanking session compared to the thousands he had engaged in since reaching puberty.

“I hope so because it’s the last time you’ll bring yourself to orgasm. You know there are shady doctors who will neuter slaves. It’s expensive and illegal but I can afford the fee and the fine and they let you keep the ‘damaged slave.’ Owners who have had it done say you get an affectionate, obedient slave that isn’t distracted by his own sexual desires…”

He went into a panic. “Please, please, please, Mommy! I promise to do absolutely anything if you don’t do that to me!” As a twenty-two year old, the thought of living the next fifty, sixty years without any sexual feelings seemed like a tortuous living death.

Mommy laughed. “Boy, that got a reaction! I only considered it for a second; I want to keep you intact. You have already promised to belong to me and serve me. I know you will try your best to keep your promise. If you do that you don’t have to promise any more. Now, about you wanking: I control when you cum. You are not allowed to even touch your dick. I know a young man like you needs to cum, therefore, every few days when I want to I will jerk you off. You will discover I can give you eye-rolling ecstasy or a ruined orgasm as I choose. I won’t do edging games; the point of this is to keep your dick from distracting you from being Mommy’s sweet boy. It is entirely my decision when I do this. No matter how long I make you wait you are not to even hint that you want to orgasm unless I bring up the subject. My holes are for Master George and his friends so you will only get handjobs from me. Afterward you will eat your messy cum. Sometimes I might allow you to stick your dick in a playfriend but, again, you may not ask, I decide. There are plenty of chastity devices that will prevent you from wanking but I want you to keep your hands off your dick through self control because you want to please me but I realize the temptation to wank can be very strong. I have something to help you. While I get it, bend down and carefully pick the towel on the floor and fold it into a neat package. When I come back, hand it to me. I’ll keep it a souvenir of your first shaving.

He bent down and did what he was told, wondering what else he was gonna learn on this very emotional day. When she returned to his side he handed her the package and she dropped it in her bag. She was holding a light gray plastic belt and a pair of matching wristbands. She put the belt around his waist and attached it in the back. Then she encircled each wrist and attached them on the back. The plastic was durable and once attached could only be removed with a special tool. They were on him until Mommy removed them. There was a small box attached to the front of the belt. On the inner side of each wristband was a metallic disc.

“Grab your dick!” she ordered.

The moment he touched his dick, a chime rang.

“Hands off, you naughty boy!”

He pulled his hand away while Mommy laughed.

“You see how it works; there’s a transmitter that emits a signal for only a few centimeters in each wristband. When they get close enough to the receiver in the belt the chime rings. Then you and I and everyone who hears it will know you disappointed your Mommy. You will be stopped and possibly punished. I know you don’t want that. Mommy is afraid you won’t be safe if you’re left alone so you always be within her hearing or the hearing of an assigned minder so you will always be secure. The only time you will be alone is when you are safe in your crib. Mommy will show you how the crib works when I put you to bed tonight. Aren’t you glad Mommy cares so much about you that she will do so much to protect you?”

“Yes, Mommy!” He said, hoping the love and security he felt would keep him from regretting only being alone when he was imprisoned in a claustrophobic crib.

“I have one more thing for you but it’s kind of important.” She went to the linen closet and took out a pair of adult pull up incontinent pants. She held them up so he could see them clearly. “You will be wearing these from now on. I spent a little more to get the cloth-like extra-absorbent kind so you will be extra comfy. Isn’t that nice?’

“Yes, Mommy. Thank you for thinking of me, Mommy.”

She knelt down in front of him and lifted first his right foot and then his left foot into their respective leg holes. Then she slid the pants up his legs until they fitted securely over his cock and ass. She patted the bulge in his pants.

“How do they feel?”

Andy was surprised how much he enjoyed wearing them. They were comfortable, even sensuous. “They’re just right. Thank you for putting me in them, Mommy.”

Mommy grinned. “I considered getting the kind with the pictures but you’re too big to get the really cute ones. The designs for adults just aren’t that fun so I decided to get the plain white. Unless you’d rather cover your dick with tiny pink flowers.”

“No, Mommy, I like the white ones.”

“When you have to pee, just go in your special pants. If you’re wet, Mommy will want to change you when she’s ready. You will wait for Mommy. You will not tell me you’re wet or ask to be changed unless I ask you first. Taking off your pants by yourself will make Mommy very angry. I promise to change you more often than I jerk you off but otherwise the rules are pretty much the same. Mommy likes changing and cleaning up after wet pants. She is less happy about changing shitty pants. For that reason and another that you will learn about soon, the first thing in the morning you will receive an enema and expel it in the potty. Eventually, that routine along with a carefully adjusted diet will mean you will have one shit in the morning and will be totally cleaned out for the rest of the day. While you are adjusting you may not be able to hold your shit until morning potty time and have a messy accident in your pants. Mommy will find out and won’t shame you when she gets around to cleaning you up.”

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