An Expensive Experiment – Fetish – Free Sex Story

She waited anxiously in her apartment for her delivery. It had been a challenging few months at work, and seeing as she didn’t have time for any other pursuits, Love Dolls had seemed like a good idea. Way too much money and hours of careful selection later, she had made her choice and swiped her credit card. This better fucking work.

Two months later, there was a knock on the door, followed by a terse, “You need to sign, Ma’am” from the overworked mailman. She jumped up from the couch, clad in only her favourite sweater, and went to answer the door. A large and daunting box was waiting for her on the doorstep. After the customary retinal scan and voice authentication, she walked away with her activation code. Waiting for the mailperson to leave her property, she anxiously re-read the terms of her temporary purchase.

Purchasing a trial version, she knew functionality would be limited, and AI would be experimental at best. The brochure had promised total pleasure and intuitive AI, but she knew better. Hopefully it could at least fake interest, unlike the last one. Nervously, she opened the box and spoke the command to tell the bot to assemble itself. It hummed to life, opening its eyes as it stood and initialized. Stepping forward and wrapping an arm around her, the bot looked deep in her eyes and murmured in a husky, low voice, “Please confirm identity”.

Caught off guard, she squeaked, “You may call me Mistress. I expect you to learn quite quickly what I want, and when.”

“Affirmative,” the bot replied, dropping to its knees on the floor before her. “Confirm,” the bot continued, “That I am here to serve”.

“Absolutely, in any way I see fit,” she answered.

The robot acknowledged the request with a nod. Despite programming and its burgeoning intuition, the bot looks up, to assess its Mistress’s face.

She is of indeterminate age, but obviously a mature Adult. She looks back at him, unashamedly. She looks comfortable in a big black sweater that only just covers her Sex. It determines that she was not expecting delivery today. She seems confident but he senses a hesitation that belies her inexperience in the particular role she has allocated to herself. Additional cues may be required for total client satisfaction.

She peers down at the bot, surprised that the unit dares to make eye contact with her. Based on the rather extensive manuals she has read before choosing this model, she had believed that so long as her directions were clear, the bot would do whatever she said. Losing confidence by the second, but also determined to prove that she can do this, she locks eyes with her purchase again.

“I desire you to only raise your eyes when asked, and to maintain a humble, docile demeanor at all times,” she said, injecting some steel into her voice. Immediately, the bot lowered its eyes and took it one step further, by prostrating itself before her, taking great care not to touch her as it lowered itself to the floor.

“Confirmed, Mistress.” The bot positions itself on the ground, awaiting instruction, as programming is not clear on how to proceed without directives.

She looks down at him, pleased with the prostration, but inexperience causes her to hesitate once again. She thinks back to the mood she was in when she made the purchase. She was obviously Horny, but also feeling lost and tired after a hard week of other people’s demands. She remembered feeling like she should get a chance to make demands and have them followed without question. The only problem was, she had no idea of how to do that.

He is kinda Hot though, she thought to herself, taking the bot’s inactivity as a chance to study it. A ridiculously expensive experiment.” The bot is quite tall, at least half a foot taller than herself. He has dark hair and eyes, and a lean, muscular appearance. He — when did I start thinking of it as ‘he’? she wondered — was wearing a pair of tight black jeans and a form fitting white button-up shirt. And elegant pair of leather loafers complete the classic, attractive outfit.

The bot remained in position, unsure of whether or not to initiate contact again. It could sense that the Mistress might not know what she was doing, but would react negatively to perceived disobedience.

On a whim, she whispers, “Stay”, and walks off to her bedroom to find something that makes her feel sexier and more in control.

Abruptly alone, the bot starts to review protocol, though it is positive that a situation like this was not strictly within guidelines. After a time, she returns, and the bot strains to see her, curious about what has changed. He hears the click of heels on the hardwood, and is surprised to feel a twinge of arousal and curiosity. Overcome by the sensation, the bot does not hide his glance.

“I believe I instructed you to keep your eyes off of me, unless addressed.” The Mistress declares, her voice more commanding and forceful than before.

The bot’s eyes snap down instantly. Protocols begin to kick in. Something akin to shame flooding the bot for having deviated from its instructions. It begins to apologize. “This unit regrets having disappointed its Mistress and awaits correction.”

‘Correction’, she muses, her voice soft. What does that mean? It needs to be reprimanded? This was not something she had considered. But I face reprimands every day… Why not? “What sort of correction might be required?” she asks.

“Does Mistress desire a list of possible punishments?” The bot inquires without raising its eyes.

“Sit up when you speak to me,” she says, nudging the bot with a high-heeled toe. Delighted, the bot rises to his knees, looking at his Mistress directly for the first time. She stands above him, her red and black ensemble shockingly sexy. She wears a red corset that accentuates her curves and pushes her breasts skyward. Her legs are covered with some sort of spidery, thigh-high stockings that reveal more than they conceal. A very tight and very short black leather miniskirt strains against the curves of her hips and Ass, with black satin laces holding it together on the hips, and a long zipper up the back. Lastly, a tiny thong is just visible over the top of the skirt. As if sensing his gaze, she turns slightly and inhales while checking herself out in the full mirror across the room. He notes her large but firm Ass, her beautiful soft skin, and her shock of curly hair. Attracted to her, the bot’s programming kicks in again, and his penis begins to harden.

Glancing away from the mirror, she sees the bot looking at her, and feeling a boost of confidence, she moves towards the bot, until she is standing directly in front of it, forcing it to tilt its head back to see her face. Struck by sudden inspiration, she spits in the bot’s face. The bot’s tongue slips out, catching most of it, and it moans, a guttural, low noise that sets her Pussy on fire.

She lifts her skirt slightly and leans forward until her cunt is a hair’s breadth away from the bot’s face. The panties between them grow wet as the bot nuzzles in closer, completely aware that something more is required. She purrs, arching her back and forcing more of herself onto his face, grinding herself on his nose and mouth.

The bot begins to get excited, pleased that he knows what to do. He moves his head in tandem with her body, doing his best to make contact with her Pussy within the confines of the panties and the position. His hands rise to cup her Ass as he pushes toward her, inhaling her intoxicating scent.

Afraid of tipping over, she starts to pull back, but the bot pushes gently but firmly against her, stopping her movement. He darts his tongue out, licking as much as he can of her delicious Pussy. Sensing her relax again, he takes care to support as much of her weight as he can, while ramping up his efforts to please her. Her breathing quickens, and just when the bot is about to suggest that she make herself more comfortable, she shoves him away, and a sharp slap across the face surprises him.

“We were talking about punishment! How dare you distract me?” she says, her voice once again ringing with command.

“I’m sorry Mistress, I will do better. Please forgive me?” the bot pleads, his sudden need to please her growing stronger by the second. She steps toward him and points to the floor. He prostrates himself again, making sure to keep his eyes downcast.

“Kiss my feet;” she orders, placing her heeled foot within his reach. He immediately places a kiss on her toes, slowly making his way along the top of her shoe towards her ankle. Irritated by the shoes, he wants to get to her skin as quickly as possible. Seeing him speed up, she pulls her foot away and tells him to follow her. She sits down in an over-stuffed armchair, and instructs him to sit on the floor beside her. She kicks off her heels, and gestures for him to continue his worship of her feet, telling him to take his time.

Chastened now, he follows her instructions, beginning his kisses this time on the bottom of her foot, trailing his tongue slowly through the gaps in her leggings. She squirms a little, finding it ticklish, and he increases his pressure until she relaxes and leans back, sighing softly in pleasure. Pleased by the sound, he continues his thorough worship. A few minutes later, she withdraws her foot and offers the other one.

He risks a look at her, and once again feels a slap, this one much harder than the last.

“I said don’t look at me!” she snaps. “Just for that I want you to stop. It’s time you learned some manners. Lie down on the floor, face up, but keep your eyes closed.”

He complies, moving quickly. With his visual input restricted, he pays more attention to his other senses. He can smell her, a whiff of expensive perfume, and a clean, soapy smell. He can feel her warmth as she steps over him and hear her breathing as she lowers herself over his face. Suddenly he feels her thighs on either side of his head and his cock twitches in anticipation.

“I can see your erection, but this is supposed to be punishment, not fun,” she says. “You had better keep your mouth closed, I’m just going to sit for a bit,” she purrs, as she pushes her Pussy into his face again. He finds himself enveloped in her smell, the heat from between her legs warming his face. His mouth falls slightly open, and he quickly snaps it shut, afraid that she will get off if she notices. She rocks back and forth slightly, finding the perfect position on him, with her Pussy lips firmly pressed against his mouth. He whimpers slightly, and she laughs, grinding herself into his face. She reaches down and slides her panties out of the way, letting her Pussy leave wet trails across his lips. She tortures him for a couple of minutes, moving just enough to give herself some sensation, but not enough to let him cheat and open his mouth.

“I’m going to get off now, but since you were a bad boy, I’m not going to allow you to lick your lips. I want you to smell and feel my wetness there, but you don’t get to taste it until you please me.” He groans, aroused but frustrated.

“Please, Mistress, let me lick you, I can make you so happy,” he begs.

“Slaves don’t have desires. You will do as I say, when I say.” She responds, motioning for him to stand. “It’s time to see what we are working with. Take off your clothes,” she directs, removing her panties and sitting down again. She lets the thong dangle from her fingers as she watches him disrobe. He starts by unbuttoning his shirt, flexing his muscles and taking his time. Her small smile of appreciation lets him know he is doing it well, and he continues his strip tease.

She watches him, impressed with how sexy she finds his stripping. He does it with very little ceremony, but manages to make every movement look artful and graceful. Slowly his torso is revealed, followed by his back as he rotates for her. She crooks her finger at him and he comes closer. She takes his belt in her hands, and undoes the clasp while keeping eye contact. As her fingers slip under his button, he holds his breath in anticipation. He doesn’t need to breathe, exactly, but he is programmed to want to. Earlier models did not breathe and were rejected as being unlifelike and creepy. Despite projections, ratings on cunnilingus of the face-sitting variety went up significantly once the need to breathe was added.

She unzips his zipper and lets the jeans peel away. He is not wearing underwear, and his cock springs Free right away. She smiles slightly, pleased that her specifications have been met so well. She leans forward and drops a kiss right above his cock, letting her breath warm him. He twitches again and involuntarily bucks toward her, pushing his penis into her face. His personal alarms ping, telling him he has acted against protocol. He should not have had a personal reaction to her at all.

Her face flashes with anger, and she immediately moves away. Angrily, she stands and makes him kneel before her. She shoves her panties into his mouth and slaps him again. She sits back in the chair, and looks at him with disdain, enjoying the amount of control she has. Excited by it, she decides to see just how far her newfound power can take her.

She spreads her legs, hanging one leg off each arm of the chair.

“Come closer, I want you to watch what happens next very closely,” she commands, as she reaches into the drawer of a side table next to the chair. She pulls out a vibrator and places it beside her on the arm of the chair. She begins to play with herself with one hand, while using the other to bring the bot closer to her, until his head rests just an inch away from her Pussy. She plays with her clit at first, waiting as her Pussy moistens. Then she slips a finger inside herself and starts to increase her speed. She abruptly pulls her finger out, and wipes it on his face, leaving two wet trails down his cheeks. He gulps, wanting more than anything to taste her. A whimper sneaks past the panties in his mouth and she smiles wickedly.

“Come closer,” she whispers, moving him even closer to herself, until his lips touch her. She grabs the vibrator and turns it on, flicking it over her clit slowly, shivering every time it touches her. He moves his lips slightly, hoping some of her taste will trickle into his mouth, though with his mouth full of cotton and lace, it’s more wishful thinking than anything.

She increases the intensity on the vibrator, until she is panting and a light sheen of sweat has broken out on her skin. Bucking toward him, she mashes her Pussy into his face, coating him in her smell and juices. Almost overwhelmed by her, he starts to close his eyes. A quick slap with her left hand makes him open his eyes again, and he sees the look of triumph in her eyes as she watches him lock eyes on her Pussy again. His world shrinks and all he can see or think about is her Sex so close to him and yet so out of reach. He can sense her get close to Orgasm, and he readies himself to enjoy it. Just before she comes though, she switches off the vibrator and relaxes. She lets him watch her, her skin dewed with sweat and her face rosy with exertion. She eventually leans forward and pulls the panties out of his mouth.

“You should put these on,” she orders, standing up and adjusting her boobs in the corset. His mouth drops open in surprise, as his programming had not prepared him for this. Intrigued and excited by the idea, he quickly complies. He watches her closely as her face lights up with glee and sexual excitement as she watches him slide on the decidedly wet panties. The thong feels intrusive but also wildly sexy, and he enjoys the animal desire he sees on the face of his Mistress. She licks her lips as she circles him, giving him a few sound slaps on his Ass, and grabbing his cock with one hand as she moves past. She tells him to kneel again, and she stands in front of him facing away, and she braces herself against the chair as she presents her Ass to him.

“I want you to worship my Ass,” she says softly, but firmly. Without a second of hesitation, he puts his hands on her and starts kissing her Ass reverently. He feels like he can finally do something to both please and impress her, and jumps into his new role as Ass-worshipper with alacrity. He started squeezing and kneading her Ass, while his lips and tongue started to explore her. He tried to take his time, but almost right away he found his mouth being drawn to her cleft. His hands ceased their kneading and instead started drawing her cheeks apart, exposing her rosebud to his eager mouth. He flicks his tongue over her quickly, pleased when she gasps and he sees her Ass flex in pleasure. He circles her asshole, changing up his pace and pressure to drive her wild. He reaches down and grabs her behind the knee on one leg, and lifts it to the couch, giving himself much better access. She opens her mouth to complain, but he quickly pushes his tongue inside her, her now slightly stretched Ass giving way reluctantly. She grunts softly in extasy and drops her shoulders down onto the couch, allowing full access to her most private parts.

Excited by her enjoyment, he starts to explore her whole delicious Pussy and Ass. He slowly licks her from clit to asshole, pressing his tongue flat as he licks up, and then pushing his tongue briefly into her cunt and then her Ass. She shivers and her Pussy gets wetter and wetter. Within a couple of minutes, she is pushing back against him as he continues pleasing her, edging her closer to Orgasm. Her clit swells and he can feel that she is getting close, and he builds his intensity steadily, letting her push against him to allow her to decide if she wants to come or not. She suddenly pulls away and tells him to sit against the chair, with his head tilted back. Placing her thighs on either side of his head once again, she leans forward and rides his face. She is very wet, and her Pussy slides across his mouth and nose easily, and she starts to push down harder on him. Her hands clamp onto his hair as she pulls him into her Pussy, and she bounces up and down, riding his face. After just a few seconds, her body tenses and he feels a rush of liquid burst from her Pussy all over his face. He immediately does his best to lick it all up, though he is careful to lick her very gently, not wanting to cause overstimulation. She holds herself up and allows him to continue cleaning her, and when he is done, sits back down with her full weight on him.

Unsure of what to do, the bot takes note of the feel of her squashed against his face. He is enveloped in her, overwhelmed by her. He cannot see, and can only very faintly hear her panting softly. His hands lay by his side, but he raises them to her Ass, her skin soft and smooth to his touch. She is perfectly comfortable and does not seem eager to move. He tries to open his mouth to taste her again but is unable to with her full weight on him. He realizes it has been almost a full minute and he feels the desire to breathe become more of a necessity than a wish. He squirms a little, trying to move his head just enough to gasp a breath without disturbing her. She feels his movement — slight though it is — and pushes down harder, wiggling a bit to make sure his mouth and nose are completely blocked by her Pussy. His movements become more frantic, and she laughs, a beautiful sound that arouses him more than he thought possible. Knowing he will be punished, he uses his superhuman strength to push her upwards, gasping a quick breath and settling her down again.

She laughs again and pushes down harder, sliding her Pussy and Ass across his face one last time. She hops off and slaps him across the face.

“How dare you?!” she asks in a dangerously quiet voice. “I was not done.”

Cock twitching again, he starts to apologize, but she slaps him again, holding a finger to her lips to tell him to be quiet.

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