Amazon Delivery Girl – Fetish – Free Sex Story

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Everyone in this story is over 18. Like with all my stories, I welcome positive, constructive feedback. If anyone wants to rewrite any of my stories, please feel Free, I would Love to read them. This story includes Fetish and Bi/Trans Sex, if this is not your thing, feel Free to discover another story to read and opinion on.

I have been ordering a lot from Amazon this past year. They show up at my house about 3 or 4 days a week. Sometimes there a delivery people that show up in their own cars, but most of the time I get the same delivery girl in one of the Amazon vans. She is a thin tall black girl, and she has a cute face. I noticed a few months ago that she was wearing these neat Converse lug sneakers/boots in all black. I have a massive Fetish for girls in sneakers, so I make sure to all the time check her out as she walks up to and away from my front door.

Last week my Wife went out of town to see her family and I was extra Horny by the middle of the week. I was working from home when my doorbell camera alerted me of movement outside. I looked up to see the Amazon van pull up. Being so Horny, I was having kinky thoughts of her and her Converse lugs. I went to the door and opened it as she walked up. I don’t know what came over me, but when she got to the door, I reached out to grab the package and said, “I really like those Converse on you.”

She smiled and looked down at her feet, she rolled her foot to the side and wiggled her toes flexing them, “Really, you really like them?”

She was looking in my eyes and smiling as she finished, I smiled back at her, “Yes I really like them.”

Still looking in my eyes, “I like them too, but I think you may like them in a different way than I do.”

I felt a rush of lust, “Can I buy them from you when you decide to get a new pair?”

She was looking deep into my eyes now and it was drawing the lust out of me, “I’ll tell you what, how about I stop back after my shift, and we can talk about them some more?”

I shook my head yes, “I think that would be great, what time?”

She looked me up and down, “I’ll be here at 7.”

I swallowed hard, “Ok, I will be here waiting for you.”

She turned and walked away.

I went back inside and started to get nervous about what just happened. I couldn’t believe I openly talked about liking her Converse with her.

I sat around the house waiting for the next 4 hours feeling both nervous and excited.

Right at 7pm I heard the doorbell alert me of movement outside again. I looked out to see a silver Nissan pull in my drive. I went to the door and opened it. I stood there nervously, wondering how things were gonna go.

I watched as she slowly got out of the car. When she came into full view my jaw dropped, she was wearing a black crop tube top, a red, white and black tartan pleated schoolgirl skirt that went to just above her knees and optic white high top Converse. She looked amazing in that outfit, so much so that I almost forgot why she was even here. In her hand she had a bag that looked like a reusable shopping bag.

When she got to the door, I was barely able to get words up, but said, “Wow!”

She smiled, “I guess you approve of my normal attire.”

I just looked her up and down, “Normal? Wow, if that is normal, please come by every day and say hi.”

She giggled, “Well are you going to invite me in, or should we stand here chatting?”

I quickly stepped back and out of the way, “Please come in.”

She smelled great as she walked by, and I watched as she walked away from me and admired her outfit and how her bronze legs looked going into those optic white Converse.

She turned around and caught me ogling her, “By the way you are drooling, I guess you like these Converse on me too.”

I nodded yes, “I think any Converse would look good on you.”

She reached into her bag and pulled the Converse lugs out, “So these are pretty broken in and starting to fade a little, are you sure you still want to buy them?”

I stared at the Convers waving in her hands, “Absolutely, they are broken in just the right amount.”

She moved in close to me holing her Converse up near my face, “Take a good look to be sure.”

My cock was already getting hard just from looking at her, but it sprang to full attention as she stood close holding her Converse in my face.

I swallowed hard, “Oh yes, I am really sure.”

She stepped back, “So can I guess why you want them?”

I just looked into her eyes and shrugged.

“I bet they make you Horny right?”

I nodded yes.

“I bet you have a sneaker Fetish.”

I nodded yes.

Then I almost came in my pants when she said, “I bet you want to blow your load all over them don’t you?”

My jaw dropped and I stared at her. My lust hit so hard I felt weak.

She moved back in close, and held them out, “Well, do you? Do you want to bust all over them?”

I stood there in shock, “Feel them.”

I reached out and grabbed them rubbing my hands over them, flexing them.

She watched as I played with them for a few seconds, “I want to see you cum on them.”

I froze, “Whaaa, what, you want what?”

She moved really close and lustfully said, “I want to see you cum on them before I sell them to you.”

I just stared at her, “Now?”

She smiled, “Yes, now.”

I didn’t know what to say, I was searching for words, then managed to say, “I’m not sure I can.”

She giggled, “Oh I know you can, and you know why I know that?”

I shrugged, “Why?”

She moved in so her lips were near my ear and in a deep lust filled voice, “Because, I am going to make you cum on them.”

I stood frozen, “You?”

She stepped back, “I need you to let me take control and do as I say.”

I looked at her waiting for more.

“Put my sneakers down in front of you and get naked so I can see what I’m working with.”

I put the Converse lugs down on the floor in front of me. As if I were on autopilot, I started to peel my clothes off, first my shirt, then I pulled down my pull-on shorts and stood there in my underwear. My hardon clearly visible in my underwear.

She moved in and grabbed my cock through my underwear and gave it a squeeze, she smiled, “Oh yeah, nice and hard, pull those off too.”

I pulled my underwear down as she watched, her tongue slid past her lips and slowly licked them as she watched. Once naked she pointed to the floor, “Get down on all fours.”

I got down on the floor as instructed. She bent down next to me, she reached under and grabbed her Converse. She turned them so they were pointed toe first toward my cock and just in front of my cock. She grabbed my cock and gave it a few quick strokes.

She moved in front of me, and her white Converse were close to my face, as she bent down I watched them flex, She grabbed my chin and pointed my head up to look at her, “You are going to Love the surprise I have for you, just relax and do as I say and I have several more surprises in that bag over there.”

I nodded and she stood back up, grabbed the bag and moved in behind me. I felt her hand grab my cock and begin to stroke it as she was behind me, “I am going to rub those Converse you like so much all over your cock and I’m going to get you so fucking Horny.”

I suddenly felt the cool rubber sole being worked against my cock. She had a way to use them in just the right spot on my cock head to send intense sensations through me. It was only a few seconds before I could tell I was drooling pre cum all over them as it started to slip and slide on my cock as she worked it.

Once she had me super Horny, she sat behind me and stuck her legs on either side, this put her white Converse in view as she kept stroking my cock. This went on for a little while until I didn’t think I could take much more, then I was shocked as I felt her finger press up against my hole. I just about jumped out of my skin, then I felt the tip push in just a little.

She kept playing with my cock and her finger just kept pressure on my anus.

I heard the bag rustle and then the pop sound of a bottle top, “This will be a little cold, but you will Love it, trust me.”

I felt a cool liquid dripping on my Ass at the top of my crack then her other hand worked it around my Ass cheeks and crack, it felt like massage oil as she worked it around. Then her finger returned to my anus, and I felt the pressure again. Her other hand grabbed my cock and spread the oil on it as she stroked it. She slid her hand to the base of my cock and pushed it into me as she squeezed my cock hard. It made the tip of my cock feel extra sensitive and exposed as she did this.

I grunted a little and was paying attention to how my cock felt and how super Horny she was making me, then I suddenly felt her finger push inside my anus, it quickly found what had to be my prostate. She pressed her finger against it and the combination of her hand squeezing my cock like it was and her finger pressing and then rubbing my prostate was intense.

She worked her finger on my prostate for a few seconds then in her lusty voice, “You know, I could make you cum just like this if I wanted to.”

I was sure she could by how good it was feeling, “Really, just by doing that?”

She pushes her hand that was at the base of my cock even harder into my balls making my cock feel super hard and exposed, “Oh yes, I could make you blow all over my Converse just like this, but I have other plans for you.”

She worked her finger in my Ass and then very slowly started to stroke my cock up and down. It was super intense as her hand took a few seconds to move from the base to the tip and then a few seconds from the tip to the base as she kept up her assault on my prostate.

I could feel the precum starting to flow out of me as she kept this up, she noticed it too, “Oh look at that, you’re already dripping onto those Converse.”

Just the wondered of it made me even more Horny. She slowly pulled her finger from my Ass, and I heard the bag rustle again. I felt pressure on my anus again, “My finger is getting tired, I’m going to use this toy for a while.”

I felt an object that was larger than her finger slip inside me, she was able to aim it straight at my prostate and started to work my prostate even better with this new toy. After a few minutes of using it to rub my prostate, she again moved the hand the was teasingly stroking my cock to its base and pushed it into me and squeezed my cock hard at the base again. She then started to move the toy in and out of me, slowly fucking me with it. Every time she pushed it in, it went straight into my prostate.

She went on squeezing my cock and plunging the toy in and out of me until I wondered I was gonna scream, I just wanted her to let me cum, I was so Horny, and my cock was so hard it hurt.

Just when I wondered I couldn’t take it anymore she stopped, leaving the toy inside me. Then in her deep lust filled voice, she says, “I think you are primed and ready, you have those Converse pretty much covered in pre cum right now. I’m about to make you cum harder and more than you have before. Are you ready to cum hard for me baby?”

I grunted, “Yessss, pleeease!”

She giggled and I heard the bag again, she pulled her feet back out of view, then out of the corner of my eye, I could see her reaching forward on my right side. I was barely able to stay on my hands and knees without falling as lightheaded as I was with lust. I looked down as her hand came into view holding a pair of red lo top Converse. She placed them on the ground in front of me so I could see them, then her hand came forward with a pair of pure white slip-on vans.

I heard her moving around behind me, then the pop of the bottle top followed by some wet squishing sounds, “I need to get this one lubed good for you, it is going to really stretch you out and make you cum all over the place.”

She slowly pulled the toy out of me, then I felt pressure against my anus again and she whispered, “I have one more pair in the bag, I will drop them in front of you when I know you’re ready. Now push out for me a little and relax.”

I pushed out as she said and felt the pressure increase until it popped inside. It was a lot thicker than the last toy and it hurt some.

I made a grunt and she said, “Easy, it will just be the tip until you get used to it.”

I felt her hand grab my cock and she again slid it down to the base and squeezed as she pushed it into me and my balls. I felt her move it in and out of me ever so slightly, just barely moving.

She held it there just moving it in and out about a quarter to half an inch, in and out for a few minutes as she kept pressure on my hard as steel cock. Then she leaned in closer and in that voice of hers said, “Ok baby, are you ready to fucking cum all over those Converse and cum harder than you ever have?”

Before I could begin to answer I felt it pushing slowly inside me until it finally hit my prostate. She let it sit there against my prostate for a few seconds then slowly pulled it back out until it was just the tip again, then she slowly pushed it back in until it hit my prostrate again. She kept this up until I was ready to beg her to let me cum.

She seemed to be reading my mind as she said, “You must have really wanted to do this, I can tell you are ready to bust any second. I’ll tell you what, since this is going so fast, maybe we can do it again when you’re not so Horny and we can play longer.”

She took her hand off my cock and I felt her place it on top of my Ass cheek. I heard the bag rustle as she reached in with her other hand. I then felt what had to be the soles of the other sneakers on my back as she laid them there, “I guess it’s time for you to see the last pair I brought with me today, but not up close yet.” I felt her lift the sneakers off my back then heard them hit the floor in front of me, she had thrown them.”

I glanced up quickly to see they looked like multi-colored Van slip-ons, but just as I looked up, I was taken by surprise when I felt her push deep inside me and felt her hips slam into my Ass. I started to picture her wearing some kind of strap-on in her skirt and sneakers.

I grunted and I heard her grunt at the same time, “Hold on baby, I’m about to rock your world.”

Then she pulled out to the tip and slammed back in, her hips slamming into me she pulled out again and slammed in again, grunting as she did, It all felt too good and I was only taking in the new feeling of it being so deep inside and not thinking about much else. The rhythm increased until it was a steady fast pace. Her grunts increased as it got faster, then she pushed deep in me and held still, then she asks, “So what about that last pair, do you like them too?”

I had forgot about them, but I lifted my head to look at them better. I looked at them and could see they were multiple colors, rainbow colors and on the side of the soles it said, “pride” in a pattern that made it kind of hard to read.

I was still not putting things together as I felt myself about to explode, the feeling was so intense, I felt as if I would cover the floor in cum.

She pulled out and slammed back into me with a loud grunt, she asked again as she started to fuck me again “So do you like them?”

I grunted back, “Yes… yes… I… like… them. “, each word coming out timed with each thrust.

Then she grunted in her low lusty voice, “Cum for me baby, cum all over those fucking Converse, I know you want to cover them.”

I grunted, “Fuck… fuck… yes… it feels so good… I’m gonna cum so hard.”

The thrusting got harder and faster now, “Do it, cum on those fucking Converse!”

I heard her grunt, “Oh fuck!”

Then she slammed hard into me and held still, “Do you like this? Do you like what I am doing for you?”

I was taking in the feeling as she held still, “Yes, it feels so fucking good, I am so close to Cumming right now.”

She pulled back out and slammed deep inside again grunting, “Fuck, so tight.”

Then she pulled out and slammed into me hard again, I grunted, “Oh fuck, so deep, so good.”

She starts to pump in and out of me again, “I hope you’re ready, because I am ready to make you cum so hard all over those Converse.”

Her hips were slamming hard into my Ass now as she grunted, “Do it baby! Blow your fucking load so I can cum inside you!”

I grunt back, “Fuck yeah… Cumming… fuck…”, I could feel the cum shooting out of me, it felt so intense as rope after rope pumped out of me. It was the most intense cum I have ever had, I never thought it could feel so good. I was having a full body Orgasm and it felt like I was Cumming gallons.

She grunted back, “Fuck yeah, shoot that fucking load all over those Converse baby, get it all out.”

I was getting weak as I finished and dropped to my elbows as she kept pumping. I was having the best sexual experience in my life, and it was ending. I was wondering if I would ever enjoy regular Sex again. I looked down at the sneakers she put on the floor in front of me and then out at the Vans. My face was so close now I could smell the ones right near my face.

As I looked out at the Vans I realized how the rainbow colors were not just a pattern, but blocks of rainbow colors and in each block lines of letters. The first block was filled with the letter L, the second with G, then B, then T, then Q then the last block was the plus symbol.

I was starting to put it together, pride on the side in subdued rainbow colors and the letters, but why would a straight girl have pride sneakers, then I hear her grunt and she sank deep in me, she held it there as she grunted, “Oh fuck… Oh fuck… I’m Cumming… Take it baby. Take all my fucking cum!”

What I thought was a toy or strap-on started throbbing in me as she began to shudder and moan. The pulsing went on for a while then she quietly said, “Your Ass felt so good baby.. so tight. I came so much.”

She fell forward on my back and whispered in my ear, “Those Converse are so covered in your cum right now and you are so filled with mine.”

She slowly pulled out of my Ass, and I just stayed still while I was trying to take it all in. It felt so good, but did what I think just happened actually happen?

I heard her shuffling around behind me, the bag rustling, then she reached around me and started to grab the sneakers that were in front of me. As she picked each one up she brought it close to my face, “I bet you would Love to see me in each of these and cum all over them wouldn’t you?”

I thought about what she would look like in each pair and thought about Cumming on each one. As she grabbed the last sneaker from close to me, “I think we may be able to make that happen if your game.”

I heard her moving again and she walked past me and grabbed those Vans that she tossed further out. I looked at her dress as she walked by, she was still fully clothed and looked so Hot. She turned around and looked incredible as she walked back. Eventually I moved and sat on the floor so I could see the Converse lugz, she was right, they were completely drenched in my cum and pre cum.

She saw me looking at them and said, “If we do this with the others, they can not get this messy, how would I ever wear them again?”

I looked over at her, “I have to know what was in me when I came.”

She smiled, “I wondered you might, she slowly lifted her skirt and hanging between her legs was a perfect cut cock. It was not completely hard anymore, but even now it had to be a full 9 inches long. She lifted it in her hand, “I really enjoyed putting this in you and filling you up. I hope we can do this again and again. I really like seeing your cum on my sneakers and want to make sure we do at least a few more pairs of them. I Love wearing them and it is nice to find someone that likes them as much as I do.”

I was staring at her cock as I asked, “That was all inside me?”

She giggled, “Oh yeah it was, and you loved every inch of it, didn’t you?”

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