Amber’s Struggles Continue: Chapter 3 – Encounter with Celebrities & Fan Fiction

The shed now sat empty, void of any cows, its floor covered in mud. In front of Amber, there were four large bowls, each containing different offerings. One bowl held cornflakes swimming in milk, another was filled with multi-colored candies, a third held noodles, and the fourth contained an assortment of fresh green vegetables.

Winona explained, “Special treatment for my beautiful cow.”

With reluctance in her eyes, Amber begrudgingly assumed the position, gingerly lowering her body onto all fours. Her breasts, now significantly larger and more pendulous, dangled provocatively, their fullness tantalizingly close to the damp ground. Mere inches separated her bosom from the muddy surface below.

As she gradually settled into her bovine-like stance, Amber’s tail, the newly grown appendage right above her shapely buttocks, swayed with a gentle, rhythmic motion.

Winona secured a rubber rope around Amber’s neck, making sure it wasn’t too tight. She then asked, “Is it comfortable?”

Amber nodded.

Winona instructed, “Now, provide me with some of that white nectar.”

She positioned a cute, pink bucket beneath Amber’s engorged breasts, the anticipation evident in her eyes. With a gentle press, milk began to flow generously from Amber’s breasts, cascading into the waiting bucket.

Winona couldn’t help but opinion, “You truly are a milky one.”

Amber felt an involuntary blush creeping up her cheeks, though she wished she could control it.

Winona continued to deftly squeeze Amber’s breasts, skillfully coaxing out more of the white, creamy milk. The sensation of her nipples being pinched tightly prompted Amber to let out an involuntary moan, her words coming out strained, “Easy, Winona.”

In response, Winona playfully administered a spanking to Amber’s curvy buttocks, evoking a surprised gasp from her, “Ouch.”

In a commanding tone, Winona corrected her, “Address me as Madam, cow.”

Amber obediently complied, her voice filled with submission, “As you command, Madam. My breasts are so full of milk and heavy now. Could you give them a little relief?”

Winona removed the bucket and reclined beneath Amber, who remained on all fours.

Amber’s engorged breasts hung low, their nipples brushing against Winona’s waiting lips. Winona playfully teased one of Amber’s sensitive nipples with her tongue.

Amber gasped, her voice quivering with sensitivity, “They are sensitive, Madam.”

Unperturbed, Winona’s teeth sank into Amber’s nipple, gently gnawing on it.

Amber’s legs trembled as she moaned, “Madam, Mmmm… Madammmmmm.”

Amber’s tail, animated and seemingly willing, twitched with a life of its own. With an almost sinister curiosity, it ventured beneath Winona’s panties, breaching her intimate space.

Winona, taken aback, quickly withdrew, her voice stern, “Cow, how dare you?”

However, Amber’s tail persisted, inching its way into Winona’s vagina.

Winona let out a startled cry, “Oh my God!”

Amber offered a hasty apology, her tone contrite, “Madam, the tail is not under my control.”

The tail, seemingly relentless, continued its intrusion into Winona’s pussy.

Winona’s screams filled the air, “Aaah, Ahhh, Amber Cow, it feels so good.”

Winona maintained her fervent attention on Amber’s nipples, eliciting moans of pleasure from her captive cow. Amber expressed her gratitude, “Thanks, Madam, Mmm.”

Winona leaned forward, her intent clear, as she brought her face closer to Amber’s ample, milk-filled breasts.

With deliberate intent, Winona nestled her face amidst Amber’s breasts, sandwiching her own face in the soft, supple flesh.

Winona then began the motorboating ritual. She moved her head side to side, rubbing her cheeks and lips sensually against Amber’s exposed skin.

Simultaneously, Winona’s deft hand ventured lower, circling Amber’s navel before descending to rub her vagina with an almost frenetic urgency.

Amber’s moans grew louder, a mix of pleasure and discomfort, “Madam, aaaaahhh, mmmmm, ouchh, be gentle.”

With commanding authority, Winona moaned, “Yessss… yaaaah, cum for me, cow!”

Amber’s tail, relentless in its actions, delved even deeper into Winona’s aroused vagina.

Winona tugged at Amber’s hair firmly, issuing a command, “Not so deep.”

However, Amber’s tail remained stubbornly disobedient, relentlessly penetrating Winona’s vagina, driving her into a mind-blowing orgasm. “Oh, yes,” she cried out.

As the tail slid out of Winona’s now-sensitive folds, it brushed against Amber’s puckered anus. Amber, anticipating its intentions, warned, “Hey, tail, behave.”

Amber’s desperate pleas and resistance proved futile as the relentless tail continued its forceful intrusion into her unprepared anus. With each slow, deliberate thrust, Amber’s body reacted with a mix of discomfort and pleasure. Her tight sphincter stretched to accommodate the insistent invader, causing waves of sensation to ripple through her body. She arched her back and clenched her fists, unable to withstand the overwhelming intensity of the experience.

Amber’s scream of protest echoed, “Not my hole… Nooooo.”

Winona grinned mischievously, thrusting two fingers deep into Amber’s quivering pussy while the insistent tail continued its relentless assault on Amber’s tight anus.

Amber’s body arched uncontrollably, her voice filled with desperate desire, “Oh, fuck me. Fuck me. Turn me into a Hollywood slut… Aaahhh, I crave money so much… aah.”

Amber reached the peak of ecstasy, succumbing to a powerful orgasm that left her sprawled on top of Winona, her substantial assets inadvertently crushing Winona beneath her.

Winona, her desires satiated, remarked, “My cow has pleased me.”

Amber, still panting heavily, replied, “Thank you, Madam.”

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