An Unexpected Trip Ch. 04 – Fetish – Sex Story

An Unexpected Trip. Pt. 04

From his seat in the funeral home lobby, Digitalis watched the boxy old van join the deep tire ruts in the snow, sliding its way down the driveway toward the road. Digitalis’s partner Arthur sat working in a cramped office just off the front desk; he’d volunteered to stay behind and finish some paperwork while his brother Fox, Fox’s partner Caspia, and their teenage son Koda drove to the store to stock up on food. The snow was already more than a meter deep in some places, and the local weather forecasts predicted even more later that night.

Only one funeral director, a young human woman named Beckii, had made it in that day, and it was her office that Arthur was using. Since the funeral home would be closed for the next few days and Arthur’s family were her only clients, Beckii bustled about filing papers, checking everything, and locking doors. Arthur had seemed to want some space, so Digitalis settled in the lobby, where a waiting area sat close to the front desk.

The waiting area had a couch set next to the window, a television mounted near the ceiling, and a hot drink bar, with a hot water dispenser and a large selection of teas and powdered beverages. Digitalis spent the next hour trying the different teas and watching the road outside. Weather reports punctuated the soap opera on the television, which switched over to Star Cops: Deep Space Fines at 3:30.

Digitalis stood up from the couch after downing a cup of sweet peppermint tea. His large feathered wings, colored like a bluejay’s, had been politely tucked behind him, and it felt good to stretch them. Digitalis needed to pee too, but decided to check on Arthur first.

Arthur sat at Beckii’s desk, resting his head on his puffy coat’s sleeves. His black-feathered wings sagged behind him as he sat in front of the computer, and he wore a brightly-colored striped knitted hat over his hair, which his niece had made for him.

“Hey Bear,” said Digitalis. “How’s everything going?”

Arthur sat up in his seat and huffed, “I’m still trying to figure out why they need an internet connection for this. I only have two pages left though, once they load.”

“Have you heard from Fox or Caspia?” asked Digitalis.

“They texted me when they got out of the store-….” Arthur took out his phone to re-read the message. “…eight minutes ago. They still need to stop by the pharmacy though.”

Digitalis brought Arthur a fresh cup of earl grey tea before returning to the waiting area and making a cup of cocoa for himself. Once he’d sat down and gotten comfortable, Digitalis realized he’d forgotten to go to the bathroom. From where he was, he could see the door to the men’s restroom next to the front desk, so he didn’t stress about it.

After what felt like another hour, Beckii approached the couch to tell Digitalis that she was going outside to check the water pipes in the funeral home and cemetery grounds.

“If you or your husband need anything, just call the main funeral home number. I’ve got the company phone on me,” said Beckii. She left, letting in a puff of freezing air as the door closed behind her. On the road outside, a snow plow drove by, spraying slush. It reminded Digitalis of how full his bladder was, and he leaked a little when he stood up. He was relieved to know that the restroom was so close.

Digitalis pushed on the men’s restroom door. It didn’t move. He tried it twice more before shuffling across the front area to the women’s. That was locked too. Not wanting to bother Arthur or Beckii, Digitalis looked up the two long hallways that branched off from the front desk. Each had several open doors.

“There has to be another bathroom in here somewhere,” Digitalis whispered to himself and hurried up the first hallway. The rooms reserved for the services were large and gorgeous, with wide windows looking out onto the gentle snow-covered hills of the cemetery. Some contained tables and chairs, stacked and folded along the walls, and one room even had an attached kitchen facility. Digitalis was almost certain that it was locked, but tried it anyway. It was locked.

A warm, continuous drip soaked into the crotch of Digitalis’s pants. He couldn’t stop it completely, and part of him just wanted to stop and let go. There was one more room on that hallway, and if there wasn’t a bathroom there-…Digitalis forced himself not to think about it and pressed on.

The next room contained several large planters of red-leafed viney plants. There was another kitchen facility on the far side of the room, but Digitalis didn’t bother trying the door. Another drip ran down the inside of Digitalis’s pants, and he made for the nearest potted plant. He turned his back to the window, kneeled, and held his wings up at his sides to conceal what he was doing. Digitalis started before he could pull down his sweatpants, and briefly splashed the floor before steering the softly hissing flow downward into the dry dirt. He allowed himself a quiet sigh of relief; the plant needed this as much as he did.

Footsteps approached from the hall and Digitalis looked over his shoulder, pinching himself just in case.

“Digit?” Arthur leaned into the room. “What’s up?”

Digitalis stood up, half-covering himself with his hands. “The bathrooms are locked,” he said lamely.

Arthur sighed. “Yeah, I know. I just tried them. What about that food prep room? I’m sure there’s a sink in there.”

“Do you really think it’ll be unlocked?” gulped Digitalis, backing up a few steps to face another planter.

“What are you doing?” asked Arthur, watching raptly as Digitalis soaked the parched soil.

“Watering the plants,” said Digitalis, blushing. “The funeral home was closed yesterday, and it’ll be closed tomorrow. When were these plants watered last?” Digitalis pinched off again, moved to another planter, and let go.

“You do have a point,” said Arthur slowly.

Digitalis finished into a fourth planter, and let himself drip dry over the intricate red leaves. His penis, about 15cm long and circumcised, was swollen and pink.

“Would you mind if I picked up where you left off?” asked Arthur.

“Only if I get to watch,” Digitalis purred, stepping over to the next planter while Arthur unzipped his jeans. Arthur seemed surprised at how hard he was, but aimed his cock anyway. It was noticeably larger than Digitalis’s with a heavy foreskin, which Arthur pulled back and fired a pressurized blast of urine into the planter. Some of the soil splashed back and Arthur recoiled, losing a few drops of piss onto the floor.

The next planter was situated directly in front of a window with a sweeping view of the grounds. Digitalis balked for a moment when he saw Beckii outside, exiting a small mausoleum across the cemetery. She was far enough away that she wouldn’t be able to see anything, but it made Digitalis nervous, even while he watched Arthur spray into another potted plant. Arthur’s growing erection slowed and eventually stopped his flow on the second to last planter.

“Just one more,” said Arthur, trying to coax out more. “Looks like that last plant is going to dry out and die.”

Digitalis approached the last plant. “I have some more.” He easily let go into the plant with a long, slow stream. He took his time shaking off and he and Arthur stood there, staring at each other for a long moment. Arthur finally went in for a kiss, only for both of them to jump when the front door clanged open in the lobby.

“Hello? Mr. Deepuin? Mr. Digitalis?” Beckii’s voice and footsteps echoed up the hall. “Your ride is here!” Digitalis and Arthur had just enough time to cover up and pretend to be looking at the plants.

“Oh, there you are!” Beckii walked in, trailing crumbs of snow from her boots. Digitalis wondered she was gonna approach them, but instead, she strode right to the kitchen facility door and opened it without unlocking it. Digitalis looked over at Arthur, who was as red-faced underneath his freckles as he felt. Beckii emerged from the other room with a large pitcher of water and set to work watering the closest planter with it.

Digitalis felt a tug on his arm and let Arthur lead him out of the room.

“It was nice meeting you, Beckii,” Arthur called as they left the room. “Drive safely on your way home!”

“Nice meeting you too,” replied Beckii brightly. “Grab some tea or cocoa for the road on your way out!” Digitalis and Arthur were both too embarrassed to stop for another drink and climbed into Arthur’s brother’s van, dodging a small mountain of groceries to get to their seats.

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