An unforgettable night – Free Sex Story

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Here’s a little story for you. I was staying the night at Mysti’s house
so we could leave early the next morning to pick up our husbands.

After a night of heavy drinking and our husbands out of town, we went
out for a night on the town, LOL, while we were out drinking I ran into
an old friend of mine named Matt. Matt and I decided to take off for a
drive and meet up with Mysti at her house later, Matt and I wanted to
get re aquatinted. Ok, this is where it gets good. Matt and I made
it back to Mysti’s and started kissing on the couch his tongue sliding
in and out of my mouth teasing my lips and then plunging his tongue
deep in my mouth… He started kissing my neck and rubbing my nipples
just right which made them hard and ache and right them I knew I needed
more of this man now. I ran my hand down the zipper of his jeans, I
could feel his hard cock and I knew that what I was doing was making
him that way. I couldn’t take it anymore, my mouth was watering, I
wanted his cock in my mouth. I unzipped his jeans and his cock stood
proud and I could see it shining with pre-cum, yummy! I began to lick
and suck his cock like no other! I took him deep into my throat and
made him go crazy sucking and licking his manhood my head bobbing up
and down. It was just about that time that Mysti walked in the door
and saw what I was doing. My Ass was high in the air and my jeans were
hanging low on my hips from when Matt was kissing my stomach.

She walked up behind me and ran her hand over my Ass and down my thigh.
I realized it was not him doing this and I looked up to see Mysti there
with a smile from ear to ear and it turned my on knowing she just did
that to me. I took his nice hard cock out of my mouth, looked at Matt
and asked if he was looking for some fun. Knowing I wanted Mysti to
join, he agreed. I grabbed each of their hands and lead them into her
bedroom. I told Matt that I wanted him to undress her while I watch my
legs were shaking in excitement, knowing I was about to fuck Matt and
my best friend. He slowly removed her clothes and I noticed that her
g-string had a wet spot on the front right were it was sitting next to
her Pussy lips. I couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted to taste her so
bad. I knelt in front of her and started licking the silk against her
clit. I heard her moan and I started rubbing her clit against my
mouth. Matt started kissing her, running his finger down her Ass and
he began to finger fuck her. I couldn’t take it anymore; her Pussy
smelled so good and tasted fucking awesome! And my mouth and chin was
covered in her sweet juices. I pulled her panties down and watched his
fingers move in and out of her cunt what a sight just watching that
almost made me cum. Oh I forgot to mention Mysti has pierced clit
which by the way is sexy as hell. I took her clit ring in my mouth and
ran my tongue on her clit and her soaking wet slit.

I could feel Matt’s fingers against my tongue while I was sucking on her
Pussy lips. I knew she was about to cum and I wanted to taste it I
wanted her to cum all over my face and I wanted to lick her clean. I
looked up and saw her looking at me her sexy eyes telling my how much
she is liking this. I told her I want her on the bed now I want to
make her cum hard and strong. She laid down on the bed with her legs
spread wide so I could see nice Pussy in full view oh damn what a Hot
sight that was her lips shining with my spit and her juices WOW!!!. I
climbed on the bed between her legs and started licking and sucking her
Pussy, tasting her juices. Matt was watching all of this and came up
behind me sliding his hard cock into me, hard and solid, grabbing my
hips slamming us together which made me moan and I knew I was in heaven
Pussy in my mouth and cock in my slit. I moved my hips with him while
I kept sucking and began to finger fuck Mysti. I wanted her to cum
with me. When she was about to cum I begged Matt to fuck me hard and
fast I want to cum I screamed. He was fucking my wild and my tongue was
being shoved into her cunt just like his cock was in my Pussy. Mysti
started to cum hard and fast. I tasted all of her juices all over my
tongue, I rammed my tongue into her tongue fucking her hard and tasted
her cum made me cum. That made my Pussy clench Matt’s cock hard and
milk him for his cum deep in me I wanted it bad. All three of us
Cumming at the same time was fucking awesome and out of this world. I
knew we were in for a long night!